One thought on “Dr. Sai’s First of Four Part Series United Church of Christ – Importance of Terminology and Why the Hawaiian Kingdom Continues to Exist

  1. Yes, I agree 110%, the IMPORTANCE of ‘TERMINOLOGY’, has many perspectves… for it IDENTIFIES my OHANA, as a multi-ethnic. aborigine, a Hawaiian Subject, born in our country, the Hawaiian Kingdom, where my ancestors were born, lived and we still are here….”our PAPA always remind us, NEVER to forget, this place is Pukuilua-Hana, a “SEAL, that can never be broken”—this terminology of place name, Where we come from and Who we are…. says alot to us in so many way. Mahalo PAPA and to you, Dr. David Keanu Sai and Ohana, Onipa`a. Our ALOHA and God’s Blessing to You and Family.

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