3 thoughts on “Dr. Keanu Sai to do a Presentation on Island of Molokai

  1. Thursday, August 07, 2014
    – See more at: http://freehawaii.blogspot.com/#sthash.upZSZjwt.dpuf

    Where was this posted other than the FreeHawaii blog? Was this advertised at the Aloha Festival or something? I am so disappointed. I would have been there had I known. And I would have brought a bunch of Kanaka with me. This whole DOI process is pilau. I don’t see these new dates on the DOI site. FreeHawaii only posted it Thursday, giving two days advanced notice. How is anybody supposed to know what is going on? Did Dr. Sai really give a presentation? How many people showed up? A Bay Area event should be packed. Choke Hawaiians in the Bay. This blog is slippin for not being on the ball about that. There needs to be another Bay Area event at this same location. LA should have been bonkers with Kanaka too. As a Kanaka living on Turtle Island, I find this whole process extremely disenfranchising. They gave two of the largest Kanaka Ma’oli communities outside of Ko Hawaii Pae Aina(San Francisco Bay Area & Los Angeles) no notice. Post all these casino dates in places where Kanaka Ma’oli don’t live in vast numbers. Then do a drive by with no notice where Kanaka would come out in droves. Bay Area would also have huge non-Kanaka support. I haven’t been upset in a very long time. This has me pissed. Not at the blog, though I’d really hope that it would be up on events like this happening.

    Does anybody have any info on these new DOI hearing dates?

    • Aloha Kawika. I cannot speak for the blog, only provide my perspective.
      At this point, the Acting Government of the Hawaiian Kingdom is operating as a portion of the Executive branch of a nation that is illegally occupied.
      I believe it would be nearly impossible for the DOI to proceed after the overwhelmingly opposition expressed at the hearings in Hawaii.
      The San Francisco meeting was scheduled with very little notice and with very little effort to notify the Kanaka in the area, as you stated. At this point they may want as little opposition as possible.That is me speculating.
      Kanaka around the world are just as important as Kanaka in Hawaii. Your voice should be heard. You can submit written testimony, if you missed the meeting.
      Because the DOI is not the correct department to be addressing our situation of illegal occupation, the only reason it was addressed on this blog was to educate the people as to why it was illegal and because of such short notice provided by the DOI. Basically, bring everyone up to speed as to what was occurring if they wished to attend.

    • Aloha Kawika

      Found some info you were looking for… hope this helps… just scroll down to find it

      To me I think these guys are fishing or maybe they want to see how many bees are in the hive.

      Don’t forget you’ve got till aug 19 to send them your love letter or letter’s

      Spread the aloha… let them know what country you’re from



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