Update: The Civil Beat Published Dr. Sai’s Open Letter to Kia‘aina

The Honolulu Civil Beat has published Dr. Keanu Sai’s letter to Assistant Secretary of Insular Affairs, Esther Kia‘aina, as an “open letter.”

Rhea_SuhYesterday at a U.S. Department of Interior meeting held in Los Angeles, California, on August 10, 2014, regarding the proposed rule change to recognize Native Hawaiians as a domestic tribe, Assistant Secretary of Policy, Management and Budget for the Department of Interior, Rhea Suh, stated to Dr. Sai that Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell was forwarded a copy of the letter and that they will be making a direct request to the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel to respond to his letter. Dr. Sai’s letter stated:

“I am respectfully calling upon you, as Assistant Secretary of Insular Affairs, to immediately submit a formal request to have the OLC provide an exhaustive legal analysis within the framework of international law that shows the Hawaiian Kingdom was extinguished. To not do so is to admit to the United States’ illegal occupation of Hawai‘i.”

10 thoughts on “Update: The Civil Beat Published Dr. Sai’s Open Letter to Kia‘aina

  1. My comment is, Its better to regain the well instead of asking permission to drink from your own well.. also lets not forget the state of affairs the USA is in, drug wars, gun running, invasions of other countries through manipulation and lawlessness in the passing of laws that steal from our sovereignty even as a citizen of the US and other. When they go down, so goes we if we are attached… And if history tells us something they are sure to go south…It is far better for Hawaii to return to a neutral country and head our own government… Even the old colonies, now States, within her borders want out..what does that tell you..R-U-N.

    • Debra…your comment is pono and along with my own thoughts and experiences…the u.s. is not qualified to initiate or maintain a government to government relationship with Hawaii Nei or any one else. Part evidence is the number of nations working at separation from them. Part evidence is the global negative affect they have had since their own organization. Historically they are mercenary and their value systems immoral including those missionary organizations which entered or nation acting out an “overthrow” of their own kind. Majorly the ongoing global financial meltdown is directly attributed to their value system. Obama is not qualified for several reasons only one being that he was born in a foreign country, namely Hawaii Kingdom. They are not qualified as a government and not qualified to be in a similar relationship with our Hawaiian Kingdom government. Mahalo for your expression.

      • Amen brother..you got it. wish others did..not that I dislike Americans, I root for them, respect the military, was proud of America..but that America is disappearing and will be unrecognizable in the soon to come future…and having learned what happened to the Queen and the treachery involved , no other solution will do except to restore the former..that is justice..and justice must be served…Its been written recently that the Mexicans also got land stolen from them in years past when at war..and talk is being made to give them some back..well here, here, us too. History and documents are laid bare for all to see,its been made universal, we have a case and a long time old issue… return that which was stolen.If the thief is found out he must return seven fold that which he took.. that’s biblical…notice this, it never says compromise or settle..there’s a debt in the law books of God Almighty..

  2. I am extremely happy with the way the acting Government of the Hawaiian Kingdom sticks to law. Over the years I’ve seen it advance step by step finding its way through legal protocol. This present letter of Dr. Sai also shows how being careful allows the acting Government to take advantage of opportunity to go through obstacles and gain respect.

  3. It’s funny… they coudn’t find obama’s birth certificate… now they’re looking for hawaiian kingdom’s treaty of annexation… looking foward to what they come up with… mahalo Dr Sai for pushing this forward

  4. It will be interesting to see how or if the OLC will respond. Hopefully it will be a legal opinion based on an exhaustive legal analysis within the framework or international law as requested and not more rhetoric of U.S. policy and politics or a non-response. The Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights has already completed an exhaustive legal analysis within the framework of international law on Hawaii and has concluded Hawaii continues to exist as an independant nation state under prolonged occupation by the United States. That conclusion cannot be disputed and should be utilized in measuring the U.S. OLC response or non-response to Dr. Sai’s open letter. Either way the presumption of continuity has to be rebutted or sovereignty continues to exist in the Hawaiian Kingdom. Mahalo for that open letter Dr. Sai.

  5. Always Hawaiian, Never American. Can’t wait for the War Report to be published. Exciting times for Hawai’i. Got to keep spreading word of this blog and movement.

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