Canadian Television Series Native Planet – Hawai‘i

Host Simon Baker of Canada’s television series Native Planet travels to Hawai‘i and uncovers the legal history of Hawai‘i as an independent and sovereign State under an illegal and prolonged occupation and the impact on Hawai‘i’s people. This is a reposting of the video that was posted on this blog in October 2014 due to requests to repost. If you are having trouble viewing this video you can view the video on Youtube by clicking here.

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  1. This video was posted October 20, 2014, but now we’re not able to view it. Does anyone know where we can view this video as we tried Youtube with no success.


  2. Mahalo Win808 for the link. The judge had no choice but to grant judicial notice since the prosecutor did not object. WOW!!!! This is huge!!! Judicial notice of every item listed, including DR. SAI’S memorandum and State vs. LORENZO were the missing pieces to the puzzle. LORENZO failed to provide the evidence that the HK exists as a state under international law. But now that evidence has been provide through judicial notice LORENZO vs State is now used in our favor. The manner in which this took place leaves no doubt in my mind Akua was in the house. The Judge’s ruling of not dismissing this case can now be corrected by a motion to set aside judgement. The judge clearly made an error since the evidence which he took judicial notice of provide the evidence that the kingdom exist and the court has no subject matter jurisdiction. When the prosecutor failed to object it created estopple and he can no longer object ever again and the court is stuck with the evidence that the HK continues to exist and they have no subject matter jurisdiction. All prior rulings in this court can also be vacated for lack of subject matter jurisdiction. If it lacked subject matter jurisdiction in this case it lacked subject matter jurisdiction in past, present and future cases. This is the sound of the first domino falling. Mahalo Dr. Sai, Dexter and Akua.

    • Interesting huh? Cardoza boxed himself into a corner, but in
      reality he had no choice the facts presented by the expert
      (Dr. Sai) is irrefutable!
      The prosecutor didn’t object and the judge took judicial notice
      so as you stated the court is without subject matter jurisdiction.
      Why would the court even entertain trial proceedings after
      openly admitting to not having jurisdiction? How can the court
      proceed in any case here on if it does not have jurisdiction at all?

      The court needs to follow Professor Chang’s example and send
      a letter to John Kerry and Eric Holder jr. concerning U.S. authority
      in Hawaiian jurisdiction! I think the court will be sorely disappointed!

      Huh! 🙂

      A hui hou

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