Calculating Reparations for 129 years of the United States’ Violations of International Humanitarian Law since 1893

The ongoing illegal state of war between the Hawaiian Kingdom and the United States since 1893, and the prolonged belligerent occupation of an internationally recognized independent State has violated all norms of international law. In light of the federal lawsuit, Hawaiian Kingdom v. Biden, it is timely to address another war and subsequent belligerent occupation that the United States was involved, which eventually came to an end with the payment of reparations. This was the war with Japan from 1941-51.

Here follows the reparations for war paid by the Japanese government under the 1951 Treaty of Peace.

Reparation Payments:

Reparations were made by Japan pursuant to Article 14(a), 1951 Japan Treaty of Peace, which states, “It is recognized that Japan should pay reparations to the Allied Powers for the damage suffering caused by it during the war.” Below are Japanese reparations to countries for 10 years of war (1941-51).

CountryAmount in US$Date of Treaty
Burma$200 millionNov. 5, 1955
Philippines$550 millionMay 9, 1956
Indonesia$223 millionJan. 20, 1958
Vietnam$39 millionMay 13, 1959
Average$250 millionMean year—1957
Inflation calculator$2.6 billionYear—2022

As a basis to calculate the amount of reparations that could be owed to the Hawaiian Kingdom by the United States up to the year of 2022, which is 129 years of war, the Japanese reparations paid could serve as a guide by applying the years of war to the years of war with the Hawaiian Kingdom. Reparations to be paid by the United States could be calculated at $32 billion, which is $250 million annually multiplied by 129 years of war with the Hawaiian Kingdom. The inflation calculator sets $32 billion in 1957 to $337 billion in 2022.

According to the 1876 Act to Regulate the Currency, “the gold coins of the United States of America shall be the standard and a legal tender in this Kingdom in all payments of debts, at their nominal value.” Although the United States completely stopped using the gold standard in 1973, it was replaced by fiat money that the U.S. government orders its currency must be used for payments.

This measurement could also be applied to other countries who are parties to the conflict and who have been complicit in the belligerent actions taken by the United States against the Hawaiian Kingdom such as the 20 States that unlawfully recognized the United States surrogate calling itself the so-called Republic of Hawai‘i in 1894. These States, and the dates they recognized the American puppet, include:

According to renowned American jurist, Professor Ellery Stowell, Intervention in International Law (1921) at 349, n. 75, a “foreign state which intervenes in support of [insurgents] commits an act of war against the state to which it belongs, and steps outside the law of nations in time of peace.”

Seizing of Assets:

Seizure of Japanese assets in the territories of Allied Powers was also done pursuant to Article 14(a)(2)(I), 1951 Japan Treaty of Peace, which states, “Subject to the provisions of sub-paragraph (II) below, each of the Allied Powers shall have the right to seize, retain, liquidate or otherwise dispose of all property, rights and interests of (a) Japan and Japanese nationals, (b) persons acting for or on behalf of Japan or Japanese nationals, and (c) entities owned or controlled by Japan or Japanese nationals, which on the first coming into force of the present Treaty were subject to its jurisdiction.”

In the United States, Japanese assets seized amounted to $85 million (inflation conversion for 2022—$896 million). Pursuant to Presidential Executive Order no. 9567—Alien Property Custodian (1945), the United States took title by “vesting” of all property of Japan and Germany and their nationals. Under the 1948 War Claims Act proceeds derived from these assets would not be returned, but rather placed in a War Claims Fund from which payments would be made to United States citizens that suffered as a consequence of the war with Japan and Germany.

Assets held by the United States and other States who are parties to the conflict since January 16, 1893, to include their nationals, within the territorial jurisdiction of the Hawaiian Kingdom are yet to be determined. The liquidation of these assets could be utilized in similar fashion as the United States did regarding Japanese and German properties vested under Alien Property Custodian, to compensate Hawaiian subjects who were the victims of war crimes under international humanitarian law.

21 thoughts on “Calculating Reparations for 129 years of the United States’ Violations of International Humanitarian Law since 1893

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of gold.!! Mahalo once again Dr. Sai and Dexter Kaiama. You guys rock and are SuperHeros in my eyes. IMUA…

  2. Agree. Dr Sai, Dexter Kaiama and the many dedicated people in their group has been working on free Hawaii for many years. Thats a whole lot of love, sweat and tears, for the Hawaiian people and the rightful place of the Hawaiian Kingdom. All those in the Hawaii State government, legislature, judges should all be charged with war crimes for collaborating with America, forcing American laws, against the Hawaiian people. The truth 90% were not American citizens, neither were they part of the Hawaiian Kingdom, THEY ARE CITIZENS OF JAPAN, they, used their government positions to rape, steal, the land and its money of sales from the Hawaiian people, because they could.

    • For me I don’t care of all the other distractions now we are in a Monetary Grab what happened to getting our palace back forming a workable Government approved by the citizens of the Hawaiian Kingdom do we have a workable Government what form, Constitutional Republic, kingdom, a Parlimentiall Government approved by the Citizens or just one the ruling party decides, or are we going to be the will of it’s citizens to decide.

      • shhhhhhhhhhhhh allika, you do not give your plans to the enemy. Follow Dr Sai and company. America and the Hawaii State Government will do everything they can to keep what they stole for themselves. Look at what they are raking in right now. Its big. The Hawaiian Kingdom restoration will be as though an *Atomic Bomb exploded. EVERYHING returns back to the Hawaiian Kingdom. American laws will no longer exist. America will be a foreign country, without power in the Hawaiian Kingdom. Not one of the judges from the Hawaii Supreme Court will serve in the Hawaiian Kingdom.
        *The phrase Atomic Bomb was coined by UH law students in class when they learned of the impact the restoration of the Hawaiian Kingdom will create, and they realized its coming in their time.

        • Don’t care about the money grab, call it what ever you want, I want our Sovereignty Back start with getting the Palace which belongs to the Hawaiian Kingdom like I said if we can’t even get that how do we get a Nation back, everything else falls by the way side, we are in the same boat as Taiwan, Taiwan recognizes there a Sovereign but no other country recognizes there Sovereignty there all afraid of Chinas economic sanctions on country’s that would dare recognize Taiwan’s Sovereignty that includes the USA.

  3. Viet Nam Veteran,129 years and still at War with the United States of America,the Longest in World History,No USA Treaty,with the Hawaiian Kingdom,Under USA Military Occupation due to Hawaiian Kingdom Strategic Location in the Pacific,Before USA get’s Hit by a Nuclear or Hypersonic Missile,the Hawaiian Kingdom is the First Targeted LAHUI,by China,North Korea,and More So by Russia due to the U Kraine War, Supported By the USA and United Nation,What is the Real Truth or if there is ANY Truth with the USA Government and also with this Puppet Government So Called,Hawaii the 50th State, Yes HAWAIIAN KINGDOM REPARATION’S,2022, 129 YEARS AT WAR REPARATION’S in Today’s USA DOLLARS $$$$ 337 BILLION and STILLCOUNTING,Not Only By the USA Also BY COUNTRIES That were Part of the HAWIIAN KINGDOM’s1893 Consulet that Failed to Protect A NEUTRAL SOVEREIGN NATION, THE HAWAIIAN KINGDOM.LET’s Face the TRUTH, and I call ON to my Hawaiian Kingdom VETERANS,Who had Sacrafice and Force to Join and Die by a FOREIN COUNTRY The U S A.Will need Our LAHUI Veterans VOICE for this LONG OVER DUE REPERATION OF 129 YEARS,Mahalo Nui.

  4. E kala mai, after re-reading the post I realized my earlier comment made no sense. My humble apologies.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but my understanding is at the time of the overthrow the Hawaiian Kingdom was one of the wealthiest nations in the world. I’m not exactly sure of the numbers but if the legal tender of the Kingdom was US gold currency, and the amount of ships in Hawaiian waters at any given time during that period could have been from 200 to 400 vessels, each would have had to pay a docking fee or import/export tariffs of some kind,then it is very possible that it could be true of Hawaii’s wealth. I’ve heard around 175 metric tons of gold belonged to the Kingdom when it was overthrown but I haven’t any facts to back up those numbers. But let’s just say IF that were true , I don’t see how USA would be able to repay that when their standard currency is no longer gold but rather “fiat money” which is the paper currency that is printed at will with no collateral to back its value. That is fricken scary

    If reparations to be paid to Hawaiians for war crimes committed against them, no matter what it calculates to present 2022 value, were to be paid with fiat money, it seems to be very risky because tomorrow all the US paper currency could be worth the same as toilet paper.

    I think we should start with where the real value is and what is still here. Our Aina. Reparations should start with claiming back our land from US and its allies. State of Hawaii, US federal government. We get back control of the land,ocean, air and water, we get back control of our natural resources… then the healing of a nation can begin.

    Reparations should also be done by US military cleaning up all the UXO, depleted uranium, and other opala that is scattered all over Hawaii nei where they were training. Restoration and reparation. These are just my opinion. Mahalo for letting me share them. I have all the confidence in Dr. Sai and Dexter Kaiama to lead us in the right direction. LLHK

    • Aloha Lonokapu, IMHO lands in Hawaii cannot be used as payment for reparations. Since all land titles were never legally transferred then all titles remain with the person(s) and or entity who held it before the hewa started. The lands will come back no matter what and the issue of who now can claim these lands are for the HK laws to decide. Other lands owned by the parties to the conflict situated outside of HK territory and in allied territory can be taken as payment for reparations. We make them pay with something they own instead of letting them pay with something the stole. Make sense? As far as your concerns of U.S. currency, it does not need to be the only currency used in reparations. The terms of the Peace Treaty and HK law can dictate what type of assets besides U.S. currency can be used for payments such as other currencies, monies, cash, gold, securities, deposits, credits, credit instruments, foreign exchange, securities, real property etc…
      This article gives us a glimpse of what is to come in the future dealing nation to nation.
      My take on this article is that the key mechanism is a Peace Treaty with subsequent HK legislation to implement the process. These things will happen in the future for sure.
      Looking at the past six or seven articles leads me to believe there is another way to get compensation for injuries suffered as a result of violations of humanitarian law. Dealing with it on a personal level and not waiting for the Treaty. I brought this up several times in the past and it is using the Alien Tort Claims act filed by an attorney in America in an American court in America. Just me thinking out loud and not any legal advice. Peace.

        • Mahalo Kekoa for your mana’o. Yes that does make sense although I fear there is going to be resistance especially from pissed off people, organizations, entities, corporations, etc., with deep pockets and the process will be easier said than done. Well they can bring up their issues with their government representatIves. It was their government that lied to them and to the rest of the world in the first place about Hawaii’s status and now the truth is being exposed… oh well…cannot change the truth. That would be lying…

          • About time something that is workable, but then America is Broke, question how do you get full value from a country that’s has lost it’s value, I guess print more fiat.

          • America is not broke, that’s our money they are living on, and our money they are giving to other countries. If you think about it, America is similar to Hitler and its SS officers for the way the Americans massacred the Indians. They also looked upon the Hawaiians in the same way when they locked up our Queen Liliuokalani and stole our land. Now we have to protect Dr Sai,, and all those who are restoring the Hawaiian Kingdom from being locked-up and labeled criminals, BECAUSE they are NOT criminals. Let’s find the real criminals. Let’s start with Daniel Inouye,he was not an American citizen, he was not a citizen of the Hawaiian Kingdom. He was a citizen of Japan. That goes for every governor, judges, etc of Japanese ethnicity In the Hawaii State government. Long story short we got screwed by Japan too. Who in blazes said we had to be more than half Hawaiian to be Hawaiian? Someone in the State Government who is Japanese. Look it up!

      • You said “The lands will come back no matter what”… I’m concerned about this because recently Dr. Sai has taken the stance not of returning lands, but rather of “correcting titles” so that the people who bought them can stay on the lands they bought (theres a video on Facebook and YouTube with Kale Gumapac (sorry if that’s incorrect spelling) where he says this when someone asked).

        This is obviously very worrisome, because this puts the victims of land theft in the position of not being able to get justice and their lands back. Even if a process occurs at some point where Hawaiians can apply (again) to the Hawaiian Kingdom for lands, I don’t want that land, I want MY land, I want the land my ancestors worked & lived on & are buried at.

        • Aloha P, I was addressing Lonokapu’s statement about taking lands back as reparations. The lands can’t be used by the U.S. or anyone else as repayment for reparations. The lands will come back no matter what means the sole authority to decide land titles rests with the HK gov’t. and not the occupier or those who think they have a title. The HK govt. is the only one that can fix the titles. I don’t speak for the HK govt. If people have concerns about their land titles the first thing, they should NOT do is commit war crimes or treason against the HK or it’s govt. The second thing is filing a claim on their title insurance. I find your statement ironic “This is obviously very worrisome, because this puts the victims of land theft in the position of not being able to get justice and their lands back.” What about the true victims in all of this? This is what Hawaiians have been suffering with since the overthrow. We were all cheated out of our lands, a whole country and national identity. Our Queen and kupuna died without finding justice. Look, I’m not vindictive, I’m hoping we all can get an equitable resolution to this mess.

          • People who are not Hawaiians, who bought their property are victims, of greed and corruption. Their time to live a peaceful retired life is over. Well, that is not the HK’s problem. These non Hawaiians have to go back to the seller and the bank who really cheated and stole their money. The sale was a fraud to begin with. It’s not just the evil sellers it’s also the selfishness within these buyers that purchased the land, Americans and those who adopted the American outlook on life, are downright arrogant. Their motto is “catch me if you can”. Our motto is we “can and we will”.

          • I think every one with common sense knows it was a land grab of Kingdom property by foreigners they changed the language to the laws to suit there foreign agenda, with the help of a foreign country exerting there laws on kingdom laws namely The United States of America furthering the annexation and overthrow by force of the Sovereign Hawaiian Kingdom the congress of the United States of America voted to keep the Sovereign Hawaiian Kingdom for Profit and there Military agenda with no negotiation powers left for the Lawfully Sovereign Hawaiian Kingdom Nation.

          • Your leaving out the fact that Kingdom Lands was used by foreign enterprises to use kingdom lands with zero payment to the right full owners of all kingdom lands but paid to there coffers and a foreign Nation as a means to be protected under foreign laws furthering there unlawful acts of oppression and insurpting the Hawaiian Kingdom and it’s Citizens.

          • Nohea I understand where you coming from but most of the time you only give half truths with zero knowledge of The U.S Constitution and Kingdom Laws both have to be under scrutiny to come to conclusions of the goal for the Kingdom to move forward over 30 something years all we did is bring it up with almost no solid improvements we are like Taiwan with no recognition from any Country that we are a Sovereign Nation there’s a lot talk we are, but no country legally recognizing The Hawaiian Kingdom as a Sovereign Nation saying what is or what should be does nothing to bring us closer to being a Sovereign Nation. we are not even in our out right Kingdom Property the Palace which is Kingdom Property if we can’t even get that back explain to me how we intend to get a Nation back.

  5. I’m curious… I’ve been to a few of your meetings and you used to compare the occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom to that of Kuwait wherein you used to say that if we used the reparations Iraq was forced to pay and multiplied it to the 129 years the Hawaiian Kingdom has been occupied, that would mean the Hawaiian Kingdom is owed a reparation fine of $11 trillion. Why has that changed now? Why are you using Japans reparations as an example now? $337 billion doesn’t seem like anywhere near enough for 129 years of this occupation. Look at all we must factor in after 129 years of occupation, it’s insane. I mean Jeff Bezos himself, one man, has a net worth of nearly that same amount and that’s all our country is owed for 129 YEARS of occupation?? Doesn’t seem right. That’s nothing to the U.S.

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