Big Island Video News: Larsen v. Hawaiian Kingdom Case Explained

HILO (BIVN) – In a video interview, Dr. Keanu Sai details the Permanent Court of Arbitration in Geneva in 2001, and how the proceedings led to a Commission of Inquiry.

HILO, Hawaii – As the awareness builds over an international fact finding proceeding, there is a renewed interest in the Larsen v the Hawaiian Kingdom case that years ago led to the present day Commission of Inquiry.

Dr. Keanu Sai, a well known political scientist, represented the Hawaiian Kingdom in the tribunal convened at the Permanent Court of Arbitration at The Hague. In the video above, Sai details the proceedings and why he says they were so important. He also explains how the 2001 arbitration led to the Commission of Inquiry.

On January 24, 2017 the International Bureau of the PCA was notified by joint letter to initiate the fact finding proceedings. A $10,000 advance deposit has already been made towards the costs.

In recent weeks, Dr. Federico Lenzerini – a professor of international law from the University of Siena Law Department in Italy – has been making the rounds with Sai in Hawaii, building awareness of the fact-finding inquiry by filming TV interviews and even making a large presentation at the Kamehameha School Kapalama Campus on January 30.

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  1. Dr. Sai, your gracious demeanor and active patience while working daily, week after week, month after month, year after year to unravel the mess the bank-owned, superimposed (over the 600+ established First Nations) u.s. corporation made and continues to make on this Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, is commendable. Your tireless research, writings and personal appearances at home and abroad have enlightened many of us. I applaud and appreciate you.

    The agendists’ media, along with its governing agents, and their affiliates will soon be held to an account for participating in the schemes of the demented. “The wicked set traps and fall into them themselves.” By the “journalist’s” own words, he will be brought to justice. You, however, made an important and expeditious rebuttal via email, video and social media, which restores your good name and aids us in refuting the opposition.

    Irresponsible and agenda-ridden media (sadly, the majority of outlets). more specifically local media, is on an anti-Hawaiian campaign, so that the TMT can be built w/local support rather than another location chosen out of respect for those adversely affected by it and sympathy for our plight. Also, it enables the de nada 😉 “state of hawaii” to continue underfunding those entities created and maintained for the benefit of Kanaka Maoli (i.e.-OHA, DHHL).

    With the incredible news coming from the PCA, thanks to your and your team’s efforts, along w/its starter funding of $10,000, our time is near. Sadly, more blood will be shed (murders by police officers of our young(er) Kanaka, mainly the males), more freedoms deprived of us (general population consists of 20% Kanaka, while the prisons house 80% Kanaka. We, along with our First Nations counterparts, are sold at half price to “u.s.” prisons, while those prisons get paid the same rate for each prisoner. They make double off of us!!) more homes and business confiscated (they arrest Kanaka for trespassing on their own land, bulldoze our homes, then confiscate our belongings, so that a “u.s.” based corporation can build a resort for profit), more maligning of key koa like you, leading up to and immediately prior to our collective victory. They will increase the madness to cause us to back down, bend over again and take it up the okole once more. We must stand together as one with Our Father and Creator of all, one another, other sovereign and free First Nations peoples, sovereign and free individuals from other nations who join in solidarity with us–safety in numbers, strength in numbers.

    Thank you for your leadership, courage and insight, as we struggle as one to see the day of liberation, rectification and the rebuilding of our great Nation.

  2. A sense of clarity is beginning to take place, in my mind and hopefully other Kanaka, as to what happened, what is going on, and where we stand in terms of the actual condition of the Hawaiian Kingdom. Atta way, Dr. Sai. Please continue.

  3. I am in awe of Your tireless efforts for our Kingdom. Question…Is the United States of America bound to adhere to any decisions made by the International Court? So if the International Court recognizes the Hawaiian Kingdom still exists and the United States is an illegal occupier what does that mean for the Hawaiian Kingdom? Does the United States just say oh.. Ok we’ll leave. How do we remove the “occupier”?

    • Aloha Ranette, the PCA fact finding report is not binding on the United States. It will however establish the facts regarding the occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom. These findings will provide clarity to the International community and their agencies which would allow the HK gov’t to conduct themselves more effectively. Countries no longer have the burden to make such a determination on their own and fear U.S. retaliation. This will help open up avenues such as being named as an occupied state in the War Report, being listed as a state that is a party to the Geneva Convention, agencies reopening and initiating war crime investigations, the ICRC providing assistance in monitoring the unfair trials, UN General Assembly involvement and the list goes on. This is how you isolate the occupier from the international community. How does the U.S. explain continuing sanctions on Russia while they occupy Hawaii. How does the U.S. tell China to get off of the disputed islands while it occupies Hawaii? How does the U.S. tell Israel to stop building settlements in occupied Palestinian territory while they build military bases in occupied Hawaii? As I posted before, occupations end when the international community takes action and the financial burden on the occupier is to costly to sustain the occupation. The occupier will leave on his own. MHO

      • Kekoa, you are well-versed on this matter. Because my phone data has reverted to 2G for the remainder of my current service month and i have no wifi connection at the moment, i am unable to view Dr. Sai’s video attached to this article. Does he provide instructions as to how or would you know how a person could submit relevant facts, docs, evidences to the Commission? Thanks in advance for your reply.

        • Kehaulani, my understanding of the rules are that only the parties to the proceedings can submit writings, evidence, experts and witnesses. The commission while conducting their investigation into the facts may require experts and witnesses. However, I’m not certain if these are in addition to the ones already provided by the parties. I need to research that part. Either way, the rules afford both parties to be present while the commissioners speak with these experts and witnesses. Aloha

          • In the interests of us all knowing more I am including excerpts from a pair of emails with Dr. Federico [not Frederico] Lenzerini concerning reliable scholarly sources on the process.

            Steve Laudig wrote: “I did a little research .. spotted a text “The Settlement of
            International Disputes” by Tams and Tzanakopoulos which looked like a
            solid introductory text.”

            Frederico Lenzerini replied: “I think that the book by Tams and Tzanakopoulos is a good starting point, but it is more a collection of basic documents than a critical essay. I would suggest you to integrate with the book entitled “International Dispute Settlement”, by J. G. Merrills, published by Cambridge University Press; a new edition of this book will be out at the end of March. Then, if you would like to have further readings, you will find many references in the book just mentioned.”

            — these are not “cheap” books. I splurged and got the Kindle versions [old Merrills] but recommend checking UH Manoa library and the law school library and any other source. If the libraries don’t have then suggest they get… They are not cheap and not “easy” and not for the “faint-hearted” but the more we know the less we suffer from Daysog -style confusion…. cheers…hope this helps

    • Go to the beginning of the story please and understand that the U.S.A. has an obligation under army law of occupation and it was addressed directly many, many times through meetings and letters from experts in Hawai’i Law to U.S. Officials, including Secretary of state, Hawai’i lieutenant gov. and all the FED WRECK people hearings. …… to do the right thing. But the usa illegal state and the military complex refused. Soooooo we need to reinstall a friendly country with a strong Military and Intelligence agencies to graciously escort the U.S. OUTTA here! !!! MAHALO for your interest and support!

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