Big Island Video News: Keanu Sai Responds To OHA Contract Report

HILO (BIVN) – Sai, a Ph.D. of political science from the University of Hawaii, says there is much more to the story of his unfulfilled contract with the Office of Hawaiian Affairs to produce a manuscript on Hawaii land title.

HILO, Hawaii – Political scientists Dr. Keanu Sai is objecting to his portrayal in a recent TV news story that reported on a contract he entered into with the embattled Office of Hawaiian Affairs to produce a manuscript on land tenure in Hawaii.

On February 14, Hawaii News Now reported that OHA – currently under pressure to conduct an audit of administrative expenditures – paid $70,000 to a “former felon at the center of the Hawaiian sovereignty debate for a report he never produced,” according to internal agency documents obtained by Hawaii News Now.

The news story reported “Sai said he dropped the study because it would have justified the current land title system, which he believes is illegal,” and that “he’s not returning the money to OHA.”

After the story aired, Sai fired back with an email to reporter Rick Daysog that he says he blind carbon copied to over 300 other recipients.

“I am very disappointed with your story on Hawai‘i News Now that sought to portray me as a fraud,” Sai wrote. “It was very distasteful, disrespectful and irresponsible.”

Sai said the report failed to state his reasoning for not submitting the manuscript for publication. “I’m protecting State of Hawai‘i officials, which includes the OHA Trustees, from criminal liability for committing the specific crimes of pillaging land revenues under international humanitarian law,” Sai wrote. “I will submit it for publication when I am satisfied that I’ve done all that I can to mitigate the criminal liability of State of Hawai‘i officials, even when they don’t believe I’m trying to help them.”

Sai was particularly unhappy with the reference to his felony conviction under Perfect Title, which he wrote about in detail in his email to Daysog.

“When you brought up Perfect Title Company in the interview, I told you that the attacks I received in the 1990s did not address historical facts and laws that apply to land titles in its title reports that the company produced, but rather the slandering of my name and reputation by constantly saying I was advising people to not pay their mortgages. I never did. In fact, I told you that a mortgage is a “security instrument” or “collateral” that secures the repayment of a loan. The loan is what you pay and not a mortgage. With or without a mortgage the borrower still owes the outstanding money left on the loan. As such, Perfect Title Company was advising its clients that they had title insurance to cover their debt owed under the loan. This is a called a lender’s title insurance policy that the lender requires the borrower to purchase in the event that that there’s a defect in title and the mortgage is, as a result, void. When Perfect Title Company’s clients began to file their insurance claims with their title insurance companies, the title companies in Hawai‘i, such as Title Guaranty led by their attorney John Jubinsky, an all out assault began against myself and Perfect Title Company in order to shift attention away from title companies. At a symposium put on at the Hawai‘i Prince Hotel by the Hawai‘i Developers Council in July of 1997 that centered on Perfect Title Company, Bruce Graham, an attorney and instructor of land titles at the William S. Richardson School of Law School and one of the panelists along with myself, admitted to me after that he could not refute Perfect Title’s land title reports. His only comment to me was that America’s here and that’s just how it is. I was not intimidated by this statement because I knew that America had nothing to do with title insurance. It was the title companies in Hawai‘i that would lose. From title insurance policies to the lie that Perfect Title was telling people not to pay their mortgage was absurd but it persisted even today in your story. This is how shallow your story is.

These malicious attacks in the media by the title companies led to a police raid of our office and my arrest for racketeering, tax evasion and theft. These outlandish allegations were unfounded but it was disseminated throughout the media as if I was part of the mafia. They later dropped these outlandish charges and indicted me on a so-called attempted theft of property by doing a title search and showing that the title was defective as a result of the illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian government in 1893. There were no lawful notaries after the January 17, 1893 to acknowledge the transference of title by deed. All titles could not be conveyed after January 17. The title companies and the State of Hawai‘i could not refute this fact. Furthermore, I told you over the phone that real estate is not the subject of larceny or theft. Only personal property, which is moveable, such as a car or cash, is capable of being stolen, but real property, which is immovable, such as real estate, is not capable of being stolen because you can’t move the land therefore you can’t steal it. The whole process was malicious, and where was the media in all of this. They were all complicit and whenever I was interviewed by reporters such as Barbara Marshall or Rob Perez they always twisted what I said in order to maintain their false narrative. I also remember you told me in the interview that you worked with Rob Perez at the newspaper during this time, which I then became very suspect because you apparently have the same bias.”

– Dr. Keanu Sai email


“I can only surmise that your story fits quite well under the heading of Alternative Facts and Fake News because the real facts apparently don’t matter to you,” Sai wrote at the conclusion of his email.

Sai sat down for an interview with Big Island Video News in an attempt to present his side of the story.

During the interview, Sai also discussed his involvement in a future Fact finding to be conducted through the International Court of Arbitration, and – the big news maker these days – President Donald Trump.

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26 thoughts on “Big Island Video News: Keanu Sai Responds To OHA Contract Report

  1. Shame on Rick Daysog n the channel 9 news for even letting this segment out. A friend of mine told me he seen it on the news and I then watched it. It was very misleading to the public. Even my friend was saying “Keanu no like pay back OHA, he taking our tax payers money”. I told em you can’t believe everything you read or hear. If it were true, I said “he would be in jail and it would be on other news channels” but it didn’t happen. Why? Because Keanu is speaking the truth n he can back it up with his Ph.D. that none of these guys at the news even know about. The news supposed to report on actual events and not lie but we witnessed it on the 14th. Sad to see these people revert to childish ways.

    • It appears Dr. Sai is the target of a smear campaign. I suspect the up coming PCA fact finding proceedings triggered this attack. The PCA fact finding commission and Dr. Sai’s research are irrefutable so their only option is to deflect the narrative away from the proceedings with a smear campaign against Dr. Sai. Same old dirty tricks that will back fire.

      • I agree. It is a smear campaign. That reporter did poor journaling using confirmation bias to support his point of view rather then the facts in it’s entirety. He is working after all for the de-facto governing entity that has taught nothing to the Hawaiian people except the false narrative of America.

        • I am disappointed with Trustee Akina for making such a statement about Dr. Sai without first doing his due diligence into the facts. If that’s how OHA wants to place this hand then serve OHA the manuscript and let them hold the criminal liability. I would then make it part of the record and introduce the manuscript as evidence into the PCA fact finding proceedings.

  2. Rick Dasysog’s ignorance concerning Hawaii’s history sadly reflects the type of closed minded reporting that limits him.
    Daysog is the type of reporter only concerned with making a story regardless of the overwhelming facts to the contrary.
    Daysog is just to lazy to look at the facts. It’s not as though he has to conduct discovery on this matter or to uncover hidden facts, It’s there for everyone to see. The information may not be easy to comprehend at first, but certainly plausible to remain neutral at the very least.
    If Rick Daysog is definitely not an honest reporter and is void of any integrity.
    Makes you wonder, if he is capable of taking the lazy way out to make a deadline, could he have aquired his journalistic credentials the same way? What kind of character traits had been past down to him from his parents. And what kind of character traits is he passing on?
    It’s so sad when an elementary students know more about the history of Hawaii than this over paid robot of entertainment!
    Reporting should be telling it like it is and if the facts are of no interest it shouldn’t be reported!
    Daysog, be a responsible reporter or give up reporting.

  3. On this same matter, I have yet to see someone come back from a news reporting source and either report on the problems that Perfect Title highlighted, which is the matter of defect in title, nor have I seen someone come back and do a good story on the impact and implications of that defect in all title. What does it mean that all title has this defect after 1893? What does the clue of that defect in title show us about the larger current state of affairs in terms of the legal and political? what could this defect in title mean for those currently holding title and the housing market in Hawaiʻi? If the Kingdom land system is the one still in effect, what does that mean for Hawaiian nationals? And, finally, if the charge “Theft of Land” is not a real crime, what exactly happened in the case against Keanu Sai and others at Perfect Title in the 90ʻs and why did it happen. Where is the good reporting on something that could be very important and revealing. Who wants the Pulitzer Prize???

    • Kalawaia, that’s a brilliant idea. I dont know where you live, but on our Moku O Keawe (Big Island), a local station, Na Leo TV, provides public access for such stories. You can take their online course that once completed, you can film stories, events, i interviews, exposés, etc. for airing. I do have contact info for members of the public who have completed the course, and who would be willing to film for you.

  4. He sees the value in doing it this way. Heʻs smart man. I trust his call to wait until the time is right. Timing is everything.

    • I meant Keanu Sai sees the value of holding back the results in his report for now. I agree itʻs the right thing to do. It would be like showing your hand in poker. Hard to negotiate with the most heavily militarized super power in the world if you have no leverage.

  5. Recently Rick Daysog and his “investigative” “journalism” has been laughable and under attack by social media. Example: he reported on an anonymous donor who would be paying for DAPL protestors to be brought to Hawaii for the TMT. He threw a Mauna Protector under the bus on that one, but maintained journalism privacy privileges when it came to identifying a source for his info.
    If Daysog believes that people are not aware of his slanted, political, biased and desperate “reports”, he’s seriously mistaken. ?

  6. As a psych nurse I can tell you Narcissists have little insight. Their lack of it gives them away. Everybody can see it but them. In two words, extreme selfishness as evidenced by various self serving behaviors (to the point of irrationality) sums them up. It is impossible for them to love. They have no empathy and therefore no restraint. It is rampant and the antisocial behavior I see within the Lahui resulting from Colonialization Syndrome (my own made up term) or prolonged belligerent occupation, is a much bigger problem than most people realize. I see symptoms of this everywhere I look in the leaders of our own the Lahui. A person with Narcissistic Personality Disorder is just one step away from those with Antisocial Personality Disorder (hear serial killer) and the only thing that differentiates them is that the narcissist loves themselves too much to do anything that will land them in jail. This type of self-destructive behavior is very common (he just sunk his own career in journalism) because they lack insight, and although they can be very smart, you can always count on them to give themselves away. What they say (who they say they are and what they say they stand for) and what they do are not equivalent. Tips for recognizing Snakes in Suits I call them – or in scrubs – some are in the medical profession masquerading as compassionate people who “serve” the people. They are very dangerous scary people, so please donʻt let them fool you into thinking otherwise.

  7. So, according to KHNL, Darryl Huff is the person who is responsible for checking stories before they are aired.

    I spoke with Mr. Huff to voice my concern and demand that KHNL provide documentation of Rick Daysog’s statement that Keanu Sai’s research in fact supports CURRENT land titles.

    In his report, aired 02/14/2017, KHNL Rick Daysog states that:

    “Sai says, he dropped the study because it would justify the current land title system which he says is illegal.”

    According to Darryl Huff, who claims to have had dealings with Keanu Sai in the past also; Keanu Sai is “confusing and inconsistent.” Huff, claims that Daysog reported based off of statements made in his interview and that the report can be substantiated. My only request to KHNL, Daysog, and to Darryl Huff is that KHNL release the recording or transcript of Daysog’s interview which clarifies his “report”. Daysog’s statement completely contradicts everything that I have ever understood Keanu Sai to disseminate in regards to research that he has conducted. It is a strong statement that undermines Sai as a professional.

    We as a community can not stand by and simply allow for news outlets to spew rubbish. If, as Darryl Huff has stated, (reporters) find Keanu Sai “confusing,” then we must question why local media continues to blindly report without understanding of what they are reporting upon. We must demand that they produce the evidence of what they claim. It is our right to demand. And even more importantly, we must not blindly accept what they “report”, rather question it even more so.

    Darryl Huff can be reached at:
    should anyone like to voice their respectful concerns about professional and ethical journalism.

    Aloha. ✌️✊?

    • The thought occurs is that if someone is “confused’ then they need to become “unconfused” before either reporting on something or assessing someone’s else’s reporting. Otherwise the “confused” person is merely spreading confusion. His admission of “confusion” undercuts any credibility. Either understand something or say “I don’t understand it” and get someone who does. Confusion often arises from ignorance. Sometimes it arises from simple stupidity. Sometimes feigned confusion is intentional to distract because you can’t “afford” to understand. A, perhaps silly example, but if someone explains to me why my pay must be reduced, it is likely I’ll always be confused by their explanation because it isn’t in my interest to admit understanding. Here I’ll adopt the charitable attitude here that he is simply ignorant of the import of Dr. Sai’s research. Cheers.

      • Mahalo nui Steve for sharing your observation of this exchange between Dr. Sai and Mr Dysog. I am in complete agreement with you on the issue. You have articulated very well, how peculiar and daft this reporter had been. His confusion about the interview, indeed showed his lack of capacity as a journalist.

        • I wrote a complaint letter to the head editor/manager of the News Department about Daysogʻs unprofessional journalism work.

    • How can Darryl Huff say that Keanu is “confusing and inconsistent”??? Last I checked he’s got a Ph.D. in political science, been teaching at the University of Hawaii campuses for over 10 years, sits as a member on Ph.D. committees, and has published articles on this topic. My nephew took his class and he said it was one of the best classes he’s ever taken in college.

      Maybe Darryl Huff and Rick Dasog have problems with comprehension and should go back to school. I have family who have retired and they go back to college even though they’re in the 60s. I think Huff and Dasog are younger that 60.

      Laughing matters aside, I really think reporters like these two are doing a disservice to Hawaii’s people regardless of anyone’s ethnicity or national background. Like Kalawaia Moore said in his post, “I have yet to see someone come back from a news reporting source and either report on the problems that Perfect Title highlighted, which is the matter of defect in title, nor have I seen someone come back and do a good story on the impact and implications of that defect in all title.”

      Too bad these two can’t be like Jake Tapper from CNN in real investigative reporting. Let’s keep it real and not fake!!

  8. Now is the time for all of us to stand with the truth of our country’s status…an independent country recognized since 1843 until its full illegal occupation beginning in 1898 and how it truly occurred. We need to live according to the Hawaiian Kingdom laws. Keeping in mind the proper legal ways to bring this occupation to an end. We need to replace the so called State Government officials with Hawaiian Kingdom law educated people. Speak up to everyone at all times about the Hawaiian Kingdom in all our occupations. The Royal Patriots during Queen Liliuokalani’s reign were fearless, we must be the same. We do need to be, act, and live this truth. Keanu has been the most consistent is presenting these truths and we all need to support his efforts and help to educate the world, especially the Americans.

    • I think the greatest resistance are those of Hawaii who believe they are American and view USA as a benefactor rather than an unscrupulous kidnapper. We were raised with a false narrative with the lack of understanding that we are who we were. As Kaleikoa Kaeo so aptly says, “…we need to realize, we have chains on our brains.”

      • Exactly. People like Dr. Sai who have researched and educated us on the truth of the matter have released us fom those brain chains. We need to follow Dr. Sai’s lead and review the research, do some of our own, make real-life observations,then share what we’ve gleaned a.k.a. educate those around us before we can make forward strides. Kanaka Maoli are born into a rich and advanced culture and heritage due to our deep connection with the Divine, with one another and with our natural surroundings Once we come to the realization of who we are not, we can begin our journey of discovery, restore what once was (i am referring to the Kino, not the Kingdom, since we are currently the Kingdom under a law-breaking oppressor), and soar to the highest heights without limitation.

  9. A theory, Rick Dysong said? He thinks that Dr. Sai’s doctoral research about Hawaii’s legal history is a theory?! If he had a brain, he should have asked questions about Dr. Sai’s doctoral research! And yeah the person that HNN interviewed was full of rubbish too! Who is he to say such things against an expert whose research is so profound and irrefutable?

    • Daysog, and his editor, have confessed to confusion. They may not know how confused they are. Their kind of confusion is contagious and they spread it to others. Do we ask for directions from someone who admits they are confused? I don’t. Some do. Cheers.

      • Yes, Disinformation is truly contagious. Which is why it needs to be held accountable. Huff has still not replied. I can only presume at this point, that his agencies reputation is not worth defending to the public. ✌️

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