Big Island Video News (BIVN): Ruggles Supporters Target Recent Councilmember Comments

HILO, Hawaiʻi – More testimony relating to the Hawaiian Kingdom and absent councilmember Jen Ruggles was delivered Wednesday at the Hawaiʻi County Council 

(BIVN)– The Hawaiʻi County Council again heard testimony from “protected persons” in support of absent Puna councilmember Jen Ruggles on Wednesday.

Hawaiian Kingdom subjects and advocates, as they have in the past, told the council to “cease and desist from legislating” until the county’s Corporation Counsel can assure the governing body that they are not incurring criminal liability under U.S. and international law. Ruggles’ council seat has sat empty during meetings as she awaits an opinion from Corp Counsel.

On September 24, Ruggles held a community meeting in Keaʻau to explain her ongoing absence from council, and to show her constituents how she came to understand the Hawaiian Kingdom still exists as a state in continuity that is under a “strange form of occupation” by the United States.

During the Keaʻau meeting, and in a subsequent media release, Ruggles announced she was putting Queen’s Health Systems on notice, saying that changes to the hospital’s charter since 1909 “appear to violate article 47 and 50 of the Geneva Convention IV.” Ruggles said she called upon the Chief Executive Office of the Queen’s Health System, Mr. Art Ushijima, and the “Board of Trustees to comply with the 1859 Charter and to admit aboriginal Hawaiians, as that term was understood under Kingdom law, for medical care free of charge. Failure to do so [would] appear to constitute war crimes under Article 47 and 50 of the [Geneva Convention, IV].”

Ruggles said, “as an agent of the the United States as defined under the Hague Convention and whistleblower, it is my duty to hold individuals and other officials of the State of Hawai‘i and the United States government accountable for apparent violations of the Hague and Geneva Conventions and the rights of civilians within the occupied territory under the title of protected persons.”

Ruggles’ fellow Hawaiʻi County Councilmembers weighed-in on the situation in recent news articles. A “perplexed” Hilo councilman Aaron Chung told the Hawaiʻi Tribune-Herald he found it very confusing that Ruggle’s “would use her title in the County Council to advance a particular position.”

The West Hawaiʻi Today reported on October 2 that Council Chair Valerie Poindexter said she was “not going to fund the office if she’s not going to do any more legislative work,” and has refused Ruggles’ request to hire a council aide to fill the position recently vacated by one of Ruggles’ two staffers.

Testifiers took aim at Poindexter on Wednesday. Kale Gumapac told the chair to “please be aware that by impeding Councilwoman Ruggles in anyway only provides more evidence for ‘War Crime’ charges against you with no statute of limitation.”


9 thoughts on “Big Island Video News (BIVN): Ruggles Supporters Target Recent Councilmember Comments

  1. It’s so OBVIOUS…..these officials are worried about their jobs….and not CARING to Educate themselves about the TRUTH of “Hawaii’s History”. Atleast, our last reigning monarch Queen Liliu’okalani and her people, then and now, stood up for Hawaii, ‘UA MAU KE EA O KA `AINA I KA PONO’, ..the Life of the Land is Perpetuate in Righteous. Aloha,
    Ceci and Francis.

    • I know! What they should be worried about is standing in front of a Nuremberg-style tribunal under War Crime charges should one of them occur such an act! At least Jen Ruggles asked herself the right questions and took action! I’m not saying that they should jump onboard her train automatically, I’m saying that they should follow her example and question all this like what she did. Especially since legalities are being thrown at them.

  2. Another hero to the rescue!
    Jen Ruggles does not speak for me, I am an Hawaiian Subject and all of my conduct is within the physical geographical and jurisdictional territorial boundaries of the Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands. I don’t accept the proposition that we the Hawaiian Subjects after 125 years of the crime of aggression and genocide by the American criminal enterprise STATE OF HAWAII and it’s cohorts, that we must now accept that their military owns a right to operate our government. Hopes and dreams baby, hopes and dreams, the Hawaiian Subjects own that right…

    Kuka kuka

    • Oh yeah! I get it, clear as a bell! Crys of “protected persons” will not save the people who commit wicked deeds!

  3. Also please keep in mind. Focus Needs To Be Put On ” Honorable Gary W.B. Chang, and Honorable Jeannette H. Castagneti and Members of the Judiciary for the State of Hawaii “, for who’m The Memorandum Letter Was Sent To, Dated 25 February 2018 From Dr. Alfred M. deZayes United Nations Independent Expert Office of the High Commissions for Human Rights.

    Public Focus And Pressure Needs To Be On These Individuals Also, There The Very Ones Who Are Responsible To Up Hold The Laws.

    They Need To Be Held Responsible. IT STARTS FROM THEM ESPECIALLY.


    IMUA! ALOHA AINA! In Memory of Queen Liliuokalani ” The Voice of the People Is The Voice of God”

  4. I know the distinction between the “Kingdom of Hawai’i” and the “Hawaiian Kingdom”, but I was wondering what the official name for the country is in the Hawaiian language. I’ve heard “Ke Aupuni Hawai’i”, “Ke Aupuni o Hawai’i”, “Ke Aupuni ‘o Hawai’i” and “Ko Hawai’i Pae ‘Aina”. Which, if any of these, is the official name?

    • I get confused in some of the more historic names used as well. I often hear different names like “Hawaiian Islands”. Does the language used in political documents and/or legal documents matter when differentiating? And if so, how?

      • Sandwich Islands, Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands, Kingdom of Hawaii, Republic of Hawaii, Territory of Hawaii, State of Hawaii, County of Hawaii, where do your rights arise from, which declaration and constitution define and protect your pa hale, aina and wai wai, remember Hauikalani, the only King in this world to relinquish his absolute authority to his chiefs and people in common, the only constitution that give rise to equal protection under the laws of the Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands,

        I believe the 1864 constitution of the Kingdom of Hawaii and Kamehameha V could not undo what the greatest King in the world (next to our King of all Kings) declared for his chiefs and his people in 1839, 1840 and 1852.

        1864, 1887, 1892, 1893, 1895, 1898, 1900 and 1959 I don’t find any protection under these different dynasties, I see the construction of a crime beginning to unfold, follow the history of events, there is only one constitution that I see ratified by the full measure of our Hawaiian Kingdom government that freed our chiefs and people from slavery, well that’s my manao.

        Imua ke Akua

  5. Can anybody interested from the general public attend the town hall which is referenced in one of the testimonies for Tuesday, October 9, 8am? If so, where is it located. Thanks!

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