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  1. All of us following this substantial debate for some time are aware that the fundamental flaw in the US Claim is that a joint resolution can only apply within the jurisdiction of its own territory, in this case, the United States, and that it is not the equivalent of a treaty. But what is overlooked, I think, is that EVEN IF there had been an actual treaty the transfer in 1898 would have been illegitimate. The reason is that, as acknowledged by President Grover Cleveland, the “Provisional Government” which renamed itself “The Republic of Hawai’i,” had at the time of its coming to power neither de jure nor de facto authority to govern, and was, as he put it “self proclaimed.” Even if one concedes that by 1898 it held de facto control, it still lacked je jure authority to conclude a treaty! So our pro-sovereignty case is strengthened even more by the recognition that the “Republic of Hawai’i, like the purported Joint Resolution, had NO AUTHORITY to enter into such agreements, and ought to be considered null and void, like a forged power of attorney giving criminals the “right” to sell your property!
    Imua, onipa’a, lokahi, and aloha to all in this national liberation struggle!

      • Thank you very much Pualani! If you want to know more of my perspective, you can: find at Native Books at Ala Moana my recently published book, Liberate Hawai’i ! that uses Keanu’s deep research to explain to Americans (and for Hawaiian activists to use a s a tool to reach newcomers to the sovereignty issue) what this national liberation movement is all about! Keanu earlier posted info about it on this blog.

  2. I’m proud o you, Keahi. More people should follow your example. People need to hear from other people as does the governments involved on different levels. Keep up the great work you do. That’s part of educating and reaching out to others; giving out the facts.

  3. I do believe a very strong case can be made at the UN, that the USA pioneered the “regime change” M.O. with the charade of a nominal “local” revolutionary committee–backed by the full might of the US Military–effecting a subsequent NeoColonialist rule. Ever since 1893, the USA regime has repeated this formula over the entire Globe. A full presentation of Hawai’i’s case in a full international forum such as the UN will draw overwhelming support from many nations(especially from Asia, Africa and Latin America). This is an excellent opportunity that should not be missed. Peace & Imua!

    • Imagine if that annual revenue was deposited in the treasury of the reinstated Hawaiian government! Think of big wage increases and elimination of many taxes for citizens. Imagine worker owned and run hotels as cooperatives! THIS is how we can expand the sovereignty movement consciousness to other ethnic groups in Hawai’i.

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