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  1. What about land tax or even taxes that are taken out of my pay check? Do you have any suggestions about a process in de occupying on a individual bases?

    • Taxes are necessary to run needed services. That’s a fact. Until the de-occupation happens there will be no reprieve. The Hawaiian Kingdom Constitution also has tax responsibility. The current taxes collected by the de facto government support the United States economy here and abroad the United States continent; not for our benefit. Consider the 121+ years of the obtrusive implementation of Americanization; the illegal monies and property collected and coveted since then is unheard of. The punishment of their corruption will be restitution and much more. It will be collected injustices forced upon us at the hand of the United States. Hawaii will be de-militarized and the land will be healthy once again. Our resources will never be threatened. The Jones Act will be abolished and countries would be doing business directly with the Hawaiian Kingdom = lower food and product costs = more money in the pockets with possible more spending = building the economy. No monies would be paid to support the occupier. In addition, there will be homes available to everyone who want to call Hawaii their home. Land titles would be corrected. We will maintain our own land to sustain our livelihood. The `aina, wai, kakakai will heal and our cultural rights will be protected. No one would be houseless of go hungry if they choose to stay here. Subject of the Kingdom would be our elected government officials instead of foreigners. There are so much more benefits; so many benefits to consider. Laws will be in place to confirm our Nation’s security. And Hawai`i will be the model of the world – freedom of expressionists.

      As we continue to educate ourselves the fear that we would be lost without the USA would dissipate. We will move forward to understand who we are. Our descendants will be always have a place to call home. There will be no more want.

      Continue the education and support our country as we move forward and demand for Law of Occupation implementation and the enforcement of Hawaiian Kingdom Law.

      Mahalo nui loa for all those whose who share their wisdom, knowledge and understanding to afford us the tools of education.

      Imua pono I ka nu`u.kakou.

      • Mahalo nui loa Doreene for your hopeful manao! Oh, yeah! There are so many benefits away from this occupation. No one just does not see that sadly and there’s a reason why. With so many U.S. military housing that can be use for civilian housing, there’s no way no one in Hawaii will be houseless! Not to mention they’ll be no such thing as someone being homeless. Did you know that in the H.K. Penal Code, there is actually a law that makes it illegal to be homeless? Our tax laws in our system of government will be not much of a burden on H.K. subjects, not to mention H.K. subjects don’t have to pay certain taxes when they reach the age of 60!

        And, oh, yes, that fear that mostly everyone thinks that without the U.S., Hawaii will not survive by itself or people who are not of Aboriginal Hawaiian background will be deported. That’s Americanization talking to them making up excuses! And with the help of indoctrination and propaganda filling the minds of the vast majority of the population, it shows how immensely horrible this occupation is to the people of Hawaii! Its a psychological parasite that needs to be removed! This is why, yes, education of this field of Hawaii’s history is of the most importance and also the power that can erase that fear.

  2. in case it will help.There’s a book by Neil Thomas Proto “The Rights of My People: Liliuokalani’s Enduring Battle with the United States 1893 -1917.” She gave her life trying to recover the Crown Lands from the U.S.

  3. Aloha ka kou,

    Mahalo Professor Williamson Chang and Anne Keala Kelly for this very
    informative conversation, hope to see more like this in the future!

    I’m not sure if the case mentioned at around 6:17, is sited as case presidence,
    but it should be immediately challenged as reverseable error in absence of
    supporting factual evidence! # show me the title! Like that :-)!!

    My ohana and I have been involved in a land court case filed here in Hawaii
    way back in 1919, a time when my great grand aunt was actively involved!
    How can a case run so long without being dismissed for lack of prosecution,
    giving the other party the opportunity to take endless bites out of the proverbial
    apple? The opposing party couldn’t prevail earlier on in the case yet it still goes
    on! The courts here in Hawaii definitely marches to a different beat!
    I don’t know of any case where defendant parties must pay to file, Land Court
    in Honolulu claims its because the case is too old? I think I’ll hash tag them at
    the appropriate time to show me their title!

    On another note, take a look at this case that took place back in 1931, around
    83 years ago, around 33 years after the unlawful annexation of the Hawaiian
    Islands, interesting to see what was taking place in the Judicial system and the
    media. Thalia Massie was the grand daughter of Gardiner Massie, she has an
    interesting genealogy. See how martial law was almost implemented?

    Rest in peace Mr. Joseph Iokepa Kahahawai and the other 4 defendents!

    A hui hou,

  4. Hahahaha! This is a funny episode! I think Professor Chang should run for governor in the puppet government! Even though, yes, we all know the U.S. State of Hawaii government is illegal, he at least can get things rolling for de-occupation like maybe, for example, enforcing the laws of the Hawaiian Kingdom, both penal, civil and constitutional!

  5. Okay Prof Williamson Chang when the Kanaka and their friends settle in on a property that we know is ours and are arrested will you and your attorney friends defend us after we are arrested and get us out???? This is a definite consequence for civil disobedience. To be organized means to have a defensive plan. Please lets have a plan of support along with the action. Lets talk about here and have the conversation and action support established. Looking forward to more kuka here on this subject.
    Mahalo for all that you are doing along with others.

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