U.S. Department of State’s Website: Article on Hawaiian Annexation Removed

In an interesting move by the Office of the Historian on the U.S. Department of State, the article Annexation of Hawai‘i, 1898, was “removed pending review to ensure it meets our standards for accuracy and clarity.”

Milestones HI Annexation 1

Below is the article that was removed.

Milestones HI Annexation

34 thoughts on “U.S. Department of State’s Website: Article on Hawaiian Annexation Removed

  1. Aloha Dutchy, we better not hold our breaths for a more accurate reposting. It would be like waiting for the State Dept. to answer Dr. Crabbe’s and Dr. Sai’s letters requesting to know if the HK continues to exist under international law. It will never get answered. The only accurate reposting would be, that after further analysis it was found that, inadvertantly a joint resolution of annexation was used instead of the required Treaty of annexation in attempting to aquire Hawaii. Therefore the Hawaiian Islands are not annexed to the United States but rather Occupied by the United States. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. LOL

    • Now THAT I would like to see! Hahaha!
      Come clean, U.S. Government! Not only can they save us, but they can save themselves as well from being forced to de-occupy Hawaii! Being forced to de-occupy Hawaii will not only make the U.S. Government confess to all their citizens that there was no 50th State, but could also result in national humiliation in the U.S.!

  2. I love it. They are caught between a rock and a hard place. And to save face they are trying to fix it. The whole world is watching to see what come out what they consider their “standards of accuracy and clarity”. Let’s see what they come out with. Who will they blame this time? We demanding truth, only! As penned by Williamson Chang. #showmethetitle. De-occupy now!

  3. ALL RIGHTY THEN, TWINKLE-TOES!! Lets see how you get out of this one! You can either come clean or waste your time………
    Ta-ta! Ha, ha!

  4. Perhaps we should send our own hawaiian historian Louis ” uncle buzzy” Agard to assist them. –

    – in case they can’t find that code book.

    I hope the us is pau playing “TON TA DON” and start pulling down their flags.
    Want to pay my taxes to the real hawaiian supa man.
    Up up and auwe… lol

    Keep smiling … we are almost there

  5. Hmmm, something is going on, they probly got wiff of the truth that’s growing in the international courts and need to prepare to take defense or maybe just full pull out and reperations. One thing every knows something is going on in the state department, that which has to do with the Hawaiian islands and the Hawaiian kingdom. Seems they have to clear the air before the USA starts to roleplay again into making the world think they are the piece keepers, good guys and so on. This needs to be done in order for them to negotiate the military co-op between other nations playing the good guy. Yup its either the middle east or the middle of the pacific. CHOOSE lol mahalo ke akua

  6. So many of us have been working for years toward day and it is such an exciting time after dealing with the deceit and lies of the U.S. And it aint over till it’s over!!! We have much work to do as citizens of the KINGDOM OF HAWAII…. the one that worries me, is speaking the national language Olelo Hawaii….Have tried many times going to night classes and the way they teach out of the books isn’t easy, especially for elders like myself. Da brain stay tieyed. And filled with unnecessary ku kai.

  7. With all that’s going on….it’s like watching a game of konane… U.S.-kana’iolowalu
    HK- Ka Pouhana (Dr. Kamana’opono Crabbe)s letter to U.S. Secretary of State
    U.S.- DOI hearings HK- Educational meetings–on all islands–televised—social media,
    big push for the lahui to get educated about “their truthful history” U.S.- The State Department removes all information regarding The Annexation of Hawaii from their web page. It’s our move……………waiting patiently. Mahalo Ke Akua a me Mahalo Nui Dr. Keanu Sai for your unwavering, enduring sacrifices.

  8. Other govt. websites are still offering their B.S. Historical stories. I don’t think I can read too deeply into this one office taking down a page. Hopeful, of course!

  9. Could this be a process of erasure or sanitizing event by the U.S. here, a 121year “Oops”, we made a mistake scenario? Little late for going back to the drawing board to try an re-work the “Big Lie” and change the collective memory, which had it right all along. There is no Annexation. The only alternative is De-Occupation. The Newlands Resolution has no force here. The U.S.shall comply with Hawaiian Kingdom Law. Post-Haste!

  10. Don’t know why the U.S. decided to pull that information, they’re in it so
    deep that’s not going to help them one iota!
    No shame, no shame, put that information back up and be proud of your
    U.S. educational system, that way the world can see why America’s history
    on Hawaii is way off the mark! Lolo nui!
    CSI can find a criminal half way around the world with a tiny drop of DNA,
    but cannot see the evidence here in Hawaii that’s larger than life that only
    now they need to get accuracy and clarity, what blind the last 121 years?

    If the U.S. keeps looking for accuracy and clarity in its history, Obama won’t
    need a Presidential library, well at least not here in a foreign country!


  11. I was blessed with a very unique work experience, “common sense underwriting”, through World Savings Bank.
    The more I think about the actions being taken by this State Department website, the more I wonder.I think I am done wondering about this.
    I would like to think that they are going to set the record straight, due to pressure from the international community, but that theory is largely based on hope.
    Here is a scenario, that makes sense! A foreigner looking to buy a piece of land in Hawaii, is informed of the illegal occupation and defective title. To confirm or refute the information of illegal occupation, he goes to the State Department website and finds the article that has been removed. Annexation, by definition, is the lawful transfer of land between two nations.
    Hasn’t the foreign buyer done his due diligence? Why should he question what the government of the United States is saying? Wouldn’t this false information make the United States financially liable for the illegal real estate transaction?
    That to me makes sense, why they removed this information.
    I have switchers my thinking from hoping to having faith. Faith in Akua, faith in the truth, faith in Hawaiians and faith that justice will prevail in Hawaii. Onipaa

  12. Counting on Keanu Sai’s theory demonstrates a lack of due diligence. Article 2, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution was perfectly fulfilled by the Senate’s vote on the annexation of Hawaii on July 6, 1898.

    • Keep educating yourself 808amigo. It will sink in.Joint resolution cannot acquire foreign territory, lawfully. Regardless of who votes for it.

      • The Joint Resolution to Annex the Hawaiian Islands to the United States is totally legal, in America. The only problem is it can have no legal effect outside of US borders and therein lies the problem. Simple.

    • mahalo amigo, for the philosophy on theories and demonstrations, reminds me of article xii, clause ixi of the ala resolution signed by the cia. Perfectly fulfilled by executing plans to renovate the twin towers!

  13. 808Amigo, NO TREATY means NO TRANSFER OF TITLE TO REAL PROPERTY and NO CESSION OF SOVEREIGNTY. If the Hawaiian Kingdom was extinguished, then how do you explain the actions of the acting gov’t being allowed to enter the World Court arbitration and ICJ, U.N. Security Council, U.N. General Assembly, ratification of the Geneva Conventions, the ICC, Geneva Academy of Humanitarian Law and Human Rights publication of the War Report on Hawaii’s Illegal occupation by the United States. This would not be possible if Hawaii was part of the United States. So much for the joint resolution of NO annexation. It was good for the U.S. while it lasted, but just like all ponzi shcemes the last ones to invest are left holding the bag and suffers the losses because those who invested first got their returns. Stop investing into the lie (ponzi shceme) or you will lose in the end which is near.

  14. Aloha Tim, you are right on the money. The U.S. is really not concerned about us Hawaiians speaking to our occupation since they think they can continue to control the situation in house (DOI). They would however, be more concerned about foreign investors who already invested and are seeking redress through their governments. This they cannot control in house. Just think what would happen if foreign governments would seek litigations for redress and it went viral. How many countries have foreign nationals in Occupied Hawaii that are being subjected to U.S. laws regarding tariffs and taxation just to name a few. How many were subjected to unfair trials in Hawaii?

    I’m pretty sure the State Dept. website can see what countries are visiting their website and what they have hits on and what’s being downloaded.

    Hey you foreign nationals are you getting the big picture??

  15. “The United States also annexed the the independent state of Hawaii during the conflict”
    milestone 1898 spanish american war on their own web site. check it out so many lies they don’t know which way is up any more . At least they got the Independent State part right lol.

  16. ASS / U / ME or Assuming that clarification will in-deed be made in a professional and timely fashion will be a total surprise to me and many others that I know. Making Ass Is A Behavior and Jesture Made By Those Whom Would Try and Continue to Pull The Wool Over Thine Eyes….

  17. They removed it because congress who drafted the joint resolution to annex Hawaii in 1893 were without jurisdictions to do so. That’s like U.S. congress attempting to annex Spain. Congress is only limited to make laws and informed them within their own national boundries. Same reason you can’t have a cop out of their lawful jurisdiction of city limits to pull you over. They overstepped their own legal boundaries and have been profiteering Hawaiian lands culture and militaristic location since the Spanish war 122 years ago. That is what needs to be said as they review the authenticity of the annexation. Also they need to include the Lili’oukalani Assignment which is an executive order from the President of the United States to reinstate the Hawaiian Kingdom’s which is an order that legally binds President Obama to in force after an U.S. investigation that proves the annexation was illegal to begin with.

  18. Mauna Kea the Sacred House of the uhane of our ancestors has come forth with the message to the world Hawai’i is a Kingdom and the wrong will be corrected. We believe the strength of the Hawaiians is the respect of the ancestors knowledge from the Kumu Lipo to the present time and future. The United States have no respect and that is the main reason the United states have many conflicts with many nations for being untruthful of their presents in a foreign nation for the purpose of taking what they need to increase control of natural resource for their profit making market. We were raised to believe the United States teaching in “God We Trust” was the word of truth for all of us. Yet it is not so. They lied and now back paddling with more lies how to convince the world Hawai’i was legally annexed. The scheduled International Astronomical Union convention in Hawai’i in August will be an awakening for Nations to learn the “TRUTH”.

    The pressure is on President Obama to uphold and carry out the executive order to reinstate the Hawaiian Kingdom. The executive order supporting the ‘TRUTH” will really let the world know what kind of a man He is? I hope when he was singing Amazing Grace he had the “TRUTH” for Hawai’i in his soul too!

    I always understood and believed the uhane of the ancestors for the following reasons: The Ancestors has called out to the President Obama born in Hawaii to answer the call. The ancestors has awaken Mauna Kea to let the world know we are Hawaiians and this is our Kingdom through the creation of our maker. The ancestors since election of the governor Ige of the fake state of Hawai’i has the governor worried of the “TRUTH” for he needs to face the “TRUTH” and that is the reason the many trips he has traveled to Washington D.C. to seek advise from the President and the fake State Congressional Delegation from Hawai’i.

    It won’t be long July 4th in Hawai’i will be Independence Day for Hawai’i!

  19. I Love all these islands in the the kingdom, which is why we should be asking….Can Lana’i be Legally sold?…Thats my biggest concern right now..

  20. I just wanted to say that Hawaii Independence Day was on Nov. 28 We don’t want anything to do with July 4 that ‘s upper U S Independences Day?

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