The Polynesian Kingdom of Atooi

We’ve received many inquiries requesting commentary on the Polynesian Kingdom of Atooi because of the recent news conference at the United Nations Indigenous Forum as well as local news coverage. The purpose for this blog entry is to correct historical inaccuracies especially in light of legal matters now before the United Nations General Assembly,  the International Criminal Court, and State of Hawai‘i Courts.

The term “Atooi” is not a Hawaiian word, but rather a British word spelled out with British phonics. The word “Attooi” was first uttered by the crew of Captain James Cook’s Third Voyage when his ships arrived in the Islands in 1778. Today we call these islands the Hawaiian Islands, but in 1778 there were four separate and distinct kingdoms: Islands of Kaua‘i and Ni‘ihau under Ka‘eo; Islands of O‘ahu and Molokai under Kahahana; Islands of Maui, Lanai and Kaho‘olawe under Kahekili; and the Island of Hawai‘i under Kalaniopu‘u.

Cook was tasked by the British Admiralty to map the Pacific Islands and find the northwest passage that could link the north Pacific Ocean with the north Atlantic Ocean. Cook was not only a British explorer, but also cartographer, which is a map maker. Cook sailed north from the Island of Borabora in the Society Islands on December 9, 1777 and came upon the Island of O‘ahu on a Sunday on January 19, 1778, and soon after came upon the island of Kaua‘i the next day. His first encounter with the natives in canoes took place off the coast of Kaua‘i, where they bartered fish and vegetables for nails and iron. According to Cook’s journal (p. 221), “Their language differed from that of every other people we had before visited; but we had learnt to converse by signs, and very soon made ourselves understood.”  It was probably at this point that the natives were asked what was the name of the island in order to map it, and to the British ear they spelt what they heard using British phonics–Atooi (Kaua‘i). It wasn’t until after 1820 that Hawaiian phonics was formally established through collaboration of the missionaries and Hawaiian chiefs.

The first publication of the island names using British phonics was published in London in 1781 titled “Journal of Captain Cook’s Last Voyage to the Pacific Ocean on Discovery,” identifying the Island of Hawai‘i as “O-why-e,” the Island of Maui as “Maw-whee,”  the Island of O‘ahu as “O-aa-ah,” and the island of Ni‘ihau as “Ne-hu.” Three years later, the island names were refined using British phonics in the first map of the islands published in London in 1784. On this map the islands were named oWhyhee (Hawai‘i), Mowee (Maui), Tahoorowa (Kaho‘olawe), Ranai (Lanai), Morotoi (Molokai), Woahoo (O‘ahu), Atooi (Kaua‘i), and Oneeheow (Ni‘ihau). Later maps using the British names of the islands were published in the French and German languages.

Cook's map

On the Polynesian Kingdom of Atooi website, it is claimed that “Atooi” is translated in the native language to mean “Light of God,” but this is not correct because “Atooi” is not a Hawaiian word, but rather a British version of a Hawaiian word spelled using British phonics. The website also claims “Atooi was the ancient name for, Hawaii, the head [po’o] of the Polynesian Triangle.” This is also not correct because the word is not ancient, but rather  a British invention by Captain Cook’s crew.

It has also been commonly stated that Kaua‘i was never conquered by Kamehameha. Yes this is true, but it was conquered by Ka‘ahumanu who was serving at the time as Regent while Kamehameha II was in London. After Kahekili invaded and conquered the O‘ahu Kingdom in 1783, there were no longer four separate kingdoms, but now three. In 1795, Kamehameha, successor to Kalaniopu‘u, invaded and conquered the Maui Kingdom, and in 1810, Kaumuali‘i, successor to Ka‘eo of the Kaua‘i Kingdom, peacefully acknowledged Kamehameha as his superior, thereby consolidating all of the former kingdoms into the Kingdom of the Sandwich Islands. On August 8, 1824, the Kaua‘i chiefs unsuccessfully rebelled under the leadership of George Humehume, successor and son of Kaumuali‘i, the late King of Kaua‘i. Humehume was removed to the Island of O‘ahu under the watch of Kalanimoku, the Prime Minister, and all of the Kaua‘i chiefs were dispersed throughout the islands and the lands were seized by Hawai‘i Islands chiefs.

Additional blog entries will address misinformation on the Hawaiian national flag, the United Nations Forum on Indigenous Peoples, and the United Nations list of non-self-governing territories.

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  1. Aloha, OMG! Dane has made himself the next Osama Binladen/Muamar Ghadafi/Hussein and siding with the US, to make us Indians??? and trying to cut out a piece of the pie for his kingdom, basically throws a wrench into the good work that Dr. Sai and others are doing, even on the UN level.

    Time for a meeting Dr. Sai…think about it.


      • Dayne, uses his Hawaiian name “Aleka Aipolani” and tattoo’s his face to make his claims as the Ali’i Niu of the Polynesian Kingdom of Atooi to appear more legitimate. He claims that “Atooi” was the ancient name for Hawaii, the Head (Po’o) of the Polynesian Triangle. He even goes on to tell a story of a kingdom that never existed because as the post and true history indicates “Atooi” is not even an ancient Hawaiian or Polynesian word. It is simply a British word, using British phonics, that was created by Captain James Cook to describe the island of Kaua’i as he was trying to map and place names to each of the Hawaiian Islands during his voyages as a mapper for the British Government. He is not the only one who is claiming to be the next Ali’i Nui, but it is clear that someone was watching too much Disney Channel.

        • Dutchy I believe you have to do more research for yourself instead of just taking Dr. sais say on this. Everything you just read you put into your comment…

        • Perhaps Dutchy is the one that watches Disney Channel and needs to be ‘clear’ that Disney has NOTHING to do with this conversation. I am an Atooi citizen complete with an ID. However, as much as I support the lahui Atooi, I think that the Po’o, whomever they are, are NOT doing anything more progressive. More frequently speaking out, sharing their mana’o with all the others that ARE. Between every Po’o wannabe there is great value in combining every bit of mana’o that circulates, removing the incorrect and ohhhhh so slowly moving upward and forward in the bid for INDEPENDENCE, aMERIMEN done and outa hea. Having transcribed 80 of 500 ku’e Petition pages to that completed and circulating piece of truth and integrity AND going door to door to see who is and who is not a Hawaiian Kingdom Patriot. Those that sign the Ku’e will be noted as Nationals, those that do not sign, receives a green card. Does anyone know where robbing danner lives, i’ld personally like to deliver her ohana 90-day to remove themselves or be later arrested for trying to aquire ‘chief slithering snake’ status American tribe DANNERHOLA village, here in the Kingdom of Atooi.

          • There Is One Kingdom Of Hawai’I and It Belongs To The Royal Descendants Of Kamehameha
            And is Backed By Our Hawaiian Kingdom Constituion and Not The United States
            Our Laws Of Hawaii and Our Constituion has Nothing to do with The Fake State Or America

        • Its called Romanization, not “British Phonics”. And its actually literally “Hawaiian Phonics”, as the Hawaiian language is a 100% Phonetic, Oral Language. Atooi is no different from Atui, and both are equally correct Romanizations, equally correct spellings and equally Hawaiian, because nothing which is written is actually Hawaiian. And even if it was spelled Aaattoooooooiiii, it would still be the exact same meaning in Hawaiian, a romanization of an Actual Hawaiian word, which was only Oral.

          You don’t seem to know what you are talking about, and seem to simply be slandering and attacking for the sake of being a fvckwit.

          • Amene palala that’s all it is and the scary truth to this day wether it is on Mauna Kea or not there is hawaiians who is getting paid or compensated by OHA and the State of Hawai to mislead other hawaiians and that is the real treason. Atooi stands to bring back the kingdom of Hawaii.

    • “Ano ‘ai, Welina me ke Aloha oukou,
      E kala mai i’au, ke olu’olu ‘oe, aka na’e, he li’i mea kapakahi II loko “o keia mo’olelo loa’a. In recounting Kaua’i’s history, of when Kaumuali’i “acknowledged” Kamehameha “Ekahi’s superiority, please note that Kamehameha “Ekahi’s reply was to tell Kumuali’i to return and rule his Island, declining any deposment or abdication, and not “accepting” ceded Authority. It was not until after Kamehameha “Ekahi’s death that Ka’ahumanu in attempting to consolidate power as acting Regent, came to Kaua’i, “married” Kaumuali’i (as well as later marrying his son Humehume), and promenaded the Union touring the Islands to “validate” her qualifications.
      After Kaumuali’i died (of suspected posioning), and Humehume was likewise discarded, Ka’ahumanu orchestrated the reassignment of Kaua’i’s governance to Chiefs loyal to the regime. Some Chiefs were hunted down. Humehume was “drafted” by Chiefs loyal to Kaua’i’s independance to assume his rightful leadership role, ending in their defeat by superior forces. At least one Chief, Nakapa’ahu Kailipoloahilani (Ali’i Nui of Koloa moku & first half-cousin to the Kamehameha sons) was appointed as Ilamoku under the Kingdom and was a local Authority called on to witness and testify in the Great Mahele hearings as to the validity of applicants claims. He became one of the principals organizing the ‘Hui” purchacing Maha’ulepu for a economic land base to sustain local Hawaiians. More specifiic details, more accurate knowledge- Imua

      • I read it was Liholiho that came to Kauai and kidnapped Kaumualii, after touring the island. I believe it had to do with a letter sent to Liholiho, from Kaumualii, referring to him as king of the windward islands. This implied that Kauai was not under Liholiho’s control. Prompting Liholiho and Kaahumanu to secure the island, to obtain protectorate status from Britan, as was Kamehameha’s wish.
        That is how I understand it, but then again our history tells us you can’t believe everything you read. Gotta fact check.

        • Aloha nā Hoahānau,
          Māhalo nui no ka manaʻo ua mahele ʻia I ka mea ʻO ka wā ua hala ʻia.
          Said letter, substantiating the claim that Kaumuali’i had retained dominion over Kaua’i, Ni’ihau (Lehua, Kaula & Nihoa), as the “Windward”Islands, precipitated the decision of Liholiho (under the counsel and direction of Ka’ahumanu), to agree to her strategy which she employed in sailing on the barge to Kaua’i, “inviting” Kaumuali’i aboard, exercising her position and voracious appetite,staging a pagentry of a “wedding”, in her quest to acquire greater “Mana”, consuming Kaua’i, sailing to Maui to display her new “Kane”, then consuming the “mana” of Humehume, marrying, then discarding him as well. Her prowess is undeniable.

          As a youth, Liholiho visited Kaua’i, traveling from hana lei Bay overland to Koloa, to meet with Nakapa’ahu, whose mother, “Ali’i Wahine Auhea” (granddaughter of Kamakahelei’s older sister, Huleihulei), was also half-sister to Liholiho’s mother, Keopu’okalani. Her kane was Nahinu.
          Nakapa’ahu’s sister, Napihe, was Ali’i Nui of the Moku of Makaweli, situated between Koloa and Waimea.

          Napihe, is, I believe, Dane’s ancestress, making him my Hoahanau.
          While the name “Kamawailualani” is associated with the Moku of Puna, gaining prominance during the 13th Century with the Tahitian migration’s influence, “Atoo’i”, is a British mangling of what they referred to as the “Sandwich Islands”. Under their rationale, we might as well be referred to as “The Kingdom of Sandwich[ers]. Our Mo’i could be referred to as the Mighty Dagwood. Disneyland indeed.

          Our kupuna wisely started the “Chief’s School (1837), so as to groom and educate our potential future leaders so as to ensure proper guidance and leadership of the Lahui. While koko was part of the selection process, to ensure continuiety and heritage, the final selection was based on merit.

          A leader arises from the people, not appoints themselves for the people. Of all the Sovereignty groups, the only “group” that has legal standing, the only surviving Institution of the Kindom of Hawaii, formed by Royal Decree in 1865 and has maintained their loyalty and devotion to preserving and perpetuation of traditions, observances, customs and stewardship of Wahi Pana is???
          An Order of Merit, formed by Royal Decree, with the intent of addressing the Trust relationship lost between the ‘Aina, the Maka’ainana, and the Ali’i, tearing the fabric of Hawaiian Society, destroying the Unity of Action, with the partitioning of land “ownership”.
          After the shameful “Sandlewood” fiasco, impressing forced labor for harvest, leaving to waste, the maintainance of home life, the “Great Mahele” disenfranchised the native population and destroyed the trust relationship and the Unity of the Lahui.

          While in favor of “Home Rule”, and an Independant Confederancy or Union, the legal and Pono starting point is to independantly assemble a registry of our constituancy ( U.S. Census Dept claims to have 534,000 citizens claiming Hawaiian ancestry, “Ha Hawaii” estimated over 400,000 Worldwide, while “Kana’iolowalu” only managed to enroll 35,000 during their two million dollar, two year recruitment. They “imported” 90,000 registrants from public records, “Project ‘Ohana” Ha Hawaii, and OHA’s Registry. Their “plan”, along with the Akaka Tribe and Danner clan, is to force a “Convention” drawn from their registry only, to raise Deligates to “Draft” a Governing Document, that will surplant the existing, legitimate Constitution of the Kingdom of Hawaii, under suspended Occupation for the last 121 years.

          Scotland seeks and soon will achieve Home Rule and Sovereignty. Poland, Israel, Kuwait, Iraq, Tonga, South Africa, and the list goes on, of formerly illegally Occupied Nations who have emerged from subjugation.
          Only by making it unprofitable and politically disadvantageous, can we emerge from under the exploitation of our people, land and resources. As (soon to be former) Governor Abercrombie once said in addressing Congress, “it’s [Hawaii], about Money, Land, and Assets”. Until it becomes unprofitable and a loss, they will continue to mine exploitation until nothing of value to them is left. Then they will dump more refuse, munitions, garbage and excrement upon us, pave us over and resell “luxury” beachfront properties to a new wave of wealth, probably from China.
          “Uphold the Kingdom[Lahui],- Uplift the People”,- Inspire the Nation”, three tenets of our patriotism. “Paepae, Kako’o, Ho’oulu”.
          Mana’o mai Kalanikumai Ka Maka’uli’uli ‘O Na Ali’i Hanohano, Mamo Hawaii, Pua ‘Aina ‘O Koloa, Kona I Kaua’i.

          • I am a direct descendant of Nahinu and Auhea through Napihee the sister of Nakapa’ahu down through Kanaluaiku and through Paekukui. Dayne is not in our mo’okuauhau. Both lines of Nakapa’ahu and Napihe still live in Makaweli Valley and up through Kahana where the iwi of our kupuna for generations past are still guarded by our ohana. We still live have our lands without electricity or running water. Uncle Sam Kekauoha I have met from the Nakapa’ahu side. I’ve been blessed with the mo’okuauhau from the Nakapa’ahu side but as far as the Napihe line? No Dayne. “Atooi” as our kupuna passed down came from the Europeans interpretation of “Taua’i” or “Kaua’i”. There is no Polynesian language that I know that define Atooi as “The Light of God.”

          • Aloha Hoa’hanau Hakikoa,
            ‘Ano ‘ai, welina me ke Aloha. E kala mai ia’u no ka mea hewahewa me “Dayne” I loko ‘O ko Mo’okuauhau kaua. Ike wau i ko kaua hoa’hanau “Kona” ke noho ‘ia’ia I Makaweli a me hele o’ia me “Dayne” ma. Mapopo wau I ko kaua hoahanau Glen Kapahu a me “Umi”I noho ‘ia na laua I ka awawa Waimea. Hauoli wau no ike kekahi mau hoahanau mai ko kaua mo’okuauhau Nahinu a me Auhea. Makemake wau ke nana ‘ia ke wahi pana ‘O ko kaua Kupuna Iwi ma mua ‘O ke hala ‘ia’u. ahe mamo wauu, I ke kauoha Kamehameha ‘Ekahi a hana ‘ia’u no ko kakou Lahui Hawaii.

          • No problem… It’s all good. I’m not too sure who Kona is but our Kona line if it’s the last name traces our line up through Manokalanipo and Kukona. That is from who we had gotten control over the Kona side of Kauai from and how we ended up with the lands we have now. Cousin Glen I see from time to time and Umi & Kaiu I see from time to time they live but a stones throw away from our hale up in Makaweli Valley still on Nakapa’ahu lands. If Akua allows it, maybe we can visit Kahana Valley and sit with Nahinu & Auhea. In the mean time, we need to rally all of our ohana together to move forward in rebuilding our nation. If anyone here has words to share regarding the assertion of the Hawaiian Patriotic League please share. The time to rebuild our nation is long overdue. Ke akua pu… Aloha.

          • Aloha “Cuz, Iʻd like to take this conversation off of the Blog. Iʻd very much like to continue discussion about the upcoming news from the Hague, what the U.N. is being requested to do, Tauaʻi Kahiko and our Moʻokuauhau. My public visage outside of our Hawaiian Community is as “Branch Harmony”(my nom-de-gurre).Please E-Mail me at .

          • Mahalo Dasturdly dannerinians in Dannerhola Village with all her corporate buddies of the 501c3 nonprofit IRS related kine, and all the American fedwreckian na’i aupuni garbage that this hui of hand picked ppls resides. I wish I had the capacity to strike them dead in their muddy waters with a ‘cease and desist’ TRO hope these tribal wannabes chief slithering snake Robin ‘Lewinsky’ Danner, lap and table dancing in the oval office.she “speaks for all Hawaiian”.

          • Aloha,
            Who were Ali’i Wahine Auhea’s mother and father, please? I would be bery grateful to know.
            M.G. Kaholokai Perry

          • ʻO Wahine Aihea, ka mākuakane ‘O Panui; ka mākuahine I Nakoa. ʻO Panui, ka mākuakane I Kānehoalani, ka mākuahine I Memehu. ʻO Nakoa, ka mākuakane I Kekaihewa, ka mākuahine I Huleihulei.
            Kō moʻokuauhau ʻou.

          • I am also a descendant of Nakapaahu Kailipolohani and Kalawaia nui o Kamehameha. My great great grandmother was their eldest daughter. I was also searching for Maunapohaku in Koloa. I have also been trying to plan a walk into Kahana valley one of these days. I have been shown where and how, just wanna do all the right ok’s

      • Would like to hear more about this and the conclusions of the validity of claims because it has always seemed there was something peculiar about the Mahele:

        “was appointed as Ilamoku under the Kingdom and was a local Authority called on to witness and testify in the Great Mahele hearings as to the validity of applicants claims.”

        • Aloha Elaine,
          I have studied testimonies from the Mahele hearings held regarding claims substantiated in the Koloa Moku, primarily in Mauliʻli; Paʻa; Mahaʻulepu & Weliweli Ahupuaʻa. Kupuna Nakapaʻahu Kailipoloahilani and his friend Mika (Tax Collector for the Kingdom) both were called on to substantiate native claims. The legacy of shameful exploitation and disenfranchisement of the Mahaʻulepu Hui by the “Kolea” continues to contaminate and invoke disease and decay.
          Nakapaʻahu relocated his Kauhale to “Hidden Valley” in Mahaʻulepu where he improved the spring, established Loʻi, and tile to that land was [later],established under “Adverse Possession”. His father Nahinu, held the land where “Maunapohaku Heiau” is located. ???

          • Mahalo for sharing this. Mahaulepu, if we not careful is destined to house a dairy, ONLY because it is a transplanted billionaire, WHO CAN. Destroying WHAT other amerimen haven’t.

    • Excuse me Sir, it was Dr Sai who told me to look for the Alii Nui on Kauai your words are bad, not pono @ all and beside that; Look up “Te Moana Nui A Kiva” – The Royal Union Of Pacific Nations – surely 16 King and Queens cant also all be incorrect – also @ the U.N. they all recognize Mr. Aipoalani as Mana Ariki.

      You got time for a meeting?

    • Keanu and several dozen others DUE DILIGENCE in researching the actualities instead of the fabricated bull pucky that is widely being practiced by current Na’i Aupuni kukai, confusions and status challenges towards fedwreckian, when we all know a different story COMBINATION which continues to deny TRUTH AND INTEGRITY in what is reality as opposed to what is a continued FARCE. NEVER a u.s. federal domestic state. plain, simple, and being challenged by UNITED NATIONS, member states of which there are 130=/- that are currently wanting America delegates response “by what means did America acquire Hawaii”? America also found out, when they tried to Expunge UN meeting minutes, now several dozen nation states wondering “what else is America hiding”

  2. There is no need for a meeting with Dayne or anyone else from their organization. It is clear that they used this British word for “Kaua’i” as an opportunity to create their own history of a Polynesian Kingdom of Atooi that never existed, an opportunity to call himself the Ali’i Nui of this imaginary kingdom and yes, the opportunity to grab whatever he could for himself and his followers. Unfortunately, the truth always finds a way to expose itself and as you can see the TRUTH has been revealed. Now it is up to these individuals to stop what they are doing and to not only educate themselves to the truth, but more importantly to now follow the truth. If not they too could be charged with treason for not only going against the true Hawaiian Kingdom Government by in trying to create their own. Just sharing my mana’o……

    • I like how you guys pick and point fingers just like AMERICA…..always trying to bring down the KANAKA’s…..we all know that the HAWAIIAN KINGDOM GOVERNMENT RECOGNIZED ALLI NUI ……..BECAUSE AT THE UNITED NATIONS delegation in New York ….I swear ALLI NUI WAS FIRST…….so why HATE FOR…….why not WORK TOGETHER YOU KNOW LOKAHI……..YOU KNOW MOVE FOWARD IMUA……..come on all this talk was going on for YEARS… get KOKO…..AUWEI ON U….ATOOI O IOOTA……AKUA GUIDE N PROTECTION IOOTA….

    • I used to hear the old folks back in the 60s say “Teia O A’tauai”. Maybe that’s how Cook and his crew came up with Atooi.

      • Indeed Taua’i is the island’s name, early europeans wrote it as ‘Atooi’ just like how Lana’i was written ‘Rana’i’ and Kaho’olawe as ‘Taho’orawe’. Our language in written form was changed by missionaries, which changed our pronunciation. We’re speaking our ancestor’s language wrong today.

        • I remember at a party a few years back our Kupuna were speaking and some guy who had learned to speak in college starting talking to them. One of the Kupuna who was 97 at the time told him to “stop and listen, no talk until you can learn to talk correctly.” I was embarrassed for the poor guy but moving to Hawaii and learning the language unfortunately did not come with learning respect and old school courtesy.

        • Actually ATOOI is an old aboriginal word and when Cook asked what’s this place it was the noongas who said Atooi. You folk have to go further back into your roots to understand ailana and who and what is a Kanaka Maoli.

        • I think everyone needs to understand that we are not speaking ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi (Hawaiian language) wrong today. As Samuel H. Elbert said “The Polynesian languages, like all languages, constantly changed. Hawaiian, however, did stand as conspicuous example of flourishing simplification.”

          You cannot say that the name of Kauaʻi is or was Tauaʻi because there was no written language for the Hawaiians. As Dr. Sai pointed out in this article, “The term ‘Atooi’ is not a Hawaiian word, but rather a British word spelled out with British phonics.” and “It wasn’t until after 1820 that Hawaiian phonics was formally established through collaboration of the missionaries and Hawaiian chiefs.”

          “Prior to 1822, Hawaiian language was only an oral language, having no form or system of writing and reading… In 1822, however, a system of writing for Hawaiian language was created and by 1840, Hawaiʻi was nearly universally literate, with a literacy rate of 97%, making Hawaiʻi the most literate country in the world when it was recognized as a sovereign and independent country by France and Great Britain through the signing of the Anglo-Franco Proclamation on November 28, 1843 at the Court of London” – March 12, 2015: Hawaiian Language Competition and Concert

          • Ku,

            Your Elberts quote lacks source and context. Do remember who published Elberts, and The Hawaiian Dictionary. The Hawaiian Dictionary doesn’t have the word Alodio, nor does it have definitions for the words Awarded and Recorded which you find in the Land Commission Awards. Not to mention where they ripped out the center section naming and describing many of Na Akua after the 3rd revision.

            Let me quote Davies 1851 Tahitian dictionary:

            Page i:
            “while, as the Language of a rude and uncivilized
            people, it has, as might be expected, many deficiencies, when compared with the highly cultivated and polished languages of Europe, it has, at the same time, in some respects, a force, a simplicity, and precision, as in the instance
            of the personal pronouns, that may perhaps be
            superior to them all.”

            Page ii:
            “Of the above dialects, those that beat· the greatest resemblance to each other are the Hawaiian, the Marquesan, and that of New Zealand; the Tahitian comes next, and differs chiefly from them in abridging the words, and
            dropping a great number of consonants, and in discarding entirely the nasal ng, the g, and k.”

            Now google search: “kepelino’s hawaiian collection”, and download the PDF from UH Manoa to see how Kepelino wrote his language down.

            I think you’re over simplifying things. It helps to research other dialects of Olelo Maoli, to better understand the Hawaiian.


          • Aloha J.K. Pononui,

            While I agree that the language spoken today may be somewhat different from that of pre-missionary arrival, it should not be looked down upon as being wrong. If you look to all Polynesian languages, they themselves have changed over time as well. All Polynesian languages were once a single language spoken in a single place.

            And I would not say that the quote used lacks context because by looking at all languages, they evolved and changed over time.

            I think an issue is how each part of Polynesia had been affected differently by European contact.

            As a reference, please read “History of Polynesian Languages” by Yuko Otsuka

    • Mahalo Dr. Sai for Recognition THAT ALLI NUI IS WHO HE SAID HE IS…… Mahalos ….remember up at NEW YORK……SO FUNNIE……LOL

      • Aloha kunoa, e kalamai but have u seen any documents of Daynes koko? I no tink so.. why i say dat is because nobody saw, even the kupuna which he snaked all the kala from.. he took the opportunity to jump in a the meeting to advertise the kala.. nobody asked him to. Alkng with his two baboonz in the bak… your poly kingdom of “kauai” is all lies bradda.. sorry to break da news to u… myself as well as alot of my ohana once belived in the Disney movement until, drugs and money was the key to be in it… and if u thinkin i talkin crap.. i not my kanaka… myself and couple of my cousinz was amoungst the first so called marshalls on oahu.. so i kno… pkoa is not recognize by the UN.. the only pull they have is Chief Miko. Atooi id and plates hold no water in any legal situation.. they all still goin court!!! That saying…. “peepo will soon see the light of atooi, and follow the light” soun good ah? So did nuclear bombs at one point.. we all seen da light and left the disney channel episode of atooi clowns….stay blessed kanaka.. dont get sucked in by the lies… do ur research, ask for proven documents from ur so called alii. As for me and my ohana.. Atua is Ali’i. And dayne will get his day.

  3. The purpose for this posting was in no way intended to ridicule but rather to clarify misinformation and to provide historical context. Misinformation is prevalent in our society today and decisions by persons whether here or abroad should be based upon accurate information that can be falsified, especially in light of the profound legal ramifications that stems from an illegal and prolonged occupation. This blog was established for the dissemination of information both current and historical.

    • Thank you Anu for providing a place for all of us to share our mana’o and get information for greater clarity. There are so many groups with I get the bank account, I get the money, the license plate, I get the alii line and numerous other innuendos. Lord know this has been our saving grace to actually see the documents and hear the clarifications. God Bless!!

    • Mahalo HK for the availability of this blog, the comments, the responses and ALL of us continuing research due diligence. Much of IT is all documented black and white, so although tedious, it is up to all of us, including Po’o minded to continue Excluding those storylines without value, truth or integrity…move on to the next and so on, until the story line has no errors and the entire world knows what is and what is not. It’ll take every last one of us like-minded peoples to educate that same world, spread the truth and engage as many other peoples as possible.

  4. Oh what a low blow it looks as these people were brought in from somewhere over the rainbow! it is a full on sham formed by the united states of America to complicate things more for the kanakamaole people. I don’t know if he is really a kanaka from ancient times but dane or whatever his name is looks like a mickey mouse show. The Hawaiian Kingdom should bring forth a group of genealogy specialist to weed out thiese type of shams. I for one know many researchers including myself who would bring light to this pony show. Sad that the USA government uses the taxpayers money to put on a show like this in order to create confusion towards the true kanaka people.

    • This is a strategy aimed at those who are on the fence and straddling the alanui. They are going after those who are not sure and don’t know. Those who have been following in every group. There are a lot of them I know, before 1992 I was straddling the fence going to all kinds of meetings and trying to learn more. Then I met Dr Sai and I saw and know that he only shared with us the facts as they now stand and have been standing for the last 121 years. So I’m here in full support of the Hawaiian Kingdom as it now stands and then moving forward.

  5. Watched a video of this guy (Aipolani) at the United Nations Headquarters. They were introducing their Kingdom of Atooi currency. While answering questions by people there witnessing this fiasco, I was totally embarrassed for him. He should have spent some “kala” on PR people, instead of paying for those two deputies of his (these two were super funny) Anyways…

  6. Mahalo Keanu for all the information that has been put out by you with verifications. Ke Akua malama you and your ohana. God Bless you. Always am amazed at the way you keep things pono. You are a blessing to all of us who are watching, listening, and praying for the truth to break forth into a RENEWED Day for all Kanaka Maoli and Hawaiian Subjects. I’m grateful that at the helm is Ke Akua and at the wheel is Keanu, and the wonderful faithful crew. IMUA!

  7. Yah-mon, this fella Atooi you best let him pass like aah good or even aah bad bowel movement, either way; get this soldier-mon out of your system he is bad mojo mon!

    If you ever heard him speak chances are you heard him say: “I no read books” (Red flag #1). You heard him say that a family member of his was directly involved with the Kuhio Charter (Red flag #2). Asked him about the validity of the Hawaiian Kingdom and the Kuhio Charter, he couldn’t explain it. This one is funny; you might have heard him say:
    “we no need one constitution; constitution means they (whoever they are) going con you into one institution!” Asked him what about the Hawaiian Kingdom constitution already in place, “we no need um” whatever I say as Alii nui goes” (Red flag #3); Dictatorship! Dumb ass!
    To top things off, this pakalolo prince thinks he can effectively rule a country in his hazy state of mind, double dumb ass!! (Red flag #4) I think he may be a U.S. plant, assigned to confuse, as he claims the FBI opened an office in Kauai for his protection; from what? Sanity?
    If you noticed the pattern of the U.S. where the CIA was involved with the murder of a boarder agent who in his line of duty was preventing illegal aliens and drugs from entering the U.S. it would indicate that the U.S. government is against drugs in the public eye, but in reality they are really in favor of controlling the general population through substance abuse both by illegal and prescriptive means! That is my mana’o on that anyway!

    There are a lot of “GROUPS” yes “GROUPS” (no one wants to be defined by the G word) out there that will recall that Hawaii was at one time a Hawaiian Kingdom, yet for some reason can’t get pass the fact that we’ve all been duped, the joke was played on us! Like Warren Buffett once stated “If you have to look around to see who the joke was played upon, it’s probably you!) The quicker you realize you’re caught up in such a situation, don’t make it worse, go back to the facts and set yourself back on course! How can all these GROUPS, Kau inoa, Kanaioluwalu, Alii Aipoalani and the many self-appointed Kings and Queens justify their existence today without first having a valid and grounded connection to our kingdom’s history because if they had it right they would know the Kuhio Charter is a wash based upon La Kuokoa and that the entities formed under the U.S., Kau inoa and Kanaioluwalu is based off an entity that has no jurisdiction in Hawaiian Kingdom territory!

    And one more thing about misinformation, the other night I watched the story about Hokulea by Kathy Muneno, it was great except for one thing I had an issue with, now I know that TV is based upon drama and I wasn’t around 600 years ago, but where did the information come from that “Voyaging between Hawai‘i and Tahiti, navigating only by nature’s clues, ended about 600 years ago.” 2013 – 1778 = 235 years! Captain Cook only stumbled upon the Hawaiian Islands 235 years ago, go figure!
    Almost like Christopher Columbus discovering america in 1492. Really?

    Sorry to the faithful readers of this site, I just had to let loose on the phony GROUPS and individuals out there! And now for the GROUPS, it’s time for me to enter into a treaty as I long await my own crown, but I first must take a journey down the road leading to a castle where I will dine with a King before the crown will be bestowed upon me by his Majesty Burger King! I like to visit his Majesty Burger King because he lets me have it my way!

    Take care!

    • Hahahaha he did make mention about the FBI, DEA and all them other groups… BUT!!! that was NOT the answer to the questions being asked over and over again! They were asking him “can this currency be used anywhere in the world? Can I use it to purchase bread and milk?” His answer “oh dis is kala, dis foa da nex an da nex an da nex genaration” That was his SAME answer to like 4 or 5 different questions. UGH! Wish I didn’t watch that video

      • yes,the kala is being use now……cause I get…..jus saying…….if the government of USA …money is being run …that means they control everything and make the rules…so why can’t we handle our own!…come get on the SAME TEAM…..SO FUNNIE….

        • Kanaka.. u need to rethink the team u in… foreal kanak… u really think federal govt goin give pkoa anything? Aole… u really like one pothead as one leader? Its all about money and drugz and hu can donate da most can be my bes fren.. i kno fo a fact.

    • Right On-Mon!!! Too much herbs and Disney Channel. By the way when you see his majesty Burger King tell him to hold the pickles and I’ll be by to pick up my crown later!!!

  8. Oh yeah, he has that one shiny silver coin that he
    shows everyone. Maybe he uses it to hypnotize the
    unwary; come to me, let me ID you so you can be my
    slave. Huh ha! The only kala is: ala ala kala!
    His exchange rate is: watch the coin, listen to me and I’ll separate your hard earned cash from you!
    A fool and his money are soon parted!
    To purchase bread and milk everyone would need to
    be in on that trick! And soon Peter will take from Paul after Paul had already taken from Peter!

    And his all powerful shiny silver badge used to stop the ferry. Oh, not any ferry, but a Superferry right here in Hawaii!
    Wow, heh, dis bugga get some mana heh! Try ask him
    if he can stop Matson or Hawaiian Airlines, bet you he no can! And the uneducated wants us Hawaiians
    (race not a factor) to get together, not with that
    Dumb Ass!! He has a road map on his face, probably
    from looking to close at a GPS system, he no read
    that’s why! Huh ha!!

    Eh, all in good fun, at his expense of course! Huh!

    If he was Pono, I wouldn’t blast his ass, but to see
    him and his co-horts take advantage of those just
    learning about the actual history of Hawaii, screw
    him!! Eh, give the people back their money! Thief!!


    • If he is a placement of the U.S. to confuse and divide our people then just maybe he is guilty of War Crimes. Just maybe!! We can hope.

  9. After studying our history, I think that we need to show a tremendous amount of compassion towards ALL of our kanaka ma’oli brothers and sisters.
    No one is perfect, add all the hewa that our people have had to endure and we get a situation that is expected to produce very un-pono actions. I encourage everyone to find their aloha.
    Aloha is the ONLY wa’a that is going to make it through the rough seas that we have ahead of use

    • Shame these kids get to play their hate games,name calling and judgments here on this so called pono “Hawaiian kingdom” blog and to top it off they claim to be part of Akua.
      It’s just sad to see. Stop the Hate,it only hurts you.

    • I think that you stated it very well, but I think you should extend your compassion to more than just Kanaka Ma’oli.

      I think we need a tremendous amount of compassion for EVERYONE. 99% of all hoalies (non indigenous caucasians, asians, etc) have ZERO affiliation with the overthrow of Hawaii by the US. A very small number of people (including hoalie businessmen and complicit Hawaiian rulers) controlled the events leading up to the takeover. Further, many people do not really understand or appreciate the Hawaiian plight.

      Have love for everyone. If someone skin is lighter than yours, you cannot make assumptions about who they are or who their ancestors were. Hawaiians are no different that Hoalies or or any other Humans. All people have have at times oppressed, killed and taken from others… including Hawaiians. Recognize we are all humans. We are all controlled by a few powerful people in every country. Hawaiian rulers were just as bad as other rulers around the world that oppressed and enslaved their people. Hawaiians were killed or maimed all the time for silly infractions,

      When Hawaiians assert that white people took their Kingdom, they simply turn people like me off from listening, because 99.999% of white people had nothing to do with taking over Hawaii. Color of skin does not define us. Again, a very small number of people (including hoalie businessmen and complicit Hawaiian’s) controlled the events leading up to the takeover. Remember there were already Russians here, French, Chinese, etc… The Hawaiians were steering toward joining Britain for security (Hence the flag) or the US. The Navy crew coming ashore probably happened after it was already inevitable.

      I am all for Hawaii being Sovereign, and I think it is possible. I think it might be the right thing to do because it was not done in a way that was best for the Hawaiian people.

      Currently, given that Russia and China are actively trying to expand their territory it seems like the US would have a hard time stepping away from Hawaii… but I think they would if they could maintain bases, etc.

      Should Hawaii go back to being a Kingdom? I hope that is not what the Hawaiian people would want for themselves. I would hope they would choose a for of government were they people have more of a voice this time.

      • “Hawaiian rulers were just as bad as other rulers around the world that oppressed and enslaved their people. Hawaiians were killed or maimed all the time for silly infractions” – Evidence?

        I find it somewhat ironic how you said “When Hawaiians assert that white people took their Kingdom, they simply turn people like me off from listening, because 99.999% of white people had nothing to do with taking over Hawaii.” – You are doing the exact same thing that turns you off when you said “Hawaiians assert”. You did not say most or some, but Hawaiians. That is like saying everyone who is Hawaiian is asserting that. That is not true.

        “The Hawaiians were steering toward joining Britain for security (Hence the flag) or the US.” – This is a claim. Where is the evidence? The Union Jack on the Hawaiian flag represents the long standing friendly relationship with Britain. Hawaiʻi is a Neutral State, that is its security under international law.

        “I am all for Hawaii being Sovereign, and I think it is possible.” – Hawaiʻi is sovereign. The U.S. never extinguished the sovereignty, that is why it is under an illegal occupation.

        “might be the right thing to do” – It is the right thing to do. It is unjust what the U.S. did and continues to do.

        “Should Hawaii go back to being a Kingdom?I would hope they would choose a for of government were they people have more of a voice this time.” – It is still a Kingdom. The only thing that was overthrown was the government. The State itself remains intact. The people did have a voice. The Queen listened to the people and their distaste for the illegitimate “1887 ‘Bayonet’ constitution” and made plans to write a new Constitution.

        • I meant that “When Hawaiians assert…”.. .did not mean to imply all Hawaiians assert anything. But certainly poorly written. Apologies.

          I think I need to read a LOT before I comment too much, but:

          You ask about my evidence on several occasions. Clearly I don’t have any direct evidence. I have been reading a lot about Hawaii from the period of “contact” through the occupation as it is pretty amazing stuff. Im currently reading “Paradise of the Pacific” and it seems to do a good job of quoting directly from writings by the actual players at the time, or witnessed. I was citing things from this book.

          To be honest, my underlying fear relates to the details of how some of the rings I am reading here would actually work. I read comments about a lot of changes that would take place. For instance taking back all the property sold under the US system, and reallocating it back to the prior landholders from the Hawaiian Kingdom.

          I think problems include these:
          – Would title insurance actually ever pay? I suspect no for a variety of legal and practical reasons. I doubt they would even have enough money. It would have to be paid by the US govt.
          – Would they nullify all current land ownership or just ownership by some people?
          – How would you ever reallocate fairly? Any date you pick to revert to will have all its own inherent unfairness as land was routinely taken from people and reallocated at the a new King’s whim. (according to what I’m reading). Further how fair was it that some commoners had almost no land while those in the ruling class might have had massive amounts of land… largely (in my opinion) due to their oppression of the commoners.
          – How would you ever resolve who is entitled to what land given that people have intermixed to much over time.
          – Is it fair that a person is more deserving of land because their ancestors held it, or because if their own actions and efforts.

          Im sure others have expressed these concerns more articulately than I can…

          There are many issues like this that seem extremely complex in reality, and ripe with all it their greed, unfairness, manipulation, corruption, etc.

          Why not leave land ownership as is and charge a tax based on value of land or revenue derived from the land, where the money is used to directly benefit Hawaiians much more than today. Have you looked at the Alaska model where the land was divided into native corporations and the peoples get a percent of revenue from income derived in heir ancestral areas? Maybe something like that?

          Just spit-balling. I don’t really have the ability to become an expert on any of this stuff as it is a lot of information. Kind of scary to lose homes.

          • Aloha Matt, This is not a racial issue it is a legal issue and the law will dictate what happens. Hawaiians will be subject to the Law just like you and everyone else. Personal feelings and beliefs of you and Hawaiians are irrelevant. I agree with what you said “…Kind of scary to lose homes.” Hawaiians lost much more than homes, lands and civil rights but they survived. Just like Hawaiians, everyone else will learn to survive. The U.S. is liable for all damages so you need to seek redress from the perpetrator (U.S.) and not the victims.

  10. Aloha Tim,
    I suppose you are correct! Mahalo for keeping me in check!
    I get frustrated sometimes when individuals or groups get you
    into believing something to be true of the Hawaiian Kingdom
    only to be proven wrong or inaccurate. The time taken in order
    to discover the wrong or inaccuracy is the actual frustration!

    I’m sure Bernie Madoff was very good at what he did if not
    he wouldn’t have gotten so much media attention, but I don’t
    think he’ll be overwhelmed with Christmas cards from his
    clients anymore! The time it took for people to actually
    discover what he was up to was around the same moment
    they realized their investment perhaps life’s savings was no
    more. If it was beyond his control would be one thing, but
    if he was in control?

    Take a look at the link below:
    Native Hawaiians never relinquished their sovereignty, is
    what the commercial says in reference to U.S. Public law
    103-150, which accurately state: “the indigenous Hawaiian
    people never directly relinquished their claims to their inherent
    sovereignty as a people or over the national lands to the United states…”
    Suggest colonization and limited to a specific race of people.
    Question, why can’t this organization see the Kingdom’s
    independence since 11/28/1843, yet have no problem celebrating
    the 4th of July? You can see the insult to all those who placed
    their names on that 1897 Ku’e Petition!

    It should have been stated something similar to the below:
    The sovereignty of Hawaiian Kingdom was never ceded to
    the United States of America and the Kingdom’s people that are
    made up of various races along with its aboriginal Kanaka Maoli and
    Kanaka remain subjects of its independent nation state.
    Implies occupation over a nation of people not limited to race.


  11. Aloha Kakou,

    This should be very enlightening for everyone to know. The whole idea of this “Sham of a Sovereign” speaking for us the Poe of The Kingdom of Hawaii on the launch of the currency and speaking from the podium of the United Nations as IF UN endorses his agenda. Dayne “Puni” Gonsalves , his followers and his minions are Going Down, The
    video was so disgraceful, Hilahila! He should be prosecuted for these misrepresentations (lies) and he will be accountable as I write this reply.

    This is what the DPI(Department of Public Information) at the United Nations confirms:

    “Dayne “Puni” Gonsalves applied in 2010 as an NGO(non-governmental organization) with the United Nations under a civil society status. This category in the U.N. helps any organization who applies to interact with other countries and or groups for the purposes of environmental, social and economic development issues to gain understanding and
    exchange ideas in the forums and caucuses with other NGO groups held at the U.N. annually. His application names his Organizational Structure as a Polynesian Monarchy as PKOA/the Hawaiian Kingdom and naming “Te Moana Nui A Kiva” as an affiliate network under the Indigenous People’s Organizations. His application at the United Nations was a standard process and uneventful upon acceptance. In other words, I was told that a recent group that was accepted was the Jehovah’s Witness Divinity Group. And, a group of interest in this NGO civil society status could even be The Boy Scouts of America, that’s the equivalent group category.

    This uneventful application which is a standard process in the United Nations and the acceptance of it morphed into “Dayne” (Atooi) was recognized in the United Nations as the Sovereign of PKOA/the Hawaiian Kingdom and claims also that PKOA is recognized as a sovereign and independent country by the U.N. And, what is this network “Te Moana Nui AKiva”? It is a Union of 9 Polynesian Islands who signed an agreement with Dayne as the Po’o of this Union “to honor and support the human rights, civil liberties and political autonomy of the Polynesian Kingdom of Atooi recognizing its right to peacefully exist in perpetuity.” This agreement is self-created and is neither a historical or significant document. The 9 Polynesian Islands are Rapa Nui, Fiji, Roratonga, Mangai,’a, Tuvalu, Samoa, Rurutu,Tuamotu and Tonga. This agreement morphed into what Dayne refer to as Treaties with these Polynesian Islands. So,let’s clarify his info. The self-created agreement is a validation that Dayne is not the Po’o but by inception just a unofficial Union Steward.PKOA is not recognized as a Polynesian Monarchy nor a nation by the U.N. He gave the U.N.falsified information on his application and misrepresented to all others that the U.N. endorses him as a Sovereign and PKOA/the Hawaiian Kingdom as a sovereign and independent country. A ole.U.N. is not representative of his statements nor the recognition as an “Alii Nui”. His group is an NGO/Civil Society observer status equivalent to a standard of the Boy Scouts of America. Do not be fooled by his representations that he is endorsed by the U.N. It may look like a duck, walk like duck but it is a chicken. The Launching of PKOA Currency video at the U.N. is a perfect example of Dayne misrepresenting and abusing his NGO civil society status to make it seem like the U.N.endorses his actions.A ole. He simply went to the annual meeting at the U.N. on the Forum on Indigenous People’s Organization and used the U.N.webcast to promote his own agenda.

    The United Nations interviewer from DPI confirms the following:

    PKOA/the Hawaiian Kingdom Group is an NGO/civil society observer only.

    PKOA the Hawaiian Kingdom is not recognized as a sovereign and independent nation by the U.N.

    PKOA/ the Hawaiian Kingdom is not a member nation of the United Nations and is not a member in the General Assembly body of the U.N.nor able to participate in the Permanent Forum unless allowed.

    United Nations do not designate any group to a national status nor participated with
    PKOA for the Launch of the Atooi Currency and its video. Dayne conveniently used his
    annual meeting at the use their webcast purporting U.N. is aware of his podium, A ole.

    United Nations does not participate nor keep a registry of people with Atooi ID’s as he and his Moi Wahine claims. Any inference that the ID’s, Passports, License Plates and any other identifications the group produces for its membership has no legal reference to the United Nations. PKOA group membership is strictly an agreement with their own following with their own database and with any apparatus they utilize.

    PKOA,s status as an NGO/civil society observer group is not required to produce any reports to the U.N.except the groups in the civil society with a consultative status. PKOA does not hold a consultative status.

    The status which PKOA holds in the U.N. was not accepted by formal ceremony nor an
    exclusive agreement. U,N, accepted a standard application from PKOA.

    PKOA membership shall not maintain that the United Nations regulate their cause, purpose or convictions as a Hawaiian group or nation.

    The legal matters currently pending in the United Nations and the Fourth Geneva Convention by the Acting Hawaiian Kingdom Government by its Ambassador Keanu Sai already acknowledges the Kingdom of Hawaii as a sovereign and independent State.

    The acceptance of these legal documents in the U.N. by Keanu Sai calls for your actions to stop because the act of treason by you and your followers will happen, It’s not a matter of if, it is a matter of when. You are going down.

    U.N. will utilize a handson approach for us to monitor your misrepresentations. And, my message to you is “Bring it On.”


    • Aloha… Thinking of some questions for tonight…. If the H K was never extinguish… Are we living in the H K today???… Next weekend is La Hoi hoi Ea… It took 6 m0nths for the British to return our Ea…. Why hasn’t the U S return our Ea??? … Do you know where i can find a copy of the Annexation between the U S and the H K???… in 1897 90% of the people of the H K did not want to part of the U S… Today how many hawaiians want to be indians???… Do you know of any questions???…. mahalo

  12. Aloha,

    I agree with Pomai, much mahalo Dexter for taking
    a stand for our Hawaiian Kingdom! Although you
    never saw us there in person our spirits were definately there with you!! Mahalo!

    Time will not allow the U.S. to skip over the
    requirement for a treaty of cession. Either they
    have it or they don’t. They most definately don’t!

    Wouldn’t an involuntary participation with either
    Kauinoa or Kanaiolowalu and the classification as indians be considered a crime of mass genocide
    against Hawaiian nationals under international law?

    Definition of GENOCIDE
    : the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group

    This classification is not targeted to only U.S.
    nationals as Waihee said, but to all the Lahui!

    Why would Kanaiolowalu, a U.S. entity, recruit a
    certain race of people from all over the world to
    agree to be considered something they are not?
    (money) They cross the line! I don’t have anything
    against the indians, but I’m not one and will never
    be one so the U.S. can continue its HEWA against
    our nation of people!!

    Just thinking!

    A hui hou,

  13. Aloha kanaka. My ohana & I have been saying the same things since we first heard of this atooi group. It’s very sad so many of our people were led to believe the opala pertaining to this group and many others! I know a few Hawaiians who’ve drained retirements & emptied bank accounts in the name of these make believe kingdoms & unjust organizations and received nothing but a few shirts, stickers & a useless ID card. Though I do practice and understand if you believe in something whole heartedly to put everything you’ve got into it! Just shame how soo many of us allow ourselves to be fooled this way!
    Mahalo to Keanu Sai for all he has done and continues to do for the kanaka! I believe the Hawaiian kingdom government should be put into power or reinstated but under the reign of our true Mo’i Kamehameha VI. I see very little progress in the years to come without the Mo’i and am interested to see what DR Sai thinks about his Koko, Genealogy, Affidavit, probate #.
    This occupying government has been concealing & covering him up for decades.
    Kaikua’anas & kaikuahines before you comment (rationally or irrationally) do the research. See the truth for yourselves!
    God bless

    Mahalo & Aloha

  14. I think there is one thing the Kingdom of Atooi forgot. The seal that they use is actually the coat of arms for the Hawaiian Kingdom which is a constitutional monarchy. Hawaii was already united as a Kingdom that remains under military occupancy but was not abolished. It is the De Jure government for all of Hawaii. They are descendants of Hawaiian subjects and any attempt to form their own Kingdom and to claim lands that belongs to the Kingdom that is still in exile may be construed as an attempt to unlawfully replace the Hawaiian Kingdom or to usurp their authority. In other words… Their actions can be considered treasonous. If the members of the Kingdom of Atooi look at the anti-annexation petition, they would see that their ancestors had signed it signifying their allegiance to the Kingdom and the desire to reinstate it to it’s full glory. What they are in essence doing, is disgracing and working against the wishes of their Kupuna. None of whom had ever heard of the Kingdom of Atooi nor recognized their authority. Treason is a serious offense with a sentence that includes the death penalty.

    • I agree, I have learned so much here online. To bad I didn’t do my research before getting the ID and giving them $25. Thanks for opening my eyes before giving out more money! Lesson learned.

  15. Dayne gonsalves is who he says he is!! The Alii nui of the Polynesian kingdom of atooi!
    Where the are lands that can be governed, owned or claimed by this kingdom is. Beats me!! But I know it’s not anywhere within the archipelago of Hawaii & 200 miles out surrounding it.
    Which means the atooi is made up, belongs to another chain of Polynesian islands or it can float!!!
    Another possibility is that it’s from outer space….

    Jokes aside, Mr gonsalves cannot claim to be king of hawaii through the line of kamualii! Gonna need more than an “aah he get em” wen I ask about his paperwork Especially while the owners of the allodium (KAMEHAMEHAS) are alive & well!
    All kanaka should do their genealogy to know their lineage. what lands they are entitled to. Then fight for it with a passion!

    Fun fact…
    All land title deeds, fee & lease were given out less than allodial.

  16. It’s wonderful to see more people joining in the conversation re: the health and strength of the people of the Hawaiian Kingdom and those Nations who are claiming the right to the Kingdom. Let’s all focus our energies on supporting the established avenue for the emergence of the Hawaiian Kingdom. All the other agendas are mute. This is not their platform. They all have to have an established boundary that is in their name. They cannot take what is not in their name so it has already been decided. Everyone else claiming any rights to any land must have good title. It must be irrefutable, no mo puka.
    Everything good and right will have resistance and controversy. Remember that it is not the United States or any other Nation that decides who is the rightful heir. Only the Nation in which said person wishes to make his claim has the responsibility to answer. So remember who the thief is and no foget he has no rights here. Then we no need talk about each other. Because no need. We already get our answer.

  17. Auwe no ho’i e!!
    Pilikia NUI!!
    i starting fo believe my tutu kane and makua kane when they said Hawaiians were like papa’i (crabs).
    Always pulling each other back down to da bottom of da bucket, stepping on eachother fo get to da top. No one can make up there mind what dey like. Newa can get together, ho’oponopono and lokahi.
    All u groups get good points, and weaknesses/ flaws. We could learn from one anadda but NO!! Everybody like HAKA HAKA!! Make big Hūhū wit oneanoddah! Put away u guyzes ‘ule and rulahs and wake up!! REALIZE, Most groups do it out of aloha for our Kanaka, our keiki, our aina and our Lāhui the best that they know how! (Including u.s. sanctioned ones i.e. OHA).
    Na ‘Iwi Kupuna are crying in there ‘Iwi baskets!!

    As fo da pakalolo references… UFA KEFE!!( for the lack of Hawaiian swear words). How you can be MAOLI and not be in favor of a la’au. All be it that it’s a La’au lapa’au haole. But so is awapuhi Pake, and other haole la’au that we use! We come in all walks of life, i.e. doctors, lawyers, judges, cops. Like alcohol use, we refrain from use until pau hana for muscle and pain relief!! So go take your advil, I’ll Stick to my ‘awa and pakalolo! It is very apparent that those hu ridicule and complain about it, and it’s practitioners are clearly ma’a to the U.S.’s laws, customs, and propoganda!!!

    *”To error is human.”

    *”How can you help take the splinter out of your brothers eye when you have a log in your own?”

    *A Lāhui divided, can not Kū!!

    *’Ua mau ka ea o kaaina i ka pon0!!

    • God damn, stop being a “Dane”and a “crab” to our people and become aware. This guy is at the UN convincing people that Hawai’i has become decolonized when in reality Hawai’i has never been colonized, ever. So we puttin’ this clown on check. Talking about Atooi means ‘light of god’ lmao. If you’re gonna cause confusion then you’re a crab yourself.

  18. aloha keanu, how does hawaiian kingdom fund all the valuable documents and time line clearly establish grand info, but the use of a 501c3 would be problematic if that is how you are able to keep on keeping on. Mahalo. debra kekaualua

    • It’s very sad that over the years Hawaiians have done so much talking, and has their been any resolve, absolutely nothing, but if you look throughout the world and throughout history the only way to regain your lands and your right to govern is by force, not by words, so until that day comes when someone sands up and proclaim themselves Alii Nui, and fights with their fist rather then with words, I’ll be the first in line to support that Alii.

    • Ae, lokepa, read through them all a well, and it saddens me to see our people so divided and fighting with each other…”for who is without sin, let him cast the first stone”. Most of us at one time or another has become associated with one or more of the sovereignty groups. I myself since 1984 aligned myself with 5 different groups and after listening and watching for a period of time then realizing this is not the route, departed and always asked for my name to be removed from their records and in some cases asked for my papers back back. I left and never looked back because they will each have their day and will be accountable for their actions as we all will. What is past is pau..history. Let it go and move on. Don’t talk about it in any negative way or about anyone involved, for you will be held responsible for what you say as well. Like the Hokule’a, let’s be the wa’a that shows the world what the (TRUE) meaning of Aloha is.

      Aloha wau ia o’e Na Lahui O Hawai’i

  19. I agree, I have learned so much here online. To bad I didn’t do my research before getting the ID and giving them $25. Thanks for opening my eyes before giving out more money! Lesson learned. i will surport the hawaiian kingdom with DR. KEANU SAI

  20. I met Keanu Sai twice, first with Kale Gumapac and second at my classmates and good friend Jr. Kaholowa’a house. The two times I met Keanu, it was always logical and factual with clarity based on the history and a plan for a process pertaining to occupation. He along with Kale and Dexter Kaiama are the fantastic three that is leading with education to and for our people. Along with Atooi, they just a name making claims to people that have no claims based on false genealogy and that this person was adopted to the Aipolani family.. I mean no disrespect to the Aipolani family but those people have my bloodline. Don’t get me wrong, I ain’t Ali’i but I hate when people slow the process claiming there are this and that when they have nothing to show and use fraud for their credentials. All I have to say, they are the ones that will have to answer our ancestors when that person hala and then our creator. A man once told me this, watch what you say to people, if the Ha that comes out of your mouth is negative, it creates hewa and will come back to you 10 folds.. I believe that and am glad that we have Keanu at the Hague dealing with this… Just thought I had to say this and hope everyone have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, Aloha..

  21. Devide and Conquer.
    Out of Chaos, comes Order.
    Your Devision, their Conquest.
    Your Chaos, their Order.
    Do take caution Braddahs & Sistahs.
    May God see your Rightous intentions.

  22. Aloha Hawaii,

    Auwe some of you folk here seem either misinformed or just have angry attitudes towards Alii Nui Dayne Aleka Aipoalani; (well please dont)!

    Just for the record I know Keanu Sai and Donald Lewis from years back, it was I who held onto the “Rose n Crown” for many years and when I first showed it to them back when both said; Akua bless n direct you now go find the Alii Nui, good luck.

    Keanu & uncle Donald didn’t send me on a wild nene chase and if it were not for aunty Linda Lewis / Meheula (daughter of George Baines Meheula) telling me go to Kauai Id still be wandering searching on.

    Akua bless all of you, be patient and keep your dignity.

  23. Brother Keanu. With the latest offensive against the agents of the occupation (Atooi forces take over OHA office, circa 2019) the Kingdom of Atooi drives the conversation again. I looked at your above post because It popped up when I wanted to see what was going on. You put a lot of effort into your opinion, or a Western learned view, on how Atooi came about. Let me give a possible alternative view. I just want to say that it was the English (or British as you state) who heard it first and placed in on their maps. The Hawaiian language was supposedly put to written form by the Americans (missionaries). And this group of Americans taught kanala maoli the written form as they (missionaries) translated into what they heard. Could it be that those early English explorers heard what might have been tatou rohe? Which is how they say “our region” in the Maori tongue. And Americanization of the language for us now is makou wahi. And you take the Atooi followers to task by stating “On the Polynesian Kingdom of Atooi website, it is claimed that ‘Atooi’ is translated in the native language to mean ‘Light of God’ but this is not correct because ‘Atooi’ is not a Hawaiian word…” You are correct, but is there an alternative point of view? The Maori language has Atua which is God. Tia tupato, Taua e Tiranga or as the old Hawaiians would say in one word, maha’oi. Mona Kahele of Miloli’i used to say what her elders used to say, i.e., stay in your own ahupua’a. Or as my Maori 4th cousins would say, noho i rotou i tou rohe. Talofa—aloha—mihihia taku teina.

  24. Wasn’t Dane adopted?
    I’ve been told when the child is adopted the child is removed from the biological line and takes on a new identity removing the child once.
    Did my Genealogy and Dane is not of the Nakapaahu line of Waimea – Koloa.

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