2 thoughts on “Video: Tears Streaming Down the Face of a Nation

  1. Like so many maoli and aupuni I have worked and waited for the coming moments all of my life. To be alive an to watch this come into view inspite of all of those moments of doubt is indeed ho`okupu O ke Akua…

  2. Aloha Mai,
    Mahalo to Ke Akua for his love and righteousness! As a Kanaka Maoli, I reach out and encourage my immediate Ohana and extended family and friends to stand strong and re-identify ourselves as the Hawaii Nationals that our Kupunas were proud to petition in the Kue Assembly against Annexation with America.
    Also, mahalo to our beloved Queen Lili’uokalani and her love for her Soverign Nation of people that she stood up for and protested by publicizing her Political Protests (Queens Assignment Letter).
    Let us all stand in unity (Onipa’a) and fight to enjoy the plight of our Ali’i’s love for their Generations to follow. We must perpetuate our Aloha Spirit amongst ourselves and share that concept with all that visit in person or through modern day exchange of “Media Awareness”.
    We are brothers and sisters needing to love and “Respect” one another. Our expectation, is that all that come, should not have “Attitude” but exhibit “Gratitude” amongst each other. We must “Malama” our host Culture and it’s Aina (land, air, water, all).
    Our Kupuna’s comments included, Ho’omanaunui–No Pilikia–Ke Akua will take care! Let us All follow that thought!

    Mahalo, Mahalo, Mahalo,

    Jerryl Gene Kahana Mauhili, Kanaka Maoli Hawaii National

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