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  1. Keoni,
    As a Native Hawaiian and as someone that was born and raised there, I appreciate the movement to tell the truth about what happened back then… but, does any one realize that if we legally become a sovereign nation we lose a bunch of opportunities?? What if a Hawaiian citizen want’s to become President of the United States? He/she wouldn’t be able to! I feel like if this happens, things Iv’e dreamed of and others have dreamed of for our entire lives will be taken away. How do you determine who is a Hawaiian National and who is a Hawaiian Subject? I just don’t know enough about the inner workings of of this movement, or what the expectations are? What is the government going to be like or is it going to be a monarchy? What happens to US Military service members who are Hawaiian Citizens and they’re families? What about security for the Hawaiian Nation? Do we expect the US to still help us with money and programs and military? I’m just confused!

    • Aloha Oriana,

      I know this subject may seem overwhelming, but the reality is that
      many of our Kupuna suffered under american occupation so much
      so that some of us feel their perpetual pain and a desire to make things whole again.
      Many people have voiced your same concerns to me and I have told them that the Hawaiian Kingdom was and still is an independent nation state and not a part of the United States!
      As far as the Hawaiian Kingdom becoming a sovereign nation is not
      an issue as the kingdom is already a sovereing independent nation and has been since November 28, 1843, La Kuokoa. Similar to the
      forth of July for america! We enjoyed our sovereign independence for 49 years before the authority of the kingdom was usurped by the United States of America!
      I believe that we would be a better nation without U.S. occupation.
      Opportunities will no doubt be better in our little country rather than
      a little State of the United States. As far as the opportunity of being the President of the United States you can still be a U.S. citizen by
      choice, but the kingdom had a Queen that was equally important as
      the U.S. President as the Head of State.
      The U.S. is occupying the kingdom, it can show no treaty to show how they got their authority except for an internal U.S. Public Policy that has no affect over another country.
      You stated that your husband was in the Navy, ask him about the U.S. military being in Afganistan or Iraq and what the U.S. is required to do in order to de-occupy those countries.
      When the Japanese dropped their bombs on Pearl Harbor they were not attacking the kalo fields or the native Hawaiians, they targeted american war ships, that put the Hawaiian nationals at risk,
      much like what is going on this very day. The longer the U.S. military remains in the Hawaiian Islands the more likely it will be for us to be collateral damage.
      The U.S. will be responsible to Hawaiian nationals for their misdeeds!
      I hope this helps.
      If any thing Dr. Sai has a book out that may be of further help!

      A hui hou!!

      • Wayne,
        I understand what you’re saying. I understand that the Queen was illegally overthrown. Even though Hawaii is or may be a Sovereign nation legally, we are not an independent nation by any means. How many people living in Hawaii get help from the US government by means of food stamps, SSI, WIC, and so forth? A LOT. As for the Japanese, they may not have bombed Pearl Harbour if the U.S military was not using it, but chances are they would have come to take over Hawaii just like they did the Philippines , China, and began to do with Australia at the time. Pearl Harbour is the most important strategic harbour in the entire world. You can bet your life the Japanese would’ve been all over it for their own benefit. The U.S (beings that we were at that time according to them a territory not a state) decided to take action against the Japanese. The US hadn’t been physically involved with the war until that point. This again brings me back to my questions that nobody seems to be able to answer for me. What will a truly independent Hawaiian nation do to protect itself in a world that has escalated greatly in violence and in technology since the time of Pearl Harbour? What is the new Hawaiian Government going to be like? Are we going to have kings and queens or a “presidential” figure? I’M NOT DEBATING THE FACT THAT WHAT THEY DID IS WRONG. I KNOW THAT ALREADY, I WAS TAUGHT THAT FROM A VERY YOUNG AGE. I’m asking what happens now?

          This information that Dr Keanu Sai, Hawaiian Kingdom.org, is putting forth as education, to learn, and teach the future generation for what happened in our past and we can stand up to the adversities and prepare for what is coming. With this knowledge you can arm yourself and be pono with what is right for you. No one can tell you or convince anyone what to do or the decision to make because everybody’s situation is different.
          Whether we like it or not the Hawaiian Kingdom is under U.S. occupation it was never annexed. The United States needs to enforce HK Laws and return the executive power to the Hawaiian Kingdom.

          There is over 20 blogs past and present posted here that might answer questions.

          Book and DVD Ua Mau Ke Ea

          Knowledge is power!

        • Aloha Oriahna,

          Yes we are a legally sovereign nation, it is our hope to
          have the opportunity to exercise our independence once again. Although we will never know what the future will be, with the information we now have we can create our future. If we were afraid to crawl as a babies, we would not know what it would be like to walk, much less to run.
          The U.S. took our ability to run our country the way we want, that makes us strangers in our own country, what our kupuna thought us is now regulated by what the U.S. Federal government allows us to do. That is hewa, not good!
          The U.S. dropped bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki yet Japan is not a State of the United States, go figure?

          Hawaiians have a lot to be proud of. See the link below by Ron Williams.


    • Hey!

      Look its real simple and clear cut its either you swear allegiance to the Hawaiian flag or to the Yankee flag. Its real simple. If you want to continue to embrace a lie then so be it, but we in this day and age know the truth. Hawai’i is an independent sovereign state (of the world) and its been under occupation. If you want to be HAWAIIAN, support Hawai’i. If you want to be AMERICAN go support U.S.A. and go live in America.
      Want to run for American President? Go live in America. You are scared of the unknown, you don’t want to take a risk, if you don’t take a chance you’ll never know. I’m working to regain justice for them any way possible so my people don’t have to live on the damn beaches while immigrants move here daily.
      I don’t know what Hawai’i will be like as as independent state I really don’t, but with how my race, na kanaka maoli, have been treated under U.S. rule, I’m willing to try anything. Because the U.S.A. ain’t looking to do anything to help us in Hawai’i they’re to busy helping the Jews kill Palestinians (which are in the same fight as Hawai’i). Over 100 years of American occupation and my people are lost, we deserve a better way.

      Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
      -Albert Einstein

  2. Keoni,
    Aloha .. I wanted to respond to your comments.
    ” does any one realize that if we legally become a sovereign nation we lose a bunch of opportunities??”
    What Opportunities are you referring to, History shows us that the United States of America has been very agressive at destroying all the Positive opportunities created By Our Kupuna and late Royal Families. They have stolen all our Our Peoples wealth, and PUT into place Departments that force Maoli People to beg for Opportunities. doing all of this without having the RIGHT to do this. with all due Respect sir what you are asking Hawaiian Kingdom Citizens to do is ” to Embrace a Lie, embrace a country that never saw you as an Equal, and embrace the idea that its OK to steal a Peoples sovereignty against their Will.
    I can’t condone that mentality. I will embrace MY rights , I will express My rights as a Maoli Woman and I will defend MY rights to sovereignty and Independence.

  3. Leilani,
    I mean opportunities for example, such as running for the United States Presidency. Those kinds of opportunities that aren’t given to any one but United States Citizens. I was born and raised in Hawaii, I have Hawaiian blood running through my veins too. I was also raised as an American and want other options then just staying my entire life in the Islands in a little bubble. My original comment wasn’t in any way rude, I was simply asking questions that I would like to know the answers to, I’m pretty sure I said “I’m just confused”! Is that wrong? I don’t claim that the United States wasn’t wrong with what it did or that the government hasn’t over reached their power concerning programs that our Kupuna have passed down. I’m just wondering if it’s in the best interest of the people. There are a lot of questions in my first comment, some that are really important are the questions about military. My husband is currently serving in the US Navy (he is also a Hawaiian Citizen) what happens to him and his service? Also how would a sovereign Hawaii protect itself? It’s not the same time as when we were overthrown, we’re going to need some major protection from all the missiles, bombs, ect. PS I’m a Wahine, not a Kane, I was writing in hopes that Keoni would be able to answer my questions.

  4. Aloha… Its an awlful feeling… thinking you were adopted… now you know… you were kidnap… no mater what… there is … NO TREATY OF ANNEXTION… It must have been an awlful feeling for our Queen and our na Kupuna in 1893… when they couldn’t right the wrong… an awlful feeling in 1898… they knew it was Occupation not Annexation… Today a cool breez has come our way… he has taugh us as well as the world…a wrong that needs to right… mahalo Dr Keanu Sai

  5. Again, I’m not saying they were right, I’m not saying you’re wrong. If you could answer the questions that would be awesome!

  6. How are “what happens to people currently serving in the US military and how would a sovereign Hawaii protect itself” & “How do you determine who is a Hawaiian National and a who is a Hawaiian Citizen” & “What will a Sovereign Hawaiian government look like” hypothetical questions?

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