Swiss Foreign Ministry Meets With Hawaiian Envoy in Bern

Due to the war crimes that continue to be committed with impunity by the State of Hawai‘i, an illegal regime, against innocent civilians, the acting government of the Hawaiian Kingdom has temporarily refrained from pursuing its proceedings at the International Court of Justice and has decided to focus its attention to secure a Protecting Power pursuant to the Fourth Geneva Convention (GCIV) and the Additional Protocol I (API). A Protecting Power is a State that ensures compliance of the Hawaiian Kingdom and the United States to the provisions of the GCIV and API, with particular focus on the protection of civilians.

As a State Party to the GCIV and AP, article 5(1) of the API, states, “It is the duty of the Parties to a conflict from the beginning of that conflict to secure the supervision and implementation of the Conventions and of this Protocol by the application of the system of Protecting Powers, including inter alia the designation and acceptance of those Powers, in accordance with the following paragraphs.” And according to article 5(3) of the API, if a Protecting Power has not been designated, “the International Committee of the Red Cross…shall offer its good offices to the Parties to the conflict with a view to the designation without delay of a Protecting Power to which the Parties to the conflict consent.”

On December 18, 2013, at its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) was formally requested to assist the Hawaiian Kingdom in securing a Protecting Power in accordance with the GCIV and API. In this pursuit, the acting government has been in the process of securing a meeting with the Swiss government in order to formally request that it be a Protecting Power and to work with the ICRC. The Swiss government has a long history of serving as a mediator to international conflicts and did serve as a protecting power in the past. A meeting was secured on March 26, 2014, and the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs’ Directorate of International Law in Bern, Switzerland, received the acting government’s Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary. Negotiations to secure Switzerland as a Protecting Power for the illegal and prolonged occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom have begun.

13 thoughts on “Swiss Foreign Ministry Meets With Hawaiian Envoy in Bern

  1. This is AWESOME!!! Mahalo Keanu & Dexter. We would love to have the Swiss Government intervene as the “Protective Power”!!! We are on our way….

    • Praise God!. Mahalo nui loa Keanu and Dexter and the entire Hawaiian Kingdom Council for all your perseverance. We are so grateful to all of you for following God’s almighty blessed gift of leadership.


      • Mahalo piha me ke Aloha nui ia Dr. David Keanu Sai, Dexter Keeaumoku Kaiama a me ka hui apau o ka Acting Government o ka Hawaiian Kingdom… maia ka po’e apau o ka Lahui Hawai’i Aloha. Mahalo piha makou ia lakou apau no keia nuhou maika’i loa a me ko lakou mau hana maika’i apau no ko kakou Hawai’i Aloha.

  2. Mahalo nui loa!!! This is an amazing day and I can’t wait for the process to begin!!! Please keep the updates coming!!!

  3. VERY GOOD!!! VERY, VERY GOOD!! I cannot wait to see what happens next! According to what I’m reading on the Directorate of International Law (DIL), they communicate directly with the UN! I would love to see documented proof that Switzerland has formally become Hawaii’s Protecting Power! Keep us updated, Dr. Sai! Seems like Switzerland and Hawaii, though by treaty are friends, are now gonna be BEST FRIENDS!!!

    Hang on to hope, everyone! Something tells the “clock will be ticking” soon for the de-occupation of the HK! It will take time, but it is there!

  4. How long could the negotiations take to secure Switzerland? And how will the Swiss Government be able to help with war crimes against civilians in a different manner than the international courts? Tons of questions! ; )

    • The Swiss Government intervenes as the “Protective Power” as we move forward towards enforcing the DE-OCCUPATION of the United States and the restoration of our Hawaiian Kingdom Government. The International Criminal Court is a separate entity that intervenes, investigates and prosecutes the War Crimes that have been and continue to be committed. So, as you can see there really isn’t a ton of questions that needs to be answered. What is really needed is proper education and understanding to what is really going on and what role each agency will be a part of. A lot of time people panic when they are faced with something that they really don’t understand and as such a TON of questions suddenly appear and that is to be expected. But when you realize that these things are all a part of process only then will we realize that many of our questions have already been answered because our kuleana is to do what in necessary “LEGALLY” to make the wrong…..RIGHT!!! This is all a part of the process!!! Malama Pono……

  5. There are two things that we are awaiting:

    (1) is the response from the Swiss Government and I am sure they are going to accept, but I am sure there is more that will need to be discussed because they will also be working with the (ICRC) International Committee of the Red Cross and the (ICC) International Criminal Court as well as the Acting Government to make sure that everything is in place for the safety of the Protected Population.

    (2) is the response from the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law in Geneva. The Academy is considering listing Hawai‘i as an occupied State in their upcoming report called “The War Report” and as Dr. Sai’s other post had indicated: “The Academy’s listing of the Hawaiian Kingdom as an occupied State will promote accountability for individuals who have committed war crimes in the Hawaiian Islands where prosecution can take place before the International Criminal Court and as well as by countries that have universal jurisdiction such as the Philippines and Germany”. The next War Report will be released in June 2014, so their decision will need to be made in April or early May, but as stated once we are listed we will be able to move forward with the War Crimes that have been and continue to be committed.

    As you can see, both of these steps are extremely important and I am sure the decisions will be made even sooner then we think. WE ARE ALMOST THERE!!!

  6. re: “… war crimes that continue to be committed with impunity by the State of Hawai‘i ”

    Why is it not recognized as shameful (when not otherwise fatally ignorant) for Hawaiians and those who support their cause to use diacriticals in the names of anything to do with the State of Hawaii, or the state’s counties.

    Why give away to the oppressors something uniquely identifying the Hawaiian language?

    What’s next Republic of Hawai`i, Territory of Hawai`i?

    That’s not being politically correct, it’s being quite the opposite, as well as stupidly kiss-ass… just handing over for free to the oppressors one of the last meaningful symbols Hawaiians have that can be identified as being truly Hawaiian, of Hawai`i, not of Hawaii.

    It’s understandable why non-Hawaiians and, worse, anti-Hawaiians would and do try to give legitimacy to their Hawaii, anything Hawaiian, by employing diacriticals… then why do most Hawaiians not understand the importance of reserving the use of diacriticals to distinguish between that which is truly of Hawai`i and that which is not Hawai`i, but is Hawaii, the state, the occupied islands of Hawai`i ?

    Lose –or worse, give away– control of your language and lose/give away your identity, your culture.

    • Very interesting point… The more I think about the depth of the differences between the US State of Hawaii and the Nation State of Hawai’i, the greater my sense of outrage over the fact that the US used my kūpunas’ own language to deny their rights to their citizenship… My US military father moved us away from my Hawai’i homeland soon after WW2 and it took me until 2008 to get home… My life’s work now is a constant study of my mo’oku’auhau, history, culture, and language… You have offered me a clearer way to define what is US vs Hawaiian in my expression of myself as a Subject of the Nation State of Hawai’i… Mahalo a mālama ‘āina…

  7. What is the latest updates on this? Who are the potential Countries that may represent us? This will be a major game changer for the United States and the Kingdom of Hawaii! In the John Kane, Keanu radio interview recently, Keanu made reference to this being a very secretive process. Is that true? Or maybe I misunderstood what he meant.

    mahalo, Kuokoa

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