Students Meet with UH Hilo Vice-Chancellor Regarding Hawaiian Kingdom Flag

La‘akea CaravalhoLa‘akea Caravalho and other students from the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo met with theGail Makuakane-Lundin University’s Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Gail Makuakane-Lundin regarding their request that the Hawaiian Kingdom flag fly will no longer be flown below the American flag as it has since the occupation began on August 12, 1898, but will be flown on a separate flagpole of equal height to the American flag. Additionally, the Hawaiian Kingdom flag will be the first to be raised and the last to be lowered each day.

In the meeting, Vice-Chancellor Makuakane-Lundin told the students that the administration for the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo took their request very seriously, and after they met to discuss the matter the administration decided that the students’ request would be honored.

Big Island News Video reported:

The reasoning behind the action is evident in a letter written by students of the University of Hawai‘i to faculty and administrators, which began by saying the students have found the university has committed war crimes under the illegal occupation, specifically “pillaging” and “Americanization.” The letter relies on evidence presented in the recent “Memorandum for Ka Pouhana, CEO of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs regarding Hawai‘i as an independent State and the Impact it has on the Office of Hawaiian Affairs” by Dr. Keanu Sai.

After detailing the background of the war crime accusations, students wrote:

“In closing if you are able to refute the evidence in the Memo then assuredly the felonies—war crimes—have not been committed. But if you are not able to refute the evidence, then beginning on November 28, 2014, Hawaiian Independence Day, La Ku‘oko‘a, which has been celebrated since 1843, the United States Flag will no longer be raised over the Hawaiian flag from that day forth. We demand that the Hawaiian flag shall be raised first and be last taken down each day. The occupying United States flag shall be on a separate flag pole of exact same height with the flag flown as well at the same height. If no flag pole is provided for the U.S. flag it shall not be raised until one is provided by the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo and Hawai‘i Community College at no cost to the students. The none refute of evidence means that all State of Hawai‘i officials and employees, as well as We/Students are compelled to comply with Hawaii Kingdom Law and the law of occupation.”

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  1. Mahalo to those individuals that took the initiative to educate the U.H. of Hilo administration regarding our prolonged occupation. I appreciate how you conducted yourselves with aloha and remained firm on your position. When conducting yourselves in such a manner the people who are being educated are more receptive to hearing what you have to say. Mahalo to the U.H. of Hilo administration for respecting our HK and it’s occupation.

  2. Ae, wonderful news and as Kekoa has written above so pono as to conduct, education, and remaining firm. Too, if I may add to remember that non-native Hawaiians also made up the Kingdom; and to gently push-back at the persistent, yet understandable, US hangover theme of the Native Hawaiian rather than that of the Hawaiian Kingdom Subjects, that were and are occupied by the US. It is their flag, and kuleana, too. I say this with a big Mahalo for all who are working on this with no huhu at all. So, Blessings from the gods to all.

  3. Wow! Impressive! Good! I personally dislike it when Hawaii’s national flag is below another country’s flag that’s not even supposed to be here legally speaking! Although for me, I don’t feel any vileness or anger in me because whenever I look at our national flag fluttering beautifully in the winds, I feel so happy and at peace. (No, literally I put a smile on my face; you should see it!). I say it’s the power of our national flag and I believe the magic of this land telling all of us kamaaina that something is wrong.

    In conclusion, great news! And above all, I applaud the students use of aloha and intelligence in this matter! I also applaud UH Hilo faculty as well for their wise discretion based on this information!

  4. Why is anyone person that is on Kingdom Lands proposing and or agreeing to posting another countries flag? Even on a sewerage pole? I suggest the flags of the United States be removed from all Kingdon lands, be folded honorably and promptly shipped via Federal Express next day air directly to the president of said country. No need for any othah talk. My mana’o

  5. AND, WE do hereby proclaim that from the date of this proclamation all laws that have emanated from an unlawful legislature since the insurrection began on July 6, 1887 to the present, to include United States legislation, shall be the provisional laws of the Realm subject to ratification by the Legislative Assembly of the Hawaiian Kingdom once assembled, with the express proviso that these provisional laws do not run contrary to the express, reason and spirit of the laws of the Hawaiian Kingdom prior to July 6, 1887, the international laws of occupation and international humanitarian law, and if it be the case they shall be regarded as invalid and void;


    • With that part of the October 10, 2014, Proclamation being
      stated and having the knowledge that the event that took
      place on August 12, 1898, here in the Hawaiian Islands was
      in fact unlawful there is no reason for the U.S. flag to be hoisted
      anywhere in Hawaiian jurisdiction other than a designated area
      for the purpose of international relations!
      I agree with Tim Griffen Jr.

      The U.S. American flag flown in Hawaiian jurisdiction is contrary
      to the laws of the Hawaiian Kingdom!

  6. Aloha Hoku, the same logic, legal reasoning and memo used by the U.H. students are applicable to all school administrators. However, if you are talking about minor students it would be their parents or legal guardians bringing this information to the administrators. Americanization is a war crime and it is not the DOE that is held accountable, it is the individual. Once an administrator is made aware of the facts of the occupation he/she cannot use the State or DOE as an excuse. Individually he/she holds criminal liability and can be reported to the USPACOM, ICC and ICRC. Can you imagine if hundreds of HK parents start to file war crime complaints to these agencies. This logic could also be used for other situations of war crimes. The AHKG made it possible for individuals to utilize these agencies to protect their rights, how many are actually doing it? Not legal advice, just my mana’o.

  7. The US has sown the wind and is now reaping the Whirlwind! Too, when I was living in San Francisco it was there that I began hearing about the illegal overthrow of the HK, this was in the late 80s. You all know we were never taught it in school: Ala Wai, Washington, McKinley (aka Honolulu High-I’d like the name to be changed back but just my mana’o-But, people knew I had be raised in Hawai’i in the 60s and 70s; and when I began telling them of the history of Hawai’i, before that equally scandalous year of 1959, they got it, they understood that a great wrong and crime had been done here. So, I say this to say, even the citizens of the US, albeit liberal SF, can understand the Occupation. Now, true, they didn’t know what to do about it but the knowledge, education was readily received. We here do know as evident in the various pono actions arising like a long awaited for
    god(ess) from the land or sea! Do you think that is why Pele has been at work?? Aloha a me Mahalo ia kakou!

  8. I think that by chipping away with small significant actions we will succeed in bringing to light the Hawaiian Kingdom as a re-emerging nation in the Family of Nations. This in addition to the heavy-duty legal work being done by the acting Government, of course.We need to keep pounding the taro to make poi.

  9. Aloha kakou apau! After watching all (7) clips on YouTube; it was reassuring too see such young intelligent humble students standing up and following through! They are courageous and very respectful! I hope their pono actions starts a ‘trend’ for each and every UH affiliated campus to remove the American flag (and everywhere else in this Ka Pae Aina)!

    • Yeah, Kalae! These guys were bold at what they did and I praise them for that! They’re relying on the legal information and spreading it with aloha and not anger, nor protest. I hope so too that this sets an example throughout not only the UH, but the nation (Hawaii) as well! This information concerns everyone in Hawaii! By the way, speaking of removing the American flag in Hawaii, I read an article on the Star Advertiser newspaper in the “Letters to the Editor” section a couple days ago saying that in Kailua, Oahu, an American flag and a POW flag along with the flagpole itself is “missing” from where it was. The article then says that there were “complaints about the flags not being legal” That’s quite intriguing, don’t you think? Makes one wonder if there is any connection to what the students did at UH Hilo. Anyway, just thought I share that with everyone.

      Of course the person who wrote that article did not take what happened to the flags well. I could say the same for what the students did at UH Hilo too.

  10. Christopher you are so right. A couple of decades ago it was a stuggle while working
    towards the restoration of the Kingdom cause the people from other countries understood the Hawaiian Kingdom more than the people from here in the Islands. It was so imporant for us to be patient for the next generation to educate cause thier minds
    would be so fresh and all of this would be in front of them as they grew. Aloha.

  11. Here is a post in the FYI category. I read a long article on Popular Resistance (.org), Dec. 16, 2014 about a proud Native person in what is called Canada, confronting the court; Here is a small segment of that article that I found inspiring, submitted with respect for the process evolving in Hawai’i: Jon

    I think the Crown knew who was teaching me and what that information could mean if people saw some validity in it. They had to play along and try to see if I was going to fold in the courtroom under their pressures, or they could find something to say to the public to justify their trial.

    Was I “hostile” in the courtroom, as Babstock noted I was? After the judge yelled at me during the first part of their trial, back in July, and then ran out of his own courtroom when my Tribal Legal Advisor was there, when the judge realize we weren’t backing down, I had had enough. I let him have it. I wanted to live the process peacefully, but I was tired of being yelled at in their courtroom and enough was enough.

    When the words came out, it wasn’t me speaking. It was the ancestors with me. As I spoke, all the RCMP officers, the judge and the Crown prosecutors had their heads down. They couldn’t even look at me. I paused. I gave anyone a chance to speak if they had the courage. The judge lifted his head and I looked him in the eyes. He acknowledged who I was and put his head down. And me and the ancestors continued. Afterwards, the Crown prosecutor Maurice Blanchard started naming me by my real name. I had fully taken back jurisdiction of my spirit.

    Personally, I don’t see this as “hostile”. I was honoring my Ancestors, and they gave me strength.

    The Babstock article says that the judge mentions that he was not surprised I wasn’t there at the second part of the trial, in October. I told the judge, as I was leaving their court, that I was free and if he was to try to charge me, he would be subject to his own laws and would have violated International Law, under which he would be legally corrected for trying any trickery.

    With that, I had fulfilled my duty according to International Law. My purpose was done. I had no reason to be in their courtroom for the judge’s decision as his court was disqualified. Jurisdiction of myself was taken back. The judge looked at me, and then looked down. In a legal setting, silence gives approval.

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  14. Being a former Assistant Professor at Eastern Washington University, I know of student rights and the Constitution of The Hawaiian Kingdom and the Occupying US Corporation. I know the true political status of the Hawaiian Kingdom. Aloha, Paul

    • Aloha, I have been following the conversations and comments for this article; and it seems to me that a new element has been interjected into the conversation that, in my view, may have muddied the waters of the original intent. Namely, the “Occupying US Corporation”, now as far as I understood the Hawaiian Kingdom has treaties with the United States of America, among other countries. The issue whether the US is now a Nation or Corporation is an internal one for the US. When the USA is represented in the United Nations she is not represented as a Corporation but rather a State with the privileges and responsibilities of a UN member State. This aspect of US Corporation to me smacks of a conspiracy theory that is internal to the US and her citizens to hash about whether it is so or not; and not the Kingdom of Hawai’i. Or in other words, if the US has degenerated to a Corporation with a CEO etc. etc. then it undermines the work of Dr. Sai and those others similarly working with International Law. Yes? Further, if the USA is a Corporation than perhaps the Hawaiian Kingdom should bypass speaking to the US and address other Nations that she has Treaties with as to de-occupation by a “Whacked-Out” (mine) Corporation? Sorry, don’t super-size me ’cause I going Rainbow Drive-In!

      • Aloha Christopher, the U.S. corporation does put a spin
        on things, but perhaps we should focus on it as it does
        have a direct connection with Hawaii since the formation
        of it back in 1871. Money mafia? Check out this link:

        Think about the word Native and native and how much
        confusion it has caused the kanaka maoli people.
        Where did that confusion come from?

        We have learned about Americanization forced upon
        the Hawaiian community, it looks as though it was
        done upon the American people first.

        Rome fell apart, will the U.S. fall too?

        Is Hawaii a re-set button for the U.S.?

        Remember what happened to Hawaii in 1893? Instead
        of a U.S. backed coup d’etat, now a U.S. coup d’etat!
        Check out this link:

        A certain group of kakios have created a mass amount
        of financial junkies all over the world. The financial
        junkies may remember what used to be morally right,
        but chooses to remain junkies, perhaps the reason for
        so much hewa all over the world!

        Just my thoughts!

  15. Aloha Christopher, do not get confused by the rhetoric that is being posted about the U.S. Nation vs. U.S. Corporation. Prosecution for war crimes are against the individual flesh and blood person. When dealing with ending the occupation of the HK it is with the nation state of the U.S. and I don’t think they will try to use the same rhetoric to differentiate itself since that will expose the scam if there is one.

  16. Aloha
    Those kids at UH Hilo they are a class act to follow. Would love to send my kids there one day.

    I’m hoping one day all the schools in Hawaii would be taught the right history and not the mis-education that was taught to my grandparents, parents, my generation.and the generation of today.

    Please… Order more flag poles or take those flags down.

    It’s that same story I keep thinking about… “We though we were adopted but ,we were kidnap”

    I keep thinking of my grandparents, parents, my generation and the generation of today as we fought in wars that was not of our country??? … Second thought

    … Just take down all those flags.

    2015 and on… May Keakua bring peace and aloha on earth to all generations and to all Nations.

    And end the occupation of Hawaii Nei

    Mahalo Keakua

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