6 thoughts on “Smithsonian Institute—Hawaiian Kingdom Episode 3: How to Overthrow a Government

  1. A brilliant and existing truth that have the for knowledge of a promise of divine protection , with obedience and continually in contact with GOD through prayer

  2. I deeply appreciate your dedication and devotion to our Hawaiian kingdom family love you all, mahalo nui, Aloha ahi’ahi

  3. MAHALO!!! MAHALO!!! MAHALO, to Dr. Sai and EVERYONE who are responsible in spreading the ‘TRUTH’….. not the ‘HOAX’ on HAWAII’S HISTORY. ‘ONIPA’A KAKOU!
    Uncle Francis and Aunty Cecilia

  4. We both are forever grateful for all you do Keanu and we will continue to educate all who are willing and receptive to learn the truth.
    Love forevermore Norman and Cookie

  5. I live in Europe and they laugh at me when I bring up the ongoing illegal occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom. The time of reckoning has come for KM and other peoples deprived of their land, identity and dignity by white America. Get the message out to the world. Malama pono!

  6. Mark that kind of behavior often reveals ignorance or fear. I saw it in the mainland too and just blew it off unless it was accompanied by physical rebuffs where sometimes it was. Forgiveness and/or acceptance ends it quickly. Continue to get the mana’o out. We are doing much better.

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