3 thoughts on “Radio Australia Interview with Dr. Keanu Sai on OHA’s Letter to Kerry

  1. 1. Has the State Dept ever received the letter for the record? 2. Educate the masses on this Hawaiian Kingdom movement. 3. Have the Hawaiian Kingdom re-instated by getting our lands back to build Commerce, Banking and do business with other countries as we can build our Nation back to prominence as our Kings and Queens would have wanted.

  2. After listening to this program for the past few days.
    Keanu reminds me of those kani stones (bell stones) of the past.
    Instead of the sound going around the islands his tones are reverbing around the world.
    Mahalo Dr Sai for clarafying that riff that OHA had.
    The light at the end of the tunnel seems to be getting so much brighter.

    • Stay in that light! Don’t stray to the path of darkness. In this case, our darkness which is the way of life under this occupation is anger, hopelessness, and misery.

      Stay in the heavenly bright light!

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