PBS Hawai‘i – Insights: Native Hawaiian Sovereignty

Dan Boylan asks, “Is an independent Native Hawaiian government within reach?” To date, no sovereignty effort has managed to truly galvanize the Native Hawaiian population. Now armed with the state’s approval, the Native Hawaiian Roll Commission has high hopes that will change. However, the commission is falling far short of its yearlong goal of signing up 200,000 eligible Hawaiians to help establish an independent government. Will a six-month extension change the tide and bring Native Hawaiians closer to self-governance?

Dan Boylan hosts a discussion with the following scheduled guests: Sen. Clayton Hee, Chairman of the State Senate Judiciary and Labor Committee; Dexter Kaiama, Honolulu Native Hawaiian rights attorney; Esther Kiaaina, Deputy Director of the Department of Land and Natural Resources; and Former Gov. John Waihee, Chairman of the Native Hawaiian Roll Commission.

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  1. i wonder why we have to all agree before we can govern our own country??? The Americans and other nations their people don’t all agree. I know that their is a segment of the populace in various organizations that feel they have to organize us however I believe that the voter registration for THE HAWAIIAN KINGDOM should be instituted and lets see how many Kanaka and Hawaiian Subjects want to participate. This is a nation! Let’s see who is in the Nation! It’s not about the numbers. We don’t have to prove anything to anyone! We just have to find out how many are ready to participate in the political process. Enough about those other people trying to manipulate this process. They will all have their day and it will be in court. They have been warned! Now lets take the count!!!! IMUA!!!!!!

    • Great point: We don’t have to prove anything to anyone. We just have to get the U.S. to de-occupy. Political considerations are secondary to the legal status of Hawai’i as an occupied state, which is a fact, not an argument. The other four people in the video try to compartmentalize the legal status of Hawai’i like it is a menu option which they can refuse. U.S. federal recognition cannot be used in lieu of a treaty of cession, or in lieu of de-occupation, which is what they’re trying to do.

  2. Mahalo for the video… wanted to see it again… federaly recognized indiginest hawaiian vs family of nations recognized hawaiian subject… was nice to hear and see different veiw points… we know hawaii is occupied… to me the no treaty is the trump card… Dexter did a great job… can’t wait to see what he does on wednesday… aloha

  3. Mahalo nui for sharing this video! Haha! Dexter performed in sheer excellence! He laid the facts straight out and made it short! Everyone else was sharing a big-time explanation story and doctoring everyone’s minds! Especially U.S. occupied State of Hawaii Governor Waihee! He was confusing me big time! I’ll never support such a process that further divides the people of Hawaii! Its bad enough we all have been spin-doctrine!

    The HK is of one and always will be of one and WILL be of one! Otherwise, we be just like America! And we all know legally we are not!

  4. I have so many question for Esther, I thought she was educated and being Hawaiian she would know her Hawaiian History, apparently not. Waihee, he needs to be careful on what he say, being our Governor, why he didn’t do anything while in office and only now he want to step forward, is it because he was appointed by the Governor for the Native Hawaiian Roll Call (WHAT!!!!). Clayton, you are 20 years to late, why didn’t you do anything about it at that time, DID OHA HOLD YOU BACK?

    I have some questions:

    1. Why do we have to go through CONGRESS, when they had taken over our Queen and later made Hawaii an Illegal State, they did not go through Congress. So Esther, PLEASE step aside and go back to school.

    2. Why do we have to agree to govern our own country, the HAWAIIAN PEOPLE WAS NOT GIVEN A CHOICE.

    3. Why do we have to vote on anything, we the Hawaiian’s were stripped of our Queen, our culture, our NATION AND forbidden to speak Hawaiian in public.

    My opinion, we should start from day one as a Nation and the FEDERAL should compensate the people for all the wrong they had done, give all the land the federal is using back to the people and most of all an APOLOGY TO THE HAWAIIAN PEOPLE on NATIONAL TELEVISION.

    Things need to be done RIGHT and PONO. Thanks to Dexter for standing up for us.


  5. Good job Dexter…congratulations, you were very clear…historical period, inclusiveness, who is qualified to even live here, although people have lived here for 10 generations will have to be proven and unfortunately, those Hawaiians living in America makes them Americans, not Hawaiian…but an issue the HKG will have to deal with when people educate themselves…such as the question that Melissa Moniz who asked two questions back to back all the way from Texas, shows how brain washed and uninformed she is…well that issue has been resolved many times, but those Hawaiians who live in America although they formed a Civic Club or participated in pushing Kau Inoa in America…does not resolve her concern but still wants to make it so because it is cheaper for most Hawaiians to live in America economically…is not our fault you left Hawaii and your responsibilities behind for us…that is okay, we continue to holomua and move ahead.

    Hawaii is getting too economically expensive and the politics in America and Hawaii are crooked, flat out…sorry, I am one of those who speak for many who are homeless, without an education, without a job and without support from HKG…it is time we put our people 26,000 on the waiting list and work out a resolve to de occupy Hawaii by the military because Hawaii is about aloha, not war.

    As a staunch, Hawaiian woman with five children and five grand children I will continue to work towards implementing the next steps; to serve notice as a body to take over what is ours…the US had 125 years from 1887 Bayonet Constitution to the present to make the correction, the state of Hawaii had 63 years to make the correction and the DHHL had 93 years to make corrections and literally spent trillions between all of them…meanwhile we have 7,000 plus Hawaiian men and women in Hawaii/US prisons, 5,000 homeless Hawaiians, 26,000 on the waiting list, while US corps….the Rail, Monsanto, US military, over development, the State of Hawaii and their foreign partners with money like sharks paying off politicians and community misleaders to push the Akaka Bill that leads right back to the occupation, who ALL want to buy our lands and make resorts on our lands for whom? I believe it is time to allow the ICC to do its job and at the same time get the
    nationals ready to serve these warrants, when the ICC finds all these crooks guilty…yes, we are sick and tire of all the shuck and jive spouted by John Waihee who was actually they ONLY person also holding to their position, which is really not a strong position given the world situation right now, worldwide about these kinds of lies.

    In conclusion, EO! Dex.

    • Kawehikanui,
      Attacking Melissa was totally uncalled for.!! What did you gain by doing that…other than upsetting those of us who know her and love her?

    • This comment about Melissa is upsetting and she certainly does not deserve it. I will not speak for her in regards to her questions because I know she is perfectly capable of speaking for herself, but I will say that personal attacks like that are inappropriate when people are looking for meaningful information.

      • I second the distaste in the inappropriate comments made towards Sistah Melissa. It serves no purpose and if anything shows the lack of knowledge and understanding regarding the thousands of Hawaiians that reside in the mainland that still have Ohana in Islands and remain totally involved in Hawaii’s destiny.

  6. Kiaaina,waihee,hee,sold out to the de factos,for positions of power and money,and want ill informed kanaka maoli to follow them,as they are controlled by the puppet masters,who make them dance,aole to those who stole our homeland,IMUA to dexter,keanu,kale,Henry noa,kekuni,Michael weeks,Keo kauihana,and other kanaka patriots who speak truth to power.The sovereignty of the aina is preserved in righteousness. Remember your ancestors and Queen who fought thru their protests for your right to remain free.MAKAEA.

  7. Aloha Kakou,

    Dexter, MAHALO for your “leo and mana’o” re: Act 195 Native Hawaiian Rolls Commission.and their Agenda to conveniently under the Disguise of this time Kana’ioluwalu want us to be classified under the Status of Native Americans.And,
    by this Venue, John Waihee and the other” Kakios” are advocating what they
    determine is suppose to be good for the Hawaiian people. Let’s see: Nation
    within a Nation” in our own lands, State Recognition status for self-Governance
    and the U.S. Federal Government having rights to “Mahaoi” in our affairs, the
    new classification of being Native American, and the funding for this program would
    come from Federal and State of Hawaii coffers which are monies from OUR Lands and rightful Treasury, a license to steal that is deemed Acceptable. A ole! You see it IS all about MONEY! The monies from OHA, the Hawaiian Homes Lands, the Monies from
    our Nation.

    Does these “Kakios” really think by “Executive Order or otherwise the Federal
    Government wouldn’t meddle in the affairs of the Hawaiian People under this program?
    Can we rely on the accuracy of the demographics of the information they are using to
    make assessments about our nationalities, ethnicities and blood quantum? A ole!

    Right now, Indian women who are abused and violated by others outside of their
    reservation cannot prosecute their perpetrators because they are not subject to the
    Nation within a Nation laws. President Obama had to include the Indian Women in the 2013 Violence Against women Act so they could be protected. This is clearly what would happen to our Wahines because we would be defining our self-governance to a reservation with specific areas of land and autonomy and everything external of that is out of our jurisdiction. Ku’e.

    John Waihee said Recognition is defined in two parts as “whether a nation exist and
    what does the nation want as a governing entity”. And, then he answers himself by saying
    that Dr Keanu Sai established that the Hawaiian Nation exists by a petition in the Permanent Court of Arbitration recognizing Hawaii as an Independent State.Waihee was
    referring to the Larsen vs Hawaiian Kingdom case. Part two, he already got his answer to the “governing entity”, deoccupation so the Hawaiian Kingdom Government can administer
    Kingdom Laws.

    John Waihee proudly relates that his grandfather signed the Ku’E Petition. Dexter gave
    him a “makana” when he talked about “prescription” being 200 years. Because Waihee’s
    grandfather signed this Petition, the remedy of prescription is viable for the claim of
    Deoccupation. Shame on you Waihee,for going against your Grandfather’s will. You
    deserve a Pa’i. And,Dexter deserves a Mahalo from you.

    Mahalo Dexter for bringing the mana’o to this panel and being a true advocate of the
    Hawaiian people.The Po’E of Hawaii shall stand with you and Dr. Keanu Sai as we
    are peeling away the years of indoctrination and misrepresentation. The process the other panel members advocate as a remedy to self-governance is unlawful. Deoccupation is Pono and these panel members received Hawaiian Kingdom 101 on a silver platter. You told them what to do, where to do it, when to do it and how to do it. Hoolohe panel
    members, or you will also be facing war crimes for selective hearing.

    Malama pono, Kahalione

  8. Aloha Cuz you hit it right on the head with MAKAEA. I wonder If any body really knows what that means. Da Kanaka Maoli knows but, Da hawaiians never heard of it. Da only pono, complete process is the reinstated Lawful Government Mr. Boylan. Mr. Henry Noa is our elected Prime Minister.

  9. Thank you Ohana for participating in this dialog. I believe that we all need to continue to have this meaningful dialog. There are many entities vying for a foothold in the process but this is not about the entities. This is about the Kanaka Maoli and the Hawaiian Subjects. We need to individually participate actively in the process. No matter what organizations we belong too it still behooves all of us to individually learn what our responsibilities are as a Hawaiian Subject. Informed and armed with the truth we will go forward.

  10. All I can say is everyone, including Waihe’e, Esther and Clayton, need to be extremely careful in what they say and do. Because not only can you be charged with treason, but with the involvement of the International Criminal Court (ICC) you could also be facing War Crime and Felony charges as well. For as my mother had stated to by siblings every time they wanted to act as if they knew it all and had all the answers especially when it came to land issues and the Hawaiian Kingdom: “If you don’t know what the hell you are talking about….shut your goddamn mouth”!!! To make matters worst my mother never swore, so this goes to show how much she couldn’t stand…….IDIOTS!!! And so can’t I!!! EO……….

    • Aloha Dutchy,it is sad that fellow kanaka,could and will sell out their own,for American money,and what makes it even worse is that 2 are lawyers(waihee,kiaaina),and the other one is a grad of Kamehameha,like I am. I guess they have become so Americanized,like Keanu said,they need to go back to the loi Kalo and get Lepo under their fingernails.

      • I totally agree because the sell-out for American money is happening within my own siblings by the very one my mother was talking to. I am in the process of not only bursting his Americanized bubble, but he is also being charged with War Crime and Felony charges as well along with Judge Ibarra and the attorney’s he is using to cover up the…..TRUTH!!! Yes, they need to go back to the lo’i and get their feet and finger nails all lepo. I go back to Waipi’o Valley to help families with their lo’i every chance I get and to stay connected with my roots and my kupuna. I too am a graduate of Kamehameha (’75) and I refuse to be Americanized……shame on Clayton Hee and sell-outs like him!!!

    • Dexter was amazing, like David and Goliath all over again. The only truth Waihe`e, Hee, Kaiama demonstrated proof of evidence of Americanization’s mindset. It’s very clear. Because they are influential positions they fear that lost. They believe that gathering numbers will support their position and overshadow the truth. The danger is if they continue that fear will implicate them of war crimes.

      Waihee uses the word, “winner(s)”. There is no contest to grasp the “golden ring”. Our country is at stake; not a rewarded trinket; it’s for real. I think it was Kiaaina who said, that people are tired of waiting. They evidence is already here! We don’t have to wait any longer. We are defending our sovereignty, not who is and who isn’t.

      Hawai`i’s motto, Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka `Aina I Ka Pono penned by Kekauouli, Kamehameha III in 1843 was not done in vain. He proclaimed this for all of us to stand firm in our unity in country and of one another – one people, one country; onipa`a! Others say we must forgive. I agree but we do not forget – we become wiser from the mistakes and injustices or ourselves and others. Yea, we forgive, but we still maintain our Hawaiian Kingdom status! Until it is reconciled, we cannot heal.

      Bottom line: if we love our country, then stand up for was is right. Because the alamihi syndrome is alive and well. We are individuals with different thoughts of what is right. But like the Ku`e petitions, let’s all come together as one, for one purpose to preserve our stance, Hawaiian: foreign and kanaka, to strive and defend our Hawai`i nei! Everyone has their kuleana to do so. Let’s stop the division and move forward in educating ourselves and others in preparation when our legal 1864 Hawaiian Constitution is finally administered.

    • I had no respect for Waihe’e when he was Governor, more so having him go against his grandfather. When Waihe’e was governor he had taken a big surplus, where that money went, I bet no one knows, I once questioned and had no answer. I hate it when the Hwn’s turn against each other because of $$$, $$$ can only go so far, honesty & friendship is a lifetime. These people are smiling now and don’t realize that they are being JUDGED before their time come. Now, that is spooky, I want to go to heaven…

      • Waihe’e mumbles a lot, stumbles all over himself, repeats himself and even agrees that he is wrong without realizing it. This is because he is trying to make things up as he goes along. As a politician he was always going along with the status quo and as you can see he is even willing to go against his own grandfather who signed the Ku’e Petition stating that he and his ohana were against being annexed to the United States. Only goes to show how his ego, the money and power has gotten to him. I never liked him, I don’t trust him and he is going to face War Crime charges along with Abercrombie, Caldwell, a whole bunch of judges and the of these sell-out Americanized idiots!!!

  11. I’be been following Hawaiian issues for quite some time now 25 years, checks and balanceses pro’s and con’s and came to a final conclusion If you were to us basic common sense we would have a much clearer vision as too the cast of characters spinning this web! It’s called “Track Record” the proof is in the pudding. The former Gov,former Oha,and DLNR gate keeper have some nerve twirilling there Dixie tunes to a loving and caring proud society. they have no shame or compelling compation for what they due it’s about me the american way it’s shameful and disrespectful. We will move on this walk in strenght and in numbers.Our rest in shade is upon us Imu vision is upon us….

  12. “Native Hawaiian’s” have no political or legal standing because it is an American owned legal term; so how can we assume that we can form some sort of government around a false term that has no sovereignty or legal standing. There are far too many uneducated American Politicians who are “Native Hawaiian” speaking on behalf of some sort of sovereignty they are trying to “reclaim.” Doesn’t fully make sense to me because like I said earlier “Native Hawaiians” only exist within the construct of the United States legal framework that fails to acknowledge the political history of how Hawaiian nationals came to be in their unique political conundrum.

    And you have to love the logical fallacy of circular reasoning of Dependent Americans speaking on behalf of Hawaiian independence who have made a career out of being good American-law-abiding dependents more so than championing Hawaiian independence. Oh the sheer irony of it all!

    Who’s the federal pay check getting cut to to make up another PHONY “Native Hawaiian;” American owned illegal corporate entity just like DHHL; just like OHA; in fact just like the state, federal, and military presences which sees most of its revenue created from land based taxes or tax credits(ahem illegally occupied U.S. Military) that it has no right collecting or giving out for that matter. What’s sad is the FED’s are going to be faster to cut a 6 billion dollar rail check before they ever begin to sweat a penny over “Native Hawaiian’s” or “Roll calls” or made up Hawaiian governments of American-“Native Hawaiian” politicians who are now trying to capitalize on the idea of Hawaiian independence. How hewa!?!

    Shame on Waihe’e; who is an opportunistic political scammer and of course you have Ka’iama who is the only one who seems to actually make any kind of sense. Kia’aina’s comments like “We have to create a governing entity that can negotiate with federal, state govts to protect our land.” WRONG! Correct answer: We have to enforce international law on U.S. Federal Government Agencies and military for war crimes to take back and protect our land. Other stuff like “We have to deal with the results of annexation in the most prudent way possible.” Duh! There was no legal annexation or treaty. Not really a prudent way of approaching that political conundrum that’s been pulled over everyones eyes since we now know that a Joint Resolution is not a treaty of annexation. Just another piece of rubbish paper that exists in a foreign territory with illegal foreign troops on our Hawaiian national soil.

    As soon as we start wrapping our brains around that one and stop trying to be the political NICE guy or gal when it comes to 120 years of illegal occupation then maybe we will start seeing some forward movement, but please STOP letting uneducated AMERICAN POLITICIANS speak on behalf of HAWAIIAN INDEPENDENCE! They have no foundation and diminish the actual picture of deoccupation of Hawaii because they still want to sit on their cushy lap of gluttonous American luxury. Besides, it’s not like corporate America is just going to go away once we get freedom; but that is a beast aside from political and military occupation in itself that has to be dealt with when the time comes and political power will atleast let us shape the corporations that will benefit and move our country into the future. I could go on with the amount of other fallacies Kia’aina and Waihe’e have continued to uphold in showing how truly ignorant or maybe just how stupid they really are. Who knows… k pau.

    • Yes, this along with comments others have posted is meaningful information that is helpful. Mahalo for sharing…

    • Aloha,are you Harry Mawae’s son,and if you are,then I’m glad that the younger generation is getting involved in the fight for our perfect right to reinstate the de Jure government of ko Hawaii pae aina. Aloha from Kauai!

        • I worked with your father with Welch Marble and Tile,and still live on Kauai,you were probably 14 years old or younger when I worked with your dad,if you ask him he knows who I am.Aloha Lono

  13. I believe this is a situation that the U.S. has no affairs in. They no what is happening, and continue to be arrogant. It is through the International Law’s of Occupation which it can only be properly remedied. So stop seeking the so called “Good Will of the U.S. Federal Government,” and break the link.

    Good Job Dex.

  14. Thank you for your words. Hard love is just that C. I want to expose that there are Hawaiians who think that they will benefit and participate from Texas? As if, we are Americans? After twenty years of knowing whole heartedly working within this American system that is hewa, to prove that Ka Lahui is correct in its position? Aole.

    It is in my genealogy the bloods of my ancestors who are; Holoae, Kekuhaupio, Luahine, Konia and Bernice Pauahi etc. I cannot help but tell the truth as a way to heal…this is war, on paper C. we are struggling in Waimanalo to protect our lands, water, people, minerals, air space and oceans mauka-makai, creating jobs and keeping our people out of prison…where 7,000 sit and wait…granted some of them need to be there…who needs education and spiritual help, we plan a Puuhonua on all islands as part of that healing and it takes all the kahu, kahuna and cultural practitioners to step it up and educate…not to play psycological games…which is what she continue to play…we know she was put up to call and ask that question and it plays right into Ka Lahui, which is no different than Kanaiolowalu and we are surrounded by the Melissas everywhere we go.

    As a Hawaiian for years since a child I have been awake and find that it is time to apply tough love as we get closer to independence, exposing whose openly who are part of the problem…by asking the same questions, as IF, we are indians, is insulting and tries to bend the Compiled Laws to fit your needs? This is not right.

    If you love Melissa…save her by educating her do not let her go down the wrong road. Every Hawaiian cannot play dumb, she has been used by certain entities to push the Ka Lahui model and is totally misguided. Sad that to ask a question like what will happen to Hawaiians in America? It is in the laws. The danger she poses to herself and others is promoting that Hawaiians in America, can fit with the Ka Lahui/OHA model knowing or unknowingly will not benefit her hoping they will benefit? Hers…is a Indian position promoted by M. of the Ka Lahui we are all Hawaiians and subject to the same laws no matter what. Hawaii is not a physical part of America and it will up to them to move back and help or sit up there and want to benefit? Aole. To bring to light this thought shows alot about our people.

    So, for her to continue to link American Hawaiians to Hawaii as if we are Indians and pushing that lie upon all Hawaiians up there, lends to supporting Kanaiolowalu whether she knows it or not…and that whatever happens in Hawaii they will benefit because they are koko? is false and she continues to tell many in America they will benefit? NO! they will not. I feel it was unfair for her to ask the question twice…is very selfish and to do that to throw someone off with that questions is unfair. Sometimes, our people needs more. Like many who are loyal to certain people they follow because whatever, does not make it right. We are not Indians and do not aspire to the Ka Lahui position. So please educate her. That is what you can do instead of attacking me. Education, education and more education.

    Sometimes because we are all related we tend to allow our families to think that it is okay to move to America because everything is cheaper…means that we all have to work harder in our ahupuaa to end this occupation so we can and will bring the cost of living in Hawaii down to a cheaper cost, until then it will take everyones help to educate those we love, with tough love, for me exposing Melissa for me lets everyone know what happened on that show, who was that person and where that question is coming from. Whether she knows it or not and many Hawaiians who move away from Hawaii because everything is cheaper to live there, will not help them in America or us in Hawaii. To these, many are my family I say, come back home and help us… Do not expect to benefit from our move towards independence when she supports a nation within a nation, another entities position who is pushing geothermal in Waimanalo. This is what Hawaiians have to do anyway…educate.

    I regret you feel this way, but I appreciate this dialogue and we must have more of these to peel away wrong thinking that tries to make us Indians…I am not an Indian and have fought tooth and nail for sovereignty back in the 60s before the word came out with many who thinks that they can benefit, as if we are a welfare system? Aole. We are an independent country, not a dependent country. If you call her and talk to her she will tell you that she believes that Hawaiians in America should benefit because of their koko and genealogy…aole…that is why OHA pushed for through Kau Inoa and funds civic clubs and American Hawaiians to boost up their numbers..because the numbers are there…but wrong status…wrong laws.

    Kau Inoa collected over 150,000 signatures and only 15,000 qualified, now Kanaiolowalu wants to legislate that they can use the qualified and make adjustments with the other thousands by asking their permission. Many have denied them that right. I know because that is my job to monitor OHA and other entities because we have to know who we can trust with our community plans that will help put our people on their lands, create jobs and protect our assests…is very real for me, working this community for over 40 years. Bottom line, there are over 250,000/maybe more Hawaiians that live on this earth and OHA is going to spend more money to get people like Melissa to push their program with those and non-Hawaiians who joined the cc
    in America to support nation within a nation to get into our business? Aole. We cannot and I will not let that one slide. Exposing people is what we have to do here in order to work on the healing of ones past, health, brain washing and fear that grips everyone today because of the mountain of lies the whole world is facing today. No time for games.

    As one of many who are working in our ahupuaa, our responsibility is to educate the people here and abroad to the truths and that is all I was doing…exposing and correcting. I did not kill anyone…I am speaking the truth for all to learn at this site and if they have family or friends in America it is time they know the truth and not to allow them to slip and slide down the slippery slope.


    • That’s no way to do anything – making up lies about our own people to tear their efforts down. Meliss was fighting against Kanaiolowalu since before anyone else I know even knew it existed. When you act like that Kawehi, it makes me think you are just doing everything you do for yourself.

      • Mahalo for your statement, Kelea.

        It is so sad that Kawehi is so hate-filled that she can not realize that some of us live away from Hawaii for reasons other than that “everything is cheaper.” I choose to do everything in my power to support Hawaiian independence, not expecting compensation or reparation, but because it is pono.

      • Kelea—I missed your statement and saw it now…you are a sneaky person that tries to blend into our group and hide in the corner never saying a word…you make me sick.

  15. Aloha,

    A double amen to Dutchy’s statement!! Waihee, Hee and
    Kiaana are perpetuating the HEWA Sanford Dole and the
    Committee of Safety started way back in 1893!
    The crime of treason should not be limited to these three,
    but to any individual hindering in the internal sovereign
    affairs of the Hawaiian Kingdom!

    Kaniolowalu is pushing [tribal] sovereignty not sovereign
    independence. That is why the panel spoke about Native
    Hawaiians being classified under the Akaka bill as Indians.
    That is the only avenue for them to get federal recognition.
    But all that is a wash because the Hawaiian Kingdom gained
    its status as an independent nation state on November 28,

    Waihee stated that Kanaiolowalu is a tool to help Native
    Hawaiians and went as far as saying we Hawaiians are all
    trying to make it to the top! As if a sovereign independent
    nation state is in the same class as a nation within a nation!
    Mr. Kiama could stand on his own because his history or
    base line is pono the other three needed each other to add
    confusion (distraction) like a magician does to carry out a
    trick, but for them it’s used to cover up the HEWA!
    Listen to Kanaiolowalu’s commercial it talks about
    sovereignty that Native Hawaiians never relinquished?
    We should’ve asked Waihee what sovereignty he is talking
    about in comparison to a sovereign independent nation state!

    Kanaiolowalu and Kauinoa is well funded! If they wanted to
    do something pono with their kala and for the people with
    ties to the kingdom they should back what Representative
    Mele Carroll started with the investigations in HCR 107,
    there being no treaty of cession between the U.S. and the
    Hawaiian Kingdom and that the continuity of the kingdom
    has not been extinguished based upon executive contracts
    entered into between Queen Liliuokalani and U.S. President
    Grover Cleveland back in 1893.

    Finally, who ever came up with using names of Kanaka maoli
    and Kanaka without permission should be held accountable
    for genocide. Even Ester Kiaana had issues with that! Now
    that we are protected under the IV Geneva Convention any
    Hawaiian Kingdom subject who finds their name on either
    Kanaiolowalu or Kauinoa’s list without permission has the
    evidence of genocide! Now, do they really want to use our
    names without getting our approval first?

    A hui hou,

  16. Kana’iolowalu and Kau’inoa is hewa and anti-Hawaiian Kingdom!
    Hawaiians (race not a factor) can work their own internal affairs!
    What we don’t need or want is to be mislead by entities or groups
    pretending or wanting to be something that is already established,
    the Hawaiian Kingdom!
    Kana’iolowalu should use their funding to put on more of these
    meetings on every island and throughout the world, give the people
    a chance to become educated on these issues and just how beneficial
    it is to settle for crumbs rather than what is rightfully for the
    Waihee and the others cannot hide behind the fact they are doing their
    best for Hawaiians what they are doing is wrong, nothing short of
    a treasonous act! It’s to late in the game to claim ignorance!

  17. Aloha Keoki, thank you for your feed back…Makaea? Ok, sovereign eyes? or deeper?…however, time will show and tell which entity is IT…there are four Hawaiian Kingdom Governments and each one claims to be IT…I know that independence for Hawaii contains and includes the laws, rights and issues rightfully belonging to the Hawaiian people…but who will get to the finish line and get our kingdom restored will be seen really soon. I know every person claiming to be the Hawaiian Kingdom Government and I also know that to be the head of state, one must have a clear understanding of HK laws, good standing with the people and a good plan that is all inclusive and includes the people to do their part in this restoration…as for the LHK? some of their people are great, leader is questionable…others more questionable like the Levy sisters…just means they need more education and experiences to be talking about Hawaiian issue, kingdom and laws…however the head of state, is defined in the Compiled Laws. For me, I do not support a King or Queen, most of them today are not grown and groomed into this position and feel that a better form is to open it up to where the people to make up their minds down the road on what kind of government they prefer and who best represents our interests. I leave that for the Lord to decide with us who is qualified based on all the facts; genealogy, knowledge, back ground history, a measuring of community projects and contributions to the people as a whole. These are food for thought for all who read this thread…my intention, is always education…no more bruddah bruddah syndrome or bullying their way into leadership…it is all about leadership with morals and the people shall decide.


  18. aloha …. the purpose of being federally recognized is to extinguish the H K…..unfortunately some of us are living the americanized dream sitting on a boat full of money that is slowly sinking… perhap they don,t have the right tools or maybe they are waiting for the memo… there is NO TREATY OF CESSION…. without a treaty… i really don’t see how they can stay a float…. luckily for us there is one kanaka with a paddle heading in the right direction… maybe we all should send out memos… there is NO TREATY OF CESSION … and something big is coming … mahalo

  19. I sat in court yesterday and a few days before that supporting Maoli who are being tried within the american judicial system. I heard a prosecuting attorney say over and over this is not Hawaiian Kingdom law while he and the judge kept attempting to guide the maoli along the ways of their practice. I had sent an earlier email to the minister of the interior of the LHG asking why is it that we have not yet set up our own judicial system and are still compulsed to doing it their way? We have reacted to “them” for way too long that we have habitualize living in their systems.

    When I was stopped and assaulted by county police for practicing my cultural self determination; when I was released from jail the first council I sought; the first trial I wanted was to be heard and determined by my own native Lawful Hawaiian Government. That is how it is to be with me…try me in front of my own people and my own leadership and beg for proper justice; fair and honest from them. I got that and then the rest was easy…Of course no matter how it ended up (as an insult to this aupuni and then what are insults other than recognition of our status as enviable) they would want money. The insult was hard to swallow for the moment and still. “Being a public disturbance” would not be justified without “their” illegal presence. I continue to work at not “reacting” to them. I’ve already had a lifetime infused with “them”. My focus is on being the best supportive aupuni today. The principles and protocols of our culture is of utmost importance. I am not american and never have been in my mana and na`au and my relationship with Akua. I don’t even have to defend it or react to anyone who decides to come against it and there have been those people and those times. I won’t waste my time moving against them. I will save my fight and energy to repel apathy and complacency. “They” are going away and will continue to go away. The Hawaiian Nation and it’s peoples are not the only peoples making sure that their value declines even further. Much of their demise is coming from within their own hale. Give them persistence Akua that they will tire of themselves and run off to find another video game to attract their undivided attention.

    Let us gather in spirit and numbers and let our mana`o be “Imua”!! And shall we teach them continually that “Aole”!! is a complete sentence.

    As Judge Barbara Takase asked the PA in one of our trials…”If we have to deport him (he kanaka Maoli) where will that be….here?” LOL I want to see how they process that issue. Ho`omaika`i…a hui ho.

  20. To be truthful I am tired of those who continue to play two sides of this fence called independence…to be truthful is not hateful..Kelea can speak up for my leadership at the last UN meeting that was a struggle…I do not know who you are but you know me…all I can say is, when you walk in my shoes you can talk…what are you doing to help our people? It is not enough to sit and read these writings but to get out there and do the work…my motto? Walk your talk…no more games, people are in prison, sick and need jobs and more healing to help our communities/ahupuaa not words. The issue is, if you live in America, do not expect anything or be used by the other entities such as Kanaiolowalu to do their bidding, that is not independence…I say, walk your talk honey.
    I will see you on the front lines where Aloha, thrives.

  21. Where is Keleas comments? On FB? I do not see it here. Stop talking about me and educate yourself…go to, hawaiiankingdom.org to study and grasp the truth not lies. I know people get upset when I say that if you live in America do not expect to have input or rights to our lands,but sometimes the truth hurts? That is not my intent…you chose to move to America, not me. I love Hawaii and choose to live here because it was and can be beautiful again with all of our help, knowledge and years of hard back breaking hard work…granted we are not perfect, but we have to do our best to protect what our ancestors left for us to manage and control from here, Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, not America.
    Please read the laws at; hawaiiankingdom.org…do not lean on your own understanding, check it out again and again. There will be many changes but we cannot make changes to allow Hawaiians living in America, to speak from there…come home is the solution.

    • Kawehi,

      I apologize for my comments that offended you.

      Can you please tell me exactly and specifically what you personally are doing to advance the cause?
      And also, please tell me how coming home is the solution. I need to know exactly what my role will be, How I can be of help to restore the Hawaiian Kingdom?

  22. Pualani, mahalo for bringing up the topic of Hawaiian Subjects having a voice in setting up a restored Hawaiian Kingdom in its actual status as a country. It is an issue that is dear to my heart, but up to now few have grasped the importance of na hoaloha, the makaainana, having an active voice in transitioning to restoration. This blog, at least, is giving its originators an idea of people’s contribution. We are not passive spectators but engaged citizenry, even though up to now, perhaps, our devotion and intelligent participation has not been taken into account as substance for restoration.
    And yet, it is true to say that there is no legitimate country without a body politic.
    Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, records, “A sovereign state is a nonphysical juridical entity of the international legal system that is represented by a centralized government that has supreme independent authority over a graphic area. It has a permanent population, a government, and the capacity to enter into relations with other sovereign states. It is also normally understood to be a state which is neither dependent on nor subject to any other power or state.”

    It should not be too hard to find descendents of Hawaiian subjects that are not kanaka maoli. I believe the record is in the Hawaii State Archive and was in The Polynesian Newspaper edited by Dr. Sai a few years ago. One caution. My ancestor’s name was not on the list, but his naturalization oath of allegiance I found on microfilm in the archive.
    With Pualani I say, “Let’s see who is in the nation . . . ready to participate in the political process.”

  23. It’s time to show our loyalty to the Hawaiian Kingdom by our refusal
    to participate in the U.S. system of taxation which fills the pockets
    of all those kakios causing HEWA! It’s time for us to form the body politic!! If there’s going to be any kind of opting out it’s going
    to be Hawaiian subjects opting out of the U.S. system, which automatically occurred once we discovered that there is no treaty of annexation! No U.S., no IRS!

  24. Aloha Lani, sorry I am not sure who I am talking to…at the same time I am responsibile to assist any kanaka to find their way home. But to answer your question is in the hawaiiankingdom.org website on nationalities. You do not have to apologize and you did not offend me. If we have had discussions before on this issue of what does it mean for those living in America when the de occupation is complete, for me means that somehow you have to get back home while the ICC is making its investigations. Seek feed back and support from ohana and friends in Hawaii to help find a place for your family to live and where ever you want to live will determine the ahupuaa as part of your responsibility, make that your lifes work and to link up with all the ahupuaa leaders who are moving forward with the community plans that include ways to protect our lands mauka-makai, in the ahupuaa which seems to make sense to do, since our ancestors have claimed those lands for the kingdom, us and future generations, through the Great Mahele…first educate yourself and study the Hawaiiankingdom.org website and the Great Mahele is in there. Education if the key that everyone must study and grasp on to your rights through these laws and apply them. That is the start. Hope this helps a little…but it is in baby steps and little spoonful of ike that you will find the right path… and pule is very important to further your request, to answers you seek and to protect your family, from the evil that lurks on this planet right now. The whole world is in the same position. Meanwhile, we shall continue to grow our food resources and stock our oceans of our fish and limu where we live.

    In closing, please forgive me if I offended you, that is never my intent but the subject is very sensitive and we can work it out as ohana sometimes tough love is our only recourse in these times that people who are asleep still have to wake up or they will be left behind…

    Mahalo Piha,
    Kawehi Kanui

  25. It appears that there is a concern as to who is a Hawaiian Kingdom Subject and who is not especially if you do not live in Hawaii. If you go to return to the main page of this blog and scroll down you will come upon the post HAWAIIAN NATIONALITY AND THE LAWS OF OCCUPATION. I have taken the liberty to post some of the information here:

    Once a State is occupied, international law preserves the status quo of the occupied State as it was before the occupation began. To preserve the nationality of the occupied State from being manipulated by the occupying State to its advantage, international law only allows individuals born within the territory of the occupied State to acquire the nationality of their parents. To preserve the status quo, Article 49 of the 1949 Fourth Geneva Convention mandates that the “Occupying Power shall not…transfer parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies.” To do so is a war crime.

    For individuals, who were born within Hawaiian territory, to be a Hawaiian subjects they must be a direct descendant of an individual who was a Hawaiian subject prior to the beginning of the American occupation that began on August 12, 1898. All other individuals born after August 12, 1898 to the present are aliens who can only acquire the nationality of their parents.

    According to the 1890 government census, Hawaiian subjects numbered 48,107, with the aboriginal Hawaiians, both pure and part, numbering 40,622, being 84% of the national population, and the non-aboriginal Hawaiians numbering 7,485, being 16%. Despite the massive migrations of foreigners to the Hawaiian Islands since 1898, which, according to the State of Hawai‘i Office of Hawaiian Affairs, numbers 1,302,939 in 2009, with the aboriginal Hawaiian population at 322,812 (25.3%), the status quo of the national population of the Hawaiian Kingdom is maintained.

    In other words, with the increase in numbers of Hawaiian subjects, both aboriginal and non-aboriginal, since 1898, the status quo of the Hawaiian national population has been maintained to date. Therefore, under the international laws of occupation, the aboriginal Hawaiian population of 322,812 in 2009 would continue to be 84% of the Hawaiian national population, and the non-aboriginal Hawaiian population of 61,488 would continue to be 16%. The balance of the population in 2009, being 918,639, are illegal aliens.

    Conclusion: As you can see:

    * For individuals who were born within the Hawaiian territory, to be a Hawaiian subject you must be a direct descendant of an individual who was a Hawaiian subject prior to the beginning of the American occupation that began on August 12, 1898. All other individuals born after August 12, 1898 to the PRESENT are aliens who can only acquire the nationality of their parents.

    *** This means that if Melissa is a direct descendant of a Hawaiian subject she too along with her direct descendants is a Hawaiian subject even if she lives in the United States. This goes for many others who have moved away for both personal and economic reasons. I believe that they will be in need of applying for American citizenship and like many foreigners obtain DUAL CITIZENSHIP.

    * For individuals who are born within the Hawaiian territory after August 12, 1898 or moved here under the illegal occupation of the United States of America you will need to either return to your parents country of nationality or apply to be a Hawaiian subject. If your application is denied you will then need to apply for a Visa. Because Hawaii is a foreign country everyone who visits here will need a Pass Port!!!

    *** As you can see, as of 2009, 918,639 people living in Hawaii are ILLEGAL ALIENS and the number has increased. It doesn’t matter how many years you lived in Hawaii, that your children were born here or that you own an expensive home here either. And if you do own a home the title to your property is DEFECTED and I suggest you contact Laulima Title Search and Claims at 808- 982-2090 (Hilo) or 808-325-2008 (Kona) and file your Notice of Defect with your Lender and Title Insurance Company. Or you can contact your realtor and try to get your money back from the people you paid it to.

    I hope this information helps and the confusion ends!!!

  26. This is my mana’o and it may be flawed as I am not perfect, I am going to make mistakes and I do not know everything. All I have is my perspective.

    I think, as Kanaka Ma’oli, we should stop pointing the finger and focus on creating solutions to the many problems that Kanaka Ma’oli face. I believe the legal argument has pointed the finger and clearly identifies the main problem, prolonged and illegal occupation by the United States of America. Those fighting this legal battle have proved to be more than competent. I believe they have provided the Kanaka Ma’oli people with something that we have not had for a very long time, the tool of law, however before you can use this tool you have to accept that you are a subject of the Hawaiian Kingdom. So how do we get Kanaka Ma’oli to pick up this to tool, so that we can create a better existence for future generations?

    Educating our people is the first step, which we can all help with. I agree with Kaleikoa Kaeo when he said, you cannot dump this mountain of truth on people, but rather feed them a little at a time and let them figure it out for themselves. Restoring the Hawaiian Kingdom with a bunch of Americanized Hawaiians could be very dangerous for our culture and something we need to be aware of.

    Many of our brothers and sisters are employed by this illegal government. Talking about the restoration of the Hawaiian Kingdom, I believe, creates a sense of fear. In their minds it may threaten their financial stability and maybe discredit everything they have worked for. Imagine a Kanaka Ma’oli that just endured the hardships and physical rigors that come with becoming a Marine or Navy Seal. They are very proud of their accomplishment. Then here I come, “Eh, did you know that the United States is illegally occupying your country?” This is where we need to show compassion and begin posing questions that set them on the path to figure it out for them selves.

    I could write pages, as we all could, but here are a couple of movies I have found that can help to get people to open their minds and help all of us create a better existence for future generations.

    Food Matters: Our diet in relation to illnesses (currently we are the sickest ethnic group here in Hawaii) our diet definitely has something to do with it, don’t fool yourself.

    The Gerson Miracle: Max Gerson found the cure for cancer in 1939 and it has been curing cancer for the last 80 years. However, it is illegal to use his cure in the United States. Under US law the only lawful treatments of cancer is surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

    In moving towards a solution I believe it will be important to answer the question, What does it mean to be a Hawaiian? I do understand that Hawaiian is a nationality and the ethnicity of the aboriginal people is Kanaka Ma’oli. There will be a lot of different answers, however I believe there will be a lot of similarities. Here is my answer, which is a work in progress.
    Sustainable and healthy existence, lawful, worship god ( to acknowledge the existence of god in all things on, in the earth) and embrace Aloha.

    Tim Reis

  27. Aloha Tim; yes we all have perspectives and for me the perspective as kupuna is most supportive to my spirit. My kupuna showed me the culture I gravitate to today and now I am one. The u.s. legal system demands that we fight within their system or we stay wrong. Locally they “object” constantly both from the prosecutors table and from the judges lofty bench. They do not allow a Hawaii Defense and so we need to take over our own justice system and stay out of theirs. On November 8th of 2011 I was assaulted by the local police. Stopped for driving my vehicle with LHG plates under the intention by the “state” of Hawaii that I be self determining…the police officers claiming ignorance of the law stopped me and cited…an then on second thought decided to assault an aupuni just because?? I was jailed for resisting arrest and there was no arrestable charge as licenses are infractions in the law. No matter…that was a Tuesday and on Sunday I had my first hearing by demand by the Lawful Hawaiian Government. I did not want to hear the voice of a u.s. legal system employee at my first hearing…I wanted to hear the voices from within my own government. That was most important because my mana would not accept false accusations against my behaviors as an Aupuni. I was adjudicated as having acted within the laws of my government. I knew what was coming next and my spirit was pono. We have the ability to point finger. Pointing finger reminds us where we come from and the kuleana which has kept us prisoner even when and while we have served it. I am a u.s. military vet and feel no sense of honor for it. It served me and a need I had to come back home after I was taken off the island against my wishes. I have participated in killing their enemies without as sense of honor and a sense of remorse for my actions. I have given life threatening service to the state of Hawaii also and while my life was in jeapordy they failed and refused to come to my aid. Just like on 11/8/11 when I asked for help on 911 no one came…not one person from the county or state or federal govenment of the u.s. has stepped forward to help. They talk the word Aloha but don’t walk it not understanding that it is a principle of our culture.

    Funding for Hawaiian Education is being cut back and so still the teaching of the culture should go on from kupuna to keiki as it did for me and probably for you. It is our kuleana to teach the path and we must. Walk it…don’t talk it. Get others to step up with you. Get them away from the t.v. and smart phones and alcohol and drugs. Ho`omaika`i.

  28. Mahalo everyone for participating in the dialog. Meaningful and purposeful dialog is good for everyone. Let’s remember that our KUPUNA taught us to use our words with ALOHA. Malama each other. This is a journey we all need help along the way.

    There is only one road back to the Hawaiian Kingdom. The creation of other roads may have been necessary to galvanize us into action, however, at this point we need to come together and place our support where the truth lies. The evidence clearly shows that the original Hawaiian Kingdom Laws are still in place. Therefore, no other laws are acceptable. We don’t have to recreate the wheel. It is there for us. Waiting for all of us to place our allegiance under it.

    Our KUPUNA taught us to PULE and to wait on the good LORD for our answer. Let’s pule and ask Ke Akua Mana Loa to help us, his children, to know that the Hawaiian Kingdom which was overthrown in 1893 is still in place waiting for us to accept its laws and live by them in harmony with each other.

    Mahalo Ke Akua,
    Pualani Chandler Baptista Kauai

  29. Aloha Kakou, this is Kawehi here with a message to Melissa and Kelenohoanaapiapi Levy and to all on this list who are waiting with baited breath for the ICC to make their findings…this writing is something that I would like everyone to know and to understand the importance of what we are all doing, to put energy behind what Dexter, Keanu and Kale are doing. I would like to humbly ask for everyone to forgive me if I rubbed you the wrong way especially to Melissa and Kelea…the old Kawehi has been healed from the anger that sat way inside my naau, because of my genealogical ties to my ancestors and the history they all made while on this earth to better the life of this aina, our people and all living things…the wars they fought physically and spiritually were there in my Mookuauhau, until I met a kahuna Bulla Logan on Maui who helped me to move through all of these things to kiloi…get rid of, those things that separates us from God…loving my family the way I do and the work that I do in the community demands a focus of energies to puka through this system of no so good things. At the same time, I also for many years worked with Melissa and Kelea…gave them all the tools and hours of kukakuka to help them and still, now I realize that we are all controlled by a system that is not good and all of this, even with the military occupation has brought me to this point of forgiveness…of which I ask of Melissa and Kelea to accept and to give back forgiveness as payment in energy to put into our work in our community. Yes, I was upset that Kelea said that I wanted everything for myself? Did not make sense and insulting since my work is in the Waimanalo ahupuaa…I am not here for lands, money or controls…I am here to put our people on their lands…to the native tenants, whose portion had not been completely resolved legally or physically and it took me 40 years to understand all the twists and turns of our history and culture…now, I am 64, soon to be 65 and know who I am, for words have the power to heal or destroy…please forgive me, and let us move forward together as on ohana and one world for peace, justice and true aloha taught to me by tutu Pilahi Paki and Queen Liliuokalani. That is one.

    Two, is an announcement for all who wants to participate and learn more about what I am doing, with many others…there is an event put on by, The Forgiveness Project at the State Capitol coming up on Aug. 4th down stairs in the auditorium from 2-5 pm…to further move towards one ohana, one people and one world order by the people and for the people, as the spirit of Aloha is alive and ready to heal all…also I would like to direct your attention to the One Peoples Public Trust, that is doing the same thing Keanu is doing, but on a world level that I feel is very awesome that is steeped in Law and Spiritual Oneness, go to this site…OPPT.com and study their documents to see where we might unite with them on a world level, changing the concepts of money into energy and being able to us that as the only money we need in the future, how to hold banks accountable for your energy that will be deposited in their banks or your own bank…a new and highly intelligent if I might say myself…everyone is invited.

    Three…I want to thank God for keeping me safe all these years and that I promise not to be angry or say harsh things from this tongue and mouth, from this day forward now that there is a true light shining down the tunnel with forward positive spiritual movements, on earth and in the universe to restore our government…I can smile and be happy again…and, to do His will. Amamauanoa.

  30. Aloha, Kawehi here again to make a correction on the Forgiveness Project…it is NOT at the capital auditorium this year…it is at Kaimuki High School Auditorium from 1-pau. Nalani Olds and Kumu Kawohiokalani will be doing a tribute to Queen Liliuokalani as well as other people…e komo mai, kakou.

  31. Aloha again…so sorry, the International Forgiveness Project will be at the State Capital Rotunda auditorium from 2-5 pm honoring our Queen Liliuokalani…please forgive me, got the information second hand and had to confirm it and this is the right time and place. Lots of parking…event is Free. Any questions call me at 688-8334…Mahalo.

  32. Just had this information come my way:
    Some of these people are benefactors of Kauikeaouli Kamehameha III,
    na kuleana 33 and 1/3 interest in the aina and this is all they have?
    Is this how our people ought to be treated Mr. Waihee?
    Now compare na kanaka to a preferred stock holder of a cprporation
    having a 33 1/3 interest in a corporate stock, would what na kanaka
    have be a desireable return for an owner of 1/3 corporate stock?
    I think not! A plane ticket to go away? I don’t think so!
    These people have a vested interest in all of ko hawaii pae aina they
    need to be respected as such!!!

    Ku’e i ka hewa!

    • Was I misinformed? The site captions indicate that the SOH is offering 1 way paid tickets out of Hawai`i to Kanaka Maoli? I understood the offer were to those who’s state system paid to relocate foreigners to Hawai`i. Please correct me if I am wrong.


  33. Aloha Doreene,
    You are correct! It’s a media spin on the people of the aina!
    It could be interpreted in many different ways.
    I don’t think Abercrombie intended it to apply
    against “native Hawaiians” but it would be
    convenient for his purpose on promoting “Native Hawaiians.”
    After-all, wouldn’t Hawaiian subjects be considered foreigners? Where will they be sent? Back in time?
    It’s possible that the reporter is pointing out that a large number of houseless people are “native Hawaiians” what will the governor achieve by sending a small percent of homeless foreigners out of
    What I personally don’t appreciate is the fact that the reporter chose to focus his photos on “native Hawaiians” why not look for the foreign homeless? But, I guess it is what it is?
    Na kanaka may be houseless, but they will never be homeless on their aina in there country!
    No treaty equals to U.S. occupation in Hawaii!
    Ku’e I ka hewa!!

  34. This was worth watching for almost an hour. I am merely 19 years old, even I can see the spewing of bullshit coming from the fake hawaiians in this video. Kiaaina, Waihee, and Hee are SELL-OUTS! They’re selling-out they have admitted it in this video.
    Waihee doesn’t even make any sense he acknowledges the ILLEGAL OVERTHROW VIA NO TREATY OF ANNEXATION OF THE KINGDOM OF HAWAI’I, yet he still believes the State of Hawai’i exists. He still wants to abide by their laws.
    Kiaaina doesn’t even know what she’s talking about she too admits of the ILLEGAL OVERTHROW yet she brushes it off because it was so long ago? What a bigot.
    Clayton Hee is a strong supporter of kanaiolowalu and he admits kanaiolowalu is RACE BASED, yet he says nobody will be left out of the decisions?
    He and Waihee are wasting money that can be used to feed hungry people of Hawai’i, on campaigning kanaiolowalu and kau inoa which are big flops.

    Kiaaina, Waihee, Hee are very unaware of the history, the LEGAL history of Hawai’i. Because these three clowns aren’t even Hawaiian they’re Americanized they’ve been trained to be American they pledge allegiance to America. They’re politicians, its their job to bullshit and they clearly showed their profession in this clip.
    POLITICS IS NOT LEGALITY PEOPLE. Their opinion (American opinion) can’t overturn THE LAW. A law is a law its fixed, politics must work within the boundaries of the laws. The Kingdom of Hawai’i and International Laws are in affect, U.S. law doesn’t apply.

    Kaiama is a REAL HAWAIIAN he knows his history. He’s the only one that spoke legality and spoke facts. The clowns spoke political opinions, no facts. Right on Dexter Kaiama you speak the truth.

    • Wai’anaekanaka,

      When Dr. Keanu Sai was at the World Court in 2000 for the “Larsen Case” and had met with the Ambassador of Rwanda who offered to expose the illegal occupation of Hawaii by the United States before the United Nations, Dr. Sai thanked them and reluctantly stated that he could not accept their help at this time for two reasons (1.) was due to the retaliation they could face from the United States and (2.) because he needed to educate the Hawaiian people who were unaware of our true history due to the brainwashing of Americanization. I graduated from The Kamehameha Schools and experienced this brainwashing first hand in how they wanted us to be shining examples of the “Americanized Hawaiian” by brainwashing us into believing their lies, their false history and the fact that there never was a Treaty of Annexation!!!

      This is the very reason why Dr. Sai created this website and to see that young people like you are utilizing it to educate yourself is exactly what it was intended to do….EDUCATE.

      Everything that you have said is true. They are sell-outs who have pledged their allegiance to up hold the constitution of the United Fakes of America and the law’s of the Fake State of Hawaii. Like Mr. Kale Gumapac I too am a Laulima Affiliate and with the expertise and assistance of Dr. Keanu Sai and attorney Dexter Kaiama we are challenging the jurisdiction of the courts and filing War Crime charges against these judges for the violation of our rights to a “fair and regular trial”. The courts is what is giving these crooks protection and by removing their courts they have no where to run to hide. Not only is the courts and their ruling illegal and unlawful, but the entire Fake State of Hawaii Government is a War Crime in and of itself. For as Dr. Sai has stated: “You can never obtain a legal fruit from an illegal tree”…….EVERYTHING IT BARES IS ILLEGAL!!!

      We need to get more of your friends, former classmates and family members utilizing this website and not only educating themselves, but more importantly educating others to the truth and that the way to restoring our Hawaiian Kingdom Government and the De-occupation by the United fakes of America is through LAW……International Law and Hawaiian Kingdom Law.

      You are on the right track for as King Kamehameha had stated before a battle: “Imua, imua e na poki’i, a inu i ka wai awaawa, a ohe hope e ho’i mai ai. Forward, forward young brothers and drink of the bitter waters, for there is no turning back”!!!

      Turning back to what? Continued occupation and oppression? Hell No!!! The time is now and thanks to Dr. Sai and our attorney Dexter Kaiama we are on our way. The canoe is moving, our destiny awaits us just over the horizon….welcome on board!!! Hoe, hoe i ka wa’a!!!

      ONIPA’A KAKOU!!!

      • Exactly. Mahalo Dutchy for your concise comment.

        And to: Wai`anaeKanaka, it’s refreshing to know that there are young adults getting educated about our true history. Imua!

        If you live in Wai`anae, and/or have any influence and the opportunity to educate there, please do. I was told just last night that there are many who do not know the truth. They are talks about so called “Hawaiian Kingdom” groups claiming to be the true government and that they are collecting fees from na kanaka to become members of the Hawaiian Kingdom. This is bad. We can not allow those uninformed to be led into deceit and be extorted. It is imperative to get this information heard. If you have any influence in our Leeward community, or anyone who do, please share the truth. We cannot allow these crimes and disillusions to continue.

        This is not only happening on the leeward coast, it is also happening in Waimanalo. We need help in every community. We are not only fighting the illegal occupation, but crimes from within our own communities. Only through factual education can we accomplish this. This is OUR country. We must fight to defend it!!!

        To those who know who are guilty of these illegal fees, STOP NOW before it’s too late! You are committing crimes of extortion and can be held accountable. And just to let you know that even if you are a descendant of a Hawaiian subject prior to January 16, 1893, you are not exempt from being prosecution. Get educated, return the money and STOP what you are doing. Don’t be part of the problem, be part of the solution! My best to you.


  35. Educate us without hi makamaka words keep it simple and real no poltics or greed involved living as hawaiians in a hawaiian kingdom

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