Hawai‘i’s Lawful Status Educating Our Community

In this edition of “Kanaka Express,” the host, Kale Gumapac, asks Dexter K. Kaiama, Esq. to elaborate on the points he brought up when he was on a panel hosted by Dan Boylan on PBS television called “Insights.” With Kaiama is another guest of the show Dr. Keanu Sai who is a political scientist specializing in international relations and public law.

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    • One cannot get a degree in legal science, because that is not offered. Political science is a field of study that encompasses law, which is not to mean that law is subordinate to politics. Politics are centered around law. Without law, there could not be politics or political science.

      It’s not that politics per se is suspect. The point is that the politics of Hawaiian sovereignty is subordinate and secondary to the correct legal status of the Hawaiian Kingdom as an occupied state. Proponents of U.S. federal recognition pretend that it is the other way around, as seen in the PBS Hawaiʻi “Insights” video from 07/18/13. Occupation is the bonafide legal status, which is not an argument or an option as non-supporters try to pretend.

  1. Alriite, mahalo Dr. sai and Mr. Kaiama for your participation in bringing the truth out for all to see. And educating the kanaka people so we can realize what really is going on in the Hawaiian Kingdom. aloha ke akua me ua mau na kanaka maole I ka pono

  2. It is important to not only educate yourself to the TRUTH, to our true history and to what is needed to make the wrong right, but it is extremely important that we educate others by directing them to this website and that of “laulimatitle.com”.

    In regards to your questions for the blogs author all you need to do is to post your question just as you do in posting your comments.

    Education & Knowledge is the key!!!

  3. I just received the OHA newspaper “Ka Wai Ola” dated 8/1/13, on page 7, it reads: “Public Notice to Native Hawaiians. Native Hawaiians who chose NOT to be included on the official role RISK WAIVING THEIR RIGHT, AND THE RIGHT OF THEIR CHILDREN AND DESCENDANTS, to be legally and politically acknowledged as Native Hawaiians and to participate in a future convention to reorganize the Hawaiian Nation (as described above), and as a result may be also excluded from being granted rights of inclusiion (citizenship), rights of participation (voting), and the rights to potential benefits that may come with citzenship (e.g., land use rights, monetary payments, scholarships, etc. See page 35.
    So basically KANAIOLOWALU is threatening Hawaiians that if you don’t sign on to the roll (and sell your soul), you and your descendants are excluded . . . . which in my opinion is the gun slinger way of making people sign. HOW CAN I CHOOSE IF THERE IS ONLY ONE CHOICE??? THE CHOICE THAT KANAIOLOWALU CHOOSES FOR ME . . . FOR ALL OF US? If OHA truly protected Hawaiian rights, they would let Hawaiians decide for themselves. Layers and layers of deception. Add one more layer. It reminds me of the 1959 statehood vote . . . its the same thing all over again . . . OOPS, we forgot to put the choice of INDEPENDENT STATE/NATIONHOOD!!!! We are forever at the mercy of other people TELLING US AND DETERMINING FOR US WHO WE ARE. IF you don’t know who you are, thats your problem but don’t sign away the Hawaiian Nation. A Nation Within a Nation? What a sellout! The US tells you what you can and can not do. With all the things that have gone on over say . . . the last 100 years, with all the laws that were passed to protect the land (no mo land), controlling development(plenty hotels, golf course, and buildings-can not see Diamond Head or the ocean already), the culture, the ocean ( no mo fish), food security ( no mo food), Dept. of Hawaiian Home Lands (no mo house), blah blah blah . . . . . the State and the US government has failed miserably . . . Even now when the true history is revealed, and the truth is brought into the light of day where its been hidden for so long, our own people sell us out. According to them, “We have to move forward”. The web of lies and deceit is so thick that its near impossible to stand strong and ONIPA’A . . . because like our kupuna ancestors, they were cut out of society in their time and blacklisted. And it will continue again . . . all lead by Kanaiolowalu. Very disturbing. Sometimes I wish I didn’t care so much.

  4. Aloha,

    Kanaiolowalu has no choice but to threaten potential benefactors
    in order for them to maintain privileges provided to them from the
    same source that insulted our kupuna!

    It is said that there is safety in numbers, but in the case of
    Kanaiolowalu the instigators of treason cannot hide behind
    the people they are misleading and shall be held accountable!

    Kanaiolowalu is HEWA, not only because they are an unlawful and
    unjust entity of the State of Hawaii, but because they mislead

    I know it shouldn’t matter what they do, but I can’t help getting
    upset with people who could do more for the memory of our
    kupuna rather than exploiting them!

    A hui hou,

  5. OHA is the Nation within a Nation and it is not Hawaiian. As Keanu advises…stand down the whole system is illegal and that certainly includes OHA no matter how they have been redecorating. Like the State Legislature and ACT195 and the other departments of the state it is all illegal and so I am standing down. I want to know where I can get that application that Dexter talks about that notifies DHL or whoever that I want to actively protest and work against this illegal situation until it is gone. Understand we are not alone in active protest and fight against the u.s., and we are certainly pono.

  6. When does this information and the correct Hawaiian studies curriculum make its way to HPA on the big Island? I hear the “pledge of allegiance” every morning and want to strangle people. Lets make it happen!

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