New Documentary: Speaking Truth to Power

Investigating the Illegal U.S. Military Occupation of the Hawaiian Islands

From Integrative Media Co-operative (IMC):

IMC would like to continue documenting up and coming events and actions regarding the U.S. military occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom. IMC relies on public donations. To donate visit IMC’s Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign: Speaking Truth to Power – Documentary. Or contact IMC directly at

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23 thoughts on “New Documentary: Speaking Truth to Power

  1. The offense against the Hawaiian People is obvious but “The Life of the Land is Perpetuated in Righteousness.” Two things must happen prior to a resolution. 1.) Today a local should not to be known by genes or skin color but by a heart love for Hawaii. #2.) The direction for today should be to continue in the directions of the last reigning Kings and Queens of Hawaii in embracing Christianity with a whole heart and leave the old false gods and kapu’s to the past. The New Testament should become the guide book for the restoration of the Kingdom of Hawaii. You will then have the Blessings of what the Hawaiian leaders found to be true and the Blessings of our Almighty Creator.

    • Are you kidding me, after 126 years still ongoing, of pain staking oppression unmasking layers of persecution, death and destruction you have failed no clue which we speak the “Truth….. To Power” Google learn our history learn it well perhaps their is hope for you, for many still out their think one love, passage of time heals all….Rule of “Hawaiian Kingdom Constitution” will never vanish until the International Rule of Law for Belligerent Occupation is vetted to be true and executed. Mahalo…………….

    • Its about legality regarding the Hawaiian kingdom and the American Occupation, not social structures or religious beliefs, those topics are irrelevant.

      • Instead of preaching to us I think you should be preaching to all the so called Pastors and Christians that fill Hawaii’s churches and reject the truth that Hawaii is occupied. They don’t care about the truth. They choose to live in sin by perpetuating a lie. Go preach the truth to them so the truth can set them free from criminal and civil liability. If you don’t, then you have failed them and have no right to call yourself a Kahu.

  2. This is not about Christianity.
    It’s about the Defacto State that did wrong and stole what did not belong the the white men.
    There will be no alii nui’s to claim the throne. The last King and Last Queen died and therefore no one was appointed to the Throne.
    Leave religion out of this topic.

  3. The preponderance of evidence makes it obvious that Hawaii is indeed under illegal occupation by the United States. This documentary is perhaps the best I’ve ever seen on this issue and I hope that it reaches a broad audience. In fact it should be mandatory viewing in our schools so that the truth may be known. It is imperative that justice be done and the Hawaiian Kingdom restored to its proper status among the family of nations. That is my hope. Thank you, Dr. Sai, Dr. Williams and all the others who contributed to this important documentary.

  4. We have a “IDENTITY” and “RESPONSIBILITY”, to be EDUCATED in our HAWAIIAN HISTORY, of… ‘who we are’ (as HAWAIIAN nationals), ‘where we come from’ (our past, and present, ….., as HAWAIIAN SUBJECTS, TIL NOW ,,,,AND FOREVER), and, ‘where we’re going (our future….WE must be knowledgeable of our “true self’ first”, then, everything will follow.) Mahalo, Ceci

  5. I’m niele! Lol! I’m curious to know whether Ms. Ruggles will be suing for her back pay and damages related to the character assassination perpetrated upon her, under the Whistleblower act? As a whistleblower, isn’t she protected?

    • I don’t consider Ms Ruggles to be a Whistleblower. I consider her a politician who failed to do the job she was elected to do…Shameful.

    • Hopefully, she will, in due time. She was the only one upholding her oath of office, and the only concerned about complying with Law in hercapacity as a government agent. The two attorneys, Joe Kamelamela and Aaron Chung advisedher to Ignore the Law, like they do, with Aaron Chung proposing removing her pay even while she awaited a substantial legal response and continued to serve her constituents.

  6. Woah, to go on and say that we shouldn’t judge by race or enthicy, but then judge by religious beliefs is completely contradicting. We shouldn’t judge by religion either. And to say Christianity is the only true religion, when there are hundreds of religions, and to pin point out Hawaiian gods as false, shows you are not pono yourself, and do not follow the saying, the life of the land is perpetuated by righteousness. That being said, im so glad as a Hapa, holding the last name Ka’auwai, that this information is being put out there. As I have an ancestor, High Chief Zorobabela Ka’auwai, who was one of 4 original assistant judges in the Hawaiian Kingdom. Two of his sons also served the kingdom, and his youngest son gave birth to Elizabeth Kahanu Ka’auwai, Who later became Princess Elizabeth Kahanu Kalaniana’ole, Wife of prince Jonah Kuhio Kalaniana’ole. Without information you have recently shared with the world, I would not have known this about my family history. I hope that one day I can help the kingdom in anyway I can, in respect to my ancestors. Mahalo Professor Sai for your hard work. I hope that I can help kingdom one day. Aloha.

  7. Mahalo nui loa for this wonderful post. I’ve share every HK post on FB hoping that it helps our efforts to break the chains of Hawai`i`’s occupation through education.
    Aloha piha to all those responsible to educate us.

  8. ARTICLE 22. The Crown is hereby permanently confirmed to __________, and to the Heirs of His/Her body lawfully begotten, and to their lawful Descendants in a direct line; failing whom, the Crown shall descend to __________, and the heirs of his/her body, lawfully begotten, and their lawful descendants in a direct line. The Succession shall be to the senior male child, and to the heirs of his body; failing a male child, the succession shall be to the senior female child, and to the heirs of her body. In case there is no heir as above provided, then the successor shall be the person whom the Sovereign shall appoint with the consent of the Nobles, and publicly proclaim as such during the King’s life; but should there be no such appointment and proclamation, and the Throne should become vacant, then the Cabinet Council, immediately after the occurring of such vacancy, shall cause a meeting of the Legislative Assembly, who shall elect by ballot some native Alii of the Kingdom as Successor to the Throne; and the Successor so elected shall become a new Stirps for a Royal Family; and the succession from the Sovereign thus elected, shall be regulated by the same as the present Royal Family of Hawaii. (Affected by the death of Her Majesty Queen Lili’uokalani on November 17, 1917, who failed to receive confirmation from the Nobles of the Legislative Assembly for Her Majesty’s nomination in accordance with this Article of the Constitution due to the civil unrest in the Country and the American occupation)
    govern in conformity therewith.

    ARTICLE 25. No person shall ever sit upon the Throne, who has been convicted of any infamous crime, or who is insane, or an idiot.


  9. Mahalo, Dr. Sai. I’m signing up for IMC subscription on youtube next. Brilliant to compare the more recent Kuwait government history to our own. You have to be carefully taught to believe things that don’t make sense; but faced with the light of truth, you may be able to step back and take a moment to think without filters.

  10. Aloha ka kou,

    This is an awesome video!
    To me it reveals the current day struggle of an innocent person (Jennifer Ruggles) who followed the letter of the law only to be met by opposition of the spirit of the law which ultimately led to her being ostracized by all of the other council members and ridiculed by corporation counsel Kamelamela, which is in one word shameful!
    It is clear that the intent (spirit) in this case, is not misplaced, but is clearly unjust! No further argument required it is definitely ripe for it to be considered a war crime.

    See at: 1:24:54
    I found the interview with the UH students entertaining. To see them go from the position of being uninformed to informed and then to solution state of mind was epic! You can literally see the innocent wheels turning in their heads.
    Their familiar past is no longer a part of their predictable future, they’ve changed!

    One student summed it up well at 1:32:42: “Being ignorant of the fact of what really happened is just as insulting as what we did.” You could see and almost feel his emotion of remorse for something he had no part of, but connected to by his citizenship to the United States of America.
    Being cognizant of the accurate history brings kuleana.

    I also enjoyed the clip by Donovan Preza, at 1:34:48 “You’re so lucky someone took you over, as if you were so backward to begin with…” And at later on this same clip: “If you have no clue of what the Kingdom was then of course you’re going to think oh, so lucky! But if you know what the Kingdom was, we went backwards, not so lucky, you set us back. You restrained us!:
    Mahalo for saying what I had only thought!

    Like the young man said in this video “it’s a blessing to be here in Hawaii…” It is a blessing for us to live in Hawaii.

    Mahalo to Dr. Sai who said many times over, education is the key. We have seen it here in real time. Now let’s go educate the world!


  11. Aloha
    As a child growing up in public school in the 60s.

    I remember Princess Kaiulani Elementary School. The first thing they teach you is the pledge of Allegiance to America.

    I also remember how my third grade teacher was telling me how much the Queen love America so she gave Hawaii to America.
    Next lesson the 50th state motto “the life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness”
    Only to find out later in life, EA means SOVEREIGNTY (the SOVEREIGNTY of land is perpetuated in righteousness). I believe that’s what our Alii was so proud on that day July 31 1843 La Ho’iho’i EA

    It only took five months for the British to return our EA.

    What’s up with USA?

    Today our Kia’i knows the truth.
    There numbers are growing.


  12. Aloha kakou, I read the responses on this forum and I’m not surprised by some of these responses. The United States knew exactly how to whitewash the Hawaiian Islands and other islands. And the U.S. continues to spread the lies. This is definitely not about religion! My tutu always told me that you can’t change “stupid”, so don’t try. For all my Native Hawaiians and supporters, keep teaching those that don’t know about our past. Educate them!

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