Middlesex University London to Host Dr. Keanu Sai’s Presentation on Hawai‘i’s Occupation and War Crimes

The United States’ Prolonged Occupation of Hawai‘i: War Crimes and Human Rights Violations

Date and Time: Tuesday, 15 October 2019 17:30-19:00 BST

Location: Middlesex University The College Building, 2nd Floor, C219-220 The Burroughs London NW4 4BT United Kingdom

Registration: The event is free and open to the public as well as faculty, staff and students of Middlesex University London. Click here to Register

About this Event: From a British Protectorate in 1794 to an Independent State in 1843, the Hawaiian Kingdom’s government was illegally overthrown by U.S. forces in 1893. U.S. President Cleveland, after conducting a presidential investigation into the overthrow, notified the Congress that the Hawaiian government was overthrown by an “act of war” and that the U.S. was responsible. Annexationists in the Congress thwarted Cleveland’s commitment, by exchange of notes with Queen Lili‘uokalani, to restore the Hawaiian government and Hawai‘i was unilaterally annexed in 1898 during the Spanish-American War after Cleveland left office in order to secure the islands as a military outpost. Today there are 118 U.S. military sites in the islands, headquarters for the U.S. Indo-Pacific Unified Military Command, and is currently targeted for nuclear strike by North Korea, China, and Russia.

This legal and political history of Hawai‘i has been kept from the international community until the Larsen v. Hawaiian Kingdom arbitral proceedings were initiated in 1999 at the Permanent Court of Arbitration, The Hague, Netherlands. At the core of the dispute were the unlawful imposition of U.S. laws, which led to grave breaches of the Fourth Geneva Convention by the U.S. against Lance Larsen, a Hawaiian subject, and whether the Hawaiian Kingdom, by its Council of Regency, was liable for the unlawful imposition of U.S. laws in the territory of an occupied State.

This talk by Dr. Keanu Sai, who served as Agent for the Hawaiian Kingdom in the Larsen case, will provide a historical and legal context of the current situation in Hawai‘i and the mandate of the Royal Commission of Inquiry to investigate war crimes and human rights violations taking place in Hawai‘i. Dr. Sai encourages attendees to view beforehand “The acting Council of Regency: Exposing the American Occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom” at:

15 thoughts on “Middlesex University London to Host Dr. Keanu Sai’s Presentation on Hawai‘i’s Occupation and War Crimes

  1. I thnk the key word there, Jon, is “unilaterally.” Way to EAducate the world, Dr. Sai!! We do our part in spreading the knowledge that u share with us in our pars of the world. Pule – Lokahi – Ku’e in True Aloha.

    • Kehaulani, As one who has long paid attention to Keanu, and who used his presentation to the Court of Arbitration at the Hague in the Larsen case for my book LIBERATE HAWAI’I! I found it odd that after making the definitive case that there WAS NO annexation, that overthrowing a government by threat of force does not permit the state (independent sovereign entity) to be annexed, that he would say “annexed.” We further know that it never passed 2/3 of the Senate anyway. I think he slipped up in writing this as it contradicts his central point for 25 years. As I say in my talks here on the East Coast (including to the recent national Green Party Convention, US gained CONTROL, but never SOVEREIGNTY of Hawai’i.

      • Aloha Jon, everyone knows, no state can unilaterally annex another nation state. By saying the U.S. unilaterally annexed Hawaii is pointing out the violation of the U.S.’s fraudulent annexation without a Treaty.

        • Kekoa, even in your reply, you have said “U.S. unilaterally annexed Hawaii.” We must never concede that point. They did NOT annex: they gained control by force. This is what Keanu (and subsequently many others, including me) have been saying ever since we “got it.”

          • Thank you, Kekoa, for breaking it down for Jon. If i may, Jon, both Kekoa and i pointed out the word unilaterally. Kekoa took it a step further with the words fraudulent annexation. As you know, the annexation which transpired, occurred between the US and Republic of Hawaii, which consisted of rogue US businessmen backed by wayward US military personnel. Hence, one US conspiring entity (guised as a Hawaiian entity) annexing the Hawaiian Kingdom over to the main US conspiring entity (the corporation guised as a federation of sovereign states) was a fraudulent annexation due to the unilateral nature of the act. Therefore, the annexation is rendered null and void. There is no denying that a fraudulent annexation occurred, and that people in many parts of the world believe that Hawaii was annexed and had become part of the US. The beauty of this article is in the fact that The Council of Regents has EAducated us to the truth of this unilateral, fraudulent annexation, and that they are continuing to EAducate globally. Imua Council. Mahalo nui for your contribution to the liberation of Kanaka Maoli from its oppressor.

      • The U.S. illegally ovethrown the Hawaiian Government (which is not to be confused with State (country). A government can be illegally or legally overthrown, but not the state (the country). Hawaii was recognized globally as an independent country since 1843 and it continues sovereign as a state under international law for the past 126 yeas, under U.S.A. belligerent occupation. Today, Hawaii is known by the majority of people from across the globe as the 50th state of the United States, which isn’t an accurate fact. What most people who are not educated about international law and political science don’t know or understand is that no country has the power to annexate another independent country by using a joint resolution, which is exactly what the U.S. did with Hawaii. A joint resolution has no power or effect outside the territorial jurisdiction of where it was passed. Yet, the U.S. claims that Hawaii was annexed to the U.S. by a joint resolution. The U.S. never obtained a cession treaty from the Queen. No cession treaty, no legal annexation of an independent country.

  2. One more note of importance, Jon. The US never gained control by force. The Queen abdicated under protest til such time as Cleveland could sort through this mess. She did so while the treat of force was upon us, so as to PREVENT force. The threat of force was enough for Cleveland to call it an act of war, although an act of which he, as Head Executive, never approved. He labeld them rogues and reprimanded Stephens. In March he sent Blount to investigate. After a months-long investigation and ample time for him to finalize a report, Blount concluded that the only remedy for this ateocity was to restore the Queen to her throne. Cleveland concurred. What we live under today is a direct result of high treason by the rogues who refused to follow Cleveland’s Executive Order, coupled with fraud. This spawned many more ateocities and criminal acts. There is no doubt that we are under an unlawful, beligeratn ocuulation, yet Not by force, but by Treason and Fraud.

    • Of course. I understand all that. Note that I used the phrase “”threat of force,” unmistakable when the 160 armed men from the USS Boston came ashore and faced the palace. My central point, however was one that our movement has been asserting for some time. There was NO ANNEXATION, only a transfer of CONTROL to the occupier.

  3. The SIGNATURE’S, of both Head-of-State, Head of the Hawaiian Kingdom, “Queen Lili`uokalani” and the U.S.A. President Cleveland, have signed their “EXECUTIVE AGREEMENT”, w/o any force or thinking/having WISELY intentions??? ….but, as the days progress Greediness, Control that causes Treason and Fraud.

  4. Planning to attend this, but need to know if there will be transportation from the train station for those with impaired mobility.

  5. A lot of kanaka are talking about registering to voting to get these insurgents out of office to stop continued disregard to our needs. Can the Regency of the Hawaiian Kingdom speak on this concern?

    • There is technically no voting in a war situation, which Hawaii is still in. And it does not matter who is running Hawaii; what is legally required to happen is to start the de-occupation process.

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