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  1. Is there a path of success that the maole and aupuni can get on that we can find solutions to our own pilikia with the fake state and their agents? Yes I need kokua to calm my huhu. Mahalo in advance.

  2. YES!!!!!!! HO`OMANAWANUI!! We’ve been/are Govern under the OCCUPATION of the U.S. First, Do you know your family geneaology? KNOW THEM. Then, Do You Believe That Our Ancestors Have Given YOU a FOUNDATION to EXPLORE & to PROSPER?
    NOW, It is OUR “KULEANA”, as Hawaiian Nationals to learn our Hawaiian History, even though, we are in conflict with those we are huhu with, but AS TIME PASSES,……
    Forgive, because too much is at stake ….. for 126 years, we’ve been weary, not knowing who we are, been brain washed, thinking that we were & are the UNITED STATES–NO WAY, been afraid to speak the truth of our true identity that “WE” are from this volcanic islands, that is our home, HAWAI`I -UA MAU KE EA O KA `AINA I KA PONO”, Mahalo nui!

  3. I agree with Jerry Ferro. How would we move ahead on this issue of a fake state. I guess that would depend on where we want to go; and there, would no doubt be multiple issues like; Restitution vs Reparations, to what organization would they go to, how would the old/new land and resources be distributed, what form of Government, Kingdom, democracy, socialist, a combination of those and many others. Then there is a constitution and laws governing commerce, population, immigration etc. There is, no doubt lots of huhu to go around, including my own but now more than ever before would this be a time when Hawaiian people would have to come together to gather the pieces of this puzzle (and possibly making new pieces) and put them together a little at a time with the sole intention of making it work. It will have to be something simple that we can live with, at first, and then improve upon. Any Ideas?

    • First we crawl.
      My family and I just keep learning what the HK has left us it’s all there we just need to listen.

      • You are so Akamai and I am grateful that you add to the wisdom I have been blessed to be around in this culture and my life. What Sai brings to my na`auao along with Purdy and others is the courage that is necessary for us to change and prevail. We need to express more courage and we have so many examples of that needed courage around us. I want a Palikapu voice also. The courts and police have not been able to make us go away and I have had my days in court and jail and then came to hear the judge tell the prosecutors “No leave him alone. Let him go we have nothing on him”. We go on now ready to help the military pack up and leave and the same for the illegal citizen who is falsely convinced they can take the aina from those who it was gifted to my Akua. I mahalo you all for your na mana`o. Ho`omaika`i

  4. I have followed the voices of nā oiwi for years and as a kupuna that is still drawing breath, the closest anyone has gotten to getting the car back (Country) has been the process that Mr. Sai has beed able to instigate. Education is the key. Donʻt worry just yet about the color of the car, the size of the engine, whether it is a convertible or not etc. Just get the car back and collectively we can modify it to our purpose.

  5. I am ever so Grateful to have such an Akamai Kane! Dr. David Keanu Sai! Please keep up the Good Work! Sometimes I would Wonder if I’m the only One that understands this? When seeing Blogs like this with the Maui County Counsel gives me Hope that The Huliau will Happen sooner then we all think. Prayers to you Keanu and your Ohana! From our Ohana!

    • I am with you also Margarie. Sitting personally with him and talking about the changes is also very encouraging.

  6. Aurite! presentation.Awesome Aloha Braddah Sai kanaka following and watching and reading your Blogs killah work has been laid down the foundation is almost in the mits of completion

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