66 thoughts on “Maui College Professor Kaleikoa Ka‘eo’s Testimony at OHA Community Meeting on Maui

  1. cant wait to see the HAWAIIAN KINGDOM offically reconized as an occupied state come june when the world war reports come out.
    keep ur head up kanaka!
    soon come the last shall be first.
    n the first shall be last.

    One Akua
    One Canoe
    One kingdom

    Aloha ke a kua

  2. I am 60 and still I would follow this young Koa into battle. KUE forever against the united states.

  3. Aloha,

    Mahalo Kaleikoa for expressing what I feel! Mahalo for representing
    those of us who couldn’t make that meeting and Mahalo for all our
    kupuna that placed their names on the 1897 anti-annexation petition!

    OHA should’ve spent more money educating our people on the
    true Hawaiian history, if they did they would have no one looking
    to place their name on kauinoa or kanaiolowalu’s list!

    kauinoa is HEWA!
    kanaiolowalu is HEWA!
    And because these synthetic Hawaiian clubs are offsprings of OHA,
    OHA is also HEWA!

    A hui hou,

  4. Aloha too All, would it be TREASON against your Hawaiian Kingdom Government and your Ancestor’s if you sign up for kauinoa? Because all the hawaiians who sign up for kauinoa are american citzens and not citzens of the Hawaiian Kingdom. To have a voice in the Hawaiian Kingdom you must sign up in a LAWFUL process. We do have that process right now known as the LAWFUL REINSTATED HAWAIIAN Kingdom Government. Sign up and go home where you belong with your Ancestor’s. Aloha Mau Keoki.

  5. Mahalo Kaleikoa and all fellow countrymen/women that were there to support our Kingdom.

    OHA is HEWA unless it starts to comply with Hawaiian Kingdom Law, laws of occupation, Geneva Convention and Humanitarian Law. Hope they comply soon their window is closing.

    Keoki, compliance to these laws are applicable to the occupier and the occupied. So, I would be careful when using the word TREASON. Just because you use the word LAWFUL to describe your government does not mean it’s lawful.

    • Aloha Cuz, remember Queen Liliuokalani use those same words in her letter TREASON and that is FACTS. Question; in your mind is the Reinstated Hawaiian Kingdom Government Lawful or defactor?

  6. Mahalo Kaleikoa and fellow countrymen/woman who were there supporting our Kingdom.
    OHA is HEWA for sure. However, they still have an oppurtunity to make things Pono through necessity by complying with Hawaiian Kingdom Law,Geneva Convention, Law of Occupation and Humanitarian Law. They better hurry time is running out.
    Keoki, I would be very careful when using the (T) word TREASON. Those Laws mentioned above are applicable to both occupier and the occupied. Just because the word LAWFUL is used in the title of your so-called government doesn’t make it lawful.

  7. Aloha Keoki, Answer; Although our Kingdom is occupied it’s legal order continues to exist. Everyone within the limits of it’s territory are bound by that legal order and that is fact. Even with good intentions, if someone takes it upon themselves to create another gov’t such as LRHKG or an acting gov’t like this blog’s sponsor they have committed TREASON. Get the picture??? I hope everyone who decided to try this understood what they were doing. If they did then I can deduct they have the escape plan figured out and if not then don’t draw attention to your selves. This is not an easy feat to acheive since there is no margin for error. One would need to operate within narrow parameters of established legal doctrines to acheive their goals and survive prosecution. So, with that said, Final Exams will be conducted at the end of the occupation by a De jure gov’t so study hard and good luck.

    • Aloha Kekoa, if you are saying that the LRHKG created another gov’t that is WRONG. The Lawful Reinstated Hawaiian Kingdom Government was REINSTATED as per Internationals Laws and under the HKG Constitutions. So, I quess you would have to go back school again. Question; Why are you calling the u.s.a a De Jure gov’t? ps. read my statement on May 18, 2014 @ 3:42pm. Remember too, u.s.a. has a law on their books that u.s.a.citizens can not vote in any other to build a Nation election, if they do it is TREASON under u.s.a. LAWS. Aloha Mau Keoki.

  8. We live in such confusing times and so many Kanaka ma’oli desire change, that we DESERVE. A few questions to those of the Lawful Reinstated Hawaiian Kingdom Government: First, what section of the 1864 Hawaiian Kingdom Constitution was used to disolve the power of the monarch and create the position of a Prime Minister. Second, Wouldn’t signing the LRHKG Allegiance Form, swearing allegiance to the 1991 constitution, created by the LRHKG be waiving my rights as a Hawaiian subject secured by the Hawaiian Kingdom Constitution of 1864? Last, Why does the LRHKG not direct new applicants to Dr. Keanu Sai’s research as his research has yet to be refuted? Just a few questions I have asked LRHKG members, without recieving a clear response. Mr. Noa, if you are Henry Noa, I would love to get it from the “horses mouth.”

  9. Aloha Keoki, your assumption that I was talking about the u.s.a. is wrong. I never mentioned the u.s.a. in my post. I said “..Final Exams will be conducted at the end of the occupation by a De jure gov’t so study hard and good luck. If I’m talking about the end of the occupation obviously the u.s.a. cannot be involved. A De Jure gov’t would be a HK gov’t elected by HK subjects. I base my determinations on laws, evidence and facts which include a proven track record. However it is not my determination that matters. Those determinations are made by lawfully established international agencies, institutions and nation states. Seeing how much liability is involved they would subject any entity to a forensic dissection of it’s process to verify it’s legitimacy and allow participation or negotiations. So, let’s take a pop quiz predicated on these entities verifications. Lawful Reinstated Hawaiian Gov’t. LRHKG and Acting Hawaiian Kingdom Gov’t AHKG. Questions;
    1. Which gov’t represented the HK in a World Court Arbitration, resulting in an award verifying the continued existance of the HK? AHKG/1 LRHKG/0.
    2. Which gov’t successfully filed a complaint at the United Nations Security Council on Hawaii’s prolonged occupation by the United States? AHKG/1 LRHKG/0.
    3. Which gov’t sucessfully ratified the Geneva Conventions for the HK? AHKG/1 LRHKG/0.
    4. Which gov’t successfully adopted the Rome Statute
    to allow the ICC jurisdiction over war crimes in HK? AHKG/1 LRHKG/0

    5.Which gov’t successfully got the ICRC to help secure a supporting power or be the supporting power for HK’s occupation? AHKG/1 LRHKG/0

    6.Which gov’t is currently in nation state to nation state negotiations with the Swiss Gov’t. to be the supporting power for HK’s occupation? AHKG/1 LRHKG/0. Pop Quiz Grades. AHKG 6 of 6, A+ LRHKG/0 of 6, F.

    If you are going to claim to be a gov’t then act like one and get things done. If you can’t get things done JUST GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!

    • Aloha Kekoa, sorry but, I was the one mention the u.s.a. and I do applaud Keanu for what he has done as AHKG. LRHKG did go to it’s Kanaka subjects and they did step forward to have an open registration, sign up to vote for their leaders. I hope you have sign up, because I guess you are still an u.s.a. citzens. We the LRHK subject are no longer citizens of u.s.a. our paper works has been file with the u.s.a. I understand of what you are saying but, we all must come together to complete the mission that our Ancester’s has left us, OUR HAWAIIAN KINGDOM NATION so, we the Kanaka people can be once again be a Nation among Nation. Aloha Mau Keoki.

      • If I am a Hawaiian subject, by way of jus sanguinis, but was never aware of this due to the illegal occupation, would I have to denounce my U.S. Citizinship to be a Hawaiian Subject? I think this questions, is a perfect example of how complicated our situation is. I definitely am NOT signing up with LRHK until the above referenced questions can be answered. Maybe you can help, Keoki?
        I have spoken with a high level member of LRHK and stated if LRHK and Dr. Keanu Sai came together I would join that entity.

        • Aloha Mr. Reis you are right about denouncing your u.s. citizenship. We Kanaka Maoli people have done that and sent our palapala to the u.s.a. We do have our own HK ID’s and driver licence, birth certificate and licence plates on our cars. Now is the time for you too go home where you belong with your Ancestor’s HKG and help us finish our mission left by our Ancestor’s. Tell your Hoaloha and Ohana. Aloha Mau Keoki.

  10. Mr. Noa, if you don’t know the answer to this question than you have no clue of the process and the benefits and liabilities that go with that responsibility. I am not an attorney and cannot give you legal advice.

  11. I want to say that Professor Kaleikoa Ka’eo has the mana when he shares his manao with all his brothers and sisters of the Hawaiian Kingdom and the public at large. Being an outstanding native kanaka in our community and a great speaker for our native Hawaiian independence we cannot deny that his delivery of the true and correct history was the most powerful I have ever witness. I know that the OHA board of trustee’s got Kaleikoa’s message as he testified in the defense of all of us that was in the Maui meeting at the Cameron Center in Wailuku, Maui May 15, 2014. I agree with Kaleikoa in what he preaches a hundred percent and disagree with Colette Machado and the other OHA trustee’s that shamefully sided with her in the rescind letter to Secretary Kerry a thousand percent. Our native Hawaiian people need to unite as one to overcome the United States of America and its powerful military. ?? can or no can?? Colette Machado did send a c.c. to Admiral Samuel J, Locklear III USN Commander Pacific Command in her rescind letter on May 9, 2014. Looks very similar to what took place in Honolulu when the U.S. Marines landed their troops on Hawaiian Kingdom land in 1893. ??why did Colette Machado of OHA c.c. her rescind letter to Admiral Locklear and for what reason?? Is it because we are still unlawfully occupied by the U>S> military?? This is why the Hawaiian people demand transparency from OHA on all dealings within their kuleana.

    This is my humble manao,

    Love and Aloha,


    • Aloha Kaleolani,
      I cannot speak to Trustee Machado’s intentions but it would make sense that she cc’d Admiral Samuel J, Locklear III USN Commander Pacific Command because he was cc’d in the original letter by Kamana’opono to Secretary Kerry. So it may be that she was cc’ing all of the people cc’d in the original letter.


      • Aloha Uncle and Donovan,

        You guys just brought something to my attention
        about that letter of recession sent to John Kerry
        and a cc sent to Samuel Locklear.

        The recession letter was clearly sent by Collette
        Machado containing the names of other Trustees
        in support of her desire to rescind Kamana’opono’s
        letter (possibly in violation of the Sunshine law)
        less three Trustees who have since changed their
        minds, whether it was to avoid any violation of the
        Sunshine laws, the wrath of the Hawaiian subjects
        or a no harm in asking position, their request to
        remove their names was submitted accordingly.

        Now that the Ho’oponopono session with the OHA
        Trustees is history and everything appears to be
        “pono” what about that letter of recession letter?
        They “Collette Machado” have not, at least to my
        knowledge, recalled her letter of recession to Kerry
        and Locklear creating a loop hole for U.S. Secretary
        of State Kerry to avoid having to be held accountable!

        Now if OHA is really “PONO” they would fire off a new
        unified letter demanding answers from Kerry on the
        same questions Kamana’opono had asked!
        Assure Kerry that Trustee Machado’s letter to rescind
        CEO Kamana’opono’s letter was sent out prematurely
        and without proper input or validation of the people
        they serve!

        If OHA does that maybe they are “pono”, but if they
        don’t think twice about taking the steps mentioned the
        whole thing might be a SHAM!

        Sure we don’t really need an answer from Kerry to
        tell us the U.S. screwed up, but we need to make
        sure that the opportunity for the U.S. to be held
        accountable, albeit symbolic, is not corrupted in
        any way by Machado’s letter to rescind.

        Action speaks volume!

        A hui hou,

        Donovan, I enjoyed the session you had
        on video with Lynette Cruz, very informing!

        • You wanna see pono action from OHA. They need to stop sitting on our money and use it to start rebuilding our nation.
          Here is my manao. The three Hawaiian entities need to start working together instead of being divided.
          OHA needs to start working with the Bishop Trust and Hawaiian Homes to develop Hawaiian Homestead/agricultural opportunities for Kanaka Ma’oli. I believe the Hawaiian Kingdom will/should be inclusive, currently I am focused on our people.

          Land developement needs to be done in an akamai manner, embracing the teachings of our kupana and their concepts that the land is to serve the members of that community, the subjects of the Kingdom and benefit future generations, ahupuaa style.

          Maybe there are apartment style housing, utilizing sustainable energy and modern technology that is used on a rotational basis by students, business types and elderly. These groups of people may not have the time to mow the lawn. The maintenance of these apartment housing projects could create jobs.

          Then there are subdivision housing for families with children, not right on the highway, or down wind from hazardous operations such as landfills or experimental agricultural practices. All housing projects should contain two water lines, one ag and one potable. We currently water our lawns with potable water.

          Ag lots to those that have an interest in producing healthy organic food for their communities, island residence and tourist. We don’t need to be raising cows to feed Americans. We should be raising cows and pigs to fill the local and tourist demand, then pau.

          These housing/ag projects should not occur on just the existing Hawaiian Home lots as most of these land are old Plantation lands that have been polluted with pesticides.
          Bishop Trust has some wonderful, clean lands that would be great for a number of different homestead/agricultural possibilites.

          Every island should have one Cultural Resource Center containing information and artifacts regarding our history and culture.

          Every island should have number of designated pueo reserves/open space areas that could be used for a number of different public events.

          There are so many benefits for pursuing such an undertaking. Sustainable growth and practices, job creation, bettering the financial and social situation of our people and future generations.

          That would be a good use of the money OHA has been sitting on.

          • Those concerns are the very reason we
            need to be in control of our Lahui!
            We can voice all our concerns to OHA,
            but what are the chances they will heard?
            How can OHA even think of building or
            rebuilding a nation based upon historical

            To OHA, no tell us you pono, show us you

            Send a new letter to secretary of state
            John Kerry in support of Kamanaopono’s
            request concerning the continuity of the
            Hawaiian Kingdom! If OHA can’t or won’t
            do that what are the chances they will ever
            hear our concerns? It all comes down to
            this whole thing being a bait & switch act!
            Just saying.

            Come on Macado, you can do it! Send
            John Kerry a new letter demanding an
            answer from him concerning the continuity
            of the Hawaiian Kingdom, ask him about
            the treaty of cession between the U.S.
            and the Hawaiian Kingdom and why did
            the U.S. allow our head of state, Queen
            Liliuokalani to be arrested? Ask him??

          • Some great mana’o right there brother. I too agree that Hawai’i can sustain ourselves even though most of our people think we ‘need’ the U.S. for everything when in reality the U.S. needs us!

            Also its just Kanaka Maoli, there is no ‘okina between A and O in Maoli. The ‘okina is the remnant for the proto-polynesian ‘K’ that has been hushed by our ancestors. E.g. Hawai’i has a place called Wai’anae, and in Aotearoa/New Zealand they have a place called Waikanae. See the relation? ‘Okina = K.

    • Aloha Kaleolani I notice that in our views we use the words native hawaiians and Kanaka Maoli. Which one of these are correct, was our Ancestor’s native hawaiians or Kanaka? Because to be the LAWFUL claimant of the HK you have to be the LAWFUL person claiming it. Aloha Mau Keoki.

      • The term Native Hawaiian was first used after the fraudulent Territory of Hawai’i passed the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act on July 9, 1921 which is what started the Hawaiian Homesteads. A Native Hawaiian according to the bill is described ‘as persons with 50% or more Hawaiian blood’. So basically according to the U.S. if you ain’t 50% or more Polynesian/Kanaka you aren’t Native Hawaiian.

        Kanaka Maoli has only been used in recent times as a cultural and political statement as an act to ku’e the U.S. I believe before the occupation we called ourselves Aboriginals? I’m not sure but as for me, I spit on the term Native Hawaiian I’m a Kanaka born and raised.

        • Aloha Cuz, that is true you are a Kanaka born in the Hawaiian Islands. Unless you were born on the big island of Hawaii. Yes, we Kanaka Maoli People are Aboriginals of Da Hawaiian Island that dates back more 300 hundreds years. The word Aboriginal mean one and the word Aboriginals mean more than one. If you look up the word Aboriginal it pertains to a Human and if you look up the word native it pertains to animals, plants insects and etc. so, that is why they are called native hawaiians. Aloha Mau Keoki.

  12. Both entities are pro Hawaiian kingdom goverment.
    One just ran by the Prime Minister LRHKG.
    The othe ran by the Embasador AHKG.
    They both support the de occupation process.
    Would you take yourself to court kekoa?
    These acting governments had to form or america would acquiesce the kingdom by 2017. Since acting governments are in place the option to acquiesce desolved.
    After de-occupation and a registry can be held. We can then vote our officals into office.
    Compared to the treasons acts commited by the puppet 50th state government and america this would be a much higher case then the ones commited to america from said hawaiian nationals.
    They want us to sign up for their groups.
    Kaniolowalu, kauinoa, roll commission,
    act 195. All degrading us to native hawaiians and not Hawaiian Nationals. They’re HEWA!
    Soon enough everyone will be left with a choice. Retain your american citizenship or claim/retain your Hawaiian National status. If dual citizenship is in play like it is with a lot of us hawaiians one citizenship must be denounced. For me im Hawaiian National by birth. American by choice. I will denounce my citizenship to america when the Kingdom gains jurisdiction and authority to administer Hawaiian law.
    Hint: World War reports come out in june.
    Blessing love

    • Check out this HEWA information:

      And its amendment:

      From the 111th Congress (2009 – 2010)

      Defining a “qualified Native Hawaiian constituent.”

      From the top link:

      (1) is one of the indigenous, native people of Hawaii
      and who is a direct lineal descendant of the aboriginal,
      indigenous, native people who resided in the islands
      that now comprise the state of Hawaii on or before
      January 1, 1893, or is an individual who is one of the
      indigenous, native people of Hawaii and who was eligible
      in 1921 for the programs authorized by the Hawaiian
      Homes Commission Act, 1920; “The Roll”

      (Converts a Hawaiian national to disguised Hawaiian race)

      It never mentions kanaka maoli, but that of the native people
      who resided in the islands before January 1, 1893.
      We know that there was no American insurgent intervention
      until January 16, 1893, yet another move by the arrogant
      Americans to hide their HEWA of January 16, 1893!
      The more the U.S. wants to comply with their 1993 Apology
      Bill the bigger their HEWA gets!

      This is the foundation of kanaiolowalu or as we know it

      The only thing the U.S. is sorry about is being caught!

      The U.S. has to funnel money out to make their apology
      meaningful in their eyes, but they don’t want to return
      anything back to the Hawaiian Kingdom and hoping that
      the Americanized kanaka can help them achieve that goal!

      The amendment assures that the U.S. and the State of
      Hawaii remain in control!

      And that too is how one can tell if an entity is pro HK or HEWA!
      There are GROUPS out there that don’t want to be referred to
      as such that are scamming the kanaka people for their own
      benefit putting people in harms way for their own personal
      testing procedures. Shame! Just as bad, HEWA!!

      BTW: Where is the new UNIFIED letter to Kerry from the
      pono OHA group? BS!

      Ku’e I ka HEWA!

      • Aloha Kanekeawe, know where you are coming from with native hawaiians, which stated in public law 103-105. The u.s.a under that definition is changing your identity. Look for your true identity with your Ancestor King Kamehameha in his own words in the Mamala-Hoe Kanawai Law where he states, “E na Kanaka.” which means all my people. If anybody know who he is, as an aboriginal person and our true identity would be King Kamehameha. Also, more evidence about our true identity is written in The Great Mahele, these factual evidence is your true identity. Aloha Mau Keoki.

  13. Aloha Keoki,
    mahalo for your question of my word usage defining my description of our people. in the revised and enlarged edition of the Hawaiian Dictionary by a most revered Hawaiian lady, Mary Kawena Pukui, and Professor Samuel H. Elbert, they define Kanaka Maoli as Hawaiian native. Hawaiian language [so used in reports of 1852 Legislative session] of the Hawaiian Kingdom.
    The definition of the word spelled kanaka as you wrote in your blog, is used to describe a man, person, human being, as a foreigner, outsider, stranger, or heathen. I hope this helps you clarify what description would be appropriate for the HK claimants.

    Aloha Kaua,


    • Aloha Kaleolani that is the way of missionaries. Our true identity is Kanaka, even King Kamehameha I states it very clearly in his Mamala-Hoe Kanawai Law. Where is states “E Na Kanaka.” which means all my people. Now, if our King wanted to call his people hawaiians then he would have said “E Na hawaiians.” and remember now he knows his TRUE indentity of his People. So, that means that Da Kanaka People are the Lawfull HK claimants and not the native hawaiians. Also, we are not natives but, Aboriginals of this place that we call the Hawaiian Islands because Hawaii is an island in the 132 island in our domain. Aloha Mau Keoki ps what does aloha kaua means?

  14. Aloha Donovan,
    I appreciate your explanation for my question regarding chairperson Colette Machado c.c.ing Admiral Locklear. My mistake for not seeing it in Kamana’opono’s inquiry letter to Secretary Kerry. However, what else was questionable was the meeting that Kamana’opono had with Colette Machado before he sent the letter and made it public to Secretary Kerry in Washington D.C. He apparently met with Colette and asked her if it would be o.k. and understood that she agreed with an affirmative yes but found out after the fact that he misunderstood what she said?? Does not sound right to me but I too make mistakes. Seems to me that OHA leadership is not pono with each other and operating with different agenda’s. Having two educated individuals seat down and one question asked of the other but both misunderstood what the other said. That does not make any sense for two professional executives that closely work with each other allow themselves to be put in this type of situation. It’s not good for business whether its a defacto government or a legitimate Hawaiian Kingdom government. I still have faith in Kamana’opono Crabbe and hope he sees the light and chooses to follow Dr. Keanu Sai and NOT KANAIOLOWALU to make us Hawaiian people like the American Indians. That would definitely be the wrong path to advocate for as a leader of the Hawaiian Kingdom and its people and all of our kupuna’s past and present. We also don’t need ex-governors of the state of Hawaii who admits that the United States unlawfully occupies our Hawaiian Island by their military forces then he should not be promoting Kanaiolowalu which will be under the direction of the United States department of interior.
    John Waihee has definitely been Americanized and has forgotten who he really is. He is haole/hawaiian ethnically but feels and thinks he is haole so he let the haole rule his dystany. I am Hawaiian/haole ethnically but raised by my Hawaiian family in the Hawaiian ways and feel and think as a Hawaiian in my hapa heart. Just a comparison of two hapa kane’s from the same country but world’s apart in our I”ke and our mana’o. I know who I am and choose to be Hawaiian because its the right thing for us who has the koko in our veins to fight for our independence as the existing Hawaiian Kingdom. I praise all the Hawaiian people who believe the true history of our homeland because as Dr. Keanu Sai said, the truth will set us free.
    Mahalo Nui Loa, Kaleolani

    • In the mid-19th century a native Hawaiian referred to someone, regardless of blood/ethnicity who was born in Hawaii. Someone born elsewhere (not in Hawaii) was a foreigner (haole). Willy Kauai’s PHD, which is on the evolution of Hawaiian citizenship laws, cites a Hawaiian Kingdom courtcase, Naone v. Thurston where Asa Thurston (the son of the missionary Thurston) self identifies as a native Hawaiian (meaning he was born in Hawaii and thus acquired Hawaiian citizenship through birth on the soil). This term was later “racialized” in the 1920’s with the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act where it came to mean someone with 50% blood quantum. Just trying to add context to how the term evolved as it also illustrates how we went from a mindset of being Hawaiian nationals to being Hawaiian ethnics.

  15. Mr. Noa, I do not understand your rationale on citizenship. There is no way myself, you or any kanaka could be a u.s. citizen. Maybe you could answer these few simple questions for claification.
    1. Is Hawaii occupied? Yes or No.
    2. If Hawaii is occupied does Hawaiian Kingdom Law, International Law, Laws of Occupation, Geneva and Hague Conventions and Humanitarian Law of Armed Conflicts regulate Hawaii’s occupation? Yes or No?

  16. Keoki, I do not understand your rationale on citizenship. There is no way myself, you or any kanaka could be a u.s. citizen. Maybe you could answer these few simple questions for claification.
    1. Is Hawaii occupied? Yes or No.
    2. If Hawaii is occupied does Hawaiian Kingdom Law, International Law, Laws of Occupation, Geneva and Hague Conventions and Humanitarian Law of Armed Conflicts regulate Hawaii’s occupation? Yes or No?

    • Aloha Kekoa, I think the best way to explain my citizenship with my Nation, the Hawaiian Kingdom is for you to a read our process. It is located on our website hawaii-gov.net, it is called Reinstated Hawaiian Government. Read about our process under International Laws. Now, for your question. 1…. Yes 2…..NO as Professor Chang stated in his statement it is all an illusion. The question Kekoa you have to ask yourself are you still living in that illusion and going to sit on the fence while we Kanaka Maoli people move on? We the Kanaka subjects have step forward and reinstated our Ancestor’s HK Government. Keanu is still trying to get recognition that the HK Government is Lawful. We know that we are Lawful and so does the u.s.a because of public law 103-105 sign by the President and Congress. I hope this helps you. I remember a quote from President Lincoln which he had stated; “We can only destroy our self because of lack of knowledge.” Aloha Mau Keoki.

  17. Keoki, you just contradicted your self. You answered Hawaii is occupied but claim none of the above laws which regulate all other occupations don’t regulate Hawaii’s occupation? Brah, obviously you are the one living in an illusion. As far as I can see, the AHKG has been the only one recognized and verified to be legitimate. It was the only one vetted by legal review of multiple international venues and then allowed to speak and participate in those venues on behalf of the HK nation state. Now that’s fact and the reality of being a recognized gov’t. If you are claiming LRHKG is lawful because of 103-105 then you are delusional. It doesn’t matter how many people sign up or how many elections you hold, HK ID’s or drivers licenses you issue. Your Process has not been vetted and that’s why LRHKG is not a player at these international venues. That is where the battle to end the occupation is being fought. AHKG is engaged in that battle while LRHKG is sitting on the fence hoping someday the U.S. will recognize you because of 103-105. When the ICRC and a supporting power comes here to monitor the occupation they will be speaking to AHKG not LRHKG.

    • Aloha Kekoa, first I am not living in a Illusion, because I would like to point out that Professor Williamson Chang had stated that. Now, as occupations is concern, the whole World knows that the Hawaiian Islands is under so called occupation. We (LRHKG) again, I repeat myself, we have walk the walk. You can not talk the talk because people will only want to hear what they want to hear. Kekoa you really do talk the talk. You have your passion for the RHkG which, is all right but, I live the walk with LRHKG. Mahalo for the conversation, I really enjoyed it. I will now follow my LRHKG. Aloha Mau Keoki.

  18. All this talk of ‘true government’. No offense Mr. Noa and Keoki but maybe your energy should be put towards exposing the occupation of Hawai’i- instead of trying to convince people who still believe Hawai’i is America, that you’re a real government. First thing we need to do is get our executive power back from the U.S. President before we can function a government.

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  20. Mahalo to both sides for that discussion. I truly benefited from both of your perspectives. I once asked some very nice Mormon missionaries why they wanted me to become Mormon when I was already Christian, and they said it was like “getting an A, or settling for a C”. This is kind of what the debate sounds like. Both groups seem like they have functions that are “necessary” at this time and place. At a later date, and I think someone mentioned this, perhaps then everyone can come together under one umbrella. It’s not really necessary to be in that same canoe just yet. I seriously doubt that anyone is going to report LRHKG or the acting HK for war crimes, right? And wouldn’t that be required in order to get that ball rolling? Main thing is that we are engaged in this discussion and pointed toward the right star!!!

    • Aloha Noelani and which one did you choose an A or C? Question; what do you mean that you seriously doubt that anyoune is going to report LRHKG or the acting HK for war crimes? That is correct about the canoe, we are all in different canoes in different rivers heading for the ocean. May Ke Akua bless all of us and bless us into the new and bright future. Aloha Mau Keoki.

      • Aloha Keoki.
        The question was rhetorical, as I hope yours is as well. Because if your question is serious, then what you are asking me to do is to become a crab in a bucket, and I know I’m better than that.

        You see, I believe that we are all heading toward the direction of not only acknowledging the fact that our country is ours and always has been; that we are free to be our own independent citizens and country, etc., but also that we BE acknowledged by the current international community as an independent country in the manner that we have been afforded in the past.

        Every group and every individual that has educated or taken a stand in this history that we’ve shared has had a MAJOR part in regaining what the Queen has been waiting for, for over a century to be returned to her and her people. Even our Tutus that tell us a simple story that makes us think; it’s all of importance. What I APPRECIATE about Keanu, is that he’s set the goal of educating the people, and if there is a “fruit that stay ripe,” more than any other, I’d like to believe that it’s the number of people that are educated today and demanding total independence. Just 20 years ago that wasn’t the case. Your group may have been at the forefront, but didn’t educate the masses. So, for that, I am extremely grateful to Keanu.

        I believe that what your group has done has been important. But, I also believe that sometimes even great ideas run their course. When we speak about just acknowledging ourselves as being free, it doesn’t allow us recognition from the international community. That ideology is exactly what Waihee was selling with his Kawaioluwhatevahs. True, we don’t need permission to be independent, but I believe that HK is going for a lot more than a personal acknowledgement of freedom; they’re going for international acknowledgement and international backing.

        Why not unite rather than argue, before we’ve even jumped the hurdle? There ought to be plenty of time for arguing once we’ve got there. We shouldn’t be our own enemies and we REALLY shouldn’t be CRABS in a bucket!


        • Aloha Noelani, and mahalo for the up date. Don’t get me wrong I love what Keanu is doing and you are right he has educated our People in more detail. I guess when the time is right both Henry and Keanu will come together. Aloha Mau Keoki.

  21. Aloha Noelani, mahalo for your post. I was not speaking of a war crime but treason under HK law. It is obvious that Keoki and Mr. Noa don’t get it. Although the Queen and her gov’t was illegally overthrown that gov’t structure and legal order continues to exist. HK law allows for a regent or a counsel of regency to be implemented in the absence of a monarch. However, it would also require participation of those in the queen’s gov’t at that time. Because of the fake annexation and prolonged occupation the members of the Queen’s De Jure gov’t are no longer here. If an acting gov’t or reinstated gov’t is created it is done by private people who were not elected or appointed by the original De Jure gov’t. and that makes it TREASON. See the Dilemma? It could be done but has to be justified under HK law and operate through the narrow parameters of established legal doctrines. The true test is having that process vetted by international venues. Once vetted and validated that entity will be recognized as a legit gov’t and can participate in those venues or negotiate with other nation states on behalf of the HK nation state. The AHKG has accomplished this as the record speaks for itself. As for LRHKG, I haven’t found any evidence of this or mention of a Prime Minister under HK law. This could be a scadal when HK subjects run for office or vote for the transitioning government. Mr. Noa claims it’s two pro independance gov’t with two different titles for their leaders. That logic makes no sense. What if 100 more leaders create 100 more gov’ts claiming it’s by HK law and international law without vetting their process? You just add more confusion to the mix. The good book said “…you will know them by their fruit…” a bad tree cannot bear good fruit.
    The AHKG from it’s inception laid out a clear strategic plan on it’s website and began planting seeds to accomplish that plan. Those seeds have matured and is now bearing good fruit to feed it’s HK, harvest time is soon. Aloha

    • Aloha Kekoa, again you use the most accurate words in you opinions. Acting and Prime Minister is the key word. Because in HK Constitution under International Law we Kanaka’s have the right to REINSTATE HK. The Prime Minister of HKG was voted in office by Kanaka subjects and that makes it LAWFUL and a De Jure Government. Acting is only acting and was never voted by the Kanaka subjects. Aloha Mau Keoki.

      • This is a very educational debate for all Hawaiian Subjects, whether you acknowledge your nationality or not. This is a perfect example of one of the many problems we will have to face as a people, as we move forward. It is not just foriegners denying our TRUE history, but our own people.

        Division among our people is going to be one of the biggest obstacles. Historically it has been very successful in keeping an ethnic group from uniting to overcome injustices committed by foriegn interests, usually by way of “puppet governments”

        People have a right to believe what ever they want. However, in this age of information, ignorance is a choice. The facts are out there, whether you agree with them or not is your choice and until someone can refute the facts, they are the facts.

        One problem is this, if you can’t accept the facts then you most likely are not going to understand the problem. If you can’t understand the problem, then you most likely are not going to be able to provide any real solutions to the problems that Hawaiians face.

        The word delusional comes to mind. By definition – Delusional: Denying the truth, despite being presented factual information.

        Under Hawaiian Kingdom law you can not hold office if you are an idiot. I believe that if you are found to be delusional, by definition, you might be considered an idiot. That would mean that you could not be representative, or a Prime Minister (Not sure how that is lawful, no one seems to want to address this question – red flag! ) or hold any other public office. Something to think about LRHKG.
        It is unfortunate that you maintain your position as you are jeopardizing the political future of those that you are influencing. I don’t know if I could vote for anyone who is supporting the LRHKG, supporting the position you have established in the comments in this forum. I would recommend that you and your legislative assembly sit down and restructure based on the facts and maybe focus on the problems that plague our people, rather than creating a government.

        As a Hawaiian Subject, I can no longer sit by and watch people spew propoganda or misleading information in order to decieve my people. I can no longer keep silent and have an obligation to speak up and question anyone wishing to capitalize on the ignorance of my people.

        Just my two cents. Good Luck.

        • Aloha Mr. Reis, Once a wise man stated that “we can only destroy our self because lack of knowledge.” The man’s name is President Lincoln. May I suggest that you read a very important book to advance your knowledge. The book is called THE LAW OF NATIONS, by E. De Vattel it will help you understand where the LRHKG gets their authority from, and if you read our HK Constitutions you will also find out that it is also written in there. So, before you use words like fact, hawaiians, delusional, idiot. I want you to look in the mirror. Now, I understand the way you think, it is because you are a hawaiian subject and not Kanaka. That is why lots of our people are lost because they don’t know their TRUE identity. As, I stated earlier if you read King Kamehameha MAMALA-HOE KANAWAI LAW you would read his address to his people as “E Na Kanaka.” and not E na hawaiians. If any body would know his people’s TRUE IDENTITY would be him. Once you recognize yourself as the Lawful claimant to the HKG, that is the only way you will be true to yourself. Native hawaiian subjects can not claim HKG because they are not the Lawful Claimant. By reading the LAW OF NATIONS book you will now understand why. This conversation has been great. Aloha Mau Keoki.

  22. Aloha Keoki, I got to thinking of the earlier post in this thread where Mr. Noa was checking out the AHGK garden (Blog) and admiring one of the trees. It’s fruit (War Report) was ripening and and almost ready for harvest. He couldn’t wait to get a taste of that fruit. Then you entered the garden (Blog)talking about TREASON, citizenship, we gotta sign up with LRHKG, they got the right process, blah,blah,blah. I wondered why would you be in the AHKG garden and not tending your own fruit in your garden (blog). So, I took your advice and checked out your LRHKG garden (blog) and saw that your garden was barren. Nothing to feed the people. Seeds were planted in the late 1990’s yet nothings blooming? We have the same climate and soil. Then I saw the problem was the seed (Process). I’ll just touch on one of the problems (seeds) so not to run out of space. You claim to be a De Jure gov’t. because elections were held and officers were voted in by the people who registered. RED FLAG, an election is a gov’t function. You would have to have a gov’t in place before elections were held. I know it couldn’t have been the Queens original gov’t that ran the elections. RED FLAG, OH, it was 20 or so private people volunteering to run the elections that would elect a De Jure gov’t???? Please Keoki, specifically cite the precedence to justify this activity. Give me the established legal doctrine for it’s basis and where it was used in an occupation. Please don’t revert to rhetoric and tell me to go read a whole book to avoid answering in specifics. This is why it’s all confusing. Mr. Noa and you talk about giving up U.S. citizenship, repatriation and all that stuff. Here, real simple. If a U.S. joint resolution could NOT extinguish the HK nation state then how could it extinguish your HK nationality. Answer; It CAN’T. Furthermore, laws such as the Geneva Conventions, Hague Reg., Beligerent Occupation, and Humanitarian Laws in armed conflicts prohibit such a thing from happening. Believe me, I’m trying to help here. Maybe it’s time you take a break,reaccess and adjust before you go further down this path. If not, than you would be planting something worse than bad seeds, you be planting (GMO)a Grossly Modified Organization. We don’t do GMO in the HK. Look around, you’re in the AHKG garden, I won’t allow you to cross contaminate these fruits. We need to feed our people healthy food in order to build a STRONG NATION. Nuff Said.

    • Aloha Kekoa, blah,blah,blah is correct that is the same line that people use when a person knowledge is limited. As I suggested to Mr. Reis go and read the Book called THE OF NATIONS by E. De Vattel and gain knowledge of where the LRHKG stems from, it will help you know where the real fruit tree. Aloha Mau Keoki.

      • Your spin on words regarding who we are as a people, is interesting.

        As a descendant of papa and wakea, I am a kanaka and always will be. I was born and raised american and was proud of that until I researched my geneaology.

        Anyone who is a kanaka has the option to claim the nationality of a Hawaiian subject. Along with the few non-kanaka that were Hawaiian subjects before the attempted overthrow of our government. As a Hawaiian subject i have rights held in perpetuity. Now acknowledged by the international community, thanks to the AHKG.

        If I were to deny might rights as a Hawaiian Subject and stand on just my ethnicity as a kanaka, as your comment above indicated as the correct path, I would be seeking recognition and would have to get in line with all the other aboriginal people. Not to mention throwing away all the hard work of the Kamehamehas to secure such recognition. Forget our TRUE history. Forget the suffering of our people. I can’t do that now that I know the truth.
        Just trying to help all my brothers and sisters, but I understand not all my brothers and sisters will want to be Hawaiian. That is the choice we get to make thanks to the AHKG.
        If you choose to be Kanaka American you might have to take a seat and watch us Hawaiian Subjects work. We have to much work to do, to listen to those that try to convince us that we should be Kanaka American. I got 120 years of reasons why that is a bad idea. If that isn’t enough, look around you. If you don’t see anything wrong, you might be Kanaka American.

        There have always been lesser cheifs in our history, they just never made it into our moolelo.

        I have read the Hawaiian Kingdom Constitution of 1864.

  23. Aloha Keoki, there you go again babeling(blah,blah) about reading a book instead of citing a chapter and section of that book to document your claims. That is what people with out knowledge or the answer do. They avoid answering the question. I read that book and I can only conclude that you have no specific documentation. I believe that is why your LRHKG has never took the next step of vetting it’s process outside of yourselves. I just pointed out only one of the flaws in your so called process. Imagine what the experts would find. I appreciate that you stand for an independant HK like the rest of us but that’s all. Taking it to the next level claiming to be a De Jure gov’t without proof of your claim is not PONO. Like Kaleikoa said in the above video, this is not about many canoes in a race, there is just one canoe. There is only one RIGHT process (canoe)that is navigating correctly through the international venues. Your post to Noelani about many canoes heading to one ocean does not make sense. Those at the International level know the process and would be taken back by seeing the confusion of so many groups (canoes). So maybe it is a good thing that you don’t submit your process for vetting. I see you like to cite quotes from famous people, mostly american, so here’s a chinese one for you. Confucious once said, it is better to be silent and thought of as a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. I don’t think you are going to sucessfully convince anyone on this site LRHKG is De Jure and Lawful.

  24. Aloha for all the enthusiasm being shared by every kanaka on this blog because this is better than not speaking anything in defending your beliefs. We all have an opinion and if our opinion is incorrect when we share it with others lets help to educate each other as in unifying as a whole. I agree with Dr. Keanu Sai, that the people of the Hawaiian Islands still needs to be educated about the truth that has been unlawfully hidden or removed from history books concerning the Hawaiian Kingdom. I see that everyone who is participating in sharing their mana’o on this blog is sharing with great conviction from their heart. Let us start to kokua our brothers and sisters when we make some honest mistakes and understand no one person is perfect.

    Love and Aloha,Kaleolani

    P.S. correct me if I’m mistakeng, Kanaka Maoli means full blooded Hawaiian!!
    Would that mean that to qualify to vote in the LRHKG elections, we would have to be full blooded(100%) Kanaka? Just asking for clarification, Mahalo Nui…..

    • Aloha Kaleollani, Kanaka is our true identity as a Human being. Kanaka is our ethnic group. Kanaka Maoli is a person living in a certain area on this planet we call Earth. If you are a Kanaka from the Hawaiian Islands, then you are a Kanaka Maoli from that area. If you are a Anu from Japan then, you are a Kanaka Maoli from that certain area. Anu means Kanaka Maoli in their mother tongue language. The word hawaiian is a nickname like if you live in New York you are a New Yorker and if you live in California, you are a Californian. Kanaka means Human and Maoli means aboriginal of that certain area. Aborignal is plural and Aborigines is singer. That is why a Human being can not be native because it pertains to plants and other species that are living on Mother Earth. Aboriginal describes a Human being and not any other species. To vote in the next election of the LRHKG you don’t need to be 100% just one drop but, there is a process that has to be completed. You can contact LRHKG for any information about that process. I hope like you said, that we all have our own opinions, but as far I see it, the new and bright future for us Kanaka Maoli People is coming. Aloha Mau Keoki.

  25. Aloha Kaleolani, that’s a good question. I’m not affiliated with LRHKG but I don’t think they require 100% blood quantum. Because they are a GROSSLY MODIFIED ORGANIZATION (GMO)their requirements can be what ever they want it to be. I would suggest checking out their website for their voting requirements. Good Luck.

    • Kekoa, mahalo nui for your quick response to my simple question which I was hoping to get a reply from the popular spokesman of LRHKG. The irony is that the LRHKG advocates that the kanaka maoli are the rightful claimants of our HK but my guess is that most of the people registered with the LRHKG ARE NOT 100% FULL BLOODED KANAKA. Most of the Hawaiian people today are probably a combination of Hawaiian and some other ethnic blood. I agree that if you have any percentage of Hawaiian blood in your body which is the majority of our Hawaiian people of the 21st century that’s good enough for me. No person or any entity such as The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION should have the right to dictate a blood quantum for the Hawaiian people. We the Hawaiian Kanaka people will only be free as our independent Hawaiian Kingdom by unifying our LaHui as one. I believe that the AHKG is the right vessel and Dr. Keanu Sai is definitely the best captain for this voyage on our wa’a to being free and independent once again.

      P.S. Beware of Kanaiolowalu and its Hawaiian Americans and the not so famous Trustee’s of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs. Spending those U.S. federal dollars for advertising Kanaiolowalu towards creating a American Hawaiian tribe like they did the American Indians and a promise to loose our cherished Hawaiian rights given to all Hawaiians by our beloved King Kauikeouli. Let us move forward together as one people and not disappoint our upcoming younger generations and our beloved loved ones that have left our world.

      Imua Hawaii,


  26. Aloha Kaleolani, mahalo for your post. May I ask if you are only concerned about LRHKG voting requirements? What about the more important election where you will vote for the De Jure HK gov’t officals. This will be the gov’t that the U.S. will transition all authority and executive power with and then the occupation ends. That election has nothing to do with LRHKG.

    • Kekoa, I definitely want to be represented by the best which I feel would be the AHKG led by Keanu Sai . Its obvious who I believe is the right choice for the leadership of the De Jure HK government during the election. Kanaka’s like Keanu, Kaleikoa, and the likes of these two great men that have studied our history, laws, and our culture. The great Hawaiian Kingdom is a country of laws and our victory for independence will be in the international courts.

      Mahalo Ke Akua

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