Letters to Send to the Internal Revenue Service and State of Hawai‘i Department of Taxation

If you are currently residing in the Hawaiian Islands, letters could be sent, by certified mail, to Charles P. Rettig, Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service, and Isaac W. Choy, Director of the State of Hawai‘i Department of Taxation, regarding the unlawful collection of so-called taxes within the territorial jurisdiction of the Hawaiian Kingdom. Both individuals are named as defendants in their official capacities in the federal lawsuit Hawaiian Kingdom v. Biden.

Here is the link (MSWord file) of the letter to Commissioner Rettig, and here is the link (MSWord file) of the letter to Director Choy. Information in the letter is from the filings in Hawaiian Kingdom v. Biden.

Download both pdf files of the letters and use the information to draft your letters. You will need to insert the necessary information to personalize the letters and to provide your mailing address, phone number and email address. It is recommended that both letters be sent certified mail through the United States Postal Service.

39 thoughts on “Letters to Send to the Internal Revenue Service and State of Hawai‘i Department of Taxation

  1. Please be inform that US Postal mail service coming from the Philippines to Hawaiian %(fake State) no longer accepted by the US postal service going to Hawaii, only they accept is if addressed to the mainland USA. for ur info & reference.

    • That’s irrelevant, as this only pertains to people who are currently residing IN Hawai’i… as explained in the very first sentence of this post: “ If you are currently residing in the Hawaiian Islands”. It likely also only pertains to Hawaiians since Americans pay taxes on their income regardless of where they reside unless they qualify & register for exemptions.

    • I appreciate your information and reference despite it not being on topic with this post. I have further inquiries on your experience from foreign countries with the Universal Postal Service to Hawaii. I would appreciate if you sent me an email about this if you would like at charmaincita@gmail.com. Mahalo nui for mentioning!

  2. Timely, as the irs & hawaii state are collecting taxes, I will be glad to certify these vouchers & letters for them to collect instead. Mahalo!

  3. For those who have stopped paying US & SOH taxes since proof of no Treaty of Annexation exists what repercussions can we anticipate for sending in their letters to the IRS and SOH?

    • Not tryna be rude but read and follow the administrative regulations, it’s all there…civil/criminal-public/private…everyone must stand on their own 10 toes, we all got the same kuleana to know who we are. Problem is until you renounce your US citizenship and reclaim your birthrights and birth name, you have subjected your person to the penalties and administrative strings attached to more penalties for non-compliance. The government only knows you as a documented US citizen so who are you, really…cause they got receipts with your signature!!! Better yet, what’s your defense?

      • Lopaka, you did not answer DK’s question. DK asked about repercussions for sending in the letters. That is the question. The article did not speak of denouncing U.S. citizenship or anything else. Just the two (l2) letters. Only you and not the AHKG is talking about doing something other than using just the two (2) letters stated in the article.

          • Lopaka, obviously you got something to hide about your process and how painful that path will be or else you would be blasting it all over this blog and all social media. You would rather insult us by calling us dogs and swine than speak the truth and reveal your process. Why is that? Since you like to quote scriptures, I guess it’s because of Deuteronomy Chapter 13 on dealing with false prophets. No offense.

      • Due to the illegal US occupation, those born in Hawaiʻi do not acquire US citizenship as Hawaiʻi is occupied and the Laws of Occupation, state that you cannot acquire the citizenship of the Occupied State. Meaning all birth certificates in the Hawaiʻi since 1893 are null and void and consequently means, we are NOT americans!

  4. Question: What are the chances and possible danger of repercussion from sending out these letters, especially from those who have stopped paying taxes since a Treaty of Annexation between the Hawaiian Kingdom and the United States of America does not exist? If that occurs, how and who will defend the individuals if they are targeted for persecution and intimidation by the government of the occupier and its provisional government and agencies? Will these be left to stand alone against by probable backlashes or will the ICRC intervene to protect the rights with the support of the Council of the Acting Regency of the Hawaiian Kingdom act on their behalf?

    • Good questions Doreene. Best to have complied then fight to get it back. It’s safer. This way they can’t take any actions against you or add interest and penalties to what they claim you owe. If they don’t give your money back, now you got documentation for the war crime. MHO

      • Māhalo nunui. Our struggles are real. And God sees the evil that has been done to His creation. And in His time He will intervene.
        Our prayers continue for divine intervention. Lord, please hear our prayer.

      • Not quite. You need to establish standing and status. Thus you must be documented and they must know they are dealing with a Hawaiian and not a US citizen using the privileges and benefits transmitted thru the use of the SSN.

        • Lopaka, NO where in this article speaks of anything you are saying. Don’t try to put YOUR words into the article. It’s obvious you are pushing a process that is not in line with the AHKG. I think we best stick strictly to the article verbatim. What you are promoting will place people in unnecessary hardship that the article never intended to do.

          • I am not promoting to not send the letters cause I actually agree with such a private administrative process. However you gotta come correct and as long as you still a documented US citizen applying for privileges and benefits it’s hypocritical to act like you truly a self determined Hawaiian national.

          • Lopaka, why do you deflect? I did not say you are promoting not sending the letters. I said you are promoting your own process in addition to the letters. You hinted about that process in an older post. You are clearly promoting it but not letting everyone know up front how painful the path to your so called “…self-determined Hawaiian National ..” will be. No one here who is a Hawaiian National is a hypocrite like you called us. We are Hawaiian Subjects by parentage and the consequence of being occupied, not by what process we do or don’t do.

    • The duty to protect was the point of the Larsen case. Thus, your concern for protection…which ironically is the basis for the US invasion and current occupation…to protect US citizens who at first installed a puppet regime and Public Land Trust (PLT) on behalf on Congress under the guise of protecting US citizens from a west coast attack or invasion and who now are manipulated with similar strategies but under other narratives like Pearl Harbor, N. Korea, China, etc.
      You are thus worried because you know you have many agreements and arrangements whereby you have consented to the privileges and benefits of the PLT over your natural birthrights. How many have become accustomed to living as US citizens as opposed to disenfranchised Hawaiian nationals? We are the political question…who are we?

        • My people suffer for lack of knowledge.
          I am saying that the Council couldn’t protect Larsen, thus Larsen v. Hawaiian Kingdom. Thus, they probably can’t protect anyone from repercussions of government however that is because everyone has already been sold down the river by their parents. It is written…render to Ceasar what is Ceasars. Otherwise, come out of her.

    • Dr. Sai did not suggest that anyone stop paying taxes to the US or SOH. he simply suggested that HAWAIIAN CITIZENS could send in letters of complaint regarding the US’s “unlawful collection” of taxes from Hawaiian citizens. In other words, comply with the “unlawful collection” of taxes (pay the taxes), but formally file a complaint about having to do so… if you believe the US is “unlawfully collecting” taxes from you, that is.

        • I already covered the part about “residing in Hawai’i” in a previous comment above. When I say Hawaiian citizens I say that because US citizens have to pay US taxes on both domestic US & foreign income earned NO MATTER IF THEY ARENT RESIDING IN THE US. So US citizens are required to pay US taxes even if they reside in the Hawaiian Kingdom, therefore the US is NOT unlawfully collecting taxes from them.

      • Aloha, you are correct. The letters are intended to be used as evidence that they were made aware of the occupation, and it shows their state of mind that they knowingly and intentionally committed the war crime. That’s it plain and simple. The article does not instruct anyone to stop paying taxes. Although I believe the article also applies to foreigners or none-U.S. nationals within the jurisdiction of the Hawaiian Kingdom. These foreigners do not owe taxes to the IRS, they should be paying income taxes to their respective countries and/or the Hawaiian Kingdom. MHO

        • Yes, I was a bit concerned at how many people misconstrued Dr. Sai’s post to mean that he suggests they not pay taxes, when he didn’t say or even remotely suggest that at all 😳🤦🏽‍♀️.
          As per the part where I specified Hawaiian citizens, I did so because the vast majority of the illegal population in Hawai’i are US citizens, and the US is one of only 2 countries in the world which has a citizenship based taxation system, meaning Americans have to pay taxes on both domestic US income earned AND foreign income earned regardless of if they are living in the US or not. As for those who are illegally residing in the Hawaiian Kingdom who are non-Americans, I didn’t want to write a long comment listing the taxation requirements of every other country in the world and so I left that to the individual to determine for themself. In other words I addressed the majority, the majority being Americans. HOWEVER even if people are not having taxes unlawfully collected from them by the US they can still submit letters on behalf of those who ARE, it would require a bit of alteration … “It’s come to my sttention that while I am American living in the occupied Hawaiian Kingdom, the US is unlawfully collecting taxes from those who are not American citizens.” or something along those lines.

    To the COUNCIL of REGENCY of the HAWAIIAN KINGDOM, WE, the KUPAU family, from our homeland, Pukuilua-Hana Maui, living and deceased, as a Hawaiian Subject, say with one VOICE, “UA MAU KE EA O KA `AINA I KA PONO”.
    WE also Give Praise AND Thanksgiving to our Lord Jesus Christ for HAWAII. Halleluiah!

  6. Mahalo for providing an avenue to document the ongoing fraud!
    Appreciation @Aloha P. for comment that clarifies this post adding confidence to taking this action.

  7. The mailing address for Charles P. Rettig, Commissioner, Internal Revenue Service, Department of Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, Ogden, UT 84201-0002, seems a little odd. Is this the correct address or has a typo occurred?
    Just want to confirm address before paying for and sending CERTIFIED MAIL. Mahalo.

    My reasoning for sending these letters (CERTIFIED MAIL) is so it is documented that I am personally making Charles Rettig and Isaac Choy aware of their crimes of usurpation of sovereignty against me the individual Kanaka subject of the HAWAIIAN KINGDOM, which is the actual entity I should be paying my taxes to. This being documented on record will be very useful in the future I feel. Also, I think the more letters that get sent, the better for all of us to stand tough, stand together and Hilo these MFs…. IMUA!!

    • Aloha e Lono,
      The address seems correct to me. From my understanding the entire city of Ogden Utah is the United States IRS headquarters, therefore a street number is not necessary, the “department of treasury” would tell them which building to deliver to and the name (Commissioner Charles P. Rettig) would tell them which office.
      There are alternate addresses you could potentially use, his DC office for example or even his email, but for the purposes of the letter you wish to submit I think it’s better to send it directly to the IRS address Dr. Sai provided.
      PS: Yes, I agree, IRS addresses ARE very odd.

  8. mahalo nui!
    would you be able to share documents that “Hawaiian Nationals” should file in court to challenge subject matter jurisdiction?

    • The presumptions and assumptions upon which taxes, fees, registration, court costs, etc. are collected originate in the applications, disclosures, agreements, promissory notes, contracts, etc. signed by each Hawaiian doing business in the Hawaiian Islands with the successors of usurpers as US citizens. Express/implied consent via usage of the SSN which transmits the privileges and benefits of US citizenship under the 14th amendment is gained thru the signature…sealing the transaction, trade or exchange, bonding each as surety under admiralty jurisdiction (Kanaloa). This prescriptive constructive trust established by Congress in violation of President Clevelands treaty with Queen Liliu’okalani (Kane) attempts to Americanize Hawaiian nationals as US citizens for the purpose of pillaging and plundering via fraudulent misrepresentation. We subject our person or newborns as our ancestors did for sake of being able to work and earn a living from the usurpers underpinning theirs and our voluntary servitude to the US with the SSN. How we identify ourselves is most paramount. You are not occupied if you are a US citizen, you’re just Americanized…everyone must bear their own cross!

      • In occupation the occupier is prohibited from imposing it’s own laws in the occupied territory . If it can’t impose it’s own laws in the Hawaiian Kingdom than it cannot make you a U.S. citizen. Every contract is void. In the case of Namibia that is what happened. All contracts and acts done by the occupier or entered into with the occupier were deemed void. It all went away. You are chasing your own tail around and around by believing you have a valid contract with the occupier. Pursuant to the laws of occupation even if the gov’t of the occupied consented to being annexed it is prohibited from happening. We and they have no valid contract with each other.

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