KITV News: Man Goes to Court to Fight for More Than Traffic Citations

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Watch KITV News Man Goes to Court to Fight for More Than Traffic Citations.

Yesterday, Lopaka Brown, through his attorney Dexter Kaiama, esq., provided evidence and argument in District Court that the court is not lawfully constituted according to United States constitutional law and international law because there exists no treaty of annexation that would have incorporated the Hawaiian Islands into the United States of America. Without a treaty, U.S. law enacted by the Congress have no force and effect beyond U.S. territory, which nullifies the 1898 Joint Resolution of Annexation and the 1959 Statehood Act. The District Court derives its authority from the 1959 Statehood Act. The proper Court is a military commission established by the U.S. Pacific Command that administers Hawaiian Kingdom law and the laws of occupation.

Additional evidence provided to the court were two executive agreements entered into between Queen Lili‘uokalani and President Grover Cleveland that settled the illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian government. The first agreement, called the Lili‘uokalani assignment, binds the U.S. President, through the Pacific Command, to administer Hawaiian law and the laws of occupation. The second agreement, called the Agreement of restoration, binds the U.S. President to restore the government and thereafter the Queen to grant amnesty. Both agreements are treaties and under U.S. constitutional law are called sole-executive agreements. Sole-executive agreements are also binding upon successor Presidents for their faithful execution. See also War Crimes: The Role of the International Criminal Court during the Occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

If the Court disregards the evidence, it would be committing a felony by denying Brown a fair trial according to Title 18, U.S.C., §2441. In 1996, Congress enacted the War Crimes Act that criminalized war crimes identified in the 1949 Geneva Conventions as felonies. Article 147 of the Fourth Geneva Convention states that failure to provide a fair trial in an occupied territory is a war crime. See also War Crimes are Felonies under U.S. Federal Law. The War Crimes Act is enforceable “outside” of U.S. territory when the United States military is the occupant of an occupied State.

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      • Aloha,
        The judge in this case asked the prosecutor why she did not answer, argue or contest the filed motion in written form. She responded by saying she planned to argue and rebut the filed motion verbally in open court. The judge then responded by saying that “there is no way you are going argue or contest the contents of this motion verbally in open court, it is to large”. He then ordered and gave her two weeks to put in writing her argument contesting the contents of this motion. The case has been moved to Wed. June 5, 2013 at 1:30 PM at the Alakea Street Court House on the 4th floor in room 4A. If there’s anyone that would like to witness what will take place should attend this trial, it is open to the public.


        • Lopaka see if some one can video this,you sure got a solid case,but would be interesting to see how this one turnʻs out,anyway you got my support, aloha my bruddah

          • Aloha Bruddah Justin…Mahalo!! We have a video team and also Paula Akana from KITV on it.

            You remember the pictures you gave me of our Akua’s… Say no more…


  1. The Legal Theory holds up. Now is the time for patience and vigilance. In time we will see this go to the pacific command and then the shoe will drop as they say. As we place more and more pressure on the U.S. government to restore the Hawaiian Kingdom now is the time to beware of them as well as competing factions who will undoubtedly attempt to assert their own control during the interim room period.

  2. Oh, man! Now things are picking up! People are finally asking the right questions! Best of all to me, its not involving anger or protest. Its involving aloha and understanding–something that lacks in the current situation of Hawaii, but is finally coming to light! Slowly, but surely, the REAL evidence is finally being reviled to the people of Hawaii on Hawaii media! Take example, the Executive Agreements!

    Would I really love to see is a news publication, either from Hawaii or the world, printing in words that there is no treaty of annexation and/or Hawaii is occupied by the United States! The second I see those words or anything similar, my heart rate is going to start racing! Of course talk is cheep. Actions speak louder! If I see or hear anything about Hawaii being de-occupied, even just a little, I’ll say to myself, “Its time, brahdda! Its time to join and help the people of Hawaii”

    • Now more than ever is a critical time to anchor ourselves to LOVE and the aloha spirit and act upon this matter. Check out this Facebook site that was created as another channel and aid to restoring the Hawaiian Kingdom and to educate people on today’s events happening in real time. The hope of flooding various media channels and awakening people to what is actually happening is a powerful tool. Learn from our past and IMUA to the future! Aloha Ke Akua.

  3. Aloha Cuz, is the ICC in Da court room for this important case? Please let us know if their are or not? Aloha Mau Keoki.

    • Aloha Keoki,
      This case is in traffic court for now. It has been moved to Wed. June 5, 2013 at the traffic court house on Alakea Street 4th floor in room 4A at 1:30 pm because the prosecutor failed to respond to the filed motion in writing and was ordered by the judge to do so in 2 weeks from March 22nd, 2013..


  4. Awesome, another 3rd (Lorenzo, Larsen and now Brown) major traffic citation violation in court recognition for the Hawaiian Kingdom restoration. Imua Hawaii!!!

  5. Aloha,

    Finally, some much needed public exposure on the essential fact that there is no treaty of cession between the U.S. and Hawaiian Kingdom.
    No treaty, no State of Hawaii jurisdiction!
    Sure, the State courts may not give in right at this moment, but if we as the true
    subjects of the Hawaiian Kingdom continue to hold up the fact that no treaty exist between the Hawaiian Kingdom and the U.S. our country lives on!

    A hui hou

  6. Pule that this is yet another win. There has been one on the Big Island with a Kanaka Maoli doing his homework. There are more to come. I was stopped on 11/8/11 because of my LHG license plates (total of 7 stops) and was assaulted by the police department…harmed and jailed and then later on was released by the unlawful court for pleading being a “public disturbance”. The courts then (and are still) use their irrational behavior to continue to extort money after the release. They even got a mainland collection company to buy the “bad debt” they created in their illegal behavior. Like other Kanaka Maoli and Aupuni I have been stopped beyond several times…this is for sure a “hate crime”. I and others have had weapons drawn on us and several years ago one of us was killed, unarmed in downtown Hilo at noon. He was fleeing a jail vehicle and going to see his hapai wahine who was soon to give birth. Imagine…shot during heavy tourist foot traffic in downtown Hilo while being unarmed. Yes we know the Kanaka’s part and it was not near as volitle as the sherriff officer’s. Wanna bet that they aren’t afraid of us “wild animals” that need to be taken off “their” lands just as or slighly different than they did our idigenous brothers and sisters up North?

    What is going on is in the DNA of the White European mercenaries. Lie, cheat, steal and kill “just because they can” is within their makeup and mindset. Remember that it is also in the mind set and makeup of their military. Latest evidence…feedback from the Afganistan national military. We don’t need further proof of their complusion and willingness to make the Hawaiian pay it all if we don’t give it all away first.

    Pule…O ke Akua mauna loa, E ho mai ka `iki, E ho mai ka ikaika, E ho mail ke akamai, E ho mai ka maopopo pono, E ho mail ka `ike papalua, E ho mai ka mana.

    Mahalo Akua

  7. e Hawaiian Kingdom, aloha,
    I need some help and hope you can direct me (us) in the right direction.
    I have been watching for the last three weeks, tapings of Kanaka Express shown on Positive Living, Channel 27 KPXO, every Tuesday morning at 5 a.m. (yes, I know — most people are still sleeping) but this is very important to share. The tapings are very, very informative and invaluable — featuring the guest panelists: Dexter Kaiama, esq., Dr. Keanu Sai, Ph.D. and Kale Gumapac, Host, Kanaka Express. The expertise provided by these individuals is priceless. Their explanation of the issues we face in our Hawaiian Kingdom is helping me understand a lot of what I am learning off the blog. As wonderful as it is, there’s a lot of information to absorb and some of it needs better clarification for me and perhaps others, too.
    I inquired to find out if the tapings were available anywhere else: (1) KPXO said the tapings were being shown on their channel by permission from the producer on `Olelo TV and didn’t know where else I could view them, (2) `Olelo, Channel 53, has showcased Kanaka Express since 2011 and is currently showing other repeat tapings on Friday nights at 11 p.m. which I already follow. They suggested I contact the producer of the show itself to get the information I requested, (3) the producer didn’t have any information for me either.
    Not everyone has the luxury of recording technology to neither watch at their leisure nor catch the show at 5:00 in the morning. I don’t know where I can go to find the information except using this blog to ask for help. There must be someone who knows how we can access these tapes. It’s so important.

  8. E Pomai and Orion, aloha me mahalo,

    I’m grateful for your manao but I but the tapings I am seeking are not listed on Laulima’s website and I’ve come up blank on `olelo net.

    Aloha no!

    • Aloha Doreene go back the Laulima site again and go PIX & VIDS scroll all the way down to the bottom click on Episodes 12 and 13 featuring the guest panelists: Dexter Kaiama, esq., Dr. Keanu Sai, Ph.D. and Kale Gumapac, Host, Kanaka Express.

      I think that’s the taping you might be looking for,Good Luck

    • aloha doreene… sorry to hear you cant find what youre looking for… what was it that you were looking for?…the only thing i can think of is youtube or google… theres nothing like the search for knowledge… we are all haunana in this world of life…onipaa

  9. e Pomai me Orion, aloha,

    Mahalo nui loa for the info. Those are exactly the ones I was looking for. I appreciate you both for your kokua.

    Aloha pumehana.

  10. Lopaka…mahalo for that input. Is it possible to have transcript or video emailed to Moku O Keawe? We are learning from each other here while waiting for the War Crime hearings to also be reported.

    Aloha ke Akua…ho`omaika`i

    • Aloha Jerry… Mahalo for your interest into this case. We are on a mission to educate.

      If you are asking for copies of the motion that was filed in this case, you should be able to access them from the court records at the court building on Alakea street. You will need the case number and the name of the defendant. The files are to large to be emailed at this time. I may be able to burn it on a CD but someone needs to came and pick it up.

      I am not positively sure but, the transcripts of court cases will become public record after the case has been closed. You will need the case number and the name of the defendant to request for copies of the transcripts.

      As of now only KITV has footage of the first hearing. There will be a second video team at the next hearing on Wed. June 5, 2013. I am sure future videos will become available for educational purposes very soon after.

      Aloha Lopaka

      • Mahalo Lopaka…Of course I am interested in your mission because it is also ours. I am past native of Moku O Oahu and the last village was Haaula. I am a former member of
        A.L.O.H.A; the Aboriginal Lands Of Hawaiian Ancestry who fought an ongoing battle with OHA and the US to cease doing what evidently happened to you and your father and ohana. Auwe my heart is sad with you…and it drives me and us here on Moku O Keawe to cause it to stop. I am interested in your case because I was assaulted by the police in Hilo on November 8 2011 physically damaged and am now disabled, falsly accused and jailed and then insulted by the court rather than to have me stand against the false charges. I have asked Dexter Kaiama some questions about adding this to the war crimes hearings and have not received positive response. I have also sent the information to Keanu Sai and received no response. I’m too old to wait as long as you and your Dad have waited and the rest of the Maoli and Aupuni. I’ve seen no further information about your father and I am curious about that also.

        If I still lived in Hauula getting to Alakea Street would be easy and now I don’t maybe the DVD is best…Let me know if can and how much kala for the expense and effort. I mahalo you for that information. A Hui Ho

        • Aloha Jerry… I think I can email you the MOTION TO DISMISS and MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT OF MOTION which is the front portion less the exhibits which is to large to email. The exhibits came out of the website and you can access them there.

          So email me your email address at These files are in Word Document format. Let me know if you can open word format documents. If not I’ll have to convert them into pdf. So email me a let me know.

          I feel hurt also about the wrong that happened to you. Before my father passed we had several meetings with the OHA trustees after they took over Waimea Valley and asked them to replace us back to our home. Off course that was like talking to a school of fish in a tank, none of them would even look me in the eye as I was telling them that the people would look up to them for doing the right thing. And how my ohana would play a very vital put of their intentions of perpetuating and preserving the past and future of Waimea Valley. My question to them was. How can you protect, preserve, and perpetuate our history and culture when you don’t include the human factor. The reason the culture became a culture. Their reason for not allowing us to go home was. If we do that for you we have to do it for everybody else. Bunch of hypocrites. I get better response from real fish, at least when I talk to the real fish I never going starve.

          Lets keep the flame burning. Aloha, Lopaka

          • Maika`i Lopaka…I love the fish metaphor…just love it. OHA isn’t a cultural pohaku…it is a sham which the maoli and aupuni know all about and have stopped wrestling with because of the usual expected outcomes. In every way lets keep the light burning not only for the warmth and also for the Ao nui. Keep your story out there Lopaka and I will here. Tomorrow night the Lawful Hawaiian Government meets again on Moku O Keawe and I will remind them that you are on the front lines just as I have last Saturday and Sunday.

            Malama Pono.

  11. Aloha Jerry,
    It is entities such as OHA that enforces my determination towards the restoration of our Country. Mahalo for passing the message to LHG members. I did email you the motions and memorandum in support of motion. Please let me know when you receive them. Aloha

  12. Aloha Brahdda Lopaka,
    How you My Brahdda? Ka’uhane here. I see you’re still fighting the good fight. Proud of what you’re doing and excited about the possibilities. I guess I spent 30 years in the Marine Corps shedding Blood, Sweat and Tears defending the wrong “Constitution”. Mahalo for bringing this into a brighter light and clearer focus. Be safe. I love you My Brahdda. Mahalo Ke Akua!

    • My Bruddah Ka’uhane… Howzit?

      Not pau Yet! We fought for freedom and thats the important thing. Our blood sweat and tears were not in vain. We were chosen to do that so we can do this and be proud. We defended the people not the thieves.

      Looking forward to June 5th court date. Prosecutor still hasn’t answered to my Motion to Dismiss. Be safe my bruddah love you too..Aloha Ke Akua

    • Lopaka…I’m still absorbing the process and being ka haumana pono. I am curious if you might know…what has the owner of the aina that you and your Dad were taken off of do with the property? Has it been used to malama ka kanaka? Just asking. Mahalo

  13. Aloha Jerry,

    The corporation that had us evicted are no longer in possession of Waimea Valley. They also own Title Guarantee Company that insures land titles for banks. They used the valley and sold our culture and my ohanas history for profits in the tourism industry. A very short while after our eviction and through the years all the officers of that corporation that had anything to do with our eviction and some of their family members all died. They went bankrupt around 2005. At the time of our eviction they had controlled over 1800 acres of Waimea Valley and all we had 000.93 acres our house. How greedy is that? We tried to get them to include us in their programs but they refused. Greedy….Myself and my Ohana was banned from entering the Valley during the ownership of the previous owners.

    OHA purchased the valley in a partnership with some other entities and the military because the mauka portion of the the ahupuaa has a military access road that goes behind and across the the mauka portion of the ahupuaa for military training in mauka Kahuku, but OHA holds the title. Today OHA is doing the same thing, marketing our culture to the tourist industry and not including the Kanaka Maoli or giving the people that come from there a dime. Greedy!!!

    When OHA first took over they hired a archaeologist named Charles Kennedy to do a survey of the valley and they started interviewing people who they thought had some knowledge on the history of the valley most of them did not come from the valley. They bugged my Dad and I for months but we never participated. Come to find out later, they were gathering information to sell it like a book and never gave anyone who gave them information a dime.. Greedy.. Most of the information they gathered was doctored up to sell and lots of it were not true. They had a part in there that said that my ohana was selling human skulls an bones. All lies… And guess what? The guy that said that died soon after. My Dad and I went to the OHA office and sat in the board meeting and demanded that they take that part out or they going get sued. They all agreed that it was wrong and I have them on video saying that.

    Recently, the Waimea Valley business was not doing well and were on the verge of going down. So, when the Haleiwa Farmers Market was evicted off an old strip of highway near Haleiwa town, Waimea Valley made them an offer to put the Market in the Valley. They had a three month least agreement last August 2012 for the market to be open on Thursdays from 3 pm to 7pm. Things started to turn around for the Waimea Valley business and a new least for 2 more years was recently signed.

    And guess who the entertainer for the Farmers Market is? Yep! You got it… Yours truly ME!! Now mind you! I was banned from the valley for the last 27 years. (Lopaka is back in Waimea Valley). Within the past 7 months of being back in the valley things started happening and taking its natural course. The signs my ancestors were putting before me to return is in place. The planning stages of my reunion with my ancestors in Waimea Valley is taking it natural place. This all happened before all this court thing started. Oh yea! You remember the guy that did the survey of the valley Charles Kennedy? Just before the opening week of the Farmers Market in Waimea Valley he died too. How MANA it that..

    Didn’t mean to make a short story long but it is what it is. Aloha my bruddah!!!

    • Took me a week to get back to your mana`o and I’m happy now to hear the huaka`i hele which you and the ancestors have been on. It is pono, ho`omaika`i. Akua makes it pono. Mahalo Akua!! The mele Ku`u home is running in my mind and the long tears continue to flow as they have from the first I heard it. Bring it to the farmers market brother and sing it loud into that ahupuaa. I would love to here it echo off the valley walls. Mahalo for your support as I start the war crime petition of my own regarding the assault on my kino here in Hilo by police officers of the defacto government and others. I gladly give up this kino for the freedom Hawaii should have never lost…I also have given time to that govenment’s military and sadly have bad memories of what came about. Auwe Akua huikala ka`u pono `ole.

      Keep going Lopaka…hold up the light in front of us all so we can make it together. I miss Hauula and the windward shores and ku’u wahi pana. Ku`e…Ku`e!!

  14. Aloha e Doreene,

    My case is scheduled for June 5th 2013 at 1:30 PM. I just received information that the date may be changed. The new date is not confirmed yet. Please check back with me before the June 5th date.


  15. My court date from March 22, 2013 was continued to Wednesday June 5, 2013 and now it is continued on to Wednesday July 24, 2013.

    You’re all invited to come to the court house on July 24, 2013 on Alakea Street to be educated and witness this unique situation regarding the State of Hawaii’s Court Systems lack of subject matter jurisdiction in the Hawaiian Islands.

    Where is the Treaty of Annexation? No production of Treaty! No subject matter Jurisdiction! Is that so difficult to produce that document? You eeeda get um, oooa you no moa um…PAU…

    Watch the news clip from my March 22nd hearing and read the attached blogged information as well as the links within it and post your questions and comments, opinions are welcomed also but don’t expect to be challenged or debated for there is nothing to debate when the truth is the truth.

    Lets all educate ourselves on the truth about what happened to the Independence of the Hawaiian Kingdom and it Hawaiian Nationals. Yes, you heard it, Hawaiian Nationals means that there were non Kanaka Maoli (no Hawaiian blooded) Hawaiian Nationals (citizens) that lost their rights also. So if your ancestors never had Hawaiian blood but was born in the Hawaiian Kingdom you need to step up to plate and fight for your rights also. The time has come to correct this injustice.


    Rebert “Lopaka” Keali’i O Kalani Brown…

  16. ….and of course you have our support for both you and your attorney who are both descendants of Kona….much aloha and mana to both of you and all who kulike…aloha pumehana….nt flo…Kahaluu Kona Genealogy Komike and ohana.

  17. Mahalo Lopaka for the update. I called the court before reading the blog and found that Mr. Kaiama filed a continum for your case and that it has been moved to 7/24/13 at 8:30 a.m.

    • Aloha Doreen, Mahalo for your response..

      My attorney is attending the Indigenous Peoples Gathering (IPG), in Alta, Norway. And requested for a continuance. Below is a portion of an email stating why it was important for him to attend this Gathering.

      “As a Delegate for Hawai’i, I respectfully believe it is a large part of my kuleana to present a factual legal, historical and political account of the situation concerning Hawai’i and its present lawful status. It is our need and obligation to properly identify ourselves, to our international relatives, so we can understand and be understood in our discussions and relations with our neighbors, our colleagues and the greater international community.”

      “Accordingly, I have prepared, aided by the mana’o and ike of our Queen, our kupuna and valued colleagues, a statement concerning Hawai’i’s Lawful Status that I wish to present at the Alta IPG beginning June 8, 2013. I believe in my na’au this statement accomplishes the goal of a respectful, articulate, well reasoned, moral and enlightened position concerning the lawful status of Hawai’i.”

      I would be happy to forward you his email with the statement he mentions about attached to it. It is a very powerful statement. Send me an email message at and I’ll forward it to you.

      Mahalo, and I apologize if there was a misunderstanding as to why the court date was changed..


        • Mahalo Pomai..

          Wow.. I didn’t know it was on face book. Mahalo for sharing it. Dexter has returned from Norway where he presented this statement at the Indigenous Peoples Gathering. I don’t know what the outcome of his presentation is at this time but when I get it I will share it. I do have a pdf copy of the World Conference On Indigenous Peoples General Assembly Alta, Norway Outcome Document. Forward me your email address to and I’ll email you a copy.

          We are prepared to go back to court on July 24, 2013 8:30 am at the Alakea Street Courthouse. The outcome no matter what it is will determine our next move towards restoring our Country and our Independence..


          • Aloha Lopaka… Looks like Dexter is planting seeds… If the Family of Nations recognizes H K as an Independent State… Its time to pule kakou… end the occupation and start the restoration… we must pray for Hawaii as well as this World and all the People … Ke Akua is the one world order not men with money… May ke Akua smile upon you and your A team… cant wait to see how this monster show ends

          • Aloha Pomai,

            I think we got to continue on our path and stay the course. It will happen sooner or later. The monster show is a long way to the end but we can see the light.. Aloha,


          • Aloha Lopaka … yes…please… continue your path and stay on course… I only hope for the best…

  18. aloha Lopaka… just wanted to mahalo you… for steping forward… educating me and the WORLD… there is NO TREATY OF ANNEXATION… and a little something about juristiction… just can’t wait to see how this monster show ends… much aloha from my ohana to yours

  19. aloha Lopaka… WOW… talk about teaching me and the world… you have an awsome legal team… its like a pebble dropped in a pond… as the rings reverb out… our Nation stands behind you… support 24/7… mahalo

  20. Aloha Pomai… If you would like to learn more you get all facts and information at this website… Everyone needs to get educated as the times are changing as we move towards restoring our independence and our country..


    • E aloha Lopaka…. mahalo for the info… is one of my favs web sites… this one too… if you want to learn Hawaiian history… Keanu has the paper work to back it up… when everyone wanted sovereignty he knew we already had it… i only wish… there was a picture of Lance and his famous truck… there’s another pebble that i like… his name is Pono Kealoha… he has over 800 Utube videos…i watched Leon Siu and the KLMA gang at McKinley H S this pass Presidents day as he gives his report about the U N… watched the Q and A after the showing of the movie Noho Heva… also watched Mike Lee at Kuoloa Park predicting the future of the U S… yes… Lopaka… there are some of us that step foward and few of us that lag behind… but one thing for certain we all will be at the finished line… i once remember Lynnette asking a question… how do you get a gorilla off your back… looking forward to see how this monster show ends… with much aloha 24/7

  21. Aloha Pomai, Yes!! I do agree with you..It doesn’t matter who gets there first…We will all cross that finish line…


  22. Ue Lopaka…I feel fortunate now to have come back to this site and still find the info flowing outward. Ho`omaika`i to you and your family and I pray the “courage to change the things we can” grows taller, wider and deeper. It is time for them to quit our hale and hele back to europe. You have been thru so much especially these past 28 years. I tried to email you to get a copy of that document you cited above and my puters was still working on getting it out the door. If it doesn’t get to you that way please send a copy to Mahalo Nui.

  23. Aloha Jerry, Mahalo for your support. Here the link to the blog that has the KITV news clip and some information.

    My case has been moved to July 24th, 2013 8:30 AM. My attorney asked for a continuance because has had to participate in the Peoples Indigenous Gathering in Alta Norway. He was asked to present a statement regarding the status of the Hawaiian Kingdom. I’ll email you this information. Please inform me if this is the information you are requesting.


  24. Aloha L,

    My case will continue on July 24th, 2013. I will have more info as we get closer to that date.. Mahalo for you interest and concerns regarding my case..

    Aloha Lopaka

  25. Living on Moku Keawe with eyes turned toward moku Oahu Lopaka…Pule kakou for you and your ohana and the aina.

    • Mahalo for you well wishes. I will be posting the results and future processes as progress on our journey to restore our Nation. Mahalo again for your Aloha…

      Lopaka Brown

  26. I meet with legal help this evening and just wish it was Dexter that I was sitting with. My bruises and scrapes are gone and the pain remains along with the anger and the nerve damage and spine re-damage. No matter ka mana will be facing your way right from this moment till pau. Ho`omaika`i Lopaka and Dexter and ka aupuni o hawaii!!

    • Mahalo Jerry, I wish you the best of health and with your legal help. We will do what we must tomorrow. Aloha Nui Loa for your support..


  27. Aloha lopaka… tommorow is the big show… 8:30 right… curious to see what the other side has to say… may ke akua smile upon you and your ohana… mahalo for stepping forward

  28. Aloha Kakahiaka Lopaka. You and your ohana are not and will not be alone today. You and Dexter do what is pono and pono is what will come from it. Mahalo ho`omaika`i.

  29. Just got out of court. The Judge recused himself from the case. the case will be continued on September Monday September 23, 2013 Alakea street Courthouse 4th floor Rm A.

    It is very interesting. It has something to do with him defending someone in the past who had the same type argument and Motion To Dismiss. In any case this gives us more time to keep compiling more evidence and cases.

    Aloha and mahalo for your support.

    Lopaka Brown

  30. Find out if the case was ferguson or similar spelling who used a suppression of cultural religious practices defense. I don’t know who the judge was but the outcome was that he was denied kaulike pono…good justice. The usdoj has recused themselves and gone into hiding regarding my complaint of police assault and sent me an finding on Ferguson. If you like I will send you a copy of it. It did not apply to my complaint yet they have backed off on communicating with me or helping out in anyway. The UNICC has also not responded along with the FBI and other sources of legal help. I will need to go pro se if I do not get assistive support very soon.. Let me know if that paper might help you and Dexter. Sorry the judge did that…and it was and is an out for them. Cowardly.

    Malama Pono.

    • Aloha Jerry,

      Was it the Hank Fegustrom case? If yes, I already have it in my files. I’m not sure if todays judge, was the lawyer that defended Hank.

      Are they using Fergustroms case against you?

      Aloha …

  31. Aloha Lopaka,

    The memories of Kauai with you and your ohana, listening to you when you entertained.
    Kanakapila! in your court case with the “Loeas” of Dexter and Dr. Keanu Sai…and kahea
    “I ka pono civila a’o ke kanaka”.

    We are there with you in spirit and “puuwai” and ready for the new court continuance date in September to hear the “Mele”. Silence is a language when the Judge has to recuse himself from the case. Mahalo for your” ike”.

    Pule kakou for you and your ohana.

    A hui hou, Bob & Peaches Kama formerly of Kauai, transplanted to Maui.

    • Aloha e Bob & Peaches,

      Sorry for the delayed response. Yes I remember those days on Kauai they will forever be in my heart and memories.

      We will continue to educate our ohana, community members as well as those connected to the court systems and the state of hawaii. The truth cannot be denied it is the foundation of our journey towards de-occupation and eventually the restoration of the Kingdom of Hawaii our beloved country. The indoctrination and americanization of our pass generations are so deeply engraved into our generations of today. It is not impossible but It will be a challenge to undo.

      We must be inclusive by this I mean that we must include into our process the decedents of the Hawaiian Nationals that did not have the Koko or bloodline but were loyal Native Subjects of our Hawaiian Kingdom. They also had lost their rights. I think that they will serve as an important part of our success.

      I am grateful to hear from you. Mahalo for your support.



  32. At this time in the morning I’m not sure of anything other than Akua wants me awake so I can start our work…I have sent the paper which the usdoj sent to me in response to my complaint against the county police department for the assault on 11/8/11. I can’t remember if his first name was Hank or Henry…Is he still alive and does he still live on moku Oahu? I can do more later on. In support. a hui ho.

  33. Lopaka the usdoj cited Fergustrom in error for me as my basis isn’t about religious rights or rites or freedom to practice. My basis is purely unjust assault and detention against another human being who happens to be Hawaiian Aupuni and who was fulfilling his right to self determination as intentioned by the state legislature, u.s. government citation of apology, u.s. and international underestanding and law regarding civil rights and freedoms, peer justice and public notice by the police department and county government that the citizen will be treated with aloha, not stolen from and not damaged in property. I will include that the county and judiciary has entered into acts of fraud and extortion by attempting to collect fines for citations already adjudicated and by attempting to collect “non-refundable” bonds paid in cash before testimony is heard.

    If I wasn’t so naive I would classify our condition as being relative to a “hate crime”. There is no other explanation that I can relate to. If someone steals from you and then in arrogance refuses to return the goods and then holds you to his justice that prevents you from regaining possession I see no other explanation.

    In support.

  34. Just relied to Hank and yes he is the same one and a friend of yours…Waimea is your wahi pana?. You can catch him on face book and suggest you do. I don’t know if you are getting support in the court room from maoli and/or aupuni like we do here in Hilo. It is a must for us to step up for each other. We cannot do this alone and should not; besides the more of us who attend and listen the more we learn and find solution…they give us the solutions and that keeps our hopes up.

    The other afternoon judge babara takase said something to the p.a. talon in regard to one of our brothers now in court fighting the fight with what they call is the Hawaiian Defense. She was giving him direction and also talking to talon subjected to our citizen refusing to capitulate to the u.s. legal system. Her question was…”If we had to deport him where would we deport him to…here”? All of the maoli and aupuni in the court turned and looked at each other and smiled at her admission that we are in fact on native land, our country. We sit and learn they have not left yet. In support.

  35. Aloha Jerry,

    Hank and I go back many years, he helped and supported my effort to stay on my ohana’s aina in Waimea Valley. Good bruddah! The main thing is we never give up we will go till ma ke. I will look for and friend him on face book.

    What the judge said was a good one… With all the evidence we have today and the truth to back it up it is confusing them. Now they stumbling all over themselves and admitting things that make them look stupid and like hypocrites. Good one my bruddah.

    Email me your mailing address and I’ll send you a complete copy on CD of my Motion and addendum’s and maybe you can find something in there can help with your case.

    Good luck with your case…


  36. Aloha E,
    The continuance of my case since March 22, 2013 is tomorrow Monday September 23, 2013 at the Alakea street Court House 1:30 PM 4th floor. It is open to the public if you want to attend.

    I am challenging the jurisdiction of the the STATE OF HAWAII and its court system for Lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction pursuant to Rule 12(b)(1) of the Hawaii Rules of Penal Procedure/Hawaii Rules of Civil Procedure.

    We have irrefutable evidence that the Hawaiian Islands and the Hawaiian Kingdom was never lawfully or legally annexed or incorporated as a territory into the United States of America. It is a well known fact that there is no Lawful or Legal Treaty of Annexation. Being that the state of hawaii is an agency of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION it has no lawful jurisdiction outside of the territorial boundaries of the UNITED STATES with includes the Hawaiian Islands. Links to the truth are in bedded in the attached news article below.

    I look forward to seeing you on tomorrow Monday September 23, 2013 at the Alakea Court House 4th floor at 1:30 PM.


  37. Aloha E,

    My case has been continued base on further evidence presented to the court. Next court date is set for Monday December 16, 2013 1:30 pm at the Alakea Street Court House on the 4th Floor…Mark your calendar if you would like to be there.

    This case is getting more and more interesting. What ever the out come will be, one of my main goals is to exhaust and establish as much evidence on the record and give this court the benefit of making the correct choices. This will eventually help when we take it to the international Criminal Court.

    So…Maybe I’ll see you at the Court House in December. Please go to and educate yourselves. Powerful information and the more people with this information the better. That includes all people of the world.

    Mahalo for you Aloha and support. Please share this with your Family and friends.


  38. Aloha e Lopaka,
    I’m sorry I missed your court date. I had planned to attend but got sidetracked. I hope I can make the next one on December. Please keep me informed. God bless.

    A hui hou,

    • Aloha e Doreene, Mahalo for writing.

      Nothing much happened so its okay that you couldn’t make it, the December court date should be a very interesting one and I think this is the one that will have some results. So you might want to plan for that one and spread the work and invite others to attend it.

      No matter what the out come or which way it goes it will be alright. Main thing is that we are getting our information documented in the court records and giving them a chance to remedy the case and then take it to the next level that being the international courts on war crimes charges..



  39. Aloha hk
    This is first entering hk blog.But have been a follower for years of hk.
    I do need to send my deepest aloha to hk and all those share their manao and issues with everyone. Believe me I look forward too read this blog every chance I have and have learn from all who has contributed to this blog. As a teacher and one who also move towards free Hawaii I share with my students,ohana, whomever I know whats happening.
    I believe we are making progress,it takes time but like I tell my ohana and students ,”nothing good comes easy”.
    That been said I do want too share with hk an bring to the world,recently we have become victums to the occupiers whom we lost too lands that has been in the ohana for over 100 years. We never expected that to happen but we also knew how crooked how these people can get. Whats worst is that it is the catholic church who the ohana and the Hawaiian Kingdom that allowed and welcomed them on the aina. Even built the church, the hall for its use. They even claimed our kupuna iwi that is buried in the ana right outside our hale. This case happen about six years ago when they were not using the facilities and we lettered to the bishop an never got a response even went to see him an only was told he was not in when an appointment was made.Soon a priest was brought in and they started the take over.
    Anyway the court after a number of hearings and all the lies the attorneys an its new priest decided to say this court could not find any writthen provision on their grant(their is a number of questions about their grant) despite that went ahead granted them they have the right to ownership to this aina. But what we realized the judgement also admitted all grants from the kingdom is very clear for anyone who has grants or palapala with provisions to the title. Not that we did not know and claimed that also but the case was not based on who owned the land because the ohana agreed with the Kingdom this aina was for everyone to come for hale pule,and gather.The hale we have been living in was built before the church. So now their forcing us to leave the property come November.
    This case is now public trialed in kona.
    I thank all who keep our lahui going and all who blog hk. We have been here before not maka’u because we know what is pono.We also know akua know we are all pono.I Mahalo to all who will read this blog. aloha pumehana a me kahonua.

  40. Auwe…yes the churches too; corporations. We need to broadcast our huaka`i loudly and pass on what we learn especially our successes to the rest of our ohana so that it can be duplicated and the mana`o becomes strong.

    We have a sitting judge in Hilo a hapa; american of hawaiian anchestry refer to the supporters of our citizens in the court room as “A`ama crabs”. Forgave him and have empathy for him and not the statement. It was not a slip of the tongue it was another assault against our culture and spiritual integrity. The citizen confronted his statement and corrected the judge with our own cultural principles; always the principles.

    I have written the gaff up in three newspapers including the Star-Advertiser and will watch to see if it is brought out for all to see.

    Malama pono.

  41. Lopaka…still have eyes and ears out on your situation. We have just concluded the trials of Michael Weeks a Maoli on Moku O Keawe and fought the good fight we always have with more coming. On this one the judge Harry Freitas a hapa was with the prosecution all the way with innate prejudices. During the end stages of this journey the judge openly referred to Michael and the kanaka supporters in the court as “a`ama crabs” and while he was reprimanded by Michael openly in court neither other attorney present addressed the obvious violation of justice and the u.s. constitution and international civil rights of the defendant. On the last sentencing hearing he acknowledged the racial slur and didn’t apologize however attempting to justify his crime. He would not recuse or dismiss for cause. Judicial arrogance here is very open and the judges and prosecutors works as one. We continue to work for change. Pray that things go much much better for you.

    Malama Pono…Ho`omaika`i

    • I am sad to hear of that the outcome Michael’s case turned out the way it did.

      I am anticipating the same outcome in my case as well and I’m ok with that because I know the truth and we also know that these judges know the truth. For the judge to refer to the “a’ama crab” comparison shows how arrogant and ignorant he is. Mahalo to Michael for putting up a good fight.

      My case continues on December 16, 2013. And we are prepared to take it to the next level. I will keep everyone posted.


  42. Mahalo…I hope your anticipations are unfounded. You do not know who the next judge will be yet? Michael’s judge was Harry Freitas who is already up on the war-crimes list. He is hapa and then mostly american, He has sold himself out. You can spread the story if it encourages other maoli and aupuni in joining the citizenry. I will use patience as I watch your side of the nation. Malama pono.

  43. Lopaka…just a reminder…I’m hanging with you still. We have a DLNR citation against a maoli recently that is going to court. Citation is against “gathering rights”. The maoli is a pohaku builder who has gathered historically. He was stopped by 2 DLNR agents who were armed (god these guys are soooo afraid) and cited. We will support in person here and in spirit there. Malama Pono

  44. Aloha Jerry,

    Mahalo for the information. My case is coming up on the 16th. I’ll let you know what the outcome is after its done.

  45. Update:

    Our Motion for continuance has been granted. My December 16th, 2013 court date has been moved to January 6, 2014 at 1:30 pm in the traffic court house on the corner of Alakea and Hotel Streets. Its open to the public. Hope to see you there..

    My attorney had filed a motion requesting for an extension because he believes what we expect to accomplish assisted by the continuance of my case will greatly benefit the larger interest of our lahui as well as individual cases like mine.


  46. Okay…pule for you and Dexter…I will be patient and keep my expectations realistic as you seem to be. Mahalo for you guys courage and persistence Lopaka. Aloha piha.

  47. Mahalo Jerry!

    Realistically, I don’t expect the court to rule in my favor and I’m okay with that. If they do rule in my favor thats great for all of us.

    I am very interested in establishing for the record their explanation for ruling against me. I am interested in establishing for the record what documents and/or Treaty(s) they have that gave this court jurisdiction within the territorial boundaries of the Hawaiian Islands and the Hawaiian Kingdom.

    We are prepared to file War Crimes Violations against the ruling judge(s), the police officer, the prosecutor(s), the mayor, the governor and all other officials and parties involved with my case.

    We will see….



  48. Lopaka for your information and anyone else there including Dexter who is looking for wins…we had a dismissal Monday on a DNR case against one of our maoli for gathering pohaku. I wasn’t there and missed the proceedings. We will attempt to document and inform the LHG higher ups.

    I would like to file war crime violations on my own case of police assault, false arrest and illegal incarceration, bodily injury and property damage and continuing propagation of fraud after adjudication.

    Lead me if you have the hoiki. Mahalo

  49. That’s good news!

    Dexter knows the process of filing war crimes violations, he would be the one to contact on that subject. He has taken on a lot of cases and is really busy. I’ll be seeing him on January 6, when I go back to court. I’ll ask him if he’s able to take on more cases. Does he know about your case? Try contacting his office in Honolulu at (808) 526-3239.

    I don’t know if you already ready this document but here’s the link to the letter he sent to ADMIRAL SAMUEL J LOCKLEAR lll up at Camp Smith. It has some powerful facts and information in it.


  50. Dexter is aware of my case. We have communicated and should some more. I know he is busy and I mahalo him for the information he already has given me. Thanks for the link..gonna read it now. Mahalo

  51. As we had expected all along. They finally got a judge to deny my motion. Now that we have everything on record we will be filing a complaint in the International Criminal Court (ICC). We are just waiting for the transcript of todays hearing to arrive in 2 to 3 weeks.


  52. I will relay this outcome to the citizens of the LHG here today and will also see how the court hearing outcome on the second DLNR charge against Charles England comes out. First was a dismissal or unwillingness by the prosecutor to bring hearing. Ku`e! And by the way who was the judge on this decision?

    We pule for you and your wife and family and for Dexter and the entire Aupuni O Hawaii.


    • Aloha Jerry!

      Mahalo for your Pule and support. I the the judges name was Okimoto. He totally made himself look like a fool. I will pass on an accurate account of what he said as soon as I receive the court transcripts.

      We will pule for you, your ohana and for Charles and his ohana too.


  53. Mahalo…Charles has met with inequality here also…we’ll see how it works…First Prosecuting Attorney wouldn’t touch it and the second one is willing to spend the kala to go to trial or whatever. Mahalo for the kokua from court records.

  54. Aloha. I have pleaded “not guilty” to traffic violations and plan to defend my position without an attorney. As much as I would like to hire Dexter, I do not have the funds and feel that, with the evidence, it is a “slam dunk”. I also acknowledge that the State of Hawaii cannot and will not rule in my favor and unfortunately it will only lead to a criminal complaints filed with the ICC.

    I was cited for expired registration, safety check and no insurance. I do believe that every motor vehicle should have insurance. The manner in which that insurance is obtained is subject to debate and I disagree with the American system. In America, the government requires you to purchase the insurance from private corporations that are loosely regulated and have a history of abuse.

    If I had been in a car accident or injured someone, I would not be making this argument as I do believe that Hawaiian Kingdom law would require me to compensate the individual(s) affected.

    This is a unique case as I did not injure anyone, anyone’s property or the liberty of an individual. I simply did not have updated stickers or insurance for the vehicle I was operating. Under the State of Hawaii laws, I will probably face fines of up to $1200.00 and loss of my driver’s license for a period of time.

    Here is where I have the problem, if the existence of the State of Hawaii is usurpation of my sovereignty, then wouldn’t I be funding the usurpation of my sovereignty by paying the fines or even paying my registration, safety check?

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