KITV 4 News: TMT Opponent Kaho‘okahi Kanuha files Formal War Crimes in Canada

KITV War Crimes

Click here to view the KITV News clip that aired on Wednesday May 13, 2015.

HONOLULU—And there are no signs of slowing down for TMT opponents. In Canada earlier today, they filed formal war crimes complaints with the Canadian Justice Department.

Activist Kaho‘okahi Kanuha says the charges are for desecration of property, unlawful confinement, and being denied the right to a fair trial. The last two relates to the arrests of 31 protestors who blocked construction of the thirty-meter telescope.

Kaho‘okahi Kanuha in Canada stated: “We’re working off of the fact that Hawai‘i was never legally annexed by the United States of America. This has gotten international attention, world-wide attention, and the ramifications of the actions taking place on the mountain, are very, very, they’re huge.”

Kanuha says that filing initiates a preliminary inquiry into their complaints. He says if the Canadian Justice Department finds “probable cause”—it will launch a criminal investigation.

39 thoughts on “KITV 4 News: TMT Opponent Kaho‘okahi Kanuha files Formal War Crimes in Canada

  1. So true thank you Kanuha, Hawai’i has been under illegal occupation for 122 yrs and our Mauna is the pivot point of which we will stand firm. No more lies , no more secrets, no more trying to make us Indians… We are Hawaiians and we belong to the Hawaiian Kingdom….

  2. The TRUTH is finally making its way through all the lies and deceit that the United States has been brainwashing our treaty partners and the rest of the world with for the past 122 years. All they have to do is to provide everyone with a copy of their so called, Treaty of Annexation. It is as simple as that, but they can’t because there is….NO TREATY!!! I am surprised that the media allowed the illegal occupation of Hawaii to be mentioned and now they too can no longer cover up the TRUTH that Hawaii is not a aprt of the United States. Never Was……Never Will Be!!!

    War Crimes??? You tell me!!! Time to DE-OCCUPY??? You better believe it!!!

  3. Aloha Kawika Villa, you got it right. It appears the strategy is to educate and expose the illegal occupation inorder to have the international community comply with international law and the laws of occupation. These foreign countries have enforcement power to investigate, prosecute and incarcerate those individuals in their jurisdiction that are funding the illegal acts of the TMT. Like I said before, stop the money flow and you stop TMT. The fake State of Hawaii can’t do anything about the TMT once the money stops. Science is the front for their scam, with the fake State it’s all about the money.

  4. OMG so if u.s. says sorry and pulls out of Hawaii what will you do? Everything you have that is not native to Hawaii will be gone. And you think if Hawaii is no longer a u.s. state that it will be left alone? I mean really.

    • American,

      Go to “” and take the time to educate yourself to finding the answers to your own questions by reading the entire post and then selecting the related subjects to your concerns at the bottom of the page.

      It is obvious that you have a lot of catching up to do and may suggest that you seriously think about using the name “American” unless that is who you believe yourself to be or intend to pledge your allegiance to.

      Something to think about……I mean really!!!

      • Reality, you are so far from reality living in your Americanized brainwashing based on fear. Fear is what they used to get you to support the wars they created and now they are even calling you a terrorist if you oppose the government or even try to exercise you constitutional rights. So, really who should you be extremely afraid of???

        For your information not only does China and Russia continue to have Treaties with the Hawaiian Kingdom, but it would be to their advantage to honor their treaties and to support or neutrality.

        So, don’t worry about us….worry about yourselves because we are not a part of the United States and we are not Americans. Do you get it now???

    • Giiit outta here..
      Like, for real what are you worried about your state job? We’ve been spoiled by the spoiled that when the truth comes out about corruption…the spoiled can not handle

    • No worry about us Bra! We did just fine BEFORE your people came here, we’ll serve & revive long after you’re gone back to your country. Aloha ‘Oe!

    • Eh Haole, It is very clear you are in denial as well as in shock. But best you start accepting it cause this is for real … and this will only get bigger and bigger, like a snow ball effect. It is long over due and we are tired of waiting on the greedy US to make it PONO. We will make it happen and we will thrive in doing so. We Kanaka are a very resourceful people. If you don’t think this is possible, take a look at Cuba. Cuba was under Soviet occupation(if you will) and in the process became very “dependent” on Soviet imports. Every thing was imported. All their food, fuel, medicines, etc…very little things were self reliant. When the Soviet Union split, they pulled everything out of Cuba. Now almost nothing was being imported and the Cuban people were basically abandoned and left with nothing. They had to make a decision to become self sufficient, self reliant, or perish. They chose the former and are now a thriving independent society with virtually no crime. Yeah! All the criminals packed up and left cause there was nothing for them any longer. So yes this is for real. We are not going anywhere. Why should we? This is our home. Our aina. American it is YOU that needs to leave, go back where you belong, and don’t forget to take someone back with you. Peace be with all… LLHK

  5. American, you have the typical ignorant response. The Hawaiian Kingdom will thrive while the U.S. will experience three economic bubbles bursting simultaneously and it’s lost of the dollar as the world reserve currency. Hawaii will have a cheaper cost of living since the Jones Act will no longer affect our imports by having it shipped to the U.S. on foreign ships, taxed with U.S. duties and tarrifffs and then loaded onto U.S. ships to be delivered to Hawaii. All this added costs are then passed onto us consumers in Hawaii. Can you imagine purchasing a tire that would have cost you $90.00 but now it’s only $30.00. The Hawaiian Kingdom can import it’s own oil at discounted rates and refine it here for cheaper cost at the pumps and resell the surplus for a profit. All fiber optics, cables and such now become income for the HK. The advantages of being in control of our economy, import and exports, banking,(off shore banking), etc. far out way any drawbacks.
    If you think some other country will try to take over Hawaii because the U.S. has to leave than think again. If the U.S. cannot be in control of Hawaii as a strategic military outpost in the pacific you can be assured they will not allow another country to have that advantage over the United States. They will use Hawaii’s neutrality and international law to enforce a hands off policy for Hawaii. We benefit from their free protection since it’s in their best interest and not of our own doing. Speaking of liability, I would not want to be in the U.S.’s shoes. All foreign entities that were made to pay illegally assessed duties and tarriffs to the U.S. on goods that were sold in Hawaii can now sue the U.S. for all those monies plus punitive damages. How much made in CHINA products do you think came to Hawaii?????? Not to mention the reparations owed to the HK for over 120 years of an illegal occupation and IRS taxes that must be returned. No american, it is not us Hawaiian subjects that has to worry about the judgement day for the sins of the united states.

    • Can someone tell me what happens to the local non Hawaiian decendents of immigrant workers whom are now “American Citizens”?
      Where will we take place in the Hawaiian Kingdom?

      • Sam, The 1 Million Non Hawaiians will have a chance to become full citizens of any Independent Nation-State Hawaiians choose to form. Under the nation with in a nation model non Hawaiian will have few rights if any.

        • Aloha Steve, I’m just wondering where you got your info from cause I don’t understand what you mean by “Under the nation with in a nation”. Just curious cause something doesn’t sound right. ? ? LLHK

      • Aloha Sam,
        Everyone calling Hawai`i home and are not Hawaiian subjects of decendents pre 1/17/1893 may have the opportunity to become subjects of the Hawaiian Kingdom once its Government is in place. Search this blog for Nationality, Dr. Willy Kawai. He is percise of its definition.

        No one will be forced to leave Hawai`i if they do not want to. However, anyone who remains is subject to Hawaiian Kingdom Law.

        By the way, those who became American citizens in Hawai`i one Hawaiian soild are not American. I repeat NOT American. You wuld need to be on American soil to do that or through your parentage. Hawaiian subject is the citizenry of Hawai`i. If not, you retain your citizenship from you parentage.

        America does not have jurisdiction here therefore they cannot impose their constitutional laws here. The only way you can become an American citizen is through American parentage or pledging on American soil. You’ll have to be in America to do that.

        Aloha no

      • If they pledge allegiance to the Kingdom of Hawaii, they stay here. If they pledge allegiance to America, we’ll just pick a State.

    • I’m pretty sure that most of the international companys will leave hawaii if the kingdom is reinstated. Plus, would all land owners have to give back their land to the kingdom! Because the king had the right to give and take away land.

  6. So many uninformed people. They believe that our Kingdom cannot function on it’s own simply because they have been “brainwashed” to think that this is so. Please get informed, in touch, and in the canoe! We will get along just fine. As a matter of fact, we will get along so much better guiding our Kingdom nation on our own. Kanaka maoli have been not only been surviving on our own for centuries…but have thrived in the process. Don’t believe everything you read…outside of your history. Everything that we do from this day forward will bring harmony, pride, cultural identity, self-sufficiency, and so much more to our people. We can be a shining example to the world of what can be achieved by working together as one people, one Kingdom, one purpose, and one direction. Onipa’a

    • Keoki, if everyone on our Aina began their day, by using your phrasing as an instrument of thought, we will attain and accomplish our long desired, re-emergence as a Nation. Restoration once again among the International Family of Nations is the equanimity we seek to restore in every respect, as an equal high-contracting nation. Every member nation in this union believes the law of the land must prevail if World Peace is preeminent. Anyone violating this righteous principal must be brought to answer for breaching this understanding. The United States is no exception. Calling Canada out to answer for its breach in the TMT proposal is a good start as a responsible nation member in the International Union of States. LLHK

  7. An investigation is much needed. 1 small step for the Kanaka Maoli, one huge step for the Kingdom of Hawaii.

    • Mahalo Rick… Dr Sai always encourage us to ask the right questions.
      IMHO …
      IF… a big IF, there was a conquest by america … There would be a treaty of conquest like Texas… Mexico to US
      All We have is an apology bill 1993???
      Mahalo4 asking

      • Aloha rick
        Did you know… Hawaii is the only State in america without a treaty.
        The BIG question is??? Without a treaty Is or was Hawaii part of the US???


  8. Aloha Sam Dimaya Jr., if you are an american citizen then you will be like the other american citizens and foreign nationals that lived in the HK. You will be living here as resident aliens and protected under the Treaty.

  9. Aloha Reality, NEVER say NEVER. As far as Russia and China, you cannot speak for them. They have their own state department and agenda for our situation and it’s not occupation.

  10. Aloha rick, your statement …the king had the right to give and take away land… is incorrect. You are speaking pre- constitutional monarchy and very possibly believing those who do not understand Hawaiian Kingdom land tenure.
    Your statement …I’m pretty sure that most of the international companys will leave hawaii if the kingdom is reinstated. .. is also incorrect, in fact, it will be just the opposite. International companies and investors will be pounding on the doors of the Kingdom to get in for all the advantages of no anti trust laws, no IRS taxes, off shore banking etc…

  11. Aloha rick, America will never say they conquered the Hawaiian Kingdom. Have you not read all of the evidence on their actions? Thier own President’s investigation and his 2 executive agreements prove and confirm they have no claim to Hawaii in anyway, shape of form.
    Hawaii was an internationally recognized neutral state like Switzerland and protected under international law. NO country in their right mind would confess and incriminate themselves to conquering a neutral state. That’s why they used the Grand Illusion of a fake revolution by insurgents and not flat out took it for themselves. President Harrison even went so far as to lie and said American Military were not involved in the overthrow.
    But even if they did, they would still need a TREATY of surrender to extinguish the existing (HK) state inorder to transfer Title and sovereignty to themselves. There is no such TREATY !! There is NO TREATY of anykind what so ever.

    • Ryan, Canada becoming a full fledged member of the TMT occurred before Dr. Sai and Kahookahi Kanuha had traveled to Canada to file their War Crime complaint. Now Canada is being required to do their own investigation and if I was the Canadian government I would withhold the funds until the investigation is completed because they will discover that the complaint is valid.

  12. I think this is awesome, just the fact that people are asking questions!

    no doubt we have more people watching this site that probably want to comment but rather not, not their time, nervous, anxious, or just waiting to see which way the boat rocks.

    I really want to Mahalo all those here (Dutchy, kekoa, etc.) and others that can educate the Americans & ricks to better understand whats happening..

  13. How can you deny the complaint. The President himself in 1893/94 stated that the overthrow was illegal. Queen Liliuokalani wrote songs and book. There is no annexation document. There are treaties for other related Hawaiian Politics. The evidence is so clear. What’s there to investigate, really!

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