Kanaka Express – Interview with Professor Schweizer

Kale Gumapac, host of Kanaka Express, interviews Dr. Niklaus Schweizer on history of the Hawaiian Kingdom and its impact today. Dr. Schweizer is a professor at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa and has published books and articles on the history of the Hawaiian Kingdom. Dr. Schweizer also served as the Honorary Consul for the Swiss Confederation and is currently consul emeritus of the Consular Corps of Hawai‘i.

5 thoughts on “Kanaka Express – Interview with Professor Schweizer

  1. Mahalo for this education , I’ve watched it 5 times and learned and sunk in the facts .. Marlo again kale for educating me ! Like a dry sponge I’m soaking it all up !!

  2. Mahalo nui loa e Kale and Kauka Schweizer for sharing your insights and mana’o akamai. It is invaluable the awareness of history imparted upon your audience in Hawaii nei and Amelika. It gives us hope and understanding the currents of controversy surrounding our liberation from the US Occupation. All of us together, including the US have the capacity to attain Universal Peace. Kanaka Express gives us the ability to see our kuleana required to wrest ourselves from the numerous encumbrances foisted on us by the Traveler/Malihini Settler/Aliens who have migrated here, without the proper protocol and compliance with the Law of the Land, H/K Law.

  3. I pule our nation/state/KINGDOM will be a reality 2016. Now traveling around amerika…..Americans have no clue about the war machine American military has created! !!! American pro sports especially Ohio is a pathetic way of life!! Our LORD said: everything in moderation. GOD BLESS HAWAI’I

  4. Then I must be the 00.01% of the population in Hawaii who have read the H.K. Constitution of 1864 hahahaha! Not only have I read it, I would say the Articles on the Constitution would be perfect for post-war Hawaii. Maybe some things need to be amended due to modernization, but I don’t think any significant changes would be necessary. Because the 1864 Constitution not only would be perfect for modern day Hawaii, but it represents what Hawaii is– a society not only filed with aloha, but intelligence and responsibility, which is something I don’t want us to lose otherwise history just might repeat itself and I don’t want Hawaii to be a twin of America. For example, under Article 3 of the Constitution, it defines freedom of speech in the H.K. Unlike in America where people can speak their minds freely and make excuses in case they say things that are logically and immorally wrong, in the H.K. freedom of speech gives off the impression that it is a sense of responsibility and not a right. While everyone has the right to freely speak, write and publish whatever they want, Article 3 also states that one is “being responsible for the abuse of that right.” So in other words, say whatever you want, but just be wise on what you say. If you say anything that is illogical or immoral, freedom of speech is not going to protect you, you are going to own up to it if whatever you did has consequences; especially if you say things that are against the law. For instance in the H.K., cursing Akua is illegal. One does such a thing, they will get punished under the laws of Blasphemy (H.K Penal Code Chapter XXXIV, Section 2). That right there is one example to install responsibility and intelligence in the people.

    Another example of intelligence and responsibility in the Constitution are Articles 13, Article 25, and Article 61. Article 13 states that, “The King conducts His Government for the common good; and not for the profit, honor, or private interest of any one man, family, or class of men among His subjects.” Unlike the puppet regime (State of Hawaii government) where it is no doubt just like Sanford Dole and Lorrin Thurston, they only care about themselves, their power, certain people, and money. The H.K. Government puts all of its people living under its realm first ahead of its government officials and profit. In fact in the H.K. Privy Council of State, where it serves as the Sovereign’s executive advisory board, the members are task to be the advisory of the King. They must by law advice the King honestly to the best of their knowledge and discretion, to advise for the King’s honor and the good of the public without partiality through friendship, love, reward, fear or favor. And to also avoid corruption, observe, keep, and do all that a good and true counselor ought to observe, keep, and do to his Sovereign. (H.K. Civil Code, Title 2, Chapter 5)

    This is where Article 25 and Article 61 of the 1864 Constitution also comes in. Article 25 states, “No person shall ever sit upon the Throne, who has been convicted of any infamous crime, or who is insane, or an idiot.” Article 61 states, “The following persons shall be eligible for representatives of the people, namely: Every male subject, or denizen of the Kingdom, who shall have arrived at the full age of twenty-five years, who shall know how to read and write; who shall understand accounts, and who shall have resided in the Kingdom for at least one year immediately preceding his election; provided always, that no person who is insane, or an idiot, or who shall at any time have been convicted of theft, bribery, perjury, forgery, embezzlement, polygamy, or other high crime or misdemeanor, shall ever hold seat as Representative of the people.” To sum it all up, the H.K. system of government is comprised of people who are intelligent and smart; a good example is Queen Liliuokalani! Unlike in the puppet regime where pretty much, most of them are idiots; but we all know that already.

    I believe that our neutrality means not only peace to us, but peace to the world. To put it simple under international relations, neutrality means that a country does not get involved in armed conflicts whether if it occurs between two or more foreign powers outside of neutral territory or if it occurs between the neutral country and another foreign power. Hawaii being a neutral country brings peace to the world by being neutral to foreign powers by not engaging in hostile acts or getting involved with their armed conflicts and in return, foreign powers brings peace to us and does not bother us. We don’t beef with you; in return you don’t beef with us. Of course, yes, as what Dr Schweizer said, any country can voluntarily relinquish its neutrality and become a belligerent power; in the case of Hawaii, relinquishing its neutrality is basically saying to the big brahddas, “come, brah! You like scrap!? Right here! Lets bang!” Considering that Hawaii is not only is in the middle of the Pacific, it is positioned between 4 major world powers: The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, The Peoples Republic of China, The Russian Federation, and the United States. To relinquish our neutrality and become a hostile nation OR to have foreign military protection can not only jeopardize the people’s lives, it can above all jeopardize our sovereignty. In fact that is already happening right now. While most people believe that the United States is protecting Hawaii, in reality it is putting our lives and our country in extreme perilous danger; not to mention the United States presence here is violating the Laws of Neutrality. As what Kale explained, Russian and Chinese submarines with nuclear warheads are swimming near our territorial waters. I even read in the paper one time that Russian military aircraft come close to our territorial airspace. This makes us a potential target to anyone who is hostile to the United States and all it takes is one nuclear strike and it does not matter where it hits; Hawaii would not be a livable place forever. And December 7th, 1941 is a clear example of the failure of America so-called “protection of Hawaii.” Thousands of people died on that day; if the United States did not occupy Hawaii, most likely those people would be alive today or would have at least lived their life.

    In conclusion, if the 1864 Constitution, along with our Penal and Civil Codes stays as they are, we can not only maintain the aloha, but install intelligence and kuliana into the people and government. Of course yes I agree some things need to be amended and/or introduced for modernization purposes such as automobile laws, for example. But in general, I would say the H.K. laws as they are perfect for post-war Hawaii. Those types of laws can govern the officials of government intelligently, give the citizens a sense of responsibility, while encouraging free thinking, and it can reduce crime and greed in society. Especially if we’re gonna have offshore banking as one of our economic assists (which by the way sounds good).


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