Interview with Dr. Keanu Sai on Washington Times’ Story on China and the Hawaiian Kingdom

In this interview with host Kale Gumapac, Dr. Keanu Sai provides comment on his recent trip to Switzerland regarding war crimes and the recent newspaper story published in the Washington Free Beacon and the Washington Times titled “Hawaiian Independence Movement Attracts Chinese Interest: Restoration of kingdom could end U.S. military presence” on February 10, 2015.

6 thoughts on “Interview with Dr. Keanu Sai on Washington Times’ Story on China and the Hawaiian Kingdom

  1. Ooh! Very interesting to hear that! I don’t know if they are seriously thinking of selling arms to so-called “Hawaiian independence” activist, in which I hope not because for those of us who are aware of Hawaii’s legal history, advocating for independence is saying that Hawaii IS a part of the United States! Which we know Hawaii is not part of the United States; it is occupied. There’s a legal difference! But one thing is certain: China does have a general interest in Hawaii’s situation. Unless they already know, wait till they find out Hawaii is occupied territory; they’ll have 10 times more interest! Not only because of Chinese nationals here and there are Chinese possibly conducting economic business here, but they would be interested in the U.S. de-occupation of Hawaii due to the heavy illegal U.S. military presence here! In addition, China could also become Hawaii’s Protecting Power as well as Switzerland!

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    –Malala Yousafzai

    • Not to mention the Chinese Hawaiians who were “true” native Hawaiians, born in the Hawaiian Kingdom. How were they and their assets protected after racist policies were implemented by the provisional government.

      • Aloha, Tim

        Oh, yeah no doubt about that. And some people say America is better than Hawaii. Yeah right–after what I’ve studied, that is so quite the contrary! I would say the H.K. outranks the United States in human rights! I wonder what kind racial policies were implemented during the beginning days of the occupation…….

  2. Thank you for sharing… Really appreciate all of your time & effort Dr. Sai- feels good to be growing in knowledge 🙂

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