18 thoughts on “Hawai‘i’s Place In International Law – The International Court of Justice

  1. Keanu & Dexter, it has to take the both of you to bring out the truth and run with it to make it right for the people of Hawaii. Waihee & Hee both knew the truth and used it as a tool for their own political highlight, once they got into office it was silence. I thank you for spearheading this issue for our Kupuna’s and the future keiki’s of Hawaii. God Bless the both of you and your family.

  2. I am truly grateful to Dr. Keanu Sai and Dexter Kaiama Esq.for their keen discernment of the facts regarding our Hawaiian Kingdom Nation’s Restoration and the Compliance by the U.S. to DeOccupy and decomission themselves from our Homeland.

    In due time the detractors, namely Waihee and Hee who have been complicit with the Occuping powers will eventually be subpoened to show cause for their actions of the past and the consequences they entail. It’s just a matter of time before the Attorney General for the Hawaiian Kingdom issues an affadavit for their day in court.

  3. Yes I’m proud to be an Hawaiian and agree all the way with keanu he has brought everything to light and all things are being exposed and will be more understood. Thank you so much for the exposure and truth for all who have been patiently waiting for this new and powerful course to take and accomplishment for freedom of our future, Mahalo mamalani

  4. Mahalo nui loa for dissecting the history of the illegal occupation and necessary proceedings that are required to up root the truth in a commonsense manner so we all can understand the Hawaiian Porch you and your associates are driving on the International Freeway. Ke Aku, Na Akua, Na Aumakua a me Na Kupuna malama the Acting Government of Hawai’i Nei . Aloha!

  5. Ironic that the U.S. government shuts down while the Hawaiian
    Kingdom government is on the verge of making its global debut.

    I heard a civilian contractor mention that they will need to get
    used to the U.S. government’s lurching economy as the way the U.S.
    government does business from now on! (mental conditioning)

    Wait a minute! I heard a similar story before about Americanization!
    Is it possible that the U.S. government is preparing its population
    for the impending retribution from the Hawaiian Kingdom?
    Almost like the cooked frog story, throw a frog into a pot of hot
    water and it will jump out; put the frog into a pot of water then
    slowly turn up the heat and you will end up with a cooked frog!
    Metaphor only! I don’t advocate doing that!! (mental conditioning)

    Dr. Sai, well done!

  6. Mahalo Kale N Keanu,
    Wow! I love the way you are making things clearer. Thank you for all the manao. Mahalo KE AKUA!

  7. Aloha Dr,. Sai, Dexter Kaiama and Kale,
    Much Mahalo for the manao you’ve shared. It was very educational and well worth the time to watch learn and listen.
    It is coming to a time where the United States will find themselves in a world of hurt. The sad thing is, why do they continue to break the Law? As the saying goes, what goes around comes around and when it comes back it’s 10 times worst. After viewing what was done, the U.S. is facing a major financial beating.

    Mahalo and may our Lord continue to protect you throughout each and everyday.


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