First War Crime Complaint Filed with International Criminal Court


The first war crime complaint was filed on February 14, 2012, with the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and copied to the United Nations Human Rights Commission by Dexter Kaiama, attorney, on behalf of his client Kenneth K.K. Kawa‘auhau. Kawa‘auhau is a Hawaiian subject and a protected person under the 1949 Fourth Geneva Convention. The specific war crime is denying a protected person a fair and regular trial. According to the ICC, elements of the war crime of denying a fair trial include:

  1. The perpetrator deprived one or more persons of a fair and regular trial by denying judicial guarantees as defined, in particular, in the third and the fourth Geneva Conventions of 1949.
  2. Such person or persons were protected under one or more of the Geneva Conventions of 1949.
  3. The perpetrator was aware of the factual circumstances that established that protected status.
  4. The conduct took place in the context of and was associated with an [occupation of the territory of a High Contracting Party].
  5. The perpetrator was aware of factual circumstances that established the existence of an [occupation of the territory of a High Contracting Party].

The ICC also clarifies that with respect to the last two elements listed for the war crime of denying a fair trial:

  1. There is no requirement for a legal evaluation by the perpetrator as to the existence of an [occupation of the territory of a High Contracting Party] or its character as international or non-international;
  2. In that context there is no requirement for awareness by the perpetrator of the facts that established the character of the [occupation of the territory of a High Contracting Party] as international or non-international;
  3. There is only a requirement for the awareness of the factual circumstances that established the existence of an [occupation of the territory of a High Contracting Party] that is implicit in the terms “took place in the context of and was associated with.”

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In 2012, ejectment proceedings were instituted by the State of Hawai‘i Attorney General against Kawa‘auhau seeking a court order from the District Court of the First Circuit, Waianae Division, to remove him from his home in Waianae. Kawa‘auhau held a 99-year lease from the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands. On January 24, 2012, Kawa‘auhau filed a Motion to Dismiss on the grounds that the District Court was not lawfully constituted because the United States has been illegally occupying the Hawaiian Kingdom in violation of the 1893 Lili`uokalani assignment and the Restoration Agreement, being international compacts, the 1907 Hague Convention, IV, and international law. Kaiama provided special appearance for Kawa‘auhau at the hearing on the motion that was held on February 7, 2012.

According to Kawa‘auhau’s pleadings in the case, his argument and supporting evidence centered on the fact that there is no treaty between Hawai‘i and the United States, and without a treaty United States laws enacted by the Congress have no force and effect beyond U.S. territory. As a result, the District Court, which derives its authority from An Act To provide for the admission of the State of Hawai‘i into the Union (March 18, 1959), cannot claim to have jurisdiction in territory that does not belong to the United States. Kawa‘auhau argues that the Hawaiian Kingdom continues to exist and that international laws, not U.S. laws, apply in his situation.

Despite Kaiama getting District Court Judge Maura Okamoto to take judicial notice of the evidence, she denied the motion to dismiss without cause and the court eventually granted the order for eviction. Kawa‘auhau’s appeal with the Intermediate Court of Appeals was also denied by Presiding Judge Daniel Foley, Associate Judge Katherine Leonard and Associate Judge Lawrence Reifurth without any counter-evidence as well. (United States) State of Hawai‘i Government is a War Crime under International Law.

The War Crime Complaint alleges:

“State of Hawai‘i Judges OKAMOTO, FOLEY, LEONARD, and REIFURTH committed a war crime by willfully depriving my client, a protected person, of a fair and regular trial prescribed by the fourth Geneva ConventionThe Plaintiff, State of Hawai‘i Department of Hawaiian Home Lands Chair JOBIE MASAGATANI and State of Hawai‘i Governor NEAL ABERCROMBIE, represented by the State of Hawai‘i Attorney General DAVID M. LOUIE and Deputy Attorney Generals MATTHEW S. DVONCH, DIANE K. TAIRA and S. KALANI BUSH were complicit in these proceedings and therefore committed a war crime as accessories.”

The War Crime Complaint concludes:

“Accordingly, pursuant to Article 17(3) of the Rome Statute, I respectfully request the office of the Prosecutor, with all due speed, investigate the situation in order to determine if the alleged perpetrators should be charged with the war crime specified above.”

The ICC jurisdiction over the Hawaiian Islands will begin March 4, 2013.

40 thoughts on “First War Crime Complaint Filed with International Criminal Court

  1. This is the best news yet! Congratulations and mahalo nui loa `ia Kenneth Kawa`ahau for your belief and fortitude. Mahalo Dexter Kaiama for working for justice.

  2. The facts are there, will “might makes right” defeat this case. Can you really push around america? Will the US get off on a technicality, political power or simply not show up?
    Everyone will be holding their breaths, or should we be doing more? This seems to easy.

    • Yes we must do more! Share this with friends and family. Post it on Facebook, tell anyone who will listen. If the Media wont cover this story we must take advantage of whatever social media we have at our disposal to get the word out.

      The more people know the less inclined they will be in the future to continue this sharrod of Hawaii being the “50th State”.

    • Aloha Walter. Just a thought, but what if all the people opposing GMO were supporting restoration of the Hawaiian Kingdom. I think it would be pretty safe to say that GMO has no place in a society based on sustainability and coexistence, despite what they tell us.

  3. As I understand it, under The International Criminal Court (ICC) proceedings, the individual or people who are committing war crimes are held responsible for their actions and not their country. I donʻt believe the U.S. government can protect these people committing war crimes in the Hawaiian Kingdom, simply because, this is not the U.S. The criminals only have two options,
    1. Face prosecution for their war crimes.
    2. Avoid prosecution and flee to their prospective country.

  4. Finally, action that will force “State of Hawaii” Government officals to look up and take serious notice. The time for complicitness, apathy and, dismissiveness is over! All you “Yes Men” and “Pencil Pushing” functionaries working in the Capital try stick this in your IN BOX and FILE IT!

  5. For all the men and women in prisons who deserve to be out, should be taken out and put into a Pu’uhonua program and do away with “prisons” as an old way…not our way…to care for our people, who were like us duped by the slickest smooth talking white businessmen whose bottom line is $$$…it’s time to go back to the Ahupua’a system for our lands and to practice Aloha ‘Aina concepts of taking of and managing out lands and waters from further exploitation by teaching and training kanaka to manage and control their own lands…like the two executive agreements, these two steps to apply in this period allows us to create businesses in our communities and put into the record of the DHHL and DLNR to be given certain amount of lands to farm, develop a fishing village, kupuna housing, build houses and two story apartments, businesses, education and economic development businesses on our lands…taking away most of the responsibilities from the county and working together on certain needs of our communities.

    Thank you again Dr. Sai and the Council of Regency…and research teams/helpers, who took these issues that should have been resolved 120 years ago, but was not…to a higher level to be witnessed Mar. 2013. About time!

    I agree that we must do as much as possible to get out the word and together take a tally of how far and wide this message went out to the world.

    Aloha Keakua.

  6. what are the obligations (if any) when a lease and or mortgage agreement / contract between a lessee [Native Hawaiian], DHHL [State of Hawaii] and Bank [FDIC] claims default? are the contracting parties subject to a jurisdiction clearly identified in these agreements / contracts and what about the Kanaka maoli that receive nada from any of these foreign entities and have alway maintained and continue to live in the Kingdom today, is this complaint giving rise for the ICC and the UN an authority limiting or having any effects upon the rights of an american Native Hawaiian as described by US Federal statutes and will these decisions affect those Kanaka’s who find their rights under the original jurisdiction of the 1839 Declaration of Rights, Both of the People & Chiefs and the Constitution of the Hawaiian Kingdom. will a kanaka’s complaint to the ICC and the UN as the living heirs to their ohana’s royal patents, grants or land commission awards be settled by Kaiama’s complaint, these are the questions I see apparent to a kanaka living in the Hawaiian Islands, please open up a dialog for these questions and question of the same nature,


    • I’m no expert, but I believe one must first launch a complaint with the I.C.C. for consideration. The I.C.C. will make rulings based on a case by case basis. I do not believe Kaiama’s Complaint will be the last word on the matter nor will the courts rulling settle the matter on behalf of every person.

      Furthermore (and I dont mean to sound rude) but to be clear we mustn’t use the term “Native Hawaiian” it is incorrect. The correct term is Aboriginal Hawaiian (it describes ones ethnicity). Hawaiian describes ones Nationality. For example I am a Hawaiian Subject even though I’m not Aboriginal. And there is no such thing as an “American Native Hawaiian” because it is an utter contridiction in terms. How can we be American when we are Subjects of the Hawaiian Kingdom?

      • Read Post and Reply on Hawaiian Nationality and the Law of Occupation,
        If can not connect your self by birth to Hawaii before 1898 we are American citizens under the laws of occupation even if you were born in Hawaii.

      • Not at all! I too agree! We should not use the term “Native Hawaiian” to describe Hawaiians of indigenous background because in the HK language, there is no such thing! Haha! A’e! (yes) The correct term to describe Hawaiians of indigenous background is “Aboriginal Hawaiian.” Hawaiian or “Hawaiian subject” is a nationality, which could mean anyone regardless of indigenous background!

        Its extreamly hororifying that the vast majority of Hawaii’s population do not know about this! They’re all swallowed up by the propaganda and indoctranation they hear everyday! Of course, it is not their fault! They’re just confused and mislead just like I and you was when we learned Hawaii’s history at first! For example, some people believe that “Hawaiian” is short for “Native Hawaiian” which it is not!

      • Hawaiian is ones nationality, not ones race. Kanaka maoli is a person of pure aboriginal ancestry and a Kanaka is a person of part aboriginal bloodline.
        You can no more tell the race of an American than you can
        that of a Hawaiian.
        Native Hawaiian has been used by the U.S. and the State of Hawaii to address the Kanaka people in Hawaii that became
        U.S. citizens back in 1898. native Hawaiian are all of us, the Hawaiian Kingdom nationals that knows that there is no treaty of cession between the U.S. and the Hawaiian Kingdom and the ones who know that the sovereignty is still valid to date!
        The fact that the kingdom entered into the IV Geneva Convention on January 14, 2013 and soon to be a part of the ICC Rome Statute on March 4, 2013 means a lot. We have come a long way. If you think about it the kingdom never entered into any treaty since January 17, 1893 and this year, after 120 years we will have entered into two treaties, that to me is big. The ICC prosecution is the icing on the cake, the grip that the U.S. has on Hawaii is breaking apart!
        Hope this helps!

        • Thank you Wayne,
          We must remember to be gracious and compassionate in these crittical moments. How we conduct ourselves will set the tone for the future.

          Even though we as a people have been wronged we must not allow our society to become bitter. While we re-claim our national identity we must be inclusive to all nationalities who immigrated here and remember that we Hawaiians (Aboriginal or not) are not an annointed few.

          Let us not forget the Chinese, Portugese, Japanese, Filipinos, Tongans, Samoans, and even the Micronesians that have migrated and have made new lives for themselfes here. We cannot turn our backs on them. We must be strong and know that this is a time for courage and to remember the love and kindness shown to all peoples by the our Monarchy.

          When there was starvation and suffering and the first waves of plantation workers came to these islands seeking a better future for them and their children. The Monarchy did not turn them away, instead they were welcomed and many became citizens and leaders in the Hawaiian Government.

          Our Queen (God rest) would not approve of this “exclusive” attitude some of us have developed. Dont hate, only the unloved hate. It’s un-natural.

          • Yes, Kiele! That is a very good point! Her Majesty would not approve of this exclusive attitude towards people! What would She say if She was alive today? What would we say? Because it was of the society we grew up in? A’ole! Not to mention we would disgrace Her and Her husband, Prince Dominis!

          • I agree that the Hawaiian Kingdom welcomed all ethnicities and that should continue into the future. I also think that it is important to remember, that all other cultures are preserved and protected by their corresponding country. Japanese culture preserved in Japan, Chinese culture in China. Portugese culture preserved in Portugal. How is our culture faring here in our county, our home? Some might feel that our culture was way behind and obsolete, as we were a “Stone Age” people. The cultures that followed Captain Cook had not been in a “Stone Age” existence for more than 2000 years. Just something to keep in mind. When I say “Stone Age” I am referring to the resources and materials. It might be argued that the Hawaiians were socially more advanced than we are today. I don’t see preserving and protecting our culture as “exclusive” or “racist”, but rather culture preservation. The world is starting to acknowledge the important of sustainability. Were we not champions of sustainability, pre-contact? Maybe preserving our culture is the greatest contribution we can make, not tourism.

          • Aloha Kiele,

            Re: February 21, 2013, 9:30 am response

            I am hopeful that you did not mistake my comment from a racist point of view. I was merely pointing out the difference between a nationality and a race, nothing more!
            Not intending to set a tone for anyone! And absolutely no hate on my end, only Aloha!! You don’t know what you don’t know, until you know, just sharing some information.
            I do have a lot of none Kanaka friends
            that comprehend the difference between nationality and race and have no problem with that. Some of them also comprehend the fact that the U.S. is without a treaty to show its
            authority over the sovereign independent country of the Hawaiian Kingdom and are totally blown away and very supportive to a just resolve. I don’t have anything against
            any race of people living in the Hawaiian Islands, after all I am a Kanaka and of a mixed racial background, the last to play a race card,
            so I believe the Queen wouldn’t have an issue with my comment.

            Something to think about:

            Look to the past: What did the ancient Kanaka maoli believe captain Cook and his crew to be?
            What happened when captain Cook took hold of Kalaniopu’u?
            What happened when Kalanimano’okahoowaha struck captain Cook in defense against Cook’s aggression against him? You got it, he saw blood! The fallacy of captain Cook and his crew was over!

            Look to the future: Colonized or occupied? Don’t know the difference? One’s fallacy will end the second that difference is discovered!

            Brain teaser:

            DHHL requires their applicants to have what percent Hawaiian to qualify for a home lot?

            Anyone ever see a (fifty percent) 50% american?

            Who’s fooling who?

            It’s all good! God bless!!

            A hui hou

    • Eo Kanaka Maoli, he maika`i loa ko`u ninau…excellent questions!! As for any ‘contract’ with DHHL, it is invalid because DHHL was created by the illegal state of Hawai`i which was created by the US government through a conspiracy of lies & propaganda protecting 30 criminal, treasonous insurgents. The truth of the illegal overthrow, the Lili`uokalani Assignment, the Restoration Agreement and the illegal occupation is all being brought to light finally after over 120 years of obfuscation, and there is no statute of limitations…all these years of people trying to fight the fake-state of Hawai`i and the US government are over, they would NEVER concede to the fact of the illegality of their existence! Laulima Title Search & Claims has been working with Keanu Sai & keeping people in their homes by proving each property in Hawai`i has a defect in title as a result of what happened in 1893 with the overthrow & in 1898 with the illegal military occupation, and that the courts here are illegal and judges here are committing war crimes by insisting they have jurisdiction, even when they’ve taken judicial notice of the 2 Executive Agreements, they’re even breaking US Constitutional law! Keanu’s information is black & white, solid & irrefutable, there is no treaty of annexation! Now the international community is becoming aware of the truth and wheels are turning, and soon heads will be spinning. Judges here all know this is happening but are arrogant enough to think that nothing can happen to them. International law is very specific on what constitutes a war crime & who can be charged. Remember what happened to the Nazi leaders who ran off to South America to hide? These judges are either going to have to acknowledge & admit they have no jurisdiction & recuse themselves from these cases or be charged with war crimes, and if indictments are issued and they don’t want to face justice they’ll have to run off to America to seek asylum. This is such an exciting time, as history is being made right now!

  7. We should all be doing our own research on the ICC. What cases have they chosen to accept and hear? Who, if anyone, have they issued an arrest warrant for (Omar Al-bashir for crimes against humanity in Darfur….DARFUR people!). What is the ICC’s relationship with the U.S. Because ultimately we’re there to challenge U.S. power right? This isn’t really about DHHL, it’s about U.S. authority in the courts and challenging the validity of that.
    The Hawaiian Kingdom guys have not been transparent about their intentions or strategy concerning their filings with the ICC (not on this blog at least). That becomes problematic when their own people, people from the lahui start putting their arms up in praise, thinking our savior has arrived. Perhaps their lack of transparency is critical to their strategy which is why it is up to the lahui to do their own research, think independently and while supporting what these law guys are doing, not relying on it as the answer. We need to build together, raise consciousness and work toward critical mass.

    • Lack of transparency is incorrect. In a legal war, you don’t show all of your cards to the public, especially before the showdown has even started. In any contest, it wouldn’t make sense for opponents to reveal their game plans. Maybe after the contest, but not before. Like Dr. Sai has said, “If you say you’re going fishing, you’ll scare the fish away. If I come back with poke, you know I went fishing.”

      • So again, we gotta do our own research. Also keep in mind that they are not being entirely opaque. They are posting what theyʻre doing on this blog which is being shared over and over through social media. That is intentional. So the lāhui is playing a role in their plan and I believe the lāhui has a right to know what that role is.

          • Wow! Comparing Dr. Sai’s efforts to Kana’iolowalu. I am a firm believer of looking at things from all angles, however find it hard to find any similarities. Could you please elaborate on your reasoning for making such a comparison? Maybe I am missing someting.
            Researching things for yourself I believe is VERY important, a message I believe Dr. Sai has endorsed.
            Dr. Sai’s research is mind-blowing at the least. I tell everyone about it. What I have found is that a majority (including kanaka maoli) are in denial. The research is so uncomfortable that they choose to deny the facts and except the current situation. In my opinion, the danger in this thinking is the support for a delusional existence. That is what we will be handing off to our future generations, if we do not right the wrong. Mahalo nui loa to everyone who has had the courage to fight this fight.

  8. To come together to discuss…listen and learn is ke ala lokahi. It is as should be and is derived from within our culture…it is our culture. Aloha is not only a word it is one of our principles of behavior and we cannot not walk without it. It has no defenses within it which is why our condition is what it is and our Queen herself for reasons of Aloha commanded that those of us who would fight for the kingdom would stand down. Out of love and concern for us and we relented. Aloha is now exercising a form of defense, one in which we are asking the world courts and the US (ever again) to consider the principle of Aloha, Lokahi, Kupono, maluhia, ho`oponopono and all our other principles of life. It wasn’t until Barack Obama took office as President of the illegal occupier that the Hawaiian as an indigenous people were supported in seeking our sovereignty and autonomy within that capacity in the UN. Up until his presidency the u.s. government voted “No” regarding this capacity, one of 4 mercenary created countries that also have voted no including Australia, New Zealand and Canada. He did the right thing as our culture also teaches us to “do the right thing” hana pono. We are doing just that by coming together to support and see this thru toward “self (Hawaiian) determination” I am not maoki. I am aupuni…born, raised exercising the choice to be Hawaiian and nothing else. From a very young age I have faced the discrimination and abuse and it still continues…not from any other group of peoples and government than the u.s. The last assault (physical…by the police…because I indicated that I am Hawaiian) was 2/8/11. I was 69 years old then and still waiting and praying for “self determination” which we were told was signed into law in Act195. There have been other laws and acts and vessels which have patronized the Maoli and Aupuni and still there is abuse and assault. Do not forget what the thief and liar will do in order to keep what is stolen for themselves. To continue to give Aloha to the thief and liar while expecting freedom is insane. It has never happened and the fear still exist that it will continue that way. “Aole” is a complete sentence in the face of the occupier. The Hawaiian is not alone in this endeavor. There are millions of other people wanting the same thing. We should have it. Fight for it. Notify your ohana what is going on and call them out into the fight for our self determination. A Hui Ho.

  9. There is a huge difference between Kanaʻiolowalu and the ICC. The ICC is the investigator of international wrongdoings by individuals. They are coming out to investigate war crimes and will prosecute those found guilty. This ICC is the same entity who investigated war crimes against Palestine by Israel. They are not a department of America’s puppet government doing business as usual in our occupied country.

    What is important to remember is that we are all victims of America’s occupation. No one is exempt. Not only Hawaii has been affected. The whole world’s understanding about Hawaii has been forged. We now have the opportunity to engage dialog with one another. This is very important. This media allows us to clear the stale air of ignorance about Hawaii’s true history that was never opened to us before.

    Every day we receive news and read comments. This is good. Education is paramount for us and others who may not have access to the web. We have been given a gift of knowledge and it is our responsibility to share it. If we are to live here we must learn and understand our part in protecting our country and people. And the best way to do that is through education. We must be the eyes and ears of our country in keeping our government officials honest and uphold the Hawaiian Kingdom Constitution. America has taught us well. Let’s use that lesson for the right reasons, this time.

    It has taken decades to learn the truth of what America has done through the help of transparency. They have been numerous people in the ’60s who played major parts in the Hawaiian Renaissance. Something was amiss then that needed answers. It has finally led us to this point. Thank God for their sacrifice because they gave us the courage to ask questions — seeking answers. Thank God for the diligence and perseverance of Dr. Sai and amazing team. I believe this was all meant to be. Transparency is here, we just need to continually dialog with one another. Paraphrasing Dr. Sai, “if you want the right answer you’ve got to ask the right question”.

    We’ve learned that America devised an evil plan to possess Hawaii for their gain. Their plan to “swallow” up our small country worked, until now. The truth has gone international and cannot be covered up any longer. We have the evidence – we know the evil behind the façade.

    America’s history shows us that they have no roots — they left their land instead of staying and working to fix the problem. That is okay, but where did they go? They left England, made friends with the native inhabitants of another land, killed most of them just so they could claim ownership and control the lands. Those who survived were taken to live on reservations; never again to practice their freedom. They now fight to keep their “native rights”.

    America invades countries and make claim. They expand their country by war and invasion. They pose as friends and are taken into the fold. But given the chance, they will wiggle their tail into possessing the owner’s property and call it their own. America is well accomplished in the game of, “divide and conquer”. This is done for the sole purpose of being the most powerful country in the world.

    We don’t know the strategies of the ICC investigation but we will at some point get the findings. Information is ongoing – no one knows from one moment to another. The good thing is that we have this media. It’s exciting!

    I’ve learned a lot but have still more to learn. And with participation like yours, it will continue. Please keep asking the questions. It will be answered. I would like to know, too


  10. i hope my question was straight forward, does this complaint properly address violation of human rights belonging to the kanaka hawaiian living and conducting within the territorial boundaries of aupuni hawaii, whose generations of kupuna & keiki o ka aina continue to suffer deprivation of their rights and freedoms, without any entitlement, benefits or perferences to the defacto state and its country, or is this complaint dealing with a federally defined lessee with issues dealing with mortgage contracts and lease agreement both governed by the us federal statutes. i understand a distinction the difference between the two and how easily confusing it may be, what have we given up when we decide to accept these terms and conditions, to put our names on the kau inoa, to run for office in america or under its systems, what oaths are we taking, are reservations properly put in place, this complaint is only as i understand it, “dangerous” but necessary and i think the kanaka maoli should enter & join this complaint and point out some very important points in our history (1839 declaration of rights & constitutions of the hawaiian islands) that we stand on today, our injury is a continuing injury, we are by force removed from our private properties (royal patents, lc awards, grants) our freedom is arrested and we are unlawfully detained and incarcerated for living our country in obediance to our laws and constitutions from foreigner of another country with the use of deadly weapons, i also understand the amistad holdings in its 1841 decision, this decision settles the unlawful detention of our queen, therefore the so-called executive assignment & agreement issue is settled and if the holdings in this us supreme court decision exposes americas dirty deeds during our queens unlawful detention then the implications of these act are apparent, our queen made our case and we dont have to hear them tell us anything, we just have to live in our country without any sub-standard american privileges, bring our injuries and our body of evidence to this venue, this is part of my complaint, you know who you are, kuka kuka

  11. March 4, 2013, today: ICC begins war crime investigations in Hawaii. — mixed emotions of its progress and outcome.

  12. Are you able to provide a template for the complaint of war crimes that all kanaka can fill out and send to the ICC? Would it be better to have more complaints submitted by many kanaka to the ICC? We need an Obama Day celebration to thank him on fulfilling the executive agreement and initiating reparations and restoring the Kingdom of Hawaii and Hawaii sharing Aloha on the Global level through the UN as the first country of colored skin to receive international recognition and return as a neutral friendly country with Aloha to the World.

    • Aloha Kalaniakea. I periodically re-read the HK blog and was surprised when I read your claim in this 2013 post about Obama fulfilling the executive agreement? Are your referring to the Queen Liliuokalani Executive Agreements or the Apology Act by President Bill Clinton? Please share your information. I believe you have been misinformed.

      If Obama honored the two Executive Agreements of 1893, de-occupation would be begin. Please correct me if I’m wrong.


  13. Aloha Kingdom of Hawaii,

    I would like to file a War Crime complaint with the ICC on a person that works for the Illegal State of Hawaii. This person was not willing to work things out.

  14. My understanding is individual who work for the Illegal State of Hawaii can and will be prosecuted for International crimes of Humanity.

  15. Is there any country out there that who can help us?

    ICC, Apology Bill, Kau Inoa, Kanaiolowalu – they are all taking too long.

    War Crimes committed everyday to Aboriginal Hawaiians.

    United Nations, President Obama help us someone who has a heart and love for these islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

  16. President Barack Obama

    You don’t bipartisan agreement to fulfill executive order established between President Grover Cleveland & Queen Liliuokalani. All you need to do is intiate executive order fulfilling executive order restoring Kingdom of Hawaii laws and government to stop War Crimes being committed in the thousands everyday in Hawaii for the past 100 years. I cry for Hawaiians who passed with no justice being initiated.

  17. President Barack Obama who went to Punahou.

    Punahou would not be Punahou if it wasn’t for Liliuokalanis aunty & uncle who donated the land to erect a missionary school. Bring justice back to the family of founders for Punahou school. Liliuokalanis family deserves justice for being illegally imprisoned, being dethroned & continued International War Crimes being committed everyday here in the land of Aloha.

  18. The Subjects of the Kingdom of Hawaii, Kanaka Maoli 1-500,000


    Elizabeth A. Strance, Joseph P. Florendo, Melvin Fujino, Jay Kimura, Charlene Obashi, John Doe 1-10,000 and Jane Doe 1-10,000

    Comes NOW; Kanaka Maoli 1-500,000 also referred to as “Kanaka” loyal subjects and nationals of the Archipelago Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands, well known and understood throughout the international community of Nations by its treaties and foreign relations as Sandwich Islands, Hawaiian Islands, Hawaiian Kingdom, Kingdom of Hawaii, Hawaiian Archipelago, Aupuni Hawaii.

    ~~~ I see the Kanaka Maoli filing this and other procedural complaints and law suits against the many american and foreign citizens running around in our country comitting crimes against the subjects and national of this Kingdom, Hawaii…

    ~~~ The recent decision and concurring opinions in the US supreme court in Kiobel vs Royal Dutch Petrolium Co. is a short and concise decision and only clarifies Kanakas’ firm position on how we bring these deprivations and violations of human rights and continuing injuries to JUSTICE both domestic and international…

    ~~~ We have an invading amount of Americans and foreign citizens running around in our Kingdom committing the very crime this new decision in Kiobel talks about…

    ~~~ Read this case and ask yourself, do i know any Kanaka have suffered and is suffering today while Kanaka continues to live in this Kingdom?

    ~~~ Can we holomua, kuka kuka and move these continuing injuries forward?

    ~~~ Its is inevidable

    Kanaka Maoli

  19. Aloha Kākou,

    I have been posed in a difficult position and was wondering if someone here would be able to explain or provide a solution.

    I was discussing the illegal occupation of Hawaiʻi with another person and they stated the followings.

    “International law only applies to what you can enforce. No country or army is going to challenge the US over a dispute by a weak minority group against the most powerful and influential nation on the planet.”

    “The US has defied international law before. Just look up the US vs. Nicaragua. The International courts are only as powerful as the people who backed them up. The US has the largest economy and the strongest military. Other countries are not going to blockade and start trouble with them just to help some small island that has no wealth or power to offer them.”

    and “Look i dont doubt you claims that Hawaii was taken illegally. But what you have to understand is that unless you want to get into a guerilla war with the US military it does not matter. Nobody outside the natives of Hawaii care about this issue. People are definitely not going to fight for your issue. I just want you to get into the real world and look at practical solutions to your issue.”

    I am not well versed in how international issues are handled such as the US vs. Nicaragua. The ICJ ruled in favor of Nicaragua, however, the “U.S. later blocked enforcement of the judgment by the United Nations Security Council and thereby prevented Nicaragua from obtaining any actual compensation.”


    • Aloha Ku, Don’t stress on it. Nicaragua’s case is not an appropriate comparison to our occupation. Our occupation has far more reaching geopolitical implications. It not only addresses our interest but could benefit other states self interest and self preservation. Self preservation and self interest are the two main factors used by states in deciding to get involved in taking on international issues. The International land scape has changed big time since the Nicaragua case and the U.S. has lost much of it’s international clout. The U.S. has lost control of Syria, Crimea and Ukraine. They lost ally Saudi Arabia along with other middle East countries that are discountinuing the exclusive use of the U.S. petro dollar. Recently, the Philippines have axed out the U.S. in dealing with China on the PCA’s SCS ruling which favored the Philippines. Philippines are now holding direct negotiations with China. Philippine’s President publicly cursed out Obama this past week before the ASEAN summit. All ASEAN countries attending the summit this past week down played the SCS ruling and refused to bring it up in their talks as not to anger China. Countries are more concerned of what China thinks than what the U.S. wants. We are witnessing strategic maneuvering by states who’s goal is to replace the U.S. as the hegemon of global power. Our occupation could be a piece on their chess board and used for their own interests in achievig their goal. Economics and Finances are part of states modern tools of militarism. The type of mentality that person used in the Nicaragua example is antiquated and the reason why U.S. hegemony is on it’s way out. Timing is everthing Ku, keep the faith. MHO

    • Aloha, Ku. I know how you feel; when it gets to that point, especially when they do not deny that Hawaii is occupied, it proves to me that they do not know what to say and above all, they do not know how very serious this occupation is. Hawaii’s occupation has the power to change the destiny of the world and international relations entirely. When the U.S. occupied Hawaii, the destiny of the world had changed completely and events that we know in history could have been prevented. One great example: December 7th, 1941.

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