14 thoughts on “Dr. Keanu Sai to Present on State of War since 1893

    • Enjoy the show. Hope it’s informative and entertaining. Do you think anything will really happen ever. I’ve been thinking Civil War in the mainland. But not too much backing for that and I’m not going to start it. So is July a good time to come to Hawaii Jade lives on Maui to she invited me to come stay with her. So I’d like to come see you too. Love to see your Gardens take care.

      • The situation between Hawai’i and the United States is zero comparison to the American Civil War. This is an Armed Conflict between two independent nations; there’s a difference.


  1. Keep spreading the word, Keanu! It’s hard to hear you in Europe over the commotion caused by the Orange Okole Nui…!

  2. Does anyone know if this presentation will be different from the one given on Hawaii Independence Day? It mentioned that it is a series…

  3. Aloha, I am sorry I couldn’t come to the iolani palace to here what will happen when the world becomes unbalance. As we know today that world is not listing to God, because the world hi up think that they are better than God. Many innocent Americans will be hurt for political stupidity that is made up and fake news. Let president Trump come out in the Hawaiian Island and check out the supreme court justices . And then he can really see who is following the international laws, and then he start firing the judges who don’t follow the international laws amen.

  4. It all come down to damage control because this was against the law and now the world is about to see how the United States of America operate behind closes door ALIVE AND WELL

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