Dr. Keanu Sai to Present Hawai‘i’s Occupation to Swiss Diplomats in Zurich

Zurich FlyerThe Swiss Diplomats – Zurich Network has invited Dr. Keanu Sai to the city of Zurich to give a presentation on the prolonged and illegal occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom. The title of Dr. Sai’s presentation is “Hawai‘i – An American State or a State Under American Occupation.” Professor Niklaus Schweizer, a former Swiss Consul for Hawai‘i and a professor at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa, will be giving the introduction. After the presentation there will be a panel discussion comprised of Dr. Sai, Professor Schweizer, and former Swiss Ambassador to the United States and Germany, Dr. Christian Blickenstorfer. The presentation and panel is scheduled for Monday, November 11, 2013.

On July 20, 1864, the Hawaiian Kingdom entered into a Treaty of Friendship, Establishment and Commerce with Switzerland that established perpetual peace and reciprocal liberties. Article 1 states: “Hawaiians shall be received and treated in every canton of the Swiss Confederation, as regards their persons and their properties, on the same footing and in the same manner as now are or may hereafter be treated, the citizens of other cantons. The Swiss shall enjoy in the Hawaiian Islands all the same rights as Hawaiians in Switzerland.” The treaty was negotiated on behalf of the Hawaiian Kingdom by Sir John Bowring, who was a Knight Bachelor of Great Britain and Commander of the Order of Leopold of Belgium. The Hawaiian-Swiss Treaty has not been terminated by either the Hawaiian Kingdom or the Swiss Confederation.

The Diplomatic Network is aware of the Hawaiian-Swiss Treaty, the Hawaiian arbitration, Larsen v. Hawaiian Kingdom, at the Permanent Court of Arbitration at the Hague, Netherlands, from 1999-2001, the Hawaiian complaint filed with the United Nations Security Council in 2001, and the Hawaiian protest and demand filed with the United Nations General Assembly in 2012. Dr. Sai served as lead agent in the arbitration proceedings and the filings with the United Nations.

33 thoughts on “Dr. Keanu Sai to Present Hawai‘i’s Occupation to Swiss Diplomats in Zurich

  1. “Hawai‘i – An American State or a State Under American Occupation.”
    Very good title! I have to say, imagine seeing that kind of title on the front page of the Honolulu Star Advertiser! If I ever see something like that, I’ll officially declare to myself that Hawaii’s chances of it being de-occupied is a possibility! Not to mention seeing something like that on the Star Advertiser, the masses are gonna go, “WHAT!?” Hahaha!

    Go get ’em, Dr. Sai! Give my aloha to our peace-loving neighbor Switzerland!

    • mai poina: hnl star advertiser is owned by annexationist ohana, whose agenda is to perpetuate the indoctrination and inculcation of ‘american patriotism’: imperialism & domination of peace-loving, neutral, foreign countries like Hawai’i. get educated to the TRUTH of your country’s political history. NO TREATY OF ANNEXATION exists. a great AMERICAN HOAX continues…

  2. Before the illegal overthrow Hawaii was considered the Switzerland of the Pacific. Geneva is located in Switzerland and it is the worldwide center for diplomacy that includes the headquarters of the United Nations. Geneva Switzerland is where the Geneva Conventions were signed, which chiefly concern the treatment of wartime non-combatants and prisoners of war. Because we are under illegal occupation our rights are being violated and War Crimes are being committed. It will be a huge help knowing that one of the professors on the panel was a professor at the University of Hawaii, who has studied Keanu’s research and who agrees that hawaii is illegally occupied. This is major!!!

  3. Aloha ka kou,

    Awesome! Pacta sunt servanda; once the Swiss nation along with all the other nations that entered into treaty with the Hawaiian Kingdom learn that the treaty obligation between their nation and the Hawaiian Kingdom was not terminated based upon the sovereign continuity of the Hawaiian Kingdom they will need take immediate action to rectify their obligation to the Hawaiian Kingdom.

    Focus should be on the treaties entered into between the Hawaiian Kingdom and other nations including the Swiss nation that the U.S. unlawfully usurped from the Hawaiian Kingdom by treaty that is in essence void ab initio because of the continuity of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

    Once the nations that entered into treaty with the Hawaiian Kingdom learn that Queen Lili’uokalani entered into a binding contract of restoration with the U.S. on December 18, 1893, all U.S. activity in the Hawaiian Islands are without merit.

    A hui hou,

    • …”usurped from the Hawaiian Kingdom by treaty”… NO TREATY OF ANNEXATION exists, or ever existed, or ever will exist! Ea ‘o Hawai’i. Eo!

  4. Akua ‘oe Ho’omaika’i Keanu, for all you’re doing for the people of Hawaii. I’m hoping to live to see and hear what the U.S. is going to say and do about this illegal mess they got them self into. I must say, this will be a major embarrassment for the U.S. to face all the other countries.

    My Kupuna’s wish will be granted. As I mentioned in my other blogs, my Kupuna was not happy being a U.S. citizen and refuse to have me pledge allegiance to the U.S. flag. At that time I was to little to understand, now I carry on the history of Hawaii to my Children and Grandchildren. With Keanu’s work, my family has a much broader information to understand and carry on for generations to come.

  5. Full Human and Spiritual Sovereignty of the Hawaiian Kingdom must include the Strength to protect our Aina, Language, Culture and Happiness. It requires the Kokua and Kuleana of each and everyone of us working sincerely and in harmony with each other to make it a reality. It is imperative that we give our full support to Dr. Keanu Sai and the Hawaiian Regency Council in its efforts to bring about the De-occupation by the U.S. and Restoration of our Hawaiian Kingdom.

    We wish Dr Keanu Sai all the very best on his sojourn to Zurich, Switzerland and I am sure that his Conference there, before the Swiss Press and Zurich Network will be an epochal and successful milestone for our Hawaiian Kingdom Nation.

    Mahalo nui loa a me malama ola kino maika’i ia oe. Frank

  6. Aloha ka kou,

    The fact that the treaty entered into with Switzerland has not been
    terminated imply a serious breach of treaty obligation not only by
    the Swiss, but by the other countries that also entered into treaty
    with the Hawaiian Kingdom nation!

    We have come to a fork in the road where countries that entered
    into treaty with the Hawaiian Kingdom have to determine if they
    were duped by the U.S. or were co-conspirators with the U.S. to
    to usurp the treaty obligations afforded to the Hawaiian Kingdom.

    Whether duped or by co-conspiracy contractual “breach” occurred!
    And not just a breach, but a serious breach! 115 years of breach!!

    It remains an irrefutable fact that the U.S. is without a treaty of
    cession from the Hawaiian Kingdom. Once those countries figure
    out that there is liability for their breach of obligation it’s almost
    certain that the U.S. will get a knock on their door seeking answers
    to the historical events that occurred in Hawaii from 1893 to 1898!
    An immediate recommitment to the treaty agreements from those
    countries would show a cooperative effort to resolving the unlawful
    act an international violation committed by the U.S. against the
    Hawaiian Kingdom nation.

    Sorry for taking up blog space, I just wanted to share one more thought!


  7. Wayne, A’ole Plikia!!!

    You are not taking up space because your mana’o is right on track.

    Now these countries who have treaties with the Hawaiian Kingdom will need to come forward, honor their treaties and not only demand answers from the United States as why they lied to cover up their illegal overthrow and illegal occupation of the Hawaiian Islands, but more importantly their need to DE-OCCUPY our islands and to comply with the Executive Agreements that is still bound to all successors presidents including lost cause Obama!!!

    It is sad to realize that for so many years these countries who knew the truth were afraid of the United States or felt that they were in someway obligated to them so, they said and/or did nothing in fear of repercussions. But in what Keanu has done they can no longer remain in fear for there are 172 nations who have treaties with the Hawaiian Kingdom and they ALL are bound to their treaties…..including the United States. Boy is this going to make the U.S. look bad, but they did it to themselves!!!


    • Absolutely!

      Nation laws are made to benefit the interest of each respective country. Dr. Sai sent out a Notice to every Country holding Treaties with the Hawaiian Kingdom apprising them on the illegality of America’s occupation and requested support to defend the Hawaiian Kingdom state’s identity. I believe it is beginning to show promise.

      As a unique locale and neutral country, the Hawaiian Kingdom offers the passage way to the east and west regions of the world. Friendship Treaties with Hawaii provide numerous economic and business possibilities – frugal to every state’s fiscal success.

      The choice is clear. They can only gain by helping us. The alternative could prove huge detrimental economic and political. It will cause ramifications for breaking their Treaty Agreement. In addition they will be implicated for violating International Law and charged with war crimes. Add to that their country’s reputation will be affected.

      Whether or not they gain from honoring their Treaty Agreement, they should for God’s sake help our 120 year oppressed country not because they have to but because it is the humanitarian and right thing to do.

      Ke Akua pu a hui hou kakou,

  8. Aloha Ductchy, you’re right about the other countries, they may have known the truth and was afraid of the United States. Now, is the time for them to come forward and make things right.

    Ginger Girl

  9. Interesting point on breach. You would think that foreign diplomats
    in the Hawaiian Islands would’ve had first hand knowledge of the
    events that occured in Hawaii on January 16, 1893 and the agreement
    entered into by the Queen and the U.S. President on December 18, 1893.
    The united states may not be a member of the ICC Rome Statute but many
    of the other nations that entered into treaty with Hawaii are!
    I wonder if an investegation could be launched with the ICC prosecutor concerning this matter? We need to know why the international community
    failed to come to the aid of the Hawaiian Kingdom?

    • Aloha e Kanekeawe,

      In May 1894, a year after the Overthrow, the United States sent out a warning that any intervention by other Governments into Hawaii situation would be taken as an unfriendly act against the U.S.

      You can find more information on hawaiiankingdom.org

      I hope this helps.


    • One of the obscure “resolutions” almost never mentioned is as Doreene stated. The (David) Turpie Resolution of 31 May 1894 threatened other nations to butt out of the Hawaii affair and any intervention would be an unfriendly act against the United States of America because it was an internal affair within the Kingdom. Even U.S. officials were threatened to stay out of it. Once the U.S. conspirators set up their puppet provisional government; they felt they could obscure the U.S. executive branch involvement which was approved by President Harrison and Secy of State, James Blaine in collusion with Lorrin Thurston and U.S. Minister John Stevens. They made it seem it was domestic confrontation solely with the businessmen and the Queen and the businessmen overpowered the queen without any assistance from the U.S. Back then the communication was slow-mail. The word out was the Hawaiian Kingdom collapsed within itself by revolt and a new government for the people now legally exists and all treaties with the non-existing Kingdom are extinguished. I think Japan was alerted to the fraud but couldn’t consider going to war by itself with the U.S. knowing its reputation and past history.

      • The Japanese Navy created The South Seas Economic Research Center. One of their mission was to reinstate the Hawaiian kingdom under the protection of the Japanese Government. The Japanese Navy attacked Pearl Harbor to end the U.S. occupation. (They) attacked the U.S. Military installations and not the civilian population in Hawai’i

          • Aloha Doreen,
            You can find the documents in the so-called Hawai’i State archives or in Japan.

            On the same subject regarding the relationship between the Hawaiian Kingdom and Japan.
            I heard war historian Douglas Dietrich speak about the so-called attack on Pearl Harbor, Mr. Dietrich started his interview with our beloved Queen Liliuokalani held prisoner in Iolani Palace. The person in-charged of her finances was a Japanese National. He told the Queen that when he returns to his country (Japan), he would speak to his government on her behalf and ask for assistance for her country. Mr. Dietrich explained the Hawai’i is occupied throughout his interview. Maybe, we should contact Mr. Dietrich for further information on this matter. History should be re-written, The Japanese Government attempted to end the US occupation in Hawai’i on December 7, 1941


          • I found much of the data at the Library of Congress (loc.gov) many years ago and searched the internet. Back then, I was lolo and didn’t keep record of my sources. They never thought we’d have access to their journals and documents years later; so they were quite candid in how they felt. I tried to get to know the players and did background checks, etc. Know your enemies and how they think. I took the issues from various angles and found interesting things to connect the dots. Cleveland wanted the Turpie Resolution to include a more democratic flavor so had them include that the people of the Hawaiian Kingdom should choose their own form of governance. Of course the Ku’e Petitions years later reflected that. It seems today they want to discount that as the people’s plebiscite or referendum; but that’s what it was and led congress to reject the treaty of annexation submitted by the ipso facto Republic of Hawaii which couldn’t muster a 2/3rds majority vote. That’s why the US Justice Department questioned the Newland’s resolution; for it could find no lawful instrument that would allow congress to annex Hawaii.

  10. Mahalo Doreene!
    That’s right I forgot about that! I wonder if that would excuse them
    from honoring their treaty obligations?
    It seems like the blame leads back to the U.S.
    It looks like the other nations are perhaps victims too!

  11. Aloha ka kou,

    For consideration, how could the nations with treaty ties to the Hawaiian Kingdom be victims?
    If indeed the U.S. stated “. . . intervention by other Governments
    into Hawaii situation would be taken as an unfriendly act against
    the U.S.” and all the nations with treaty ties to the Hawaiian
    Kingdom acted favorable to the U.S. wouldn’t that be an act of
    conspiring against the Hawaiian Kingdom? Just thinking.
    Even the U.S. Congress acted accordingly when the 1897 Ku’e petition
    had been presented to them by not ratifying the unlawful treaty of
    annexation of the Hawaiian Islands, how then could all those countries get it wrong? Somethings wrong with that picture!
    The U.S. was in recent conflict with Spain, didn’t they have concerns?
    If someone ask another to commit a crime does it defer liability?
    What would be the purpose for a treaty if it could be circumvented by
    a third party? This could be the reason there is so much confusion concerning the sovereignty of the Hawaiian Kingdom. A question to ask now is, was there fraud committed on the part of the U.S. to get compliance from the other countries?
    We know that there is no treaty of session between the Hawaiian Kingdom and the U.S. and we know that we are victims of the unlawful act committed by the U.S. and we know accountability is near!

    Mahalo eveyone for the conversation it helps expand my thinking!

    Dutchy, sorry I misspelled your name earlier, but again Mahalo!

    A hui hou,

  12. Keone,

    I believe that this information regarding the Japanese and their attempt to free Hawaii of the illegal occupation by the United States is extremely important and it would really make the United States look like even bigger fools.

    I believe communication with historian Mr. Douglas Dietrich to obtain more information or to do a lecture or video will make a profound impact.

    Please make contact with him….someone???


  13. The intrigue goes deeper. In a correspondence between U.S. Secretary of State, James Blaine and Lorrin Thurston, He urged Thurston to destabilized the Kingdom’s government without setting international precedent. Remember the un-ratified Bayonet Constitution? It gave white foreigners the power to vote. U.S. Americans posed as subjects of the Kingdom in the so-called revolution. Japan wanted to intervene at that time; but was told to back off. They stood by on alert to protect their citizens in the Kingdom.

  14. OMG – does evil never cease. Although, I understand that Japan had it’s own agenda, I can only guess the tug- of- war they faced knowing that their countrymen were being taken and put into the concentration camps and the horrendous evils they had to face.

    Clearly, the bombing of American ports in Hawai`i is proof that Japan’s issues were with the United States of America and not the Hawaiian Kingdom. And although most of our Country was spared from the bombing, we were definitely affected.

    Many Hawaiian families lost their sons, husbands, brothers and `ohana – for what — for America. The World Wars, I & II, the shameful Vietnam War, the Middle East Wars: Kuwait, the fabricated Iraq Invasion; speaking of which the 911 bombing conspiracy is more than they had led us to believe. I said it then and never found logic to disprove my belief – all for revenge, greed, and world power – an recently, almost Syria.

    My heart aches for our Queen, loyalists and countrymen who have suffered under America’s Regime. I hurt for our kupuna who witnessed their children being used and forced to believed that they belonged to someone else I hurt because of the silence they practiced to keep their `ohana safe. The pain of verbal and physical abuse they suffered because they (we are) were kanaka is very real. For foreign nationals who came to Hawaii wanting and believed they were Americans after pledging their allegiance under oath then died under that pledge never knowing otherwise. Our history carries a lot of pain. I don’t know if finding the truth will ever heal that pain, but knowing who I really am and having a say in our own Governmental will help instill the pride of knowing I am a part of the bigger picture. One Country, One Flag.

    The United States continue to hold off their obligation of doing what it expected. The Pacific Commander continues to receive Notice of War Crimes and is doing nothing about it because Obama is playing hard ball? It’s gone International, ICC World Court. There is no hiding behind the “America, The Hero” façade they created. It’s out in the open. They conspire ways to divert the truth. Using Kanaiolowalu is weak; can’t hold water. Na kanaka learning more and opting from the registration. But they continue to look the other way only to hit a wall at every attempt.

    I resent that Country and their evil politics. They robbed us of our selves knowing all along that it was wrong. Their only concern they every had was to satisfy their needs at any cost. We are victims and collateral damage for their sake. Yeah, they had their feed but never again shall we ever have to bow down to that damn fatted cow.

    Kalamai i`au, ke oluolu. I had to let out some steam. Mana`o wale no wau,

    He Hawai`i kakou.

  15. I’m a little late to this party, but there’s still plenty of time to ask the question:

    When you go to Switzerland, might you have time to look into information regarding Hawaii’s ability to enter into the upcoming Olympic games in Rio in 2016? My understanding is that the IOC is based out of Switzerland and if there were an expert on this subject, they would be in that country. I’m sure there are many athletes who would love to represent Hawaii. Maybe there are even some skiers out there who would like to try to qualify for the Winter Olympics? How powerful would that be to see our nation represented? Maybe even Hawaii Pono’i being played! After all, the Olympics are not about politics, yet everyone would be left wanting to understand more.
    Mahalo for your consideration!
    (Hope you read your blog also. : )

  16. By the way, Dr. Sai, I hope a camera crew will be there or is going with you to document the proceedings! I’m sure we all would like to hear how the proceeding came out!

  17. I include Akua in each and every thought and dream and prayer that our nation be fully returned. Akua knows, sees and feels with us. The u.s. is imploding, loosing its own ability to manage itself and stay whole or should I say united. Its not happening and then the u.s. as a mercenary peoples government was never mean’t to last. The sooner the better.

  18. This is some great information I’m glad to see someone has stepped up to the plate in the major leagues, and doing something for our nation. While many people are on different levels, a lot of the Kanaka Maoli population wants some form of sovereignty or some sort of split from the U.S. of A. The old folks haven’t forgotten and you can even see animosity in the kids. Young Hawaiians grow up today hating ‘haoles’ but they don’t know who these ‘haoles’ are. They are mad but they don’t know whom to be mad at. They are the result of a 115 year long oppression. While their mindset may be wrong you must admit this is a clear indicator that the wounds are still fresh and we haven’t forgotten America. Hawaiians we must teach these youngsters the truth and make them aware of our situation and how they can pitch in. We must show them which ‘haoles’ to be mad at, we must show them those ‘haoles’ have stars and stripes on their flag.

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