3 thoughts on “Alt_Visions_Law_School

  1. With the current world opinion–and Washington’s hypocritical stance–focused on “sovereignty” and “international law,” it is high time to contact various UN Security Council members such as Russia and China, to attract their interest in pressuring the USA governing regime to truly pay attention to its own domestic ‘sovereignty’ issues.

    Peace & Imua,
    Danny Li, nidPac Peace activist

  2. Aloha and mahalo to be able to view this presentation. Looking forward to Professor Chang’s book “A Rope of Sand”. As for our Governor I would gladly take him over the Governor we have today. Governor bring back the Ku’e Petitions I’m sure everyone would sign that one. We do not want to be annex and we never was. Keanu, you are truly a blessing. We all can see you at the end of the tunnel, we are almost there. This Americanization thing has reck havoc on us, our fathers, our grand fathers and our great grand fathers. Its time to end this B S. We must think like a K
    anaka. We are Kanaka. WE ARE WHO WE WERE. Mahalo again, can’t wait till the next one. I just love this HAWAIIAN KINGDOM NATION….. Aloha

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