11 thoughts on “Dr. Keanu Sai to Present at University of Hawai‘i Richardson School of Law April 17th

  1. * I must vent and this is my own opinion * I don’t agree having Abercrombie officially selecting his people for our “HAWAIIAN GOVERNMENT” to begin with, I do not respect Waihee for he is not a TRUE HAWAIIAN at heart. With this man “MONEY TALKS”, I have no respect for him from when he was Governor and he is disgrace to the HAWAIIAN PEOPLE.

    Having Abercrombie making the selections brings back memories of all the INSERGENTS.


  2. I’ll try this one last time. Each time I try, it doesn’t post.

    Note the difference in descriptions of each person. Dr. Sai’s description leaves an awful lot of room compared to the others. His doesn’t even mention that he’s a professor for UH, much less his position in the HK. However, they’ve used his “official” picture, not a “civilian” pic. This “hui” is clearly pushing their agenda. Just pointing out the obvious. : )

  3. No one really knows why it was printed that way but
    I’m certain that anyone following this topic would have come across Dr. Sai’s publications and video’s where he is identified as a professor at the University of Hawaii. As for the picture, who knows, it could have been the one readily available in their file. I don’t think it qualifies as a conspiracy. Just pointing out the obvious.

    • Obviously the “hui” believes it important to point out that Waihee was the first native Hawaiian Gov. to serve. The title of Deputy Attorney General seems pretty important too. Like I said, HK is of no importance, only state titles. No conspiracy, just blatantly state/federal recognition. If it was not purposely done, then it’s amazing how much work some still have ahead of them. As for the poster, I would hope that it was posted around the school and drew the attention of people who don’t always follow this topic. That should be the hope of all the different perspectives involved.

  4. The photo is from Dr. Sai’s website “Welcome Page” and one that he uses quite often. Dr. Sai is not one to bolster about himself and if he was to list all of his qualifications there wouldn’t be enough room for anyone else.

    It is best to be Ha’aha’a (Humble) and to let others speak of you then for you to speak of yourself. We are with you…… EO!!!

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