Dr. Keanu Sai Lectures at the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo and at the Keauhou Sheraton Hotel in Kona

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For more information on Sai’s presentations and the seminar, contact Cunefare. For lecture schedules, visit http://kohalacenter.org/puanakaike/about.html. Webcasts of previous lecture are available at http://www.keauhouresort.com/learn-puanakaike.html.

11 thoughts on “Dr. Keanu Sai Lectures at the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo and at the Keauhou Sheraton Hotel in Kona

  1. Hi if there has been a from the ICC concerning the complain filed wit with them on the on the on the on the fourth.

    • Aloha,
      Is there any new information concerning the ICC Prosecutor taking
      jurisdiction over the Hawaiian Kingdom on March 4, 2013?

    • Yes and what about Maui? I volunteer at the Bailey House Museum. I’ve seen the trailer for the Ua Mau Ke Ea documentary and would love to make it availible for sale in our gift shop.

  2. we would like to hear Dr Keanu Sui talk about HAWAI everything he is fighting for HAWAI People let us know when hill be back in kona mahalo joann

  3. Aloha kakou,
    I heard of a meeting being held at the Waimanalo Halau this Friday, 4/26 at 6 p.m. on, “Ua Mau Kea Ea” and/or the Liliuokalani Assignments. They are encouraging Hawaiian women to attend. My source caught the tail end of the announcement on Hawaiian Kine 105.1 today. It’s being sponsored by the Hawaiian Civic Club. I sent out email to get more info — would appreciate any info out there.

    Mahalo nui.

    • FYI: … received the correct info for the 4/26 meeting at 6:00 p.m. at the Waimanalo halau. The re-enactment of the Overthrow of our Queen Liliuokalani from her throne will be shown.

      • I stand corrected once again 4/23. The following is taken from a flyer posted in Waimanalo:
        Thursday, April 25, 2013
        Halau Waimanalo Hawaiian Homes Association
        6pm-7 pm. Networking & Dinner, 7-9 pm
        Project “A Queen’s Tale”
        Prelude discussion will be by Keanu Sai, Ph.D.

        The event is made possible with the support by the Hawaii Maoli Ho`olako Na Kiwila Hawaii Grant.

        … hope this comes early enough to attend.

        Malama pono

  4. Aloha!

    I have been following Dr. Keanu Sai’s work for a little over 3 years. I am a full time student and recently attended his lecture at UH Hilo. I feel very honored to have been able to see and hear him in person. I was not able to stay for the Q&A part and was just wondering what Dr. Sai’s stance is on the Kana’iolowalu project? Or if any one has any mana’o, I would much appreciate it!

    Mahalo nui

  5. Aloha Maile,

    Kana’iolowalu is yet another entity formed under the State
    of Hawaii and the United States of America.

    I think the difference between the people who support
    entities under the State of Hawaii and the people who
    support the independence of Hawaiian Kingdom rest
    in each individuals interpretation of Hawaiian history.

    If the Hawaiian Kingdom was colonized then it would make
    perfect sense for the Kanaka people to seek the formation
    of a governing body in order to attain federal recognition from
    the U.S. and perhaps the opportunity to move for independence
    some day. The Kingdom is occupied and not colonized!

    The Hawaiian Kingdom obtained its sovereign independence on
    November 28, 1843, by joint proclamation and therefore does
    not need the U.S. for any type of recognition at all! Without a
    treaty from the Hawaiian Kingdom giving up its status as an
    independent nation state the Kingdom remains independent.

    One would think that the Kingdom’s independence would be
    immediately comprehended by everyone because of all the
    overwhelming favorable information available in its favor and
    for the lack of evidence (treaty) by the U.S. for its authority
    over another independent nation state, but for some reason the
    discussion goes on; however make no mistake the debate is long

    Ask the people who support the entities under the State of Hawaii
    if they think Hawaii was once a Kingdom? Most would say yes!
    Ask those same people if Hawaii is a sovereign independent
    nation state? Either they will think you’re a radical, not talk to
    you or have no clue about what you’re talking about!
    Ask a Hawaiian subject and they will say Yes and Yes, and remind
    you about La kuokoa, November 28, 1843!

    That’s one way to qualify who is supporting what position.

    Recent news talks about the Chechen peoples struggle for their
    country’s independence the many lives sacrificed in the process
    for the opportunity that Kauikeaouli Kamehameha III, had made
    possible for us to enjoy and all the people in 1897, who made sure
    we didn’t loose that precious opportunity of independence!

    My humble mana’o.

    Hope this helps,

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