5 thoughts on “Dr. Keanu Sai and Dr. Kimo Alameda on Kanaka Express Facebook Tomorrow

  1. YES!!! Hawaiian Subjects, to help protect, preserve AND to be humble and pray for Gods`healing hands within our “inner self”, to HEAL us ALL in our country, the HAWAIIAN KINGDOM.
    Please, don’t forget to watch on 09/01/2021, tomorrow night, at 7pm
    Aunty Cecelia Kupau and `Ohana.

  2. please continue to share the relevance of now, to then (Educating us, now, and the Hawaiian Kingdom then, really was, and IS,

  3. Very important that each day a message to the people is provided! Even if its just a paragraph from the Hawaiian Penal Code, proclamations, laws. Do not let even one day go by without information that can educate us Kanaka Mauoli!

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