Don’t Become a Statistic: Be Healthy and Thrive for the Good of Your Country—the Hawaiian Kingdom

The practical value of history, is that it is a film of the “past,” run through the projector of “today,” onto the screen of “tomorrow.” The film can never change, but a projector can be updated to process the film, which will change your view of the future. I ke au i hala ka lamaku o ke ala i ke kupukupu—the past is the beacon that will guide us into the future.

The past is very important to Hawaiians. So much so where the Hawaiian word for future is “ka wā ma hope,” which is literally translated to the time of the past. In the past that begins from a second ago to three hundred years ago are the stories or mo‘olelo of our people. This is where one can learn from past mistakes and capitalize on past sucesses.

The influx of diseases and viruses in the Hawaiian Islands after 1778 devestated the Hawaiian population. From measles, influenza, whooping cough and small pox, Hawaiian governmental authorities had to deal with the decimation of Hawaiian lives. It wasn’t a matter of politics or finger pointing, it was about how to protect Hawai‘i’s people from death knocking on Hawai‘i’s door.

Governor Mataio Kekūanāoʻa

On December 2, 1848, Governor Mataio Kekuanāo‘a, published a report on the carnage from disease and virus across the islands in the Ka Elele Hawaii newspaper. The report was in Hawaiian, but an English translation is provided by Awaiaulu, Inc.

Regarding Illness in Hilo. Regards to you, the Elele. All of the students of this school are afflicted with the contagious smallpox. Previously, some individuals had coughs. They did not have whooping cough. At church service yesterday, there was one boy with whooping cough. Some had fevers, perhaps two, almost exactly like the illness of 1847. Many are somewhat fatigued. Different sick ones may have frequent cramps or headaches.

Malo is carrying out his duties among the folks of this area. In a nearby land area, there are perhaps 80 who are doing required public service. 18 of them have died since the contagious smallpox got here. Most were strong and able-bodied.

Illness at Lahaina. Lahaina has illness much like what is seen here in Honolulu. There is smallpox and whooping cough. Earlier, all the children had whooping cough, and afterwards, all the adults had already contracted it, and we heard that some have died.

Illness at Molokaʻi. Most of the people here are very ill. Some have died, and many more have the coughing illness. There are many sick folk at Hālawa. Someone dies there nearly every day. Few individuals went to church services on the last Sabbath. At services in the new month, there were none. There is no school at this time. All of the teachers are sick, as are most of the students. There have been no deaths among those who drank the medicine that we provided.

Illness at Honolulu. Here below is the letter from the Governor, M. Kekūanāoʻa, regarding those who died in the two week period from the 1st to the 15th of this November.

Fort of Honolulu. 18 November, 1848. Regards. I am reporting to you about the number those who died from Waikīkī to Moanalua in these past two weeks of November. Waikīkī, 7 dead. Honolulu area and Honolulu town, 271 dead. Kapālama, 7 dead. Kalihi, 24 dead. Moanalua, 7 dead.

You should publish this in the Elele Hawaii, and announce it in churches during services, which all I have to say to you, with appreciation. M. Kekūanāoʻa.

If those numbers of the reported deaths are added up, it equals 380. And if you divide it by the 15 days, you get 25, that being the number of people who died each single day.

Illness at Waialua (Oʻahu). A letter from there states thus: Everyone here is ill, and some, if not ill, are recovering. Not many have actually died. There were perhaps ten that I heard of, and some of them had been infirm previously.

Extensive death has just hit here in Honolulu. Chiefs are dying, as are their people. Those of status great and small are entering the house of darkness. The wrongdoers and the righteous all end up falling.

This last Sabbath, Iakoba Malo, an attendant of Leleiōhoku, passed on. He was born on Hawaiʻi; he had always been a chiefs attendant, and was nearly 70 when he died. For many years he had been a servant of God, and appeared to be truly pious, steadfast to the oath he had made. It was never heard about him being in trouble, though he was connected to the royal circles, but did not get involved in pleasure seeking or wantonness because of where he resided. That was because his faith in Almighy God was sincere. He died with hope on God’s holy day. Smallpox and its resulting diarrhea were the causes of his death.

Here is another death: Mose Kekūāiwa, the son of Kekūanāoʻa and Kīnaʻu, died on the 24th of November; He was 19 years and four months old. He attended the Chiefs’ Children’s School for seven years, and mastered the English language. His body had been weakened previously by this illness, and when he contracted smallpox again, along with a cough, he passed on. How tragic is the death of the young!

Here is another: Ioana Kaʻiminaʻauao, the foster daughter of Kalama, wife of the king. She was three years and two days old. Kapaʻakea and Keohokālole were her actual parents. Liver failure was the cause of her death.

This as well: On the 19th of November, John Meek Jr. died, he being the firstborn of Captain J. Meek, and being 27 years old.

Because the printers have been ill, the Elele was not published at its usual time. Perhaps it will be published at its customary time in the future. Those who want a good paper should write articles for it. There are few who are writing articles; some have nearly abandoned this.  Those who care about the Elele should give this careful consideration.

COVID-19 and the Delta variant is a new virus but an old story of Hawaiians dying. The vaccine, which has been approved by science and not politics is crucial for Hawaiians to understand and to make informed decisions. The State of Hawai‘i and the United States federal government have a history of not being trusted by Hawaiians and and for good reason. They are an illegal occupier. Medical science, however, should be trusted as you would trust your own doctorʻs recommendations when he or she is treating you for sepsis or a case of bronchitis.

There are medical doctors who are Hawaiian and private organizations that provide medical support for Hawaiians such as Papa Ola Lokahi, Hui Mālama Ola Nā ʻŌiwi, Ke Ola Mamo, or The Queenʻs Medical Center-Native Hawaiian Health Center. During this crisis, get advice from people you trust, know, and that you can rely on.

Donʻt become a statistic. Be healthy and thrive for the good of your country, the Hawaiian Kingdom.

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  1. “The vaccine, which has been approved by science ” This is precisely what is in question! There is the science promoted by the medical industrial complex with a huge amount of self financial interest, and their lap dog mouthpieces in media. Then there is the science of independent, non-conflicted researchers who are not only being heavily censored, but threatened in a various ways ( loss of medical licenses, public scorn, and even death threats when they speak out as their conscience demands).
    They are following the honorable paths of Daniel Ellsberg, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange–exposing the depth of venality of the empire. It is good that this is a forum for this discussion, and not being censored. Among those to research: Drs. Meryl Nass (a nationally recognized expert on vaccines, Sherry Tenpenny, Rashid Buttar, Peter McCullough.

  2. “Donʻt Become a Statistic: Be Healthy and Thrive for the Good of Your Country—the Hawaiian Kingdom”

    -Yes like get actual physical activity, plant a food garden instead of grass and never over-eat. Medical intervention is a supplement to health and never an excuse to neglect one’s kuleana to care for oneself and live by example. This is especially true for our leaders. Look at the physical (and mental) health of Kamehameha the Great compared to his successors. Auwe!

  3. The vaccine, it’s been “approved by science”,… and it’s my health and my choice!! Seeing and Reading an article by our LEADER, princess/Queen Lili`uokalani, addressing to her people and, Feeling her words of “wisdom” for her hawaiian subjects of this lahui, the Hawaiian Kingdom, be always `ONIPA`A and focus on AKUA, He will guide us because he ALOHA us.

    Cecelia Kupau and `OHANA

    • “it’s my health and my choice”

      This is absolutely true and each person is responsible for their own choices and accountable for the consequences of those choices… However, one of the consequences of willfully neglecting one’s health or the health of one’s ‘ohana is the greater risk of relying on the heath care system of one’s community. Those that willfully neglect their health consume resources that could otherwise be allocated to others in need. Less resources can cause people to act out of desperation and even commit crimes. Also, when our health declines our ability to contribute meaningfully to our community and society will diminish.

      It is indeed pono to protect those most vulnerable in one’s society. However, willfully neglecting one’s health or the health of one’s ‘ohana places a greater burden on others to fulfill their duty to protect. The same may be said of governments that willfully fail to close their borders to those foreigners infected with contagious diseases.

  4. For the first time in history genocide is excusable as long as Covid-19 is the official cause of death (including Delta variant for a vaccinated population).

    Is it fair to protect our kupuna but not the kupuna of other nations? Why not close borders to foreigners and offer vaccines to informed volunteers who request it and also share with other nations that beg for it?

    Opening borders to an infected foreigner during a pandemic could be considered genocide. Refusing to share resources including vaccine surpluses with other nations could also be considered genocide.

  5. Keahi, I agree preventive maintenance of one’s own health is always the best approach but It is not always enough. I personally know of several healthy, vigorous, athletic individuals, one an MMA fighter and they chose not to get vaccinated. They all ended up in the hospital and 2 of them were near death. The MMA fighter looked nothing like his old self, just a shell of a person and is suffering long term affects. If not for their healthy life style and intense hospital treatment they would not have survived. On the other hand, I have a friend, Big Bruddah, almost 400 lbs. He got vaccinated but still got the virus and he said it himself, getting the vaccine was the best choice for him, because without it he would have died. This virus doesn’t discriminate, it will attack the healthy or unhealthy, the vaccinated or unvaccinated. Even though we can blame the occupier’s gov’t that controls our borders and travel policies for being incompetent we can’t control them. The point is, no matter what one’s status is, we all will have to choose how to move forward right now. The virus is here and ain’t leaving anytime soon. To late for blame games, we need Aloha for humanity and we need to choose wisely. Peace out.

  6. Mahalo for adding that. Yes we must strive to do all that we can. I agree that it’s too late for blame. Aloha for humanity indeed.

    The one point I disagree with is regarding control of our borders. We can do more. It’s our right and obligation to reclaim control, especially because of the mismanagement and incompetence. Non-cooperation is effective if we simply stop participating and demand support from key groups such as police, paramedics, firefighters, etc. Politicians will stop ignoring us if suddenly no one is there to protect them from harm, to assist their families in an emergency, to take out their trash, to fix their plumbing, to fly their planes, to do their bidding. Members of each key group can be persuaded in the same way by refusing to cooperate. Imagine how you would feel as a police officer or military soldier if you realized that your Hawaiian partner might not have your back? A few committed patriots in key places can bring the system to its knees. The truth will inform us of what is right.

    • Keahi, “…Members of each key group can be persuaded in the same way by refusing to cooperate..” “..A few committed patriots in key places can bring the system to its knees.” The committed patriots are but a fraction of a percent that make up the system run by the occupier. The system is set up to protect itself from the very thing you are suggesting. It will swallow them whole and spit them out. What you are suggesting will only put patriots in harms way with nothing to show for their efforts except losing their lively hood. “.. Imagine how you would feel as a police officer or military soldier if you realized that your Hawaiian partner might not have your back? ..” That would be a grave breech of duty, not to mention unconscionable as it may lead to a fellow officer/soldier losing their life or being seriously injured because someone knowingly chose not to provide back up. It will surely back fire when officers/soldiers find out and turn against that patriot. He/she will be shunned and labeled an outcast, left to fend for themselves without back up in a life or death situations. Not a good plan. It’s all about timing and opportunity when trying to take on the system and it ain’t the time. Better for patriots to advance within ranks of the system where they can be more effective. Infiltrate the system and become a majority so when the time comes for transition it can be a smooth and effective transition.

  7. Kekoa, you’re example is overly simplified and makes alot of assumptions. Certainly if an officer simply turned his/her back on a fellow officer without cause the result would likely be as you described. However, the police and other key groups would initially be requested to refuse to cooperate as a group and publicly informed as to the legal and moral reasons why they should voluntarily refuse to cooperate with the occupier and that violence against any peaceful noncooperation will not be tolerated, but simply met with further noncooperation. Information on peaceful methods of individual noncooperation to encourage group noncooperation could then be disseminated to the public and individuals would then act on their own accord as to what they consider to be their actual ‘duty’ in light of the actual facts and circumstances, as well as what actions or non-actions would actually be considered a ‘breach’ of that duty. Financial support, including legal defense teams must also be in place for those that adhere to strict ethical standards yet risk punishment or loss of wages because of their choice to observe peaceful noncompliance.

    The formation of labor unions and/or working with existing unions to end the occupation is also quite possible. Keanu has already had some success in this area with teachers, lawyers and some religious groups who are sympathetic to the cause.

    Job security can never be an excuse for voluntary complicity or collusion with an illegal occupier. Consequences that flow from that choice are obviously accepted as a calculated risk of playing the game. Although I understand the dilemma of someone who may be ignorant or even confused as to the ‘correct’ position to take, it’s irrational for someone that has been informed as to the facts to then defend the position of someone who wilfully ignored them with full knowledge of the potential consequences of doing so. Therefore, it’s irrational to say that peaceful non-cooperation is unconscionable if and when invoked in response to wilful disregard of the facts, the law and the known consequences of proceeding in a certain way.

    • Foolish, feeble and chaotic. The U.S. would just declare martial law. Troops already stationed there. Insurgents arrested. Good try though.

      • “The U.S. would just declare martial law.”

        Better late than never. Btw martial law can’t force people to go to work if they refuse and no one will be arrested for staying home.

      • Kaulana, In our own lifetime, the USSR came to an end when people broke down the Berlin Wall and the soldiers refused to shoot people. Gorbachev had the wisdom not to create massacres. Think “critical mass,’ and “tipping point.” Look what just happened in Afghanistan (not to use that as a positive example). Change can happen very abruptly.

        • In 1989, how many Latvians, Lithuanians, and/or Estonians would have taken a bet that “by 1998, Soviets will have been gone for more than 5 years”? Very few I’d wager. Sometimes occupations end like the sun going down, slowly, predictably. Sometimes a deoccupation ends like throwing a light switch, suddenly. This suddenness is a factual characteristic sometimes shared with the legally quite different colonial regime.

    • Keahi, These are your words…”Imagine how you would feel as a police officer or military soldier if you realized that your Hawaiian partner might not have your back?..” The scenario I mentioned can very well happen. There are no guarantees that a peaceful demonstration of exercising non-cooperation will not turn violent. Your words have consequences and if someone dies or gets hurt because of your theory of non-cooperation that’s on you. I am not making any assumptions regarding your theory of non-cooperation. It has been proven not to work. Hawaii’s State Gov’t, County Gov’t, law enforcement, judiciary and military and all the rest have already been put on notice of the occupation and the consequences they face for non compliance. Guess how they responded? They don’t care, it’s business as usual. If you think your theory will work than you are the one that is irrational.

      • “They don’t care, it’s business as usual.”

        Absolutely true. Of course they don’t care. Has anyone offered to feed and house their families if they get fired for insubordination? Has anyone offered to help with their legal fees? Has there been any threat of immediate, tangible and substantial consequence for continuing the status quo? Empty threats won’t work. Legitimacy requires actions behind words. I understand that the process takes time and that wouldn’t be a problem if the world was not quickly falling to pieces. A catalyst could be helpful and even necessary.

  8. See, this is what I detest about the response to the China Plague here in occupied Hawaii! We mostly see, hear, and read about politicians, who are not medical experts, yet are giving out advice to the masses of what to do with their health. We also see, hear, and read in the press finger-pointing on innocent people and introducing unnecessary restrictions that are punishing said innocent people and neglecting restrictions that should be logically imposed to reduce or eliminate infections. The things we almost NEVER see, hear, or read are medical experts, who are familiar with this field and should be encouraged and backed upon by government to take appropriate action.

    Point being: Should the next supervirus come to our shore, we cannot repeat the same actions we are doing now under this virus.

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