Denationalization through Americanization

John_StevensOn November 20, 1892, U.S. Diplomat John Stevens assigned to Hawai‘i stated in a confidential dispatch to U.S. Secretary of State John Foster, we must “Americanize the islands, assume control of the ‘Crown lands,’ dispose of them in small lots for actual settlers and freeholders for the raising of coffee, oranges, lemons, bananas, pineapples, and grapes, and the result soon will be to give permanent preponderance to a population and a civilization which will make the islands like southern California, and at no distant period convert them into gardens and sanitariums, as well as supply stations for American commerce, thus bringing everything here into harmony with American life and prosperity. To postpone American action many years is only to add to present unfavorable tendencies and to make future possession more difficult.”

After seizing the Hawaiian Islands during the Spanish-American War, the United States initiated a formal policy of denationalization through Americanization throughout the Hawaiian Kingdom’s public schools system. Private schools followed the policy. In 1906, the formal policy was initiated to not only obliterate the national consciousness of the Hawaiian Kingdom in the minds of the children, but to also conceal the blatant violation of Hawai‘i’s sovereignty as a neutral state and the international law of occupation. This program was called “Programme for Patriotic Exercises in the Public Schools.” The purpose of the program was to inculcate American patriotism in the minds of the children and forced them to speak English and not Hawaiian.

Patriotic Exercises_TH

According to the Programme, “The teacher will call one of the pupils to come forward and stand at one side of the desk while the teacher stands at the other. The pupil shall hold an American flag in military style. At second signal all children shall rise, stand erect and salute the flag, concluding with the salutation, ‘We give our heads and our hearts to God and our Country! One Country! One Language! One flag!’”

In 1907, Harper’s Weekly magazine covered the Americanization taking place at Ka‘ahumanu and Ka‘iulani Public Schools, which has students from the first to eighth grade. When the reporter visited Ka‘iulani Public School, he documented the policy being carried out and took a picture of the 614 school children saluting the American flag. He wrote:

“At the suggestion of Mr. Babbitt, the principal, Mrs. Fraser, gave an order, and within ten seconds all of the 614 pupils of the school began to march out upon the great green lawn which surrounds the building. Hawaii differs from all our other tropical neighbors in the fact that grass will grow here. To see beautiful, velvety turf amid groves of palms and banana trees and banks of gorgeous scarlet flowers gives a feeling of sumptuousness one cannot find elsewhere.

Out upon the lawn marched the children, two by two, just as precise and orderly as you can find them at home. With the ease that comes of long practice the classes marched and countermarched until all were drawn up in a compact array facing a large American flag that was dancing in the northeast trade-wind forty feet above their heads. Surely this was the most curious, most diverse regiment ever drawn up under that banner—tiny Hawaiians, Americans, Britons, Germans, Portuguese, Scandinavians, Japanese, Chinese, Porto-Ricans, and Heaven knows what else.

‘Attention!’ Mrs. Fraser commanded.

The little regiment stood fast, arms at sides, shoulders back, chests out, heads up, and every eye fixed upon the red, white, and blue emblem that waved protectingly over them.

‘Salute!’ was the principal’s next command.


Every right hand was raised, forefinger extended, and the six hundred and fourteen fresh, childish voices chanted as one voice:

‘We give our heads and our hearts to God and our Country! One Country! One Language! One Flag!’

The last six words were shot out with a force that was explosive. The tone, the gesture, the gaze fixed reverently upon the flag, told their story of loyal fervor. And it was apparent that the salute was given as spontaneously and enthusiastically by the Japanese as by any of the other children. There were hundreds of them in the throng, and their voices rang out as clearly as any others, their hands raised in unison. The coldest clod of a man who sees the children perform this act of reverence must feel a tightening at the throat, and it is even more affecting to see these young atoms from all the world actually being fused in the crucible from which they shall issue presently as good American citizens.”

Under customary international law, Americanization is a war crime of attempting to denationalize the inhabitants of an occupied territory. Germans and Italians were prosecuted for the same war crime after World War II for implementing a systematic plan of Germanization and Italianization in occupied territories.




Since the program began, Americanization had become so pervasive and institutionalized throughout Hawai‘i, that the national consciousness of the Hawaiian Kingdom was nearly obliterated, but for the institutional recovery of the Hawaiian language and the resurrection of diligent historical research that has begun to uncover the true status of the Hawaiian Kingdom as an independent state under an illegal and prolonged occupation. This revelation is reconnecting Hawai‘i to the international community and its treaty partners regarding the violations of rights and war crimes committed against the citizens and subjects of foreign states who have visited, resided or have done business in the Hawaiian Islands.

Lili‘uokalani_3In 1898, Queen Lili‘uokalani, in her autobiography “Hawai‘i’s Story by Hawai‘i’s Queen,” told what was to come. She wrote,

“Oh, honest Americans, as Christians hear me for my down-trodden people! Their form of government is as dear to them as yours is precious to you. Quite as warmly as you love your country, so they love theirs. With all your goodly possessions, covering a territory so immense that there yet remain parts unexplored, possessing islands that, although near at hand, had to be neutral ground in time of war, do not covet the little vineyard of Naboth’s, so far from your shores, lest the punishment of Ahab fall upon you, if not in your day, in that of your children, for ‘be not deceived, God is not mocked.’ The people to whom your fathers told of the living God, and taught to call ‘Father,’ and whom the sons now seek to despoil and destroy, are crying aloud to Him in their time of trouble; and He will keep His promise, and will listen to the voices of His Hawaiian children lamenting for their homes.”

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  1. I find it impossible to fathom that anyone who reads this article cannot come away with anything but a belief that the United States of America is NOT a force for good, as they would have the world believe, but rather a force for great evil in the world.

    Yet I know that there are many patriotic, jingoist Americans and supporters of America’s foreign policy throughout the world who applaud America’s efforts at world domination.

    The sheer arrogance of believing that it could overthrow a lawful government, occupy a peaceful, neutral, sovereign and independent nation and turn it into a mini-America and its citizens into obedient mini-Americans is at once abhorrent, frightening and despicable.

    Yet its a policy that we see America attempting over and over again throughout the world with disastrous consequences. America continues its imperialist foreign policy even after suffering dire consequences in Vietnam and other parts of southeast Asia, South and Central America and now in the Mideast where its failed foreign policy in Iraq and Afghanistan have so destabilized the region that it has created a new, jihadi superpower that threatens to overcome the entire Mideast region and turn it into a vast Muslim caliphate aimed at the total annihilation of the western, Christian world and especially the complete destruction of America and the American.

    The sooner we can separate ourselves completely from America and its evil ways the better off we will be.


    • I really like what you say ponokeali’i.

      My view of this world of chaotic oppressor’s rule is they do not care or take into consideration those things you write.

      They make such huge profits by building secret prisons globally, selling arms to both/all sides of the killing teams, making so many killing teams of their own. The chemical profits from agent orange and other bio genocidal compliments, more than fill their pockets. One can go on and on.

      It is a different game with the oppressors. They don’t for a moment think about the things you write, it is a whole different conversation, spoken only in their dark world of death.

      They’re not listening, yet, they give us beautiful speeches, like I heard Ige when he was running for office, he is puppeted from the throne of his culture. Hillary,, Obama, etc. They each have their masters to comply with.

      I know you know this, just wanted to say it. –

      Sher, living in Waiehu Kou Phase III, Maui

    • Aloha Ponokeali’i,

      Ironic how the U.S. condemned Russia for annexing Crimea,
      when it is clear that they implemented an unlawful annexation
      of the Hawaiian Islands to cover up their ongoing occupation!

      That is messed up!

    • Your post is BRILLIANT. I am in full agreement. As a Caucasian American citizen (by birth NOT intention) I am ashamed of the United States and its policies of invasion, genocide and militarization. I hope you understand that not ALL Americans are in agreement with regime policies; yet we are impotent against the Nazi style police state built up to protect the evils or those in control. The Honorable Elijah Mohammed was 100% correct when he labeled the Caucasians as Children of Satan.

      • Mahalo Robert for your kind words. My comment about the evil nature and agenda of the US is directed specifically at the US government and not US citizens, who are in many ways victims themselves of their government’s evil ways, and certainly not at all Caucasians in general.

        ali’i aloha aina

  2. Very interesting. I knew some of the History from friends who told me about what happened, but I didn’t know this much.

  3. The majority of Americans have a bad case of Governmental Stockholm Syndrome and because of the same indoctrination most Hawaiians, which is evidenced by emotional commitment to ignorance. A for instance being the mantra “God bless America” when the US has been involved in 250 armed conflicts since WWII and 30 million people have been killed – 80% civilians, add on to that millions of maimed and wounded. Or ignoring what was done to the Indians, slavery, Chinese Exclusion Act, Jim crow laws, at one time only white land owners could vote, US is the greatest debtor nation in the world,…..

    Just as the US has perpetuated a 123 year lie in Hawaii, they have perpetuated a bigger lie to US citizens in the belief that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution was written for them. This can be proven just from a grammatical perspective. Both documents start with “We the People”, “people” is a common noun and when a common noun is capitalized it becomes a proper noun which can change its meaning or identify a certain entity. In the Declaration the entity is the 55 men who signed it, in the Constitution the 39 men who signed it. Als both documents are contracts; the Declaration a Tort claim and the Constitution a bankruptcy agreement because the USA was in default for not paying the debts they agreed to pay in the Treaty of Paris which King George granted independence. If your signature is not on the contract you are NOT party to it. Here’s a quote from a court case – PADELFORD, FAY & Co. plaintiffs in error v. THE MAYOR AND ALDERMEN OF THE CITY OF SAVANNAH.Ga. 1854. : “*55. But, indeed, no private person has a right to complain, by suit in Court, on ground of a breach of the Constitution. The Constitution, it is true is a compact, but ‘he’ is NOT party to it.”

    Sometimes it’s so simple, all you have to do is read the black ink on white paper, or as Confucius said: “Don’t seek to know the answers understand the questions.” When some one grants something there is a grantor/grantee relationship. Question: Who is in the superior position, grantor or grantee…? So if the grantor does not like what the grantee is doing, can they ungrant what they granted…? Guess what, the King was getting ready to before the signing of the Constitution.

    People pledge allegiance to the USA, which dos not exist anymore – look at the preamble of the Constitution, the US replaced the USA to “form a more perfect union” to pay the debts. The King was getting ready to ungrant what he granted. People are so proud to be US Citizens. Citizen is a modern term for subject and because of the 14th Amendment they are responsible for the US debt, which makes them all debtor/slaves. Simple axiom a “debtor is slave to the lender”. Why are all US birth certificates filed in the Department of Commerce…? Because when people register for a birth certificate they are bonding their children like they were bonded by their parents. Look on the birth certificate there is certificate number and a bond number – usually printed in red.

    “…and to the Republic..” republic – noun: A political order whose head of state is not a monarch and in modern times is usually a president. Question: What if the president had the power of a king…? Does the Constitution give the president the power of a king…? Read what Patrick Henry – one of the supposed Founding Fathers had to say about it in his protest of the Constitution:

    “Consider how the only remaining defense we have left is destroyed in this manner. Besides the expenses of maintaining the Senate and other house in as much splendor as they please, there is to be a great and mighty President, with very extensive powers—the POWERS OF KING. He is to be supported in extravagant magnificence; so that the whole of our property may be taken by this American government, by laying what taxes they please, giving themselves what salaries they please, and suspending our laws at their pleasure.”

    How prophetic was he when you consider the state of the congress now and the hundreds of the executive orders that presidents have signed. What part of the Constitution made him come to his conclusion…?

    Article. II. Section. 3.
    “He shall from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union, and recommend to their Consideration such Measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient; he may, on extraordinary Occasions, CONVENE BOTH HOUSES, or either of them, and in Case of Disagreement between them, with Respect to the Time of Adjournment, HE MAY ADJOURN THEM TO SUCH TIME AS HE SHALL THINK PROPER; he shall receive Ambassadors and other public Ministers; he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed, and shall Commission all the Officers of the United States.”

    President Lincoln did this 1863. He adjourned Congress and instituted the Leiber Code and the U.S. was put under marshal law. Congress has not been reconvened since then and marshal and is still in effect today. So having the power of a king he is a monarch and the definition of a “republic” does no apply.

    The veils are being pulled back form the Hawaiian’s eyes but 123 years of indoctrination is not overcome over night it will take time. Imagine the difficulty being faced by Americans with 250 years of indoctrination.

  4. I can say Hawai’i always HAVE a king . Not only one. But many!!! ended 1819 AD na inoa Kamehameha the great that still whole power in this part of the world unit this very day. And one more thing Kamehameha is a pure kanaka and today we are still alive and well and come from 1776 were our ohana give us that seed. Take care be safe love u all pala’aina kaniela nae’ole na’auao

  5. This blog site continuously takes us back to 1898 and we are told time and again that the islands have been under illegal occupation since the Spanish-American war……do not further indoctrinate us into ignoring the TRUE act of war — which Act took place on the landing of U.S. troops at Honolulu on January 16, 1893 and whose (American) Minister declared he would support the Provisional Government. The U.S. President Cleveland stated to Congress on December 18, 1893, that this was an “Act of War” and an “illegal occupation”. So we must ask ourselves why these events get overlooked and ignored and we are redirected/distracted into believing that the illegal occupation began in 1898, as though the previous five-plus years do not exist? Hilahila!!!!

    • mahalo momma for your mana’o. your point is well taken and very true. the plotting and planning of the overthrow of our lawful monarchy by the American government and its military and its conspiring with the band of traitors known as the “Committee of Safety” was an undeclared and unprovoked act of war waged against a peaceful, neutral, sovereign and independent diplomatic ally of the United States.


    • Aloha momma,

      Perhaps one reason 1898 remains a focal point in Hawaii’s history
      is because of the historical event that occurred on August 12, 1898,
      the unlawful “formal” lowering of the Hawaiian flag over our nation.

      Utilizing the Spanish American war as the reason (excuse/deception)
      to unlawfully annex the Hawaiian Islands, the U.S. was able to
      effectively dupe the entire global community into believing that
      Hawaii wanted to be a part of the U.S. However, the Ku’e petition
      evidenced otherwise.

      You are correct. The December 18, 1898, international compact
      entered into by Lili’uokalani and Grover Cleveland obligates the
      U.S. to fulfill that agreement.

      Why should we waste our time concerning an annexation that
      is without full force and effect? Because IMHO, that is the exact
      point of open deception the U.S. used to fool the world about
      Hawaii! The December 18, 1898, Agreement of Restoration
      remain hidden in the shadow of August 12, 1898.

      Historians on Hawaiian history will see August 12, 1898, as
      the pivotal point, but cannot connect the dots as to how an
      internal law of one country could have an affect over another.

      How can an internal law of one country have any affect over
      another? Impossible! Yet, it happened here!
      However, the annexation of Hawaii whether legal (ratified) or
      unlawful (as is the case right now) is shadowed by the
      December 18, 1898, Agreement. So now everyone can see
      it did not matter whether the annexation was proper or not, it
      was in their (U.S.) plan!

      The world is going through a learning curve concerning
      Hawaii’s history, eventually they’ll get it!


      A hui hou

      • Kalamai!

        Meant to reflect in the above post:
        December 18, 1893, Agreement of Restoration.

        Auwene ho’i, if we wen Huli, no mo dis kine pilikia!

  6. Aloha momma, I believe if you read previous articles on this blog and the website you will find that it indeed mentions and documents the first occupation of Hawaii by the U.S. in 1893 when U.S. Minister Stevens landed the U.S. troops to back the insurgents. The first occupation ended when the U.S. troops were sent back onto their ships by U.S. investigator James Blount. So, from the time the troops left until they returned in 1898 their was no U.S. occupation according to the laws of occupation. Yes, alot of illegal acts were committed by those insurgents operating as an armed force aka Provisional gov’t. later changing it’s name to the Republic of Hawaii. Hence, because it was an illegal creation by the U.S. the U.S. is barred from having any lawful claim to anything it received from it’s illegal creation. I do, however,understand your position and believe the focus is more on the second U.S. occupation of Hawaii since 1898 because that occupation is still ongoing.
    Hope this helps.

  7. Aloha, as I read this article I reflected on the actions of our Ali’i and our Kupuna. They were by far an intelligent, wise and resourceful people. First they were able to masterfuly navigate a vast ocean to find Hawaii. Then they cultivated the aina and managed it’s resources until there was an abundance. Then they evolved as a worldly and literate people. They had their heads on right and their act together. They did what was necessary to develope a system of governance for our Kingdom that fulfilled the criteria required by the World powers at that time, inorder to obtain International recognition as an independent (neutral) nation state. They achieved all of this with ALOHA AINA as their focus. Our kupuna were players at the international level. They knew they could not prevent a beligerent state from occupying Hawaii but they made certain that a beligerent state could not extingusish Hawaii’s status as a recognized state and aquire Hawaii as it’s own. We are blessed today that they had such foresight and achieved their goal of independence. Then that dreaded day happened, the United States dishonors itself by violating it’s own national laws, international law and the Treaty of Friendship with Hawaii inorder to sieze and occupy Hawaii. Occupying Hawaii was not enough for their thirst for evil. They disguised the occupation with a false annexation and lied to themselves and the international community that Hawaii was now a State of the United States. The evil of institutional americanization continues til today.
    I have so much Aloha and respect for our beloved Queen Lili’uokalani. Irrespective of the immense pressure of the overthrow she maintained her composure and executed the duties of her office to perfection. The Queen, HK officers and our kupuna stayed ontrack.
    Through the Queens diplomacy and actions of our kupuna’s kue pettion they laid the foundation in law for us to end the occupation and restore the Hawaiian Kingdom.
    The works of our Ali’i and kupuna not only gives us a remedy for restoration in men’s earthly laws but the Queen also laid the foundation and sealed our victory in God’s law.
    She realized the evil we were up against and laid the foundation and instructions for us to follow in the spiritual (God’s) arena. She shows us in her letter posted above what we must do to be victorious.
    Their is no doubt in my mind that we have overwhelming evidence and the legal expertise to prevail in men’s legal arena. If you wanna see this go to the next level than you also need to be engaged in God’s arena. Listen carefully to what our Queen wrote, she is talking to us.
    In short,we don’t only need legal warriors we also need prayer warriors.
    Ephesians 6: 12 For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.
    Be well, Aloha

    • I just want to know who occupied the islands before the Hawaiians got here? And the history of how the Hawaiians took over the islands. There must of been inhabitants before then.

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