5 thoughts on “CovertAction Magazine: Royal Commission of Inquiry – Investigating War Crimes in the Hawaiian Islands

  1. TO: Dr. Keanu Sai and Loyal Members of the Council of Regency. Mahalo, Mahalo, Mahalo a Nui Loa for documenting ALL of your RE-SEARCHED as Fact-Findings, and Humbly Teaching Us, FIRST, to Learn the Correct and True Way of “WHO WE ARE, WHERE DO WE COME FROM and WHERE WE’RE GOING”. NOW, it’s OUR KULEANA, Our Responsibility……as We Learn from your blog, We Reach Out and We Share, WE Must Be Vigilant, ONIPA’A- Be STEADFAST-Be Strong & yet Humble, as loving Hawaiian Subjects/ from OUR COUNTRY, the Hawaiian Kingdom, WE must know our TRUE IDENTITY!!!!!! ALOHA from Hana, Pukuilua-Kamani a me MAHALO A NUI LOA!!!

  2. Mahalo to the AHKG, Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) and all those involved in the symposium for their continued hard work. Pretty cool watching these investigations unfold. Pretty sure we can make an educated guess as to the next step in the natural progression in the RCI investigations. Can hardly wait. Imua

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