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Since October 29, 2014, there have been 211,171 visits from the following domains: .com (Commercial), .net (Networks), .cn (Peoples Republic of China), .de (Germany), .br (Brazil), .edu (Educational), .eu (European Union), .mil (United States military), .ru (Russia), and .tr (Turkey). The domain .com and .net include internet users from other countries who don’t use their country’s domain name. The two largest domain names in the world are .com and .net, with .com at 107,043,593 registered domains (example, and .net at 15,008,510 registered domain names (example, For a list of countries that .com and .net users come from visit “173 Countries Visit Hawaiian Kingdom Blog.”

Of particular interest is that the U.S. military, China and Russia are visiting the blog.

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16 thoughts on “Countries Visiting HK Blog since October 29, 2014

  1. Ano ai ke aloha,

    Have the AHKG started a repository for the Hawaiian subjects to begin recording their injuries both past and present?

    If so what Acting Hawaiian Kingdom Government offices are made available for its people and who do we speak to about recording our injuries that have been committed against our kupuna, makuahine, makuakane ame keiki o ka aina here in the Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands, please direct a response related to the reply.


  2. Aloha Kuhina, I haven’t heard of any AHKG repository and not sure it is necessary. The AHKG made it possible that we are first protected persons under the GC. If they did not accomplish that then we would not be protected and would not have rights under the GC or be able seek redress. Secondly, the AHKG made it possible that the ICC had jurisdiction over the war crimes in Hawaii. The AHKG is just acting and is limited in what they can do for it’s citizens by the doctrine of necessity. However, they did make it possible for us to report war crimes to the proper authorities that investigate and prosecute war crimes and it could be reported by private individuals. So you don’t need a repository, just go ahead and file the complaint yourself or have an attorney do it for you. Hope this helps.

  3. It would be nice to see a .ch on the list. It’s to quiet is something comming down the pipe only time will tell. Mahalo AHKG. IMUA KO HAWAII PAE AINA!!!

  4. Aloha Kanaka People, E kala mai for changing the subject but I have a question and was looking for some mana’o if possible please? …So I’m starting a new job on Monday, the 8th, after 3 years of not being on a payroll. Here is my dilema…I refuse to pay anymore income tax to the irs, and I don’t want to contribute anymore “pillaged” funds to the “puppet” State of Hawaii, however I am very much willing and wanting to pay income tax to our Hawaiian Kingdom, my actual true country in the first place by birth and by koko. Question is Where? To whom? How much? and so on. I had to fill out a w-2 form and pretty much filed an “exempt” status but I’m not sure if that was what I was supposed to do. Mahalo in advance for any mana’o on this subject. Aloha.

    • Aloha, Lonokapu. Yes as what Kekoa said, there will be a time when HK taxes are to be collected. In the meantime, as what Dr. Sai has been teaching all of us, not to mention what our kapuna has been doing since this occupation began more than 100 years ago, we have to play the game in order to survive in it. Even though yes its terrible, the way I see it, if one wants to see this occupation come to an end, one has to play the game of survival in order to see that day come! And besides, all the taxes you paid under this occupation, you’ll eventually get it all back. In the meantime, play the game and survive and good luck on your new job!

  5. Aloha Lonokapu, IMHO when the time comes for HK taxes to be collected you will be notified and all the answers to your questions will be made public. There will come a time when all of those illegal taxes must be returned to you so pay the minimum you need to for now and get it back later. It’s all about survival in this occupation so do what needs to be done to survive. I would be careful if you chose “exempt” I’m sure if you read the tax code for the definition for “exempt” you do not qualify. Hope this helps, stay strong and survive.

  6. When will we hold elections to get the ball rolling so that its no longer an acting government but a real government by US, the HAWAIIAN CITIZENS. CAnt wait or this day to come. When we vote for our own government and we should be doing this right now.

  7. Aloha Kuuleialoha, elections would have to monitored. Usually by an Intl agency along with the AHKG to ensure elections are not compromised by the occupier, sympathizers of the occupier or another group.

  8. exactly. so what has to be done to get the ball rolling. because until then we don’t have a government speaking on our behalf. its just single kanakas everywhere that are having to put themselves on the line and we look like a scattered people. without an effective government we cannot negotiate with anyone or have protections as individual Hawaiian nationals. just trying to see if the AHKG is planning to hold an election so that the people can start to vote and form an effective government.

  9. Aloha Kuuleialoha, the AHKG is the only one effectively setting the stage for lawful elections. There are certain requirements that need to be in place before those elections can take place. The AHKG is the only one effectively negotiating and accomplishing those requirements. I suggest you read the website as a starting point to understand the process and how much they have acheived. I believe people are scattered because they do not understand the legal process of our occupation or how the AHKG was created and how it must operate in order to maintain their internationally recognized status. The AHKG is a great example of how effective a small group can get things done because they know what they are doing. We should not be in such a hurry to vote when clearly the majority of the people have not been educated on the issues. If they don’t understand the issues how can they come up with the right solutions. MHO

    • What are the requirements that the AHKG is supposedly “effectively” setting for us to vote? it sounds like you are saying we should let a small group of people make our decisions for us and negotiate on our behalf even though they never had our consent and we should just sit on the side lines because you are saying the majority of people don’t know whats going on? i beg to differ. doesnt this sound like a self proclaimed oligarchy …hmm… provisional government ringing bells? just trying to understand because they claim to be a government yet no input from the citizenry its purporting to protect or represent. we have no protection or representation of by and for the people. so while we are out here exercising our “international” rights as an “occupied nation” we are just being thrown into their jails and having to play in their judicial system that obviously does not recognize the truth… just trying to keep transparency and calling out something when i see its no pono. sorry but an effective government is no such thing unless it has consent from the people its purporting to represent. aloha.

  10. To all U.S. military persons who are checking out this blog, make sure to also check out U.S. Army Field Manual 27-10 regarding occupation (Chapter 6, Paragraph 351)

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