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HK Blog Stats 10-19-2014

Since the Hawaiian Kingdom blog was launched in August 2012 there has been nearly half a million hits from 176 countries, which includes non-self-governing territories, e.g. French Polynesia, Guam, American Samoa, Macao, Hong Kong and the Northern Mariana Islands. The largest number of visits come from the United States at 427,227, followed by Germany at 1,932, and the United Kingdom at 1,255.

HK Blog Stats Countries 10-19-2014 (All time)

The highest number of visits on a single day was 5,709 on May 11, 2014, and the blog has averaged 2,500 visits per day. For the past 30 days there has been a total of 57,776 visits from the following countries.

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20 thoughts on “176 Countries Visiting Hawaiian Kingdom Blog

  1. Mahalo for listening to my request for more information! This is very helpful. Please keep it as a regular updated feature of this blog. It creates more credibility for this site and possibly encourages more exchange of ideas and education!!

    • To Hawaiian Kingdom blog administrator, Is there anyway to show a separate subset of just the blog hits from Hawaii? I would also think you should be able to know which one of those hits were from Government entities or corporations, etc. too! This would create a more specific picture of those who are really viewing and or participating on this site.

  2. The sad part is that the visits made by we the people of Hawaii is being listed under the United States. The good thing is that other countries are visiting the website.

  3. “Ua Paepae nei ‘ia kakou I ko makou Aupuni ‘O ka Lahui pae ‘Aina ‘O Na Moku ‘Eha; E kako’o I Na O’wii a me ke ho’oulu ‘ia I ko makou ‘Ohana”
    (The time has arrived for all to Uphold our National government (Sustainable land of four sea’s); Uplift our Native People; and to Inspire our ‘Ohana [Extended family].

  4. The awareness is building around the World. The disquietude or uneasiness of behalf of the US is beginning to show. Our own people are starting to get involved, instead of sitting on the fence. After a 121years of chicanery, reticence and propaganda, the tide is turning against them because of the strictures of a yellow press and blackouts by the national newswires. It’s beginning to takes its toll.

    Recent staff resignations of the Obama administration is a clear sign that the fall of his credibility is here. The conduct of his office has not been exemplary of a constitutional law academic.

    When this man sits with political hacks like Robin Danner, Collette Machado in order to form an Indian tribal alternative, it is an insult to Queen Liliuokalani and President Cleveland’s executive notes of 1893 and a serious breach of his office and a violation of the US Constitution.

  5. My heart sings today with this news of the nations of the world taking time to learn about our Kingdom’s history, Queen, harm at the hands of the USA, and 121 years of illegal US military occupation… Mahalo Ke Akua and all who do your work on this planet for the good of freedom, independence, and sovereignty…

  6. A big MAHALO to Da Humans all over this planet we call Earth. May Ke Akua bless you and your Ohana into Da new and bright future. Aloha Mau Keoki.

  7. I had no idea this blog had that much attention. Makes me happy to learn that our situation is becoming more well known around the world. Big mahalos to all foreign nationals who support our goal of de-occupation. Would love to see some foreign nationals comment!

  8. Kanaka,
    I too am encouraged to see how many foreigners follow this blog.
    I am a foreign national supporting de-occupation and the Hawaiian kingdom and l know our numbers are growing as we get more educated. I see us contributing by educating our families, fellow citizens and governments. Here’s excerpts from a letter l sent to the British Embassy a month ago.
    “I am writing to you regarding the current legal position of the British government in relation to the Hawaiian Kingdom. I am a British citizen by birth.
    I am petitioning your office to protect me from illegal taxation by the occupying power of a sovereign state.
    In 2002, Professor Matthew Craven, Dean of the University of London (SOAS) Law Department, wrote an extensive legal brief on whether or not the sovereignty of the Hawaiian Kingdom was extinguished by the United States. He found no evidence of extinguishment.
    If it is true that the 1843 agreement and treaties of November 16th 1836 and July 10th 1851 signed by the British Government, recognizing the Hawaiian Kingdom were never rescinded, they must therefore represent the British government’s position in regards to the Hawaiian Kingdom and l urge you to honor my petition.
    If these facts are not correct, l would appreciate an explanation regarding the current legal position of the British government in relation to the Hawaiian Kingdom.”
    I have had no response so far but if l do l will post it on this blog.

  9. Huh! Well, I’m quite amazed how Hawaii’s legal history is getting out there in the world! GOOD!!! Hahaha! It is a shame how we cannot see how many people here in Hawaii tune into this blog! Especially since they are the ones that are gonna be on the front lines with this piece of history! I seriously wonder if most of those U.S. numbers are Hawaii and not the United States itself.

    What also really strikes me as interesting is how Germany is the top 3rd follower of this blog! Germany can certainly relate to this information.

  10. Wonderful news! In regard to the vital question of the acceptance of independence by the population at large (permanent residents) of Hawai’i, is it possible to commission a scientific survey, one that asks:

    “Setting aside the question of U.S. response would you vote in favor of full independent sovereignty for all of Hawai’i?”

    It is important to have this qualifier since so many will respond, “Sure it would be nice but the US will never allow it.” We want to weed out that response by setting aside the “how can it happen?” question. This would give us some idea as to overall response. When I am asked here in Maine how many support sovereignty, I tell them it is my subjective opinion that some 80% of Native Hawaiians would support, and maybe 25-30% of the non-Hawaiian population. But this is my speculation. Jon

  11. Aloha Graham and mahalo for your support. May I suggest that while you await a response go ahead and check your country’s laws regarding war crimes. It may have a mandate that it shall investigate and prosecute war crimes done against it’s citizens. You may also want to check if your country has universal jurisdiction to extradite. Sometimes it’s good to be pro-active so your country’s politics does not get in the way of their duty under law to protect your rights. If the law mandates that they investigate and prosecute then there is now way for them to get around the mandate. The only way they can deny your complaint is to show the HK does not exist under international law. This places you in a better position because by statute they must address the violation of your rights. This way you can hold them accountable for a mandatory response regarding a protected right. Sometimes gov’t won’t respond to a difficult question if they are not required by law to answer. It would be like the non responses by Kerry, Holder and the DOJ via the DOI letters requesting the answers to the questions Dr. Crabbe asked. IMHO

  12. I share the political issues the our kingdom is going thru everyday up in kokee, and always tell these tourist, if you wanna do more research for your selves go check out Hawaiian kingdom.org, people first thing break out phones cause they either have no idea, or want to learn more about it. Keep spreading the word. We are our own nation and the acknowledged it

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