British Newspaper The Guardian: Hawai‘i Politician Stops Voting, Claiming Islands are ‘Occupied Sovereign Country’

Two days after celebrations of Hawaiian Independence Day took place throughout the Hawaiian Islands, the British Newspaper “The Guardian” published an article on Hawai‘i County Council Member Jennifer Ruggles titled Hawaii politician stops voting, claiming islands are ‘occupied.’

Important take aways from a good article.

  • After the Guardian reporter reached out to the U.S. Department of State and State of Hawai‘i Governor for comment on Jennifer Ruggles’ position that war crimes are being committed throughout the Hawaiian Islands and on the memorandum of the United Nations Independent Expert to State of Hawai‘i Judges stating that the Hague and Geneva Conventions obligate the United States to administer Hawaiian Kingdom laws and not the domestic laws of the United States, both offices gave no comment. If Hawai‘i was not an occupied State, but rather legally a part of the United States, and that the Hague and Geneva Conventions don’t apply to Hawai‘i, the State Department and the Governor’s office would have surely stated that. Instead they gave no comment. When a government agency gives no comment it would imply that they cannot deny the facts of the story.
  • Dr. deZayas statement that Hawai‘i is “formally” a part of the United States. Careful statement made because the word formally is defined as “pertaining to the outward aspect of something as distinguished from its substance or material.” Formally is not the same as legally.
  • Spokesman from the United Nations Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights stated “They are [Dr. deZayas’] own views.” This is true because it was his view as United Nations Independent Expert before his term expired in April 2018.
  • In his February 25, 2018 memorandum to the State of Hawai‘i, Dr. deZayas clearly stated, “currently serving as the UN Independent Expert on the promotion of a democratic and equitable international order, I have come to understand that the lawful political status of the Hawaiian Islands is that of a sovereign nation-state in continuity; but a nation-state that is under a strange form of occupation by the United States resulting from an illegal military occupation and a fraudulent annexation.”
  • The Guardian reported, “Keanu Sai, a political science lecturer at the University of Hawaii and member of the Hawaiian Kingdom provisional government, says the unilateral annexation of Hawaii by passing a law was tantamount to the US passing a law annexing the UK or any other country. Sai said: ‘You can’t pass a law annexing a foreign country.'”


16 thoughts on “British Newspaper The Guardian: Hawai‘i Politician Stops Voting, Claiming Islands are ‘Occupied Sovereign Country’

  1. Perhaps the U.S. Department of State and State of Hawaii’s Governor gave no response to Ms. Ruggles concern that the Hawaiian Kingdom is a sovereign nation state in-continuity because they have chosen to perpetuate what the cabal had started in the Hawaiian Kingdom. They’re next!

    December 5, 2018, John Huber to reveal his findings.
    Widespread U.S. high level corruption! Global corruption!
    1993, Clinton.

    In order to MAGA, it needs to correct its Hewa with Hawaii.
    AGA would’ve seen that there is no substance (ipso facto to unilaterally annex the Hawaiian Kingdom) to support a political question.

    The global frequency is changing!


    Thanks Jen! ?

    • Spot on Kanekeawe! My question is, do you think that the folks are ready to hear the cabal agenda and what is being done to stop them also by whom? This has been put in action decades ago while most folks of the island were still asleep. Although many are slowly awakening, how can we be sure that they will comprehend such data? I’ve know about this for many years myself and only recently been hinting using my created characters to do so. Very interesting…

      • It would be great if everyone was awake and comprehending what is happening. However,being asleep does not stop things from moving forward. Sometimes it is easier to get things done when people are asleep then having to deal with them sleep walking. MHO

      • Aloha Kikawaialae,

        As the old saying goes, you don’t know what you don’t know until you know! As to whether or not anyone is ready to comprehend such data, only time will tell.
        However, the better informed we are the less likely to be duped!

      • Aloha Maka,
        John Huber was appointed to investigate the FBI and DOJ involving Carter Page. December 5, 2018, was targeted for him to disclose his findings. A good chance to see swamp creatures.
        But now it’s postponed due to #41 President George H.W. Bush’s death. Ironic that he died on November 30. 11+30=41, or deep state planned to postpone [D]5?
        Hard to get anykind of justice in a corrupt system. Not so hard now to see how Hawaii got tangled up.
        Syria has problems with the U.S. 30 people killed yesterday when U.S. dropped its bombs. Hmm, the U.S. pulled out of the U.N. Human Rights Council, its operations in Syria is neither authorized by the government of Bashar Assad nor the U.N Security Council, why are they over there?
        They have no authority in Hawaii, why are they still here?
        We’ll see if there is a counter to [D]5, perhaps another chance to see the house of cards fall!
        Take care

  2. “A spokesman said De Zayas’s memo did not represent the opinion of the Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights. He said: “They are his own views and as such they should not have been sent out using our letterhead.”’
    I found this statement ironic and really worth scrutiny when compared to Minister Stevens confidential correspondence with Sanford Dole, which was drafted upon official “United States Legation” letterhead:
    “PRIVATE Honolulu, Jan. 17, 1893
    Judge Dole: I would advise not to
    make known of my recognition of the de facto Provisional Government until said Government is in possession of the Police Station.”
    Dr. DeZayas seemed to have every professional right to write that letter with the letterhead, and certainly had the expertise. The fact that the organization is now speaking about “opinion”, should be a frightening prospect to all people of the world. It should t be based on the organization’s “opinion,” rather upon facts. ??

  3. If the court is forced to accept the evidence presented as fact, does that mean that the previous Hawaii Supreme Court ruling, regarding proof of continuity has been met? Just curious. Thanks.

  4. What it means to me Noelani is that the previous Hawaii Supreme Court doesn’t exist legally. That’s how I see it and wish to believe.

    • Ae, Jerry Ferro, I agree. T
      The issue here is their procedural rules and jurisdiction. It is not a lawfully constituted court without a bilateral treaty of cession. They truly are not ruling in accordance with the law of the land, Hawaiian Kingdom law. U.S. Federal and Domestic laws have no force here on our Aina of our Hawaiian Kingdom. They are confined to their continental borders according to the law. They are out of conformance with International law and the U.S. Constitution on this matter. Ko’u mana’o.

      • Maika`i and mahalo for the reminder of the “where they come from” it relieves me of much of the manao`ino I have carried around with since my birth in ’42. One thing I did know how to do was hate them even when I lived with them and they most often do not know in large amount as we do. My anger has got me thrown in jail out of their court rulings and now out of ours.
        In the past I have petitioned a court hearing from the Lawful Hawaiian Government and found justice when just after I did not. No they are not lawfully constituted and when they are reminded of that they often back away. Have to keep standing up shouting “Uoki” and bring them also to what you have just said. Again Mahalo.

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