BREAKING NEWS: Operational Plan for Transitioning the Military Government into the Hawaiian Kingdom Government to bring the American Occupation to an End made Public

On September 12, 2023, the Council of Regency approved its Operational Plan for Transitioning the Military Government into the Hawaiian Kingdom Government. The Council of Regency has drafted a proposed Treaty of Peace, and sees that the occupation can come to an end in 3 years. This operational plan assumes that the military government has been established in accordance with its August 14, 2023, Operational Plan for Transitioning the State of Hawai‘i into a Military Government and moves it to the next phase where the occupation will come to an end. These operational plans are comprehensive and incorporates Hawaiian Kingdom laws and the law of occupation.

The mandate of the Council of Regency is through all legal means, compel the United States and the State of Hawai‘i to begin to comply with international humanitarian law and the law of occupation in order to bring the prolonged occupation to an end. It has been 23 years since the Council of Regency returned from oral hearings held at the Permanent Court of Arbitration, in Larsen v. Hawaiian Kingdom arbitration proceedings in December of 2000.

As part of phase II of its strategic plan—exposure of the Hawaiian Kingdom as a State under international law, the Council of Regency focused on academic research to not only draw attention to the fact that the Hawaiian Kingdom continues to exist, but how international humanitarian law and the law of occupation provides the process for the occupation to eventually come to an end. At first glance, for the State of Hawai‘i to transform itself into a military government would appear counter intuitive to a problem that came about by the U.S. military itself when they invaded the Hawaiian Kingdom on January 16, 1893.

The U.S. military is the most regulated organization in the United States. It operates like it is its own government with the exception of a legislative body. It has a general that oversees all branches of the military, a chain of command with superiors at every level to the lowest ranking soldier, and a judicial system to hold to account soldiers who violate regulations called the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

What the U.S. military did when they invaded Hawaiian territory and caused the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom government was unlawful, and admitted being so by President Grover Cleveland, but that didn’t mean it ended then and there. When a government of another country is militarily overthrown by an “act of war,” it triggers duties and obligations upon the invader that are not just military regulations, but also international law called international humanitarian law and the law of occupation.

The law of occupation in 1893 obligated the United States military to establish a military government to administer the laws of the occupied State until a treaty of peace has been negotiated and agreed upon that will either bring the occupation to an end or the occupied country could cede itself to the former occupying State. To not administer the laws of the occupied State by a military government is a war crime by omission, and the imposition of American laws over Hawaiian territory is the war crime of usurpation of sovereignty during military occupation. There are no statutes of limitations for war crimes.

Until there is a treaty of peace, the occupation continues and war crimes continue to be committed with impunity. There is no treaty of peace whereby the Hawaiian Kingdom ceded itself to the United States. The Hawaiian Kingdom continues to exist because of the international principle of inalienable sovereignty, and the Permanent Court of Arbitration acknowledged this in Larsen v. Hawaiian Kingdom in 1999.

A military government is also a misnomer. It is not a government comprised of the military, but rather the civilian government of the occupied State where only the head is replaced by a military governor, which is the highest-ranking Army officer that is in effective control of the territory of an occupied State. That officer is the State of Hawai‘i Adjutant General, Major General Ken Hara. According to Army regulations, the 322nd Civil Affairs Brigade at Fort Shafter, Island of O‘ahu, advises military governors on the function of transitioning governance—military government. U.S. Army Field Manual 3-57 is the manual for Civil Affairs units.

18 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Operational Plan for Transitioning the Military Government into the Hawaiian Kingdom Government to bring the American Occupation to an End made Public

  1. Is there Kuleana for the Hawaiian Nationals to do at this point to encourage the immediate transfer of power to commence???? Is there also kuleana we each need to do at this point or will shortly be required to do???? Mahalo Nui to everyone involved with this immense undertaking. We appreciate all of you.

  2. Great news Dr. Sai , mahalo Nui loa for your 23 years of hard work to expose the truth! Ua Mau ka ea o ka ‘Aina I ka. Pono!
    Aloha no e malama pono,
    Don LalakeaokanakamaoliHeacoc

  3. Hallelujah! Lord God, this is a blessing. May KanakaMaoli be satisfied, help these Hawaiians remember the culture, that we are a loving n peaceful people willing to work w them. Lord, we need to take the lands they took for these Hawaiian people to grow n cultivate for sustainability as we did in the past. To share w friends n families, young n old. Stop the sale of these lands to non-residents, foreigners, or limited purchases. Hawaii has no room for greediness. We share w good intentions n w Aloha.
    We give You our praise n worship daily. Blessing each n everyone, w Pride,We the People, Kanaka maoli, kamaaina, n haole peacefully will have our soverign title back. To Ho’oponopono with the occupier. In Jesus name Amen

    What’s next

  4. What is a realistic path forward with regard to the resident alien population? There are families in Hawai‘i that have been here for 5 or 6 generations that may not have connections or identities with anything outside of Hawai‘i. In my family alone, there are Hawaiian subjects, but also citizens of Japan, China, the Philippines, and the US (most of whom have combination nationalities under the framework of the laws of occupation). It’s bizarre to think that on paper, we’re all citizens of different countries, yet we’re simultaneously one family. I would imagine when people learn they’re citizens of a country, or countries, they’re disassociated with over generational time, there may not be any allegiances towards said nations. Is there likely to be a nationality act passed to grant citizenship to long-term generational resident aliens? Or is it more probable that that astronomical amount of people would need to go through a naturalization process?

    Additionally, do police officers, judges, and other government officials have to have Hawaiian citizenship to continue their professions? If so, what is the remedy to those who are not Hawaiian subjects already in the profession? Would this all be included in the International Commission of Inquiry and/or peace treaty?

    Furthermore, what does the continuity of things like social security look like for everyone in Hawai‘i (both Hawaiian subjects and resident aliens)?

    • Excellent questions! The last thing a restored HK would want to do – ITSELF – is to commit human rights violations against innocent victims of circumstance. I imagine there would have to be some sort of equitable resolution. After 130 yrs, “status quo ante” (the way things were before) does not seem a realistic expectation; moreover, the opinion cites provided in the op plan NEVER considered the “sui generis” (in a class or group of its own : not like anything else) circumstance and a nature of an Occupation like THIS! For those who don’t want to later become naturalized, and don’t want to give up US citizenship, the USA would have to be responsible (financially) for relocating them. This and other such considerations would seem to have to legitimately issue from a duly re-constituted HK Govt to decide. An acting Council of Regency has limitations on the scope of issues it can legitimately and properly address. / But, the framework put forth in the operational plans are vitally important to be in-place; they’re first-step starting points, imo (of course, I’m just speaking for myself as an individual).

    • Aloha,
      You are incorrectly referring to illegal aliens as “resident aliens”.

      – a RESIDENT ALIEN is someone who has formal and legal permission to temporarily reside in a foreign country, (ie: visa, temporary residency etc), issued by the foreign country they are residing in (subject to expirations, renewals, and other possible requirements detailed in the residency). (*Note: such residencies are not inheritable by descendants)

      – an ILLEGAL ALIEN is someone who does not have the formal and legal permission to reside in the foreign country it is residing in and is therefore subject to immediate deportation.

      – a RESIDENT ALIEN becomes an ILLEGAL ALIEN if said resident alien does not vacate the foreign country when the temporary residency expires, and upon transition to illegal alien status is also subject to immediate deportation.

      Currently the Hawaiian Kingdom does not have any resident aliens, only illegal aliens.

      Example: if a Mexican national applied for (and is awarded) a visa to temporarily reside in the US, said Mexican national has been granted permission by the US to temporarily and legally reside in the US. If however a Mexican national doesnt apply for (and is subsequently not awarded) permission to temporarily reside in the US and instead enters the US illegally to reside there, that Mexican national is subject to immediate deportation by the US.

      The distinction is legal permission granted or not granted by the foreign country said alien is residing in. The Hawaiian Kingdom hasn’t granted any aliens permission to reside here since 1-17-1893, therefore all aliens residing here are doing so illegally, hence illegal aliens.

      • Thanks for the information, however, I wasn’t necessarily using the term ”resident” in the same context as you have just explained. When I mentioned resident aliens, I was just referring to aliens who live here. Whether they’re legal or not, my initial inquiry is what a realistic path forward would look like. As far as I understand, deportation is unrealistic as long-term generational aliens are also victims of circumstance. Deportation of fourth or fifth generation Japanese citizens (who have been led to believe they’re Americans) back to Japan is unrealistic, especially if they’ve lived here their whole lives and don’t speak Japanese.

        Something to take into consideration is that many Hawaiian subjects wouldn’t exist without their illegal alien parentage. How do we reconcile deporting a 4th generation alien while their Hawaiian subject cousin gets to stay, especially since they’re both the product of their shared illegal alien grandparent? I know people who have half siblings where some are Hawaiian subjects and some are not. Aliens are so intertwined in Hawai‘i’s economy and, more importantly, families of Hawaiian subjects. I would imagine most, if not all, Hawaiian subjects wouldn’t like to see their own parent, grandparents, half-siblings, etc, get deported to countries they’re not affiliated with (except on paper). If deportation is unrealistic, what is a realistic path forward?

  5. Note to self: KNOW something before giving an opinion! (I hadn’t finished reading the Op Plan prior to opining in another comment.) / Just finished reading this Op Plan. It addressed and answered concerns and assumptions I had had. This is all a big paradigm shift in thinking and perspective. Both Op Plans are monumental endeavors that represent extensive and intensive thought and consideration. There appears to be some strategic positioning, too, as a starting point for bargaining purposes relating to international law concepts on status quo ante conditions, etc. / All my lingering concerns are placed at ease with an overriding principle that I strongly believe will be just and fair for all concerned: “The Legislative Assembly shall ‘make all manner of wholesome laws, NOT REPUGNANT to the provisions of the Constitution.’” (Emphasis added). / Special thanks and honor to Keanu, Dexter, Kau’i, and (RIP) ‘Umialiloa Sai. Mahalo Loa to these great Hawaiian Kingdom na Aloha ‘Āloha!

  6. While I am ALL FOR Ending the occupation
    I pause when I read the Plan-Who decided the plan?
    All the Money Land and Gold is Being Returned – Hawaii will now benefit from all the Income of Tourism and agriculture
    Why a whole section on Tax collection?
    A King? Kingdom of Hawaii IS God’s Kingdom-God is King
    …..Corporation Laws and Legislation??? whether Ceded or unceded
    Sovereignty is BEING Responsible for self
    The Plan as I read it is not that!

    Maybe Unity and Peace first-then ALL Hawaiians Assemble and Ho’oponopono to Find the Path Forward-Then Locals then Malahini-But ALL United in Intention

    a King making decisions for HIS People….Is Not Sovereignty and a SEPARATION of Consciousness
    What’s the difference between being enslaved by a King or a President?
    The Pope is the Fallen Caesar…that didn’t end well

    Going forward we might transfer Power Back to the People of Hawaii who had their Sovereignty SOLD to the Crown of England – A Crown of any kind IS Enslavement . All humans are created Equal.

    Hawaiians RISE-You are no longer enslaved in a Monarchy under the Crown of England
    What will History Say about Us Now…That we Rose and took our power back
    sat back worrying about SSI and EBT-And who is going to save us while we eat fake food and allow the TV to program us? “Enslaved ”

    If everyone still ate the Canoe plants and spent their days observing nature instead of being programmed by AI
    The answers would be clear, Health would be restored and These Islands would thrive as the people HONOR the Messages of the Hula, Ho’oponopono, La ‘au lapa au
    It is the Aloha that tourists fall in Love with
    Not the History of the Monarchy

  7. Mahalo Keanu Sai & All others for your hard & diligent work for our nation. Our Alii and iwi Kupuna are standing tall watching arms wide open for this day of Our Restored Nation & Keiki o ka Aina huli. The keiki of the Country called Hawai’i are ready to HULI anytime,, HOLOMUA Kakou this is Our Home

  8. TODAY, February 17, 2024 marks the DEADLINE for MG Hara to declare Hawaii’s peaceful TRANSITION to a military government, while the unlawful & fraudulent US gov reps (legislature, county councils et al) CEASE & DESIST.

    BRAVO Council of Regency for your DECADES worth of steadfast commitment to revealing the TRUTH no matter the consequences! While censorship had lessened enough for me to find you material, just WAIT until the knowledge is NO longer suppressed! IMUA!

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