Big Island Video News: Students Take Down American Flags at the University of Hawai‘i

Big Island Video News reported: On Monday, a group of students and activists took down the American flag flying at main entrance of the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo, instead raising the Hawaiian flag that was beneath it. The action was related to what they say is the continued illegal occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom by the United States. The American flag that was taken down was folded and handed over to university administrators. The group then went over to do the same thing at the flag pole of Hawai‘i Community College in Hilo. While there, they encountered security.

This video was shot by David Lakota. He and fellow participant Gene Tamashiro spoke on camera afterwards. UH student La‘akea Caravalho explained more.

Big Island Video News asked the university for an official response to what occurred. We have yet to receive a statement.

UPDATE – The reasoning behind the action is evident in a letter written by students of the University of Hawai‘i to faculty and administrators, which began by saying the students have found the university has committed war crimes under the illegal occupation, specifically “pillaging” and “Americanization.” The letter relies on evidence presented in the recent “Memorandum for Ka Pouhana, CEO of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs regarding Hawai‘i as an independent State and the Impact it has on the Office of Hawaiian Affairs” by Dr. Keanu Sai.

After detailing the background of the war crime accusations, students wrote:

“In closing if you are able to refute the evidence in the Memo then assuredly the felonies—war crimes—have not been committed. But if you are not able to refute the evidence, then beginning on November 28, 2014, Hawaiian Independence Day, La Ku‘oko‘a, which has been celebrated since 1843, the United States Flag will no longer be raised over the Hawaiian flag from that day forth. We demand that the Hawaiian flag shall be raised first and be last taken down each day. The occupying United States flag shall be on a separate flag pole of exact same height with the flag flown as well at the same height. If no flag pole is provided for the U.S. flag it shall not be raised until one is provided by the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo and Hawai‘i Community College at no cost to the students. The none refute of evidence means that all State of Hawai‘i officials and employees, as well as We/Students are compelled to comply with Hawaii Kingdom Law and the law of occupation.”

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  1. And that is the power of Pono Education…if the US occupies….then She pays! Bravo a me Brava!! Chicken Skin over hea!

    • I went into Walgreen’s on Ka La Kuoko’a to buy something and I saw the American Flag at the counter…not for sale….so I said I was insulted on Hawaiian Independence Day that the US Flag was shown and not the Hawaiian Flag. Well, they took it down immediately! Too, I left my name if the person who did it got into trouble they could call me and I’d give them an earful! E kala mai ia’u, I’m just a Hawaiian Kingdom Subject of British descent who remembers the stories my mother told me, here in Hawai’i, about the Nazi bombings and burning of London she experienced during WWII, a precursor to invasion, so I have little patience for the willfully ignorant….

      • Mahalo for your manaʻo. The stories your mother shared with you are invaluable. I honor you as a HKS of British descent. I hope to meet you in our life time.

      • as another Hawaiian Kingdom Subject of British decent l would like to share with you a letter l have recently sent to the British Secretary of State in London. As British subjects we need to put more pressure on Britain to honor its treaties with the Hawaiian Kingdom.

    • Key word(s) – belligerent occupier. No they cannot fly their flag legally. The significance of removing the American flag from the poles confirms USA’s illegal occupation over our Nation State. Every USA, SOH, C&C and its agencies must to made to remove the American flag from those poles and replaced with ours. The significance speaks louder than words. Also as a note, no two national flags are to be flown on the same pole. That is done when the second nation’s flag is subjected to the higher flying flag’s nation. Our national flag is the ONLY legal flag that is to be flown. And jmo: our Hawai`i Pono I is the anthem to be sung at any and all events in Hawai`i. The American Anthem should be struck from the books. This will happen in its time, to be sure.

  2. I’ve been seeing this news coverage for the past two days on KHNL but not to the extent of this posting. I’ve been waiting to read about it on the blog. The radio and television and FB postings and others still contain false information. That’s why this blog is so important. It’s irrefutable research has never been proven otherwise. I know with certainty that I can rely on what it contains. The blog shares formation that was left out in the news coverage. With this understanding, I am able to continue my education and discuss these findings in an accurate and confident way.

    There is so much more we need to do to bring peace to our past, present and future generations of Hawai`i. And having the true education brings us to the very story showing that the education is at work. And when significant actions like the story taken by people who are putting this education into practice, it is pono. This significance is another milestone in reaching our goal. This Godsend is the gift that has opened and its kuleana to the acting government of the Hawaiian Kingdom to be its deliverer of that truth because it is pono. This information is a gift to us to remove us from the oppression of deceit, greed, and self-proclaimed illusory superiority of the oppressor. The obscurity is no longer valid; it’s gone. This education venue is the site that began with pono and remains pono.

    Actions taken by us are moving Hawai`i `Ea in removing the consequences of indoctrination for over a century. We cannot undo what has happened but we can certainly work to bring it out into the open to correct the present and our future and help the entire world of such tyranny. If we move in what is true than it will be true.
    There are new interests every day. New people are curious as what this “Hawai`i thing” is all about. The skeptics’ challenges are good because they are trying to make sense – through the eye of the American mindset. Once their cloud is lifted discussion and guidance sets the path to truth. Some get it right way. Some take longer than others and it’s okay. I’ve been there, we all have. The main thing is that we all get it, eventually. It confirms who we are and then becomes our kuleana to pass it on. We have to maintain our learning to reverse the mindset of “colonialism” that has kept us from who we always were. It’s all about education and sharing it with the world with proof by documentation of countries visiting the site and continues to keep up on further developments.

    I don’t know what the strategy of the media in building a reputable newscast but at some point they will have to come around to compete with the rest of the world about Hawai`i’s true history. Mahalo for keeping the weblog real.

    Aloha ke akua kakou!

    • Our cousins down under have taken control of their own media network. We should follow their lead and move forward to educating our own kanak maoli and the rest of the world. We are moving into a period of spiritual enlightenment and therefore must continue moving forward to reinstate our Hawaiian Kingdom. Justice is Godʻs law therefore we will prevail.
      Aloha Ke Akua

  3. Great initiative! Now to see what is happening of like matter in Canada(aka kanata) go to and begin with the latest news (12/ 6) that disenfranchises the Mounted Police, and the bringing of criminal charges against the ruling authorities! Exciting times we have indeed.

    • Common law courts hmmm sounds interesting. A lot of people have commented on enforcement maybe this could be a venue AHKG could look in to. The video on there web site talking about all the problems in Kanata is very informative.Thanks for the link John.

  4. I am hoping to see some actions that move in the direction of evicting the chemical companies that are literally poisoning people. If you or I poisoned our neighbors, certainly we would be charged with felonies and promptly arrested. Across the US people are demanding accountability from racist police against their brutality. Well?

  5. Bold move by the UH Hilo students and staff implementing theory
    into test having foreknowledge of a desired outcome based upon
    irrefutable facts and evidence! Great job! Mahalo nui!!

    A little event like this will end up having huge results in the future!
    Hopefully this event will be the example for change.

    It will be interesting to see who will step up to refute the continuity
    of the Hawaiian Kingdom and its laws, to do so would be to example
    ignorance of the purest kind!

    It’s time to lower the U.S. flag at the “Fake State” capitol!

  6. Even though Hawaii News Now conveniently edited out valid points presented by our fellow Hawaiian Kingdom subjects in the video, it did raise a particular question for me and I hope other viewers as well.

    The question being: If it is a “State of Hawaii” law that the US flag must fly above the “Hawaii State” flag, why were those individuals not arrested.

    Mahalo to all of those in the video and any others for making a firm and respectful stand for what is PONO!

    • Aloha Tatiana,

      I think that event was inherently meant to raise questions
      and to bring awareness. (IMHO)

      I wasn’t there, but I can imagine the security and campus
      administration must’ve been really surprised, or perhaps
      even a little shocked by the out of the ordinary behavior
      they experienced that day.
      The U.S. flag could have been raised the second everyone
      left the area, but perhaps there is an underlying obligation
      that we never saw that questions as to whether or not the
      actions of the students and staff were indeed justified.

      The wise thing to do when confronted with such an event
      as this is to review the authority upon which it is implemented
      and if one is without proper knowledge seek those who may
      be better qualified to address the concern especially when
      war crimes could be involved.

      The U.S. is without a treaty of cession evidencing the transfer
      of Hawaiian Kingdom sovereignty and the U.S. cannot be
      considered as colonizing the Hawaiian Islands because of
      Hawaii’s independence since November 28, 1843.
      It is for these reasons that it is incumbent upon the nation of
      the United States of America as prolonged occupiers of the
      Hawaiian Islands to comply with Hawaiian Kingdom laws!

      The U.S. is without authority in Hawaiian jurisdiction and
      at last look there is no provision in the 1864 constitution of
      the Hawaiian Kingdom that allows the U.S. flag be raised
      above or in place of its flag.

      Bite too much, too fast they end up choking!
      The U.S. needs to unlearn the wrong it created!!
      It may take some time, but eventually the light will come on!

      • Aloha Kanekeawe,
        I think my point is being missed.

        All i’m trying to say is:
        What question would the average person, whom is probably unaware of the true, legal and political status of the Hawaiian Kingdom, have after watching the Hawaii News Now “re-report” of this video. I hope they would ask the question, “Why weren’t those individuals being arrested if what they were doing was illegal?”

        Asking the right questions, often leads you to the truth, which is where I want the average person to end up.

        Hope this clears things up.

        Mahalo, Tatiana

        • Got you! I followed your lead by providing an
          answer for those who maybe thinking about why
          these people were not arrested and happened to
          come here looking for an answer.

          I saw the news report by slum@khnl too. I didn’t
          think it was fair or unbiased at all! I think as a
          responsible news reporter slum should have asked
          that question, why those people weren’t arrested,
          and demanded an answer! In stead, she referred
          to them as activist in a negative tone leaving
          everyone hanging.

          Some of the fb comments were disturbing, someone
          said they should be shot! Why, because the news
          report failed to provide the other side of the story?
          It may be that there is no reasoning with some
          people, but the news report should’ve at the least
          provided a reason.

          The news media must be properly informed on the
          continuity of the Hawaiian Kingdom thus allowing
          for accountability on their part as citizens of the
          occupying country! They are in our country not the
          other way around!

          One person on the fb comment stated:
          “YES I’m Hawaiian & I’m proud to be Hawaiian
          but their are times you guys make us Hawaiian
          look stupid!!!”
          That statement already makes that person look
          stupid. Probably assumes Hawaiian refers to
          ethnicity as opposed to nationality. You can no
          more tell the race of an American than you can
          that of a Hawaiian. If that person was a Hawaiian
          national wouldn’t there be a display of outrage
          that the U.S. flag is even raised in Hawaiian

          Sorry, last one was a bonus entry!

  7. Aloha Tatiana, could you provide the section of the Hawaii Revised Statutes on the law you mentioned regarding the flag. As for the non-arrest of the individuals, it appeard the administration was caught off guard. They will probably discuss the issue and seek legal counsel to see what course of action they can take the next time it happens. Ultimately it’s up to the U.H. administration to pursue a criminal complaint. They will probably cite some type of criminal property tampering law.

    • Aloha kekoa,

      Hawaii Revised Statutes
      Volume 1 Chapter 5 Section 5-19
      When the Hawaiian flag is flown from the same halyard as the flag of the United States of America is flown, it shall be underneath the national colors.

      Hawaii News Now stated this statute during their re-report. It begs the question.

        • I too heard slum@khnl make that statement in her reporting on the evening news and took it as another example of how skewed the news reporting in Hawaii is toward this information. In reality, the students were making a valid, viable and legal point. The commentary by Ms. Lum further illustrated the contradiction of the two flags flying. But the tone used, as always, and the fact that the comment is simply left hanging without response, being “reported” as “fact” leaves the multitude to believe that the act was somehow derrilict and illegal. Truthfully, if there is no State, then there can be no valid State Law, so the commentary is mute. The only valid point is the action of the students and the truthful, or at least meaningful reporting should have been in that subject.


  9. God bless our Hawaiian Kingdom

    Teach the keiki so they know
    The sovereign nation is perpetuated in righteousness

    Ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono

    Fly it high… Fly it proud

    Mahalo ke akua
    Mahalo na alii
    Mahalo na kupuna
    Mahalo o hawaii nei

    The more we know… The more we grow

  10. What I especially liked in the video was the reverent way Gene Tamashiro and the other person folded the American flag according to protocol I think that activism in favor of the Hawaiian Kingdom should be done with thoughtful patriotism, not anger (even if one is angry). In this way the law will always be on our side as well as our humanity.

  11. Mahalo to Gene Tamashiro, La‘akea Caravalho, David Lakota and to all the UH students who participated in this noble act. You have served as an inspiration for others to have the courage to come out and to boldly reclaim our Hawaiian Kingdom.

  12. Aloha Tatiana, mahalo for the info on the Hawaii Revised Statute (HRS) Title 1 chapter 5. Maybe I’m missing something but as far as I can see the statute only mentions the way the Hawaiian flag should be flown when it’s flown on the same halyard or pole with the U.S. flag. It does not provide any penalty for the offense. It could be an administrative rule which makes it a non-arrestable offense. If someone finds a website that provides the penalty Title 1 Chpt.5 Sec.19 & 20 HRS please share. Like I said in my previous post they would use some other law that is at least a petty misdomeanor to have an arrestable offense rather than Title 1 Chp.5 sec. HRS. MHO

    • Aloha Kekoa,
      More than looking at an actual penalty at this point, I think the point is that KHNL added commentary that to the masses came off as painting these people as delinquents and even criminals in some way. And for those masses who are uneducated either by circumstance or ignorant bliss, they were left with a comment that made it seem like the protest was somehow lame. In actuality what KHNL’s comment did was illustrate how Hawaii is continuously suspended in a state of contradiction. I.E., the protestors should not be charged with anything because as UH research has proven time and again, there can be no “state”. But, slum@khnl made the comment that the Hawaiian flag can not fly over the American flag on the same flagpole because it’s against state law, making their actions seem somehow illegal. Unfortunately, the masses won’t question the news commentary which was obviously reporting unfairly and in a biased manner.

      I am more interested in finding out about the comment made earlier where someone mentioned that an occupied country should not have to endure the flying of the occupiers flag. I think they may have mentioned intl. law? Wow! That would be a hyperlink to post to KHNL’s FB! ; )

      Hopefully we are all on the same page now.


  13. Using the usual gullible college students to do their work for them is an old intelligence trick. See how smoothly this inside job proceeds and how the media plays it or doesn’t that will tell you who is really in charge. If the USA can be Balkanized it can be much easier taken over by its enemies. This is why President Lincoln kept the USA united because the Rothschild controlled British stood ready to attack from Canada and their cohorts the Rothschild controlled French from Mexico.

    RED CHINA’S TAKEOVER OF HAWAII: Would it surprise you to know there were large contingents of Chinese troops on American soil last year? Not until a video was leaked of Chinese troops training at Fort Shafter, Honolulu, Hawaii did the Obama administration come out with the obvious lie that they were taking part in a “drill.” The drill—dubbed GridExII—simulated the detonation of a massive nuclear warhead high above the skies of the United States, creating a giant EMP that took out the U.S. electrical grid, communications, and banking services. Except the Chinese are in fact developing an EMP weapon according to classified documents. Except the Chinese have been openly bragging about how their new DF-41 nuclear missile—with a staggering twelve warheads—can cripple the United States in a mere thirty minutes.

    These events do not indicate Obama is in collusion with the communist Chinese, planning a takeover of the U.S. But add the fact that Obama is fervently trying to disarm the American public. Add the fact that the Obama administration is buying up billions of rounds of ammunition, leading to a nationwide shortage. Add the fact that Obama has instructed the National Guard to run “drills” deeming Second Amendment supporters as domestic terrorists—one must ask: Is Obama opening up America for a Chinese “Red Dawn” Invasion. Chinese invasion? Obama Conspiring With the Chinese for a ‘Red Dawn’!

    • China these days is no more “Red” than the Wall St. bankers! Unlike the Mao era, there are now billionaires together with desperately poor workers in terribly unhealthy factories, exactly the kind of dichotomy that would be vigorously opposed by any genuinely Marxist regime! Granted, it is a rising world power, but unlike the US, they do not have 1000 or so military bases in other people’s countries! Using the term “Red China” is a throwback to the red-baiting of the McCarthyite 1950s.

        • As important as the above entry may be, is it pertinent to the discussion we’ve been having regarding the wonderful act on behalf of the extant Hawaiian Kingdom by the students and teacher of UH system in lowering the US flag, with Mahalo I might add and raising our Nations Flag? Or, is this entry above 1) to confuse the issue? 2) Attempting to degrade the conversation with conspiracy theory? 3) Showcasing the Occupier in yet another military manouvre to lessen the Subjects of the Kingdom of Hawai’i and their pono act reported at the outset? Perhaps, I’m just a stiff-upper-lip Hawaiian of British descent and I like continuity of the mo’olelo…?!…

    • “Using the usual gullible college students to do their work for them is an old intelligence trick.” Are you implying or openly stating that the students (and teacher for that matter) are gullible in what they did to take down the occupier’s flag at UH Hilo? If so, I am very offended and take umbrage with that!

      • Question. Way are we agreeing to have another pole erected so the USA’s national flag can be raised to fly at equal height with ours? Something is very, very wrong with that thought. We’ve come far to undo the menacing mindset of indoctrination of invader of our country. Pay attention to the continuing ways of manipulation of the mind. The residual of control lingers in the crevasses of the conspiracy to control our Nation. Don’t let it throw us off course.

        Another thought. In raising our national flag, let us not forget that we have and continue to be occupied illegally. Until it is resolved, we remain in distress and Ka Hae Hawai`i must be flown upside down as our outcry of help. We must demonstrate it to the world. And that visual speaks loud.


        • Illegal occupiers all fly their own flags. Do we really have a “choice”? They’re going to do it anyway. The best they can do is what they’ve stated. Separate poles, first up, last down, place of honor…as upsetting as it is, it’s magnificent!!

          • Understandable comment but we don’t have to accept it.
            Remember that we are the Kingdom of Hawaii. We must not give into the idea of “that`s okay, at least we can have our own flag” mentality. The USA does not want to give up Hawai`i. We all know this. So why compromise with special allowances. This is our country, not theirs. The USA does not have jurisdiction here, never have, never will. And if it is not obvious, it’s very clear to me that the indoctrination is still in force but tweaked to serve an ongoing campaign of manipulation and purpose to overshadow our independence; a nation irrefutably proven sovereignty maintained and not to be subjugated to others. We cannot compromise. The loaf of bread is ours, even the crumbs are not theirs. We have accomplished much. There’s more to do because the enemy is still here. And until they leave and thereafter, we must remain diligent or suffer our children. We cannot and must not afford any more accolades to the oppressor. We’ve taken back our country and will defend it to even the last patriot for the past, present, and future.


        • Good points, Doreene! I especially love the poetry of this phrase. You say “The residual of control lingers in the crevasses of the conspiracy to control our Nation.” Sort of like mud that lingers in ditches of the aina after a rain.

          • Like your comparison of residual to mud. A word that has nothing but negative connotations associated to it …. “ confuse.mentally”, “muddy ..not clear; cloudy, obscure” All very accurate when applied to the tactics of our occupier.

            Stand up, be strong, get educated, and lets all move forward together as one..UNITED in our quest to live freely as subjects of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

            Aloha, Maile

  14. Aloha Noelani, I totally understand your point of view, I was just trying to answer Tatiana’s question as she based it on the actual fake State law. As far as main stream media, It’s a given, they are biased and will always slant the narative to make pro hawaii independence supporters villains. They have to, it’s in their best interest. If they actually did an honest and accurate commentary they would be helping expose the occupation? Main stream media will not do that. To hope they would is just fustrating and a waist of time. MHO

  15. Wow! I not only applaud their boldness, but their aloha and the intellect they used! You know something, ever since the U.S. Government acquiesced that Hawaii is occupied territory and the H.K. still exist, lately I’ve been seeing a lot of H.K. nationalism around the islands! It is been displayed in the sense of aloha, the intellect of Hawaii’s legal history, and above all bravery. Personally if one or many wants to do something brave in relation to spreading Hawaii’s legal history, I prefer those concepts like what these people did at UH Hilo with our national flag! (Well done!) For example, I read last month on the Star Advertiser’s Insight page, someone said that the Royal Hawaiian Band during a small concert played Hawaii’s national anthem FIRST instead of America’s national anthem! However according to the article, they generally did play America’s national anthem, but only AFTER Hawaii’s national anthem was played! Isn’t that something? Of course, the person who wrote that Insight article did not take that experience rather well and wrote dramatic accusations saying that what the Royal Hawaiian Band did was a “political statement.” Goes to show how the education of Hawaii’s legal history is very important. On the terrible side, it shows how much this occupation has psychologically drugged all of us! I want this occupation to end!

    Another example I saw was on La Kuokoa day. When I was at a shopping complex, I noticed a flagpole with Hawaii’s national flag on it WITHOUT the American flag on top of it! When I saw that, I was seriously wondering if that was just a coincidence or if someone who’s responsible meant to do that knowing the significance of that day. It was really hard to tell, but the flagpole only had Hawaii’s national flag and the flag was positioned between top-mast and half-mast. Interesting, yeah?

    • With all this talk about the USA being controlling over Hawaii yes we are saying we are claiming control of law not of the people so yes fly your flag. But obey the laws of America with out us guarding your people you would not have your people you would all be Japanese your people should show respect to the men that gave there life’s on your little insignificant islands we don’t need Hawaii but Hawaii need America not just for protection but for your economy with out use those nice collage that you see and defend so hard as to disrespect the only one’s to let you say and do what you think. You should be happy it’s us and not a country were if you took there flag down they would come and wipe the protesters out by putting them in a jail or in a concentration camp or put to death. Yes you should be happy it’s us with tolerance to you and your people because it could be a lot worse then big bad America. At least we tolerate it to an extent but we tolerate it way better and with great sympathy towards the natives of your country. Even though we have not done the same for the natives of the main United States. But we have learned to live with one another in time. God forbid that World War III breaks out I’m sure that you wouldn’t want use to let you just find for your self’s out there were Japan is so close to you. Because I don’t know if you know but Hawaii is a state of America and they will be coming after you to kill you or put you in a work camp. And if you haven’t already heard they look at prisoners of war as lower then dog’s. And that will be your worst nightmare. I don’t care what flag you think is the top flag but Japan knows that the red white and blue is in control of your island and will do the same thing as they did in the 1940’s kill every single person they see or like I said work you and your family to death and not care then you will want to come were we really fly and respect the American flag but by then it will be to late. So maybe you should just let that flag that means nothing to you fly high on your flag pole. I wish the best for you but thinking badly of the American flag may be your undoing.God bless Hawaiians and God bless The Islands of Hawaii.

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