Big Island Video News: Keanu Sai on Na‘i Aupuni, OHA and Cambridge

Big Island Video News: Dr. Keanu Sai is a political scientist at the forefront of an emerging understanding of Hawaii as an existing Kingdom under U.S. occupation. In this lengthy interview, Sai talks about his recent trip to the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom where he was invited to present a paper on Hawaii as a non-European power. He also sets the record straight on his involvement with the Office of Hawaiian Affairs and the letter that was sent to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, and the controversial Na’i Aupuni election of delegates to an upcoming Hawaiian nation-building ‘aha.

The paper that Dr. Sai presented at Cambridge was Hawaiian Neutrality: From the Crimean Conflict through the Spanish-American War.

4 thoughts on “Big Island Video News: Keanu Sai on Na‘i Aupuni, OHA and Cambridge

  1. OHA and Na`i Aupuni list 202 delegate candidates on their website with or without a statement from them, but NONE of them have a direct e-mail address, a mailing address or a phone or fax number. All contacts are given as and communications sent to this e-mail address are directed to the headquarters of Election-America, Inc. in Washington D.C. Consequently no constituent can reach his/her candidate to ask a question or clarify the candidate’s statement without Na` Aupuni’s censorship. Or it is also possible that Na`i Aupuni or OHA responds back in their names. You’ll never know. The biggest deception in modern history of Hawai`i.

  2. The only way for Hawaiian Kingdom subjects to participate in Na’i Aupuni or any U.S. sponsored groups is first to formally expatriate which means to give up one’s citizenship to the Kingdom of Hawaii; and then to individually, formally to naturalize to the U.S.A.

    This is the ONLY way to validate Na’i Aupuni and create a tribal group within the U.S.A. This also means one cannot negotiate with any of the Hawaiian Kingdom territory, assets and resources; especially with it being in name only. The Kingdom and its government and it’s bona fide citizens, still exist albeit under the U.S. lawless, belligerent occupation. There is no doubt nor questions about it. Learn the truth, understand it, and live and protect it.

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