5 thoughts on “Big Island Video News (BIVN): Ruggles Disappointed In Media Coverage

  1. Good Job Ruggle’s keep the pressure on they all can run and know’s the end is near 5 years till change over back in the kingdoms hands

  2. THANK YOU, JEN!!! KEEP ON TELLING THE TRUTH….THE TRUTH, ABOUT HAWAII’S HISTORY, WILL PREVAIL!!! IT’S A SPIRITUAL WARFARE….through Education, the MEDIA (whatever form it may be), it has been EDUCATING and AKUA, humbly and compassionate hears, you. God Bless!
    Aloha Aunty Ceci and Uncle Francis

  3. We need to stand with her and kokua hana…this is our kuleana…everyone of ours. Maika`i and Mahalo Jen for your wiwo`ole.

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