Big Island Video News (BIVN): Jen Ruggles Holds Community Meeting On War Crimes

KEA‘AU, Hawaiʻi – Hawaii County Councilmember Jen Ruggles explained her decision to stop legislating in a packed town hall on Monday night.

(BIVN)– A community meeting organized by Puna councilwoman Jen Ruggles to explain her ongoing absence from council drew a standing room-only crowd to the Keaʻau Community Center on Monday night.

Ruggles declared on August 21 “that she had come to understand that she may be in violation of her oath of office to uphold the U.S. Constitution and may be incurring criminal liability under both U.S. federal law and international law,” a media release stated. “Through her attorney, Stephen Laudig, she formally requested the County Office of Corporation Counsel provide her a proper legal opinion.”

Laudig was present at the meeting, as was Dr. David Keanu Sai, a scholar and expert in international law. Sai has also served as the lead agent for the Hawaiian Kingdom in international arbitration proceedings before the Permanent Court of Arbitration at the Hague, Netherlands.

Using a power point presentation projected onto the community center wall, Ruggles walked constituents through her understanding of the Hawaiian Kingdom as a state in continuity that is under a “strange form of occupation” by the United States. Ruggles shared letters she received that prompted her to make her decision, and took questions from the audience.

In an earlier media release, Ruggles said she intended “to educate her constituents on their rights as protected persons under U.S. and international law, and share what work she has started to continue to represent and advocate on behalf of her district.”


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    • To Jennifer can you tell me the status of the Hawaiian Kingdom right now in the jurisdiction proceedings and Court are they ruling Hawaiian Kingdom Staten order using United States jurisdiction I’m kind of curious if you could tell me because it would be quite difficult to understand why Hawaiian kingdom is not using their own jurisdiction other than an occupied countries jurisdiction

      • Simple, ALL Courts in Hawaii are violating Humanitarian Law by utilizing their U.S. jurisdiction and U.S. Laws instead of Hawaiian Kingdom Law and Jurisdiction. Hence the war crimes. The Hawaiian Kingdom is ineffective because of the illegal occupation where the crooks are in control. This is not difficult to grasp. You are basically asking why couldn’t Nuremberg utilize their jurisdiction when it was being illegally occupied by Germany? Because the crooks were in control. The war crimes were not addressed until much later after the occupation ended. When our occupation ends or during the transition of de-occupation you can rest assured war crime investigations will be conducted and brought to justice. Here’s a hint. There are no statute of limitations and we don’t need another country or tribunal to prosecute. When our HK Courts are reconvened we can use our own investigations and prosecutors to prosecute in our own courts. I would rather trust our own HK courts to do this.

  1. For me it is sad that this courage comes from a young wahine on the council rather than anyone of the elders either here or on Oahu and other islands. I joined the community meeting to listen partly to the courage we all should be displaying in and for this free sovereign Hawaiian Nation. If she teaches her process of courage I will listen more.

  2. Though no longer living on the precious aina, I follow developments on regaining sovereignty very closely, and greatly appreciate these posts on Hawaiian Kingdom blog. Mahalo, Keanu, Jen, Danny, and all others involved. Aloha, imua, lokahi, ea!


    We have a hometown hero, an island girl who stood up & spoke truth!!!!!

    People of Hawai’i remember her name because her actions speak loudest, it’s roaring across the Aina, rippling throughout our waters, circling the globe.

    She is speaking TRUTH based on FACTS exposing everyone & everything..

    Time for each of us to step up!!!!



    Definition of protected persons

    ART. 4. — Persons protected by the Convention are those who at a given moment and in any manner whatsoever, find themselves, in case of a conflict or occupation, in the hands of persons a Party to the conflict or Occupying Power of which they are not nationals**.

    Prosecutor v. Dusan Tadic, Case. IT-94-1-A; **¶¶164-169; 15 July 1999. U.N. International Tribunal for the Prosecution of Persons Responsible for Serious Violations of International Humanitarian Law-Appeals Chamber

  5. I have a story to share, but first i want to say Jenn Ruggles is well worth supporting she has a brave heart and her actions shows her true colors*I’m from East Maui, where i live Hawaiian Culture From Long Ago Tells of this place Rich in Culture and Tradition and well connected To Moku o Keawe thru Genealogy connections, Jenn is special, i can feel our ancestors here are also proud of her . Jen Ruggles and in what she is doing now reminds me of a t.v clip that i saw on t.v a long time ago. It was about a lady that lived on Oahu at the time, she was a business lady and she discovered i guess thru research that a coredless phone would be a good investment for her and she started going door to door promoting this phone that was called a cordless phone now known as the cell phone. At first people could not believe of such a phone that is possible to be even worth trying. I think it was other business people who first picked up on it because it looked like something that would be convenient for them to make contacts for there business’s. At first no one could believe that a phone like that would be worth anything. It took some years later, maybe like around 5 years and that type of phone became so Big it became main steam. Now every body has one. Its called the cell phone.
    This is how my Vision shows me about Jenn. She’s like the lady who first sold these phones on Oahu. In the General Public as a Whole, people dont seem to really believe or understand what she is standing up for today. But you know, like it or not, my vision shows me, this thing Jenn Ruggles is standing up for today is going to be Big in the near future, real big, its going to be so Big, its going to become main stream in Hawaii. God Bless you Jen and your Family, you have a strong character that makes you a courageous leader. Mana koko maikai*

  6. I have another story to share, this is in support of our kanaka people. You know the police. They dont like to show respect for us Kanaka’s in this kind stuff you know, this is Hawaiian culture. Part of having visions it can show you things that can work like real magic you know. I like put this out because, i know what its like to be mis-treated for standing up for Hawaiian Culture and Lands, when i was younger i got arrested so much times and ended up in there courts so much times, it became obvious God was trying to teach me something. I found out the police is a puppet for there government, they do everything there superiors tell them to do. And no, they not going always follow the laws. They cannot, because they them selves dont even know all the laws. Especially when it comes to Hawaiian Rights, they become bias. This is what i like kanaka’s to know. Put pressure on there “superiors” to do the right things for Hawaiian right. Like Keanu and his Hui is saying, know your rights and hold them accountable. Pressure them from the top and watch, twist the superiors finger from the top and the puppet going change. Still gotta respect the police though, they still do a lot of good on other levels. But for kanaka kind stuffs, pressure the top heads the ass going have to listen. Try Try Try, i did going work. For the kanaka for suppress the cooperate american supremacist, who think they can buy what ever they like because they rich. Call a title company and asked them if all the land title to people like the rich thinking they bought all there lands they claim to own and ask them if all the lands have clear title. They going say no. Not even the state of Hawaii has clear title. The only way the state can have clear title to the crown lands is from a genealogy that connects them to the land. Knowledge is Power. Once you know this, than you can help to unplug all the debris that blocking the river. Keanu Sai them get the Best Classes today to get educated. I write all this because i got Burned from the American system before for standing up for Hawaiian Lands & Culture. Now I Dedicate a part of my life to get Hawaii back for our ancestors, kanaka’s, and our kid’s. I No Like Our Kids Go Thru What us as adults going thru now. We stand up and do what we can now, our kids can benefit from the work we do today. Look Jenn, she’s an example of a good strong leader and she’s also a part of us. We also have our own people to lead Hawaii into the Future, we can do it. Our Ancestors did it. Got To Educate our selves, Knowledge is Power. Aloha Aina!

  7. Frist I commend you on all of your work it would also have to be by those that are lineal descendentcy with vested right and interest by the sovereign himself along with geneoalogical history of that Konohiki. I have stated that clearly to Kalei, him knowing myeslf and my father. Now we have come full circle of over 5 years of court. I have come to realization that the injustice of one dose not wipe out the injustice of the other. Our position is not self appointed or electric by others it comes from the souvereignt himself. These are the ones that put the dominium rights and status in to power. You can not be part of the fradulent and fake impostering of the legal title holder and land owners this is why our King did as he planned. By privitietation making it protected Againest illegal sizers or taking or spoils of war by privitietation. We are not self appointed we are appointed by the souvereignt himself. Thank you for all of your hard work. But be advised there are those who hold these title legally. I do not want to see your work get unraveled by pirates. If you can’t honor your King’s plans and Constitution. Then all is lost already Konohiki Hinano Kaleleiki Mahalo. Believe me I’m on yourside but our plan comes from the souvereignt himself no where eles. In the beat interest of our people and the dignity of the crown. Respect and honor.

  8. Thursday, December 2, 1999

    Perfect Title Co. co-founder guilty of theft David Sai tried to help a
    couple reclaim a home lost through foreclosure
    By Rob Perez

    The co-founder of a now-defunct title company that challenged the validity of land titles in Hawaii faces up to 10 years in prison after being convicted of an attempted theft charge.
    A Circuit Court jury yesterday found David Keanu Sai guilty of first-degree attempted theft for helping a couple try to reclaim an Aiea home they lost through foreclosure.

    • When you tell a story, be fair, tell the whole story in order to avoid leaving a false impression caused by the omission of relevant facts. Leaving out relevant facts isn’t far from lying. Different from lying, but not by much, and forgivable, if, and only if, the omissions were inadvertent. Different from lying, not at all, if the omissions were intentionally done in order to perpetuate a falsehood. That shows an intent is to deceive and mislead readers. And that is wrong.

      Three questions to you Jason. Questions 1 and 2 you should answer. I can see why you wouldn’t want to answer #3 as it is one of those “when did you quit beating your wife” type of questions.

      1. Did you mean to leave a false impression about Dr. Sai?
      2. Was it an accident?
      3. Are you merely ignorant of the facts and too lazy, indolent, or negligent to seek them out in order to provide a fully-informed opinion?

      Here’s what Judge Simms said when she imposed the minimum sentence on all the defendants in the case:
      “In issuing the sentences, Simms noted the defendants’ strong beliefs about the kingdom and a growing awareness in the community about Hawaiian sovereignty.”

      Was it your intent to leave readers with a false impression?
      It’s what you did.
      And you did it either intentionally, or unintentionally.

      How you respond to this criticism will help me reach a conclusion about your intent.

    • Thank you for pointing out that Dr. Sai was subjected to an unfair trial and is a victim of a war crime by a court that lacked subject matter jurisdiction. It’s funny how they always revert to attacking the person because they can’t win with facts. Oldest trick in the book, how pathetic.

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