Big Island Video News (BIVN): Hawaiian Kingdom Supporters Tell Council “Cease & Desist”

HILO, Hawaii – There was a wave of support on Wednesday for Puna councilwoman Jen Ruggles and her decision to refrain from legislating until county lawyers can provide a proper legal opinion.

(BIVN)– In lengthy public testimony before the Hawaii County Council meeting got underway in Hilo on Wednesday, Hawaiian Kingdom supporters spoke out in support of absent councilwoman Jen Ruggles, and demanded the council “cease and desist” legislative activity.

Ruggles’ seat was empty as the councilmember from Puna announced she would “refrain from legislating” until the county’s corporation counsel can provide a “proper legal opinion” that will assure her that she “is not incurring criminal liability under international humanitarian law and U.S. law.”

Ruggles’ recent decision was not on the Wednesday’s council agenda for discussion, so testifiers seeking to support Ruggles’ position spoke on other matters, such as Bill 160 – a measure that amends the County Code of Ethics by requiring that officials “provide accurate and factual information to the public” to the best of their knowledge.

Public testifiers – both Hawaiian Kingdom subjects as well as American citizens – identified themselves as protected persons as defined under Article 4 of the 1949 Fourth Geneva Convention. Many read from similarly worded written testimony.

“I too have come to learn that the Hawaiian Kingdom continues to exist as an independent and sovereign State that has been under an illegal and prolonged occupation by the United States since January 17, 1893,” stated Kale Gumapac, who testified in Hilo. “I am also aware that the United Nations Independent Expert Dr. Alfred deZayas sent a memorandum to members of the State of Hawai‘i judiciary which stated ‘international laws (the Hague and Geneva Conventions) require that governance and legal matters within the occupied territory of the Hawaiian Islands must be administered by the application of the laws of the occupied state (in this case, the Hawaiian Kingdom), not the domestic laws of the occupier (the United States).’ And according to Amnesty International, war crimes are crimes that violate the laws or customs of war defined by the Hague and Geneva Conventions.”

“Article 43 of the Hague Regulations and Article 64 of the Fourth Geneva Convention obligates the United States to administer Hawaiian Kingdom law, not United States law,” Gumapac continued. “This deliberate in failure by the United States to administer Hawaiian kingdom law has led to grave breaches under Article 147 of the Fourth Geneva Convention and international humanitarian law. which constitutes war crimes committed against me as a protected person.”

Gumapac finished with a statement that was often repeated by others speakers on Wednesday. “This body illegally enacts United States laws in violation of the Hague and Geneva Conventions and as a victim of war crimes that stem from this unlawful legislation, I demand that this body immediately cease and desist,” Gumapac said.

Multiple testifiers spoke for roughly two hours before the Hawaii County Council closed public comment and went ahead with the scheduled agenda.


16 thoughts on “Big Island Video News (BIVN): Hawaiian Kingdom Supporters Tell Council “Cease & Desist”

  1. Now what is the County Council, Corporation Counsel Kamelamela, the County of Hawaii and the Fake State of Hawaii going to do and/or say? More importantly now that everyone throughout our islands are aware of what Council Member Ruggles has done and our testimonies in support of her other’s are demanding the same answers of their politicians. What are they going to say? What are the rest of the politicians even in the legislature going to say?

    All I can say is you better be extremely careful because what you say and do can and will be held against you in your individual capacity. We are watching you….all of you!!! Remember you can run, but you can’t hide!!!

  2. What does this mean for mother who took children from the main land to the hawiia kingdom to live without father consent

    • Williamowski — There are going to be lots of questions and issues like this that will come up like land ownership, debts, loans, ceded lands, and legal issues including child custody.

    • Your issue with child custody took place outside of HK jurisdiction. If it is in fact a crime in that jurisdiction your complaint needs to be initiated there.

  3. It would be foolish or malfeasant for them not to require Corp. Counsel to provide a legal opinion. Especially when they heard Councilman Chung (an attorney) in a previous meeting saying to Mr. Kamelamela that he shouldn’t go any further to provide a legal opinion because it might be a set up for liability. WHAT???? If you are AFFRAID that your attorney could be liable for his legal opinion that the Council is relying on then how much confidence could County Council have in Mr. Kamelamela??? If their own attorney is afraid of liability they should be horrified. If I was them I would seek an outside Humanitarian attorney and expert in this field before going any further. Heck I would contact Dr. Dezayas directly.

    • Maybe if there is another opportunity like this someone could suggest that if they are not going to cease and desist they should seek expert advice on how to do their jobs without incurring war crimes. It is possible if done right.

      • Really? More likely, each elected official has the right and responsibility to file LAWSUITS for fraud against the U.S.
        And…. enjoin the Larson Case against the Hawai’ian Kingdom!!!

        Many of us are victims of Gross Negligence by the COUNTRIES that are sworn to protect our persons….

        Watch the tort lawyers Circus as they trample each other, trying to get your case settlement$$$$$$

        • They can’t enjoin the Larsen Case but they could initiate their own if that is what they want but it does not address the issue at hand. Let’s say all gov’t officials and employees cease and desist tomorrow. Now what????? ALL SERVICES CEASE operating such as ambulance, fire dept., police, State Hospitals, Air Traffic control, waste water, solid waste, etc. etc. ALL OF IT SHUTS DOWN TOMORROW. Oh yeah even civil defense that monitors the hurricanes, tsunamis, etc. If gov’t. totally shuts down it will be only a matter of days before private sector starts to shut. Now you or your family member gets into a car accident and what. No ambulance, no hospital no doctors. Private sector will shut down because who is going to process the health insurance claims to pay for the doctors and medicine. Now you or your family member dies because you wanted gov’t to cease and desist. Your suggestion gets even better. Wait for it. No one can sue anybody because all courts not working. No suit, no money, no brains, no mo nothing.

  4. Aloha. After reading and following the previous posts’ (Ruggles) I’ve come to understand that Kamelemela has no shame, compassion and ethics in his holding such a high position. Because of his adherence to outdated, obsolete and imbecilic reasoning, which is condoned by the Fake State, he currently remains comfortable, untroubled, contented and gratified that the fire of the Hawaiian Kingdom was thoroughly extinguished? I don’t think so! He’s in deep kukae! His ignorance spells his career end! Lies have speed, but truth has endurance. He is shamefully embarrassing his way out.

  5. Itʻs not Kamelamelaʻs fault. Heʻs incompetent. By that, I mean he has no training or expertise in international law, therefore, he is incompetent to render an opinion. The best, honest answer he can give is “I donʻt know… but we should ask someone who has expertise in international humanitarian law.”

    • Yes it is his fault. He’s not incompetent. Even under U.S. domestic laws he could point out that a joint resolution cannot annex foreign territory. Congress was never enumerated with the authority to do such a thing. This is the very point the DOJ pointed out in 1988. He is not incompetent he is knowingly and intentionally violating Humanitarian Law. Which makes him a competent criminal.

  6. Thoughts….

    We each have choice, free will as human beings. This is the first in Hawaiian Kingdom history that this has/is happening.

    Anything, anything after January 17, 1893 is illegal, is invalid, is voided.

    This is not complex unless the individual makes it complex. Facts are facts especially with international and Hawaiian Kingdom law.

    Mahalo nui to Jen Ruggles

    I AM A



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