Big Island Video News (BIVN): Dr. Keanu Sai La Ku‘oko‘a Conference Presentation

HILO, Hawaii – The political and agent representing the Provisional Government of the Hawaiian Kingdom, gives a two hour presentation in Hilo.

(BIVN) – In the opening presentation kicking off a two-day Lā Kuʻokoʻa educational conference in Hilo, Dr. Keanu Sai gives a lengthy talk on the Hawaiian Kingdom and the United States occupation.

Sai told attendees about the delay of the first hearing of the International Commission of Inquiry constituted under the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Larsen v. Hawaiian Kingdomcase, and took some questions at the end. But the bulk of his presentation dealt with what he shows to be an ongoing state of war between the United States and the Hawaiian Kingdom, and the subsequent illegal annexation by Congressional resolution. The information covered forms the basis of Sai’s doctoral thesis and his work at The Hague.

6 thoughts on “Big Island Video News (BIVN): Dr. Keanu Sai La Ku‘oko‘a Conference Presentation

  1. Always enjoy these! One small comment: If a person is half Chinese half Kanaka, they are Hapa-Haole, thus, “haole” describes ppl of all other ethnicities than Kanaka.
    I’ve felt the sting from its misuse as a fair skinned Kanaka and would greatly appreciate it if you, as a representative for Hawai‘i could use the term properly.
    Mahalo! ✌️

      • Dutchy,
        My point was in regards to the use of Haole to describe the white person. In his speech, Chinese is not considered “Haole”, rather given the distinction of Chinese. As u point out, Kanaka-foreigner, Hapa-Haole…like he said, terminologies. What part did I/ am I not communicating? ✌️

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